New Medical Clinic Set To Open In Hamilton

January 31, 2018

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group [BMSG] will be opening a new medical practice on Reid Street in Hamilton, with the 6,500 sq feet facility featuring 9 exam rooms, 4 diagnostic rooms, an infusion/blood donation suite and a procedure room; and the business — co-founded by Dr. Arlene Basden and businessman Marico Thomas — is planning to employ over 20 people and commence seeing patients in March.

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group [BMSG] said they are a “new medical practice whose mission is to provide comprehensive, coordinated medical care to improve chronic diseases affecting the residents and visitors in Bermuda.

“BMSG is a polyclinic – a large healthcare center able to provide a wide range services. BMSG will many medical subspecialties under one roof. These include cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, dermatology, and dietary,” they said.

“The team of physicians will focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic medical diseases with an emphasis on prevention and screening. The specialist and general physicians are supported by nurses, medical technicians, medical assistants, allied health professionals and administrative personnel.

“BMSG offers a different approach to medicine and healthcare. They dared to ask – “What do people in Bermuda need, and want for their healthcare?” They asked doctors and nurses, insurance companies, hospital personnel and most importantly – patients, their support, and their family members.

“BMSG consulted with persons and organizations that lead healthcare in and outside of Bermuda. In collaboration with others, BMSG has designed a comprehensive health program using tools, talent, and techniques that will benefit our community.

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group Jan 31 2018

“BMSG will be offering comprehensive medical care using technical diagnostic equipment. BMSG will be providing innovative client information and education programs while making use of engagement tools to impact persons during their normal day-to-day activities.

“BMSG on Reid Street will commence seeing patients in March of this year. BMSG is located on Reid Street in Hamilton, in the same building as the Phoenix Annex. The entrance is through two glass doors to the left of the pharmacy entrance, and next to the big clock on the sidewalk.

“The clinic is located on the third floor. Upon opening the doors to the clinic, it is immediately apparent that one is about to experience something is very different.

“The facility is large, spacious, and designed to impress. It is attractive, modern, and purpose-built to provide care and promote healing. There are beautiful colours, a wave wall, large waiting areas, 9 exam rooms, 4 diagnostic rooms, an infusion/ blood donation suite and a procedure room – all laid out in almost 6,500 sq feet of space. Persons who have had preview tours have been calling it a mini-hospital.

The services and features at Bermuda Medical Specialties Group will include:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Multi-disciplinary Specialist Care
  • Infusion Care
  • Non-Imaging Diagnostics
    • Ultrasound [glands]
    • Vascular screening [circulation]
    • Respiratory screening [lungs]
    • Cardiac testing [heart]
  • Perioperative Management [to make you safe for surgery and assist you after]
  • Telemedicine
  • Weight Management programs
  • Obesity and Diabetes programs
  • Wheelchair accessible facility
  • Clinic and in-hospital visits
  • Honest & clear diagnosis, with simple, plain talk that can be understood and remembered
  • A Team approach toward patient care
  • Quick turnaround times for interpretation of results & studies
  • Shorter wait times to see physicians and other health professionals
  • Social and education programs
  • Co-ordination of care and records, amongst all doctors – community, hospital & overseas
  • Weekend and after-hours Service
  • Fast access to Information
  • More time per patient visit
  • Patient transport services

“BMSG is a place for specialist treatment, advice, education and management of complex medical issues. BMSG will introduce diagnostics previously unavailable in Bermuda. The availability of these modern tools, combined with the specialist physicians, internists and technicians, will mean that Bermuda residents will no longer have to travel overseas for screening and testing now available here, on-island and conveniently located in the middle of Hamilton.

“BMSG is co-founded by Medical Director & CMO, Dr. Arlene Basden, FRCP with CEO, Mr. Marico Thomas. Dr. Basden’s education and training includes Canada, the Caribbean and the UK.

“She has a wealth of clinical hands-on and leadership experience in Bermuda including as Director of the Hospitalist Service at King Edward Memorial Hospital where her scope of responsibility encompassed the Emergency Department, the general wards, and the ICU [Intensive Care Unit].

“Mr. Thomas is an operator of multi-concept, multi-location businesses with over 30 years of experience in organizational development, systems, and customer-first service. Together they have been researching and planning BMSG for over eight years.

Mr. Thomas told Bernews, “At BMSG, we will use education, prevention and intervention to help Bermuda to be well. Our style of care will be comprehensive, complex and coordinated. These words may sound fancy, but they each have significant meaning and speak to the skill of our team, our approach to your care, and difference you will be able expect from us.

“There seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction around Healthcare. I personally have heard so many complaints, and from everyone – patients, providers, payors, policy-makers and politicians.

“After years of looking at it, we have very strong opinions about what needs to improve and how to do so. At BMSG, we will start with being patient-focused and patient-first, supported by tools, technology, talent and our tactics. We will be different, some may say disruptive. For us at BMSG, patient satisfaction and excellent, useful care are very important.”

Mr. Thomas also says, “People are living longer, and it is the aim of BMSG for them to live better. The variety of programs and solutions at BMSG will not only be used for the ill patient. We have great concern for the growing, aging population converging with the worldwide, decreasing number of medical personnel.

“As a result, BMSG has developed several proactive initiatives capable to impact the Bermuda population. We will use modern tools, technologies and talent to provide efficient, effective and exceptional, high quality medical care Bermuda residents will be impressed with”.

When asked why healthcare & whether it poses any conflict, Mr. Thomas stated, “It is not our role to judge the aspirations or choices of another. That said, we all have varying circumstances which should guide and inform our choices.

“Everything in moderation. I love a delicious rib-eye steak, but it would not be the healthiest choice to eat one every day. At BMSG, I will be very focused on delivering a great service, high standard of care, and in supporting the function of our doctors, nurses and others all while ensuring that we achieve our goals for service, wellness and happiness.”

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group said they will employ over 20 persons and are recruiting multiple persons for the following positions: Internist Specialist Physician, General Physician, Registered Nurse, Medical Technician, Medical Assistant, Billing & Coding Personnel, Accountant, Performance & Human Resources Assistant, and Marketing Manager.

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  1. Indeed!
    The more …the merrier…
    Anything is better than the triage…take careful note of this triage and you will see several doctors…one peeks in and smiles (chaching!) ,Another observes you and asks pertinent questions (“does it hurt?”Cha ching!),
    Every person in triage has an added charge .Then they pile up the test and they expect quotient per patient.
    So please…we do need alternative medicine and as much as possible.
    Thank you,
    To yours truly,
    Grabbir boubie Haiid D’Salaamie.

  2. Aaron says:

    Take down 1 tree….and another pops up! :) i bet they will even do MRI’s

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    No MRI?

  4. Warwick West says:

    Toooooo funny. Maybe DREB needs to start again. Roll the clock back and sell Pizza first…………….then start looking towards setting up a medical clinic specializing in MRIs.

    Mr. Thomas and partners – I wish you best of luck but watch your backs in case a certain millonaire doctor comes looking for more than just pizza.

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    I think I know where there is an MRI machine for sale ;)

  6. Optimism says:

    Good Luck!! I will definitely be visiting you if necessary.

  7. somuchless says:

    Just in time to by Ewarts machine.

  8. Bermuda Onion says:

    So Marico Thomas owns Glaze bakeries and now a Medical Center?! What does he know about Medicine…. Interesting partnership!

  9. wahoo says:

    This is just getting weirder and weirder. Do you get a discount if you have blocked arteries from eating too much pizza?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Interesting. Like a dentist owning shares in a candy company.

      Best wishes to them. Slowly but surely Bermuda joins the 21st century with walk in medical services.

  10. Are you kidding me? says:

    Congratulations to everyone involved,and best of luck ….dermatologist we sure do need it and I guess you have two new patients…please keep it in mind patients comfort means a lot…

  11. Fet Off says:

    Good luck finding parking!!

  12. Jonesy says:

    No Emergency Room, no inpatient beds No OR but you are a mini hospital….OK