Crew Member Injured In Marine Collision

May 30, 2018

A crew member on board a sailing vessel that had departed Bermuda suffered a “slight injury” and the vessel lost its mast in a collision that occurred approximately 70 miles north of Bermuda, with a merchant vessel that failed to stop according to officials.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Thursday 24th May, 7:05am. RCC Bermuda is contacted by a member of the public reporting that the U.S. flagged 48 ft sailing vessel Dream Again, which departed Bermuda yesterday afternoon, has been hit by a Merchant vessel which failed to stop, approx. 70 miles north of Bermuda.

“The collision has resulted in loss of vessel mast and slight injury to one crewmember, however, vessel hull was reported intact as crew continue under engine power to Bermuda. Bermuda Radio establishes communications with vessel as they make their way into St. George’s Harbour just after 6pm.

“A quick debrief indicated that sailing vessel was struck by a merchant vessel around 10pm on Wednesday night and after cutting away damaged rigging, continued back towards Bermuda. Follow-up investigations by the Bermuda Shipping & Maritime Authority [BSMA] and U.S. Coast Guard continue.”

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  1. mumbojumbo says:

    Where is the merchant vessel registered ,do they carry necessative insurance?

  2. mumbojumbo says:

    Most importantly…are they subject to maitime law or our law as they were within 100 miles of Bermuda?

  3. mumbojumbo says:

    All law derived from maritime law.