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January 7, 2019

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Leo Burgess is the epitome of courage; but you see, courage is not something that we as humans possess before the tough times of life occur, courage is what we earn when we push through tough times and realise that they aren’t so tough at all. When we realise that we truly are the masters of our fate and that irrespective of circumstance, we can build the reality that we desire.

At the tender of age 17, Mr. Burgess found himself before the Supreme Court charged with a criminal offence. Mr. Burgess was ultimately acquitted of all charges. It was this experience, however, that allowed him to see God’s purpose for his life.

“When I went to jail, that’s when I heard God say to me, ‘Can you hear me now?’ He took me from the streets, from the road I was on and got to work on me,” said Mr. Burgess

The first step to changing his life’s trajectory was to identify some home-truths.

Mr. Burgess said, “What led me here was my childhood, it’s how I grew up. My family had to endure a lot. My mom had to endure a lot. I used to come home from school and cry in my pillow because I hated life, I wished I wasn’t born.

Leo Burgess Bermuda January 2019

“In my childish mind, I made up this story that my parents didn’t love me, so I sought after love and acceptance in girls and in the streets. Can you imagine being 12 years old wishing you were never born and believing that your parents didn’t love you? Well that was me, unfortunately.

“I watched family services take my brothers – my best friends growing up, out of our house, I missed them grow up. That broke me. I watched my big sister and my mother’s relationship go to turmoil, I saw my family break apart. My heart has been shattered in so many ways as a boy.”

Notwithstanding that he experienced some of the unfortunate vicissitudes of life that befall many of our young people, Mr. Burgess has since thrown himself into the task of redefining his life’s path and embracing his destiny by using every ounce of his passion and energy and the wisdom gained through his own personal trials. Mr. Burgess has launched his own business, a life coach programme called ‘Beyond The Stars Elevation’.

“Beyond The Stars Elevation has the vision of serving a global community, but for my island home, Bermuda, I truly have every intention of serving two kinds of people: the young men in this country and the adults going through the trials in life, who need a hand overcoming their current circumstance,” he said.

“That’s my personal mission: to help lower the percentage of young men between 14 and 21 gravitating to the streets by providing access to coaches and programs that are designed to empower, educate and transform lives.

Mr. Burgess has a vision that his organisation can become a beacon of hope for underprivileged Bermudian youth and families.

“It’s a personal development company designed for all, pushing people past their limits into their best version of self. Our mission is to empower people to reach beyond the stars for their full potential and to coach individuals throughout their journey, helping them become the best version of themselves,” he said.

“Through life coaching we help people identify the blocks in their life, overcome them, and move boldly in the direction of their dreams. Through speaking, it’s about motivating people to dream, act, and believe in themselves, and through the L.E.A.D [Life Education and Development] programs it’s about community, support, education, and guidance.”

Mr. Burgess has created a programme entitled ‘L.E.A.D’ which stands for Life Education and Development and is designed for youth and adults; registration for this programme opens in January.

“With the youth L.E.A.D program, its aim is to help develop life skills to be fully equipped for life and whatever it throws at them. Then to teach them purpose, positive values, leadership and more. Everything we give them is to fight the loud voice of the streets in this country.

“While for adults, the L.E.A.D program is designed for those who simply want more out of life and are seeking clarity/purpose/guidance in any area of their life – it’s a transformational space, and a community of like minded individuals who support them through their journey,” said Mr. Burgess.

For young people out there, who are wondering how to carve out an island of calm amidst a storm of turbulence, Mr. Burgess is here to help.

“My mission is to empower people to reach for their full potential and coach them through the transformational journey of becoming the best version of themselves,” he said.

“I’ve joined forces with various life coaches from around the world who have years of experience, to serve as coaches for BTS in a number of aspects. I have a dream: to have an amazing community behind BTS and have a program across the globe to elevate underprivileged youth, giving them a chance and a choice to reach for more, and to be more than their circumstances.”

Mr. Burgess encourages young people to recognise that we were born to soar and not to fly.

“Use the naysayers and the pain as your reasons to fight for the things you want out there, because those things are yours already – God is just waiting for you to become courageous enough to go against all the odds stacked against you. You don’t need permission, go out there and be great.”

To learn more about BTS, please visit their website or Facebook page.


Generation Next, in conjunction with Bernews, is producing a ‘Youth Movement’ series to spotlight our island’s young people who are trailblazing paths not only here at home but across the globe with their respective talents, innovative ideas, fresh energy and vision. If you would like to recommend a young person to be featured, please contact The Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow, Generation Next!

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  1. Eron Hill says:

    This is just the beginning my brother. Sometimes we go through test for the sole purpose of revealing our true purpose in life. Continue to inspire & impact. You’re destined for greatness. Forward!