Police: Docksider Pub To Close For 24 Hours

January 25, 2019

[Updated] As a result of an “antisocial incident” that took place at Docksider Pub last weekend, the police are using the power under the Liquor License Act to close the establishment for 24 hours; from 10pm on Friday [Jan 25] to 10pm on Saturday [Jan 26].

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A police spokesperson said, “As a result of an antisocial incident that took place at Docksider Pub & Resturant last weekend, the Bermuda Police Service has used the power under the Liquor License Act, Section 51A to close this establishment from Friday January 25th at 10pm until Saturday January 26th at 10 pm.

“It is imperative that liquor licensed premises take ‘social responsibility’ for the safety of their patrons and the conduct of those person who threaten that safety, which has a profound effect on the community that they are a part of and Bermuda as a whole.

“The Bermuda Police Service will be responding to any anti-social behaviour linked to liquor licensed premises with all of our law enforcement options, which includes but is not limited to, the temporary closure of offending properties.

“Liquor licensed premises must ensure that the anti-social behavior of a few does not affect the responsible socializing of the many responsible patrons.”

Update 2.58pm: The Docksider management said, “Management of Docksider can confirm that we have been issued with a 24 hour closure notice by the BPS.”

“We are extremely disappointed in the action taken by the BPS given the fact that over 25 years of business we have worked with the BPS to ensure the safety of our patrons and have always fully co operated with the police rendering assistance to ensure that individuals causing problems are brought to justice.

“The incident referred to took place last Friday late in the evening after a private party. A few individuals that were known to each other had an altercation.

“Staff and security dealt with the situation appropriately and police were called and the issue resolved. There were no injuries or subsequent arrests due to this incident.

“Once again, we are very disappointed with the closure order and do not believe that it is warranted under these particular circumstances.

“We fully support the BPS and their officers in the difficult job they are tasked with in this day and age.”

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  1. Infidelguy says:

    This makes no sense. What will be accomplished by doing this? If this is the new normal, I expect to see similar action taken at some of the sports clubs that have antisocial incidents quite frequently.

    • Observer says:

      A shooting death at a social cub and that was not closed . This just does not makes sense to me

    • Lost Souls says:

      Docksiders is not one my list of favourite bars to go to. I’m getting old.

      However I find it odd that this is the bar that police are targeting as public enemy number one.

      There have been very serious incidents involving weapons including firearms and even incidents that have led to serious injury and even murder at several other bars and clubs on the island. I have seen brawls, drug use and antisocial behavior at Cupmatch, football games and concerts. I’ve even seen a fight at the Police Rec Club in Prospect?

      Assuming this kind of thing will be equally excercised will Cupmatch liquor sales be cut off on day to if there is antisocial behavior.

      Perhaps this thing is needed. I guess they have to start asomewhere. I just doubt that all bars and social clubs will have the hammer come down on them. They’re just.going after the easy targets. Who are they punishing . The staff and owners. Shouldn’t they punish the anti-socials themselves?

  2. Say Whaaaat says:

    So they still get to have happy hour? Not much of a punishment .

    • ella says:

      from 10pm friday – 10pm saturday they are closed. where does the happy hour fit in??

      • Bermy says:

        From 5 till 7 on the Friday. Frankly this is s crock of s$@t and the police just flexing its muscle on a soft target when we have had stabbing shootings and all kinds of madness at other clubs and venues happen with little more than press release. Just the powers that be looking like they are making an impact in my opinion

    • Real Deal says:

      those powers are not to be used as a punishment police are not judges. the power are for when a situation can not be fully control so the place is closed for the night for the safety of the patrons and public. thats the correct usage for those types of powers

  3. pickle fork says:

    what a load of BS!!!! not only that but look at the times enforced, in essence they loose 2 days revenue by such stupid close and open time. Why not 8 am to 8 am NOT in the middle of the evenings. Not only that it is a safe bar compared to a few others that won’t be mentioned. sound more like sour grapes from an aggrieved member of the ***. But then with the targeted road side breath testing in only certain areas lets get real people don’t drinking st georges or somerset?. PS I am pro anti drink drive just the way its being done.

  4. Jagger me says:

    bet the cops will be at the doors at 10.00 till 10 to enforce the dopey action

  5. eyes wide open says:

    should have been a 7 day closure order with a warning of next time,Permanent!

    • Problem grownup says:

      @eyes closed shut tight. you should get that for stupid comments

  6. Imjustsaying says:

    So everytime there is a little skirmish that comes with the territory the authorities are gonna shut the the establishment down where it took place. Give me a break. Overstepping their authority?

    • Down and Out says:

      Wouldn’t take long for parliament to be closed if they apply those rules.

  7. Citizenbda says:

    Why should it be a 7 day closure? Can you elaborate on that?

  8. Bob&Margaret says:

    Docksider should look at a business interruption claim against the offending patrons last week. With all due respect, Docksiders needs to have appropriate measures in place to manage the behaviours of patrons and to limit the amount they consume, but the individuals involved need to take responsibility for their actions and should be made to compensate the loss of revenue caused by their inappropriate action.

  9. Freddy says:

    They should close it down its old hat anyways

  10. Mark says:

    So shut down St Davids and Bay cricket Clubs for a month – would be fair but would also cause a huge issue

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Those weren’t alcohol related, read the act. It’s in the name “Liquor License Act, Section 51A”.

  11. MM says:

    The responsibility of a safe environment has increased from no more drinks for an obvious drunk customer to preventing acts of violence. Keep in mind 20 people can be drinking at an establishment, a glass thrown and hits the wrong person, or a lady slaps away the hand of a male customer, either incident can have 5 or 6 persons fighting and only three bouncers on duty. When it might take the whole 3 b ouncers to restrain one person remove them from the premises and ensure they do not attempt to get back which might involved initially 20 minutes of those 3 bouncers time. Meanwhile the numbers fighting has increased and the bouncers are tired and threatened.Remember now, the bouncers do not have the resources that the police have, and are only permitted to use sufficient force to stop an attack. And some of these situations can get very, very, ugly in seconds. I think it is an important piece of legisla tion and necessary. If the police constan tly have a presence on Front Street, then who is patrolling the rest of the Island, so yes, the bars do have a dilemma, there is no easy fix.

  12. Bs says:

    They can always go to Woody’ s ! They don’t even have the courage to run the breathe test up that side ! Some irony innit !

  13. Real Deal says:

    Interesting i thought the closure powers was reserved for when the situation is not able to be controlled. like trouble hanging around

  14. Joe Bloggs says:

    And yet not a word about Southampton Rangers Club or Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club or Crawl Workman’s Club or Woodey’s or …

  15. Whistling Frog says:

    I think this is great idea taken by the BPS. Now these establishments should start thinking about stepping up security with all the extra profits made off all this firewater…