’8 Keys of Excellence’ Programme Ends Year

June 25, 2019

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons recently attended the end of year celebration for the inaugural All In! 8 Keys of Excellence programme at Dellwood Middle School, held on June 20 at St. Johns Church in Pembroke.

Also in attendance was Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva, Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports Lovitta Foggo, and Senator Jason Hayward.

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A spokesperson said, “The programme, which launched in September 2018, provided teachers the tools needed to incorporate the Quantum Learning System. Quantum Learning is a practical application that uses brain science to create a vibrant and productive student learning experience.

“Alongside Quantum Learning, the 8 Keys of Excellence, developed by Bobbi DePorter and others at the Quantum Learning Network, was used to inspire students to model excellence in and out of the classroom.”

The 8 Keys of Excellence stand for:

  • 1. Integrity – Match behaviour with values
  • 2. Failure leads to success – Learn from mistakes
  • 3. Speak with good purpose – Speak honestly and kindly
  • 4. This is It! – Make the most of every moment
  • 5. Commitment – Make your dreams happen
  • 6. Ownership – Take responsibility for actions
  • 7. Flexibility – Be willing to do things differently
  • 8. Balance – Live your best life

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“The programme continued throughout the school year, providing further learning experiences for teachers, parents and students. Students in particular, received weekly advisory lessons to deepen their understanding of the “8 Keys of Excellence”.

At the celebration ceremony, Minister Simmons said, “Throughout this journey, our students and teachers have improved their ability to understand and relate to one another, thus strengthening their relationships. The programme has given Dellwood teachers and students the ability to communicate with each other in a way that is meaningful for all those involved and has had a positive impact on the school’s culture.”

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Minister Simmons also thanked teachers, saying, “We appreciate your commitment and dedication to excellence, and helping to transform the lives of the students before us. Students, we thank you for internalizing the “8 Keys” and exploring how you can use them to be your best selves. Parents, thank you for supporting your child and including the teachings in your home life.”

“Dellwood School Principal Tina Duke and Mirrors Programme Coordinator Kimberley Jackson were recognized for their vision, and creating a partnership of excellence for teachers, students and parents. Mirrors Committed Partner Manager, Ms. Jeanene Todd, was also recognized for her leadership and technical support provided to Dellwood throughout the school year.”

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Ms. Todd closed the celebrations with a challenge to all the students, parents and the broader community, saying, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’[Aristotle]. If excellence is a habit, I challenge you to learn how to be an excellent parent, an excellent student, an excellent teacher, and an excellent friend by living the 8 keys of excellence in your everyday life so it becomes a habit.”

For more information on the Mirrors Programme, call 294-9291 or email mirrors@gov.bm.

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