Bermuda Athletes Begin NACAC Championships

July 28, 2019

Bermuda athletes started competing in the NACAC Age Under 13 [11&12] & Under 15 [13&14] Championships in El Salvador.

This competition is similar to a Pentathlon and Decathlon with the athletes gaining points for each event and the athlete with the most points winning the event.

The athletes in the Under 13 Age Group Girls compete in 60m, High Jump, Ball Throw, Long Jump and 800m. The Under 13 Boys compete in 60m, High Jump, Ball Throw, Long Jump and 1000m.

Under 13 Pentathlon

During the Girls 60 meters Heat 1, Kemauri Darrell finished 8th with a time of 8.93, while Ellise Dickinson finished Heat 2 in 6th place clocking 8.68.

Dickinson finished 18th with 712 points, while Darrell finished 24th with 662 points.

With a time of 8.20 Nayan Grant finished Heat 3 of the Boys 60 meters in second place, while Daylen Scott finished Heat 4 in 5th place with a time of 8.63.

Grant earned 815 points and finished 7th overall, while Scott finished 20th overall and collected 722 points.

Dickinson finished 9th in the Women’s High Jump with a top leap of 1.30m to earn 462 points, while Darrell finished 14th with a leap of 1.10m and collected 316 points.

Grant would earn 399 points while finishing 15th in the Boys Ball Throw with a top toss of 35.14m, while Scott finished 16th with a toss of 33.36m for his 376 points.

During the Ball Throw for Girls Darrell finished 11th with a top toss of 24.55m and gained 276 points, while Dickinson finished 14th with a top toss of 18.96, with 196 points.

Grant earned 623 points after finishing 3rd in the Boys High Jump leaping 1.50m, Scott finished 16th with a top leap of 1.20m and he earned 389 points.

Bermuda finished 6th in the Mixed Relay 4x100m with a time of 53.32.

Under 15 Heptathlon

I’Aura Golding finished 15th overall in the Girls 80 meters clocking 10.64 to gain 680 points, while a time of 11.84 saw Katherine Bean-Rosario finished 28th overall and earned 490 points.

In the Boys 80 meters, Chance Eve finished 18th overall with a time of 9.83 and he gained 834 points, while Malachi Henry was 20th overall clocking a time of 9.89 and he had 822 points.

During the Girls Long Jump, Golding collected 527 points after finishing 9th with a top leap of 4.54m, while Bean Rasario finished 17th with a leap of 4.07m gaining 432 points.

Eve finished the Boy’s Shot Put 3 kg in 10th place gaining 506 points with a top toss of 9.65m and Henry finished 15th with a top toss of 8.39m for his 442 points.

Eve earned 632 point after finishing 9th in the Boys Long Jump with a top leap of 5.06m and Henry finished 10 with a top leap of 4.90m for his 601 points.

Bean-Rosario earned 495 points this after she finished 4th with a top toss of 9.44m during the Girls Shot Put 3 kg, while a toss of 4.79m saw Golding earn 227 points finishing 19th.

With a time of 49.79, Bermuda finished 7th during the Mixed Relay 4x100m.

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