Open Airways Launch Back To School Campaign

August 30, 2019

Open Airways has launched a back to school campaign to educate parents, educators and others on helping Bermudian students who suffer from asthma via a free 45-minute online course.

A spokesperson said, “Open Airways, which is an organization dedicated to helping children deal with asthma, launched a campaign to help Bermudian students who suffer from asthma attacks. Parents, teachers, coaches, and camp instructors can take the free 45-minute online course about saving a person who is suffering from asthma.

Tips for parents:

  • Students with asthma should see their pediatrician every year and have a Personal Action Asthma Plan.
  • Make sure their name is on the school asthma registry.
  • Make sure your teacher knows your child has asthma and understands the severity.
  • Always have a reliever inhaler [Ventolin or Airomir] and a spacer clearly marked in the school bag or locker. [Parents of young children will give these to the teacher for safe keeping.]
  • Encourage children to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.
  • Ensure your child uses their preventer inhaler [usually orange, brown or purple] every day to keep their asthma away.

Tips for teachers:

  • Know which students have asthma and understand the severity.
  • Make sure their name is on the school asthma registry.
  • Know how to recognize and respond to an acute asthma episode. [see D of H Asthma First Aid poster]
  • Ensure easy access to reliever inhalers [usually Ventolin or Airomir].
  • Reliever inhalers must be taken on school trips.
  • Ensure the classroom environment is favourable for students with asthma.
    • Open your windows every day!
    • Do not allow perfume to be used.
    • Do not use aerosols or sprays to clean or to freshen the air.
    • Do not use plug-in air fresheners.

Open Airways Back To School Campaign Bermuda August 2019

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