Traffic Delays Due To Collision In Southampton

October 2, 2019

There are traffic delays in the Middle Road, Whale Bay Southampton area this morning [Oct 2] due to a collision.

A police spokesperson said, “A collision has occurred in the Middle Road, Whale Bay Southampton area.

“Early information indicates that a truck and a pedestrian are involved. The pedestrian is believed to have potentially serious injuries.

“Traffic has been reduced to one lane in the area while the scene is processed. Motorists should expect delays in the area.

“An update will be provided when more information is available.”

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  1. Marlene says:

    Traffic generally don’t stop when I try to cross. Maybe a flashing light is needed.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      As much as I’d hate to see yet another set of ugly traffic lights erected this might help , at least a bit.
      I’ve been through there a million times and often people are lollygagging on the sidewalk looking like they intend to cross , but they don’t. Then there are people who just step out with no warning whatsoever.
      Whatever happened here , I do hope for a speedy and complete recovery for the pedestrian involved.


    SORRY to hear of this incident. Speedy recovery for the pedestrian. Putting the yellow pedestrian light can help. BUT SO MANY PEDASTRIANS DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON. Pushing it means they wait a few seconds, which stops the pedestrian from just walking out & IS THE 2ND WAY TO ALARM THE MOTORIST.