“All Of Bermuda Should Be Alarmed At This”

November 15, 2019

[Updated] Following a rather heated session in Parliament this morning, the One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] is holding a press conference this afternoon [Nov 15], and we will have additional coverage later on, and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 12-minute replay is below

Updated 1.39pm: OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said, “Ladies and Gentlemen – thank you for coming.

“Today we witnessed in Parliament a new low in Premier Burt’s disdain for the people of Bermuda.

“He attempted to ride roughshod over parliamentary procedure and convention.

“It is to the Speaker’s credit that he stopped the Premier from reading his statement and it was clear from what the Speaker said that the Premier had lied about the content of his speech today.

“All of Bermuda should be alarmed at this.

“It is clear that not only did the Premier purposefully lie to the Speaker, it is clear he is also intent on putting his foot on the throat of democracy.

“The Premier has demonstrated to Mr and Mrs Bermuda that he is too scared to have a full and wholesome debate on his administration’s track record.

“Instead of having an open and public Throne Speech debate in Parliament which would allow for a formal Reply from the Opposition, the Premier tried to hide behind a Statement to the House.

“The people’s elected representatives deserve the opportunity to speak on the Government’s dismal record.

“Mr Burt has repeatedly shown his true colours which border on those of a wannabe dictator.

“His fear of being open to the sunshine of public scrutiny is palpable in everything he does.

“He attacks the media. He attacks the Opposition. He attacks independent authorities. He attacks the so-called establishment when his plans fail.

“And today he tried to cower behind an overinflated balloon of rhetoric drafted by sycophantic party hacks paid using the people’s money.

“Strong words you may say. Absolutely.

“Mr Burt relies on sound bites and acts as if everything is fine in Bermuda. It is not.

“Which is why he is unwilling to have an open and proper parliamentary debate about the Government’s record.

“The fact is that Premier Burt is unable to find a way to kick-start the economy, having squandered the opportunities created under the OBA.

“GDP has been sustained largely as a result of projects commenced under the OBA, in particular the hotel construction in St George’s and the Airport.

“When those construction projects are completed there is nothing on the horizon.

“We support Fintech efforts because there is nothing else. There is no Plan B. But is Fintech dead on arrival?

“The Premier’s political capital has been damaged, beyond repair. The self-styled “Burt’s Brilliance” is gone and replaced by Burt the Illusionist and his Smoke and Mirrors Magic Show.

“The main demonstration of the failings of fintech is the empty Victoria Hall Building. Bermuda land was allowed to be sold to international non-Bermudian figures.

“The irony is the only ones who benefitted from the transaction are some of the very types of people that the Premier chastises and blames for his lack of vision and ability.

“The OBA will present in the coming weeks a Reply to the non-Throne Speech with or without time being allowed us in Parliament.

“Whilst we were beaten at the polls I believe that there is significant buyer’s remorse. I hear that every day on the doorstep and on the streets.

“Policies that the PLP were so critical of are now being seen as the only way forward.

“Under the OBA the economy was kick started, taxes were lower, and Bermudians had more money in their pocket with real opportunities on the horizon.

“The people of Bermuda are suffering due to the Premier’s economic failure.

“We can do better.

“Look now for the talk shows to go into overdrive and frantic press releases drafted by the Minister Without Portfolio to defend the Dear Leader.

“Enough is enough.

“It is time for Bermuda to realise they have been well and truly fooled by the snake-oil sales pitches.

“I call on Mr Burt to respect the electorate and open his administration up to a proper debate and scrutiny so that the people of Bermuda can judge for themselves about the PLP’s atrocious record to date. Thank you.”

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  1. myfiveyearoldcoulddobetterthanthis says:

    Burt needs to go.

      • Things a Gwan says:

        So onion Juice should we talk about Globalhue and how Dr Brown took a seat on their own private jet before awarding Tourism contracts? Or does it only count when someone else does it.

    • Suck it up, we had to put up with oba Bull $#!£ for 5 years.
      Dont fell nice does it?

      • sandgrownan says:

        Yeah, tough few years wasn’t it – growth, economy turning around….capital projects, jobs….what do you have now? You utter utter f**kwit.

      • Andrew says:

        Hey. At least u finally admit what the PLP is doing is bull&&&. Finally getting somewhere!

      • Anbu says:

        Oh u mean 5 years of an improving economy? And what did your beloved gov do to help u out oj? I know u wont tell the truth, cause u love licking boots!! Keep taking it. U will be one of the first to hit the pavement once we all fall. And it will be ALL OF US!! Unless u part of friends and family. No surprise considering most pee el pee-ers r muppents anyway. Smh. Truth hurts muppet.

      • Well stated, Onion Juice.

    • Tea kettle callung pot black

    • hair says:

      Bingo, you hit de jackpot!!!

    • REAL TALK says:

      Craigy will be gone next election after he fails the UBP aka OBA. COPY AND PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      • Things a Gwan says:

        And Burtcoin will be gone like Scott, Smith, Brown, Cox and Bean

      • Anbu says:

        And still he will be a more accomplished premier than the ewart clone. Hell, better that ewart even lmfao. What that say? U lot make it too easy.

        • REAL TALK says:


          LOLOLOLOL go fly a kite obaUBP you will fail next election.You bring the worst premier back after sacking him LOLOLOLOL.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Craig is like Michael
        OBA will not win with him as the leader
        OBA seems to forget what they did but WE DON’T
        OBA continues like this, they will not even be the opposition in the next election ;-) ;-)

        • REAL TALK says:

          ….but the obaUBP is to dumb to realize that. They really believe my people are flipping back over to help them win.

  2. cicada says:

    The PLP are obviously too scared to just present their plans and policies in a clear manner that is open for review.

  3. Rumsoak says:

    Burt out .

  4. red rose says:

    Go for it OBA. The Premier’s abuse of the House is staggering and arrogant!

  5. Jus' Askin' says:

    this is funny stuff ;-) ;-)
    OBA continue to LIE :-(

    • hanky panky says:

      about what – be specific

    • Things a Gwan says:

      Explain what he is not telling the truth about exactly? Did the speaker not stop or correct him? What part is a lie? Did Burt not use the public’s money to push PLP propaganda? I certainly got a flyer in mailbox. Is the economy good? Is there a significant construction project project on the horizon? Is Fintech the save all he said it was going to be. Do we have lots of new jobs created like he said we would? Was Victoria Building sold to Bermudians? Is it not not empty?Are taxes lower under Burt? Do you have more money in your pocket? Well actually, I take that back you might, because you seem to be connected.

      Is education system better? Are the schools all fixed? It is sad how many volunteergroups, charities, business and PTAs have had to donate school supplies to the schools when enrollment is at an all time low and the cost to educate a child in the public school system is 2x more then the private schools.

      Go to the botanical GARDENS and tell me how many flowers and trees you see. And don’t blame the hurricane because for years the old thing blossoming in the gardens is weeds.

      If they are lying , the tell us how! You keep listening to radio talk show sponsored and run my the PLP party with someone on the payroll as ministers consultant. They are the same people asking why Bermudians are not given jobs. Meanwhile theyy have someone overseas reporting our weather each day. you tell me that since day one they can’t find anyone in Bermuda competent enough to read the weather.

      Burt has out trumped Trump himself.

      • Woah!!! says:

        You’re on the money – want to run as a politician? You would be great!

    • Question says:

      Burt is arrogant. It’s not exactly well-kept secret.

      • Arrogant is resigning in shame then come back and talk like an hounorable man.
        Now thats ARROGANCE

        • JohnnyB says:

          Well at least you aren’t disagreeing that Burt is arrogant. Guess you have a LITTLe sense in you

    • imjustsaying says:

      Open your mind take the blinders off.

    • imjustsaying says:

      Open your mind. Take the green blinders off.

    • hair says:

      Burt a “Joker” amongst the cards!

      • Rasta says:

        ……..and obaUBP Craig is nothing but a clown with no clue or cards.

    • Truthhertz says:

      You think the erosion of out democracy is funny?

  6. #CLUELESS says:

    It’s going to be more interesting when Bermuda hears what’s else is going to be given to a Canadian firm.
    Buckle up bda..

  7. Voice of Reason says:

    Seems like shady politics to me. An open debate is needed. As someone who voted PLP This is poor leadership.

  8. Kevin says:

    You can only kick the proverbial can down the road for so long , eventually what you said you could do needs to be seen that it is being done. The plp are so out of their depth it is sad to see what they are doing ….they have failed in every sector and to try to boast what they have accomplished in that pamphlet could have been done on the back of his business card. plp supporters must be in a trance if they really and truly believe burt and his collection of comedians are doing a great job

  9. Brilliance of B says:

    A Throne Speech would invite a reply and in Year 3 some detail on how you are going to bring back the $3 billion pension fund to open small businesses in North Hamilton as a way of breaking the status quo.
    Brilliance of B.

  10. Rocky5 says:

    The chipping away of our Democracy by Premier Burt is very dangerous & worrisome. It’s clear he has no respect for our traditions or Constitution and has a long term plan is to remove all the powers of an Opposition Party & create a one-party/PLP/state!

  11. Bermudian says:

    Again, you need to remember this come election day.

  12. Joe Bloggs says:

    “He attacks the media. He attacks the Opposition. He attacks independent authorities”

    That sounds like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

    • And it was CannonEar who walked out of an interview and said thats how you treat the media.
      All he is is an empty barrel making a lot of noise.

      • Entre Manure says:

        As always , you bring up Jetgate cause that is all you got. But you don’t seem to have a problem with the contract awarded by Globalhue and Dr. B after he took a flight on their private jet.

        Wanna compare the two and how much one benefited vs the other?

        • Scientist says:

          You fail to realize that JET GATE wasn’t your last leader. To be honest your last leader Micheal Dunkely was well respected among white & black Bermudians despite the loss at the last election.

          Now JETGATE on the other hand as your leader no. haha is all the voters need to say.

        • CHRIS says:

          PLEASE repeat this all over FB as they can’t hear you… or wish not to as they think green to the detrement of all else.

        • Please says:

          Yes please! Cannonier promised a full disclosure if the report that caused him and their chairman to resign. Must have been significant for that to happen? And where is the money? We know it exists

  13. Average Bermudian says:

    OBA – please go back to sleep

  14. Susana White says:

    Neither party are not doing a good job I am not voting for no party’s in the next election all they do is talk talk talk and no action

    • Sounds like de Russian trolls.
      Vote people, de last time people didnt vote we had 5 years of protests.

    • REAL TALK says:

      What your really saying is you don’t trust craigy. lol

    • bluenose says:

      Two double-negatives in one sentence. Well done! If your comment is taken as written, you are saying that both parties are doing a great job and you are voting for all parties in the next election.

  15. Jerry says:

    The PLP on the road to Unprogression and failure again

  16. Time Shall Tell says:

    Faux outrage & very disingenuous on the part of the OBA in an obvious attempt at political points. Mr.Cannoniar you are not qualified to judge a next persons character with your track record & a lack of forthcoming to questions left unanswered. You ask for topics to be open for debate, this is rich coming from the OBA with their track record of shoehorning through their policies with no concern of the people. This however in no way excuses what Mr.Burt is presently doing. BOTH sides need to stop the petty political gameplay & work TOGETHER for the benefit of Bermuda as a WHOLE. This whole US vs THEM needs to stop on both sides because you’re both playing the same games but act surprised & outraged when the other side plays the same game you yourself have already played. Party politics has proved to be nothing more than wasted energy & resources in a race for popularity to the public eye. Nothing but petty back & forth with nothing meaningful ever really getting accomplished from a sincere perspective due to each side looking to score the next political point rather than actually putting the island before party.

    • sandgrownan says:

      No. The PLP are a cancer.

    • CHRIS says:

      you should be directing this to the PLP.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        & cue the divisiveness that I am referring to that is holding this island back. Grow up, leave such pettiness behind so that the island can actually progress & grow. We’ll get nowhere if we continue to do nothing but pull each other down.

  17. Bermewjan says:

    Every time Burt opens his mouth our homes go down in value. We are all frogs in a pot slowly being brought to the boil. If you have any Bermuda dollar assets of value, you might want to transfer them into another currency.

  18. puzzled says:

    He’s a Trumpian.
    Bad news.

  19. Alvin Williams says:

    Ranting and raving that is how you treat the government of the day and you disobey the speaker and get kick out the house and you later hold a press conference to explain your break down,

  20. Paul says:

    Who would be the best person to take over from Burt,in the PLP ?

  21. Gustav says:

    soon we will have a PLP dictatorship.
    to the voters :
    zou have Nothing to decide , just just have to execute what we decided

  22. 2scoops says:

    When are you going to stop blaming the OBA and the UBP.
    Time to look forward. When we as voters start to vote for
    people that can run the country like a business and stop
    voting ” black or white ” we might be able to move forward.
    If you continue to complain about the airport and others do
    the same about the over runs on projects of the past we can
    Never can never get ahead.
    Think ahead before you vote next.

    • Wow says:

      So you want my family to rejoin the UBP and vote back an all white Government who change the name to OBA to runaway from it’s racist past.