Open Airways: Results Of Perception Survey

November 12, 2019

Open Airways released the results of the ‘Perception of Asthma Control’ Survey, which they conducted from January – March 2019.

A spokesperson said, “The survey took place from January – March 2019, with access via our website and dissemination through emails, news outlets, social media etc. Upon closing the survey on March 31, 2019, we had 275 people that had been surveyed. We were thrilled, as we had only expected 100 or so to participate.

“On analysis, as you can read in the report, there is a huge misperception of asthma control versus proper control for those responders. It is very apparent that many people in Bermuda, who have asthma symptoms on a regular basis, believe that they must live with these symptoms.

Open Airways Perception Survey Bermuda Nov 2019

“In response to the results, Open Airways is analyzing and identifying changes to the ways, and increasing the ways we reach out to those who indeed need our assistance, and specifically, the message and the approach with which we are addressing the concern, in an effort to change lives for those who are currently impacted by lack of control of their asthma.”

The full Perception Report follows below [PDF here]

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