Video: Vintage 1976 Bermuda Go-Kart Action

November 3, 2019

Bermuda Karting Club 2019/20 racing recently got underway at the East End’s Southside Raceway.

And the start of a new season prompted one former club member to roll back history’s odometer and revisit scenes of Bermuda go-karting action from more than four decades ago.

Karting 1967

“I was going through my archives and found this gem from 1976,” said Al Seymour. “I was just fourteen at the time when my Dad took me and my cousins to St. Davids to watch go-kart racing; as a budding filmmaker, I took my 8mm film camera and shot one roll of film.

“They actually raced around the Lords cricket field on Sunday afternoons.”

Documentarian and animator Mr. Seymour, an active member of the club when his son was racing between 2010 and 2016, said he doesn’t know the names of any of the divers captured in his vintage home movie footage,

“But I’m sure veterans of the club will know,” he said. “I hope that anyone viewing this film here can shed some light on it and perhaps identify some of the drivers and organisers.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Dirt track oval. More like lawnmower racing today.

  2. David Johnson says:

    Wow. I too was 14 in 1976. That’s me in kart #6 racing in the 100cc juniors and having a very good day as I recall. My Dad Carl is also seen briefly driving #6 in the seniors. We were nomads in those early days, racing wherever we were allowed (tolerated). I went on to compete for another 16 years with this club and had some of the best times I can remember.
    If you are at all motor sports inclined or if your son or daughter is you will not find a better run organization than the enduring and resilient Bermuda Karting Cub. Check them out at the Southside Motorsports Park.