BMOC Conducts Exercise With Coast Guard

February 27, 2020

The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre [BMOC] conducted a joint Search & Rescue [SAR] exercise with the newly formed Coast Guard.

The scenario involved the Marine & Ports Pilot/Rescue Boat St David & the Coastguard Vessel Rescue 1 receiving tasking instructions from RCC Bermuda, as the boats attempt to rescue a person lost in the water after a 20ft Small Fishing Vessel sunk.

A BMOC spokesperson said, “RCC Bermuda coordinated a joint Search and Rescue [SAR] exercise with the Marine & Ports Pilot/Rescue Boat St David and the Coast Guard Vessel Rescue 1.

“The scenario was a 20ft small fishing vessel with 1 person onboard, that was reported overdue and had been fishing in the vicinity of Northrock Beacon, concern was raised that it may have sunk with a person lost in the water.

“Both vessels received tasking instructions from RCC Bermuda, and proceeded to this vicinity promptly and efficiently conducting search patterns of the area.

“This is the first exercise and tasking from Bermuda Radio of the newly formed Coast Guard, and we welcome them fully into the SAR infrastructure for Bermuda, and look forward to working closely with this unit in the future.

“As we approach the summer season at full speed, with the increase of traffic this brings on the water, it is a timely reminder of basic equipment safety carriage requirements for example flares and Marine VHF Radio, and what to do in the case of an emergency.

“Bermuda Radio/RCC Bermuda is the primary shoreside point of contact in a time of need on the water, our facility can be reached 24/7, on the call and distress channels VHF 16 and 2182khz as well as calling 911 and requesting Marine Rescue.”

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