BCB & Leeward Island Cricket Board Sign MOU

June 2, 2020

The Bermuda Cricket Board and Leeward Island Cricket Board have signed a Memorandum of Understanding between both institutions.

A spokesperson said, “The Executive of the Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] and the Executive of the Leeward Island Cricket Board Ltd. [LICB] are pleased to announce the signing of a MOU between both institutions.

“The purpose of this Memorandum is to underpin the development of what is hoped will become a long-term partnership between LICB and BCB.

“It therefore sets out matters of agreed principle and policy, reflecting the spirit of co-operation between LICB and BCB, but it is not intended to be legally binding. The area of cooperation shall include, subject to mutual consent, any activity or programme considered desirable and feasible on either side to foster and develop the cooperative relationship between the two institutions.”

President of the Bermuda Cricket Board, Lloyd Smith said: “On behalf of the Bermuda Cricket Board, we are privileged to be signing this MOU with the Leeward Islands Cricket Board. We hope that this sets a precedent for future opportunities for both organisation, players, coaches, umpires and administrators to grow in the sport.

“The BCB finds this MOU to not only be historic, but also nostalgic, as many Bermudians are descendants of the Leeward Island ancestry. We consider it to be an honour to be able to work with our Caribbean family.”

“Meanwhile, President of the Leeward Island Cricket Board, former LI player, Enoch Lewis hails the signing of this agreement, the first of kind for the LICB, as a truly momentous occasion for the LICB and also for the BCB.

“He further stated that one of our key objectives of the LICB is “strategic relationship building with the ultimate outcome of continually providing greater and enhanced opportunities for our players and officials. We believe this has been achieved, in a mutually beneficial way, with our counterparts at the BCB via this agreement.

“We at the LICB are truly excited by the potential exposure that this agreement creates for both players and officials from both organizations, and by extension the opportunity arising therefrom to improve the standard of cricket being played at all levels and also the overall administration of the sport.”

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