Laverne Furbert Continuing Education Award

May 29, 2021

Laverne Furbert Bermuda photoNoting that she was an advocate of further education, particularly for mature students, the family of the late Laverne Furbert is offering an Adult Continuing Education award valued at $5,000.

Ms Furbert, a well known community activist and union supporter, returned to school in 1996 when she was 50 years old, earning an Associate of Arts Degree from the Bermuda College.

The Bermuda Scholarship website notes, “This award is being offered by the family of community activist and trade unionist E. Laverne Furbert, who was an advocate of the merits of further education, particularly for mature students.

“The E. Laverne Furbert ‘Adult Continuing Education’ award seeks to support Bermudians over the age of 30, who are looking to enrol at Bermuda College in pursuit of further education towards a first degree.

“Eligible applicants can pursue any Associate Degree programme facilitated by the Bermuda College. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Commerce with Mount Saint Vincent University in association with Bermuda College are also eligible to apply.”

In explaining why they created this educational award, her son Dr David Chapman explained, “My mother prioritised educational empowerment for her own children and like many other parents sacrificed much as a single mother to ensure that her own children had this opportunity despite the serious financial constraints for her personally.

“She also further demonstrated her belief in the power of education when she herself returned to school in 1996 at the age of 50 when she enrolled in the Bermuda College and earned an Associate of Arts Degree in May 1998.

“She also was an outspoken advocate for the power of education to change people’s lives and went on the record when she was a Senator to state her personal belief in the potential of Bermuda’s young people to do great things,” Dr Chapman said.

Applications are now open for the award, and for more information on the Bermuda College: The E. Laverne Furbert Adult Continuing Education Award visit here.

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