Local Honey & Beeswax Candles For Valentine’s

February 3, 2022

“Buy your honey something sweet this Valentine’s Day,” is the rather apt sales description from a local company offering honey and beeswax candle bundles, with Wild Island Apiaries saying they are “happy to offer an option for people to shop local and sustainable.”

Wild Island Apiaries Bermuda Feb 2022

In describing the package shown above, which sells for $43.50 each, the Wild Island Apiaries website said, “Buy your honey something sweet this Valentine’s Day. For a limited time, we’re offering Valentine’s Day bundles of honey and beeswax candles. Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with sustainable gifts for your loved one.

“This bundle includes: 1 x 236ml jar of fall honey and 4 x votive candles with glass holders. Pre-order your Valentine’s Day bundle now. Pickup and delivery of all Valentine’s Day bundles will commence the week of February 7, 2022.”

img_9057 bees

A Wild Island Apiaries spokesperson told Bernews, “We’re happy to offer an option for people to shop local and sustainable when shopping for their loved ones this Valentine’s Day. In doing so, not only are they supporting local businesses, but they’re helping to keep Bermuda’s bees buzzing.

“Consumers may not be aware, but given the environmental challenges that the honey bee faces worldwide, without the constant care from beekeepers it would only be a matter of time before our bees disappeared.

“The honey bee locally is facing challenges from loss of habitat and constant pest pressure from the recently introduced varroa mite, which weakens bees and transmits viruses and disease – which left unchecked run rampant and destroy colonies.”

For more about their company visit Bees.bm.

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