Social Justice Group Supports Marriage Equality

March 16, 2022 | 8 Comments

Social Justice Bermuda looks forward to the day that all LGBTQIA+ people of Bermuda can legally celebrate and protect their unions in marriage; equally to any other citizen,” Social Justice Bermuda said.

This comment follows after the UK Privy Council — the island’s highest court of appeal — ruled in favour of the Government in their recent appeal, with the ruling, in effect, against marriage equality.

A spokesperson said, “Social Justice Bermuda supports marriage equality. We see marriage as a binding contract between two consenting adults to combine their strengths, talents and commitment with one another.

“There should be no legal basis where anyone on the outside of that agreement should have anything to say or any action they can make that goes against these individuals making a significant decision to bind their personal worlds together.

“There is only one outcome in this ruling that could be considered appropriate. That is the freedom for anyone that wishes to marry should be allowed to do so, as long as the person they are to be married to is of legal age and consenting willingly. To that end, we are disappointed by the ruling.

“We’d also like to point out that recently, in a progressive move, the government made it easier for consenting adults to end an unhappy marriage. That this same government would prevent two people from pursuing happiness on their own terms is steeped in hypocrisy.

“Social Justice Bermuda looks forward to the day that all LGBTQIA+ people of Bermuda can legally celebrate and protect their unions in marriage; equally to any other citizen, with all the rights and responsibilities that come with it.”

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  1. Who are they? says:

    Never a name. Can anyone just say they are a group without knowing who they are? Shameful. Who are you and what is your ultimate goal? To pick here and there or is there a plan because they have not clearly done a comprehensive survey of the bigger and real issues?

    • Reading is fundamental says:

      They have an actual platform. Did you try to read it or did you zone out until they fought for something you didn’t agree with?

    • J Starling says:

      They have a whole website and a platform – and one that spans the whole gamut of society and economy.

      They have done Facebook lives, done interviews.

      So it baffles me that people are like ‘who are they, what do they want’. Go to their website, go to their Facebook page, nothing is hidden.

      That statements are issued collectively as SJB is more about keeping the focus on the message rather than the messenger as far as I can tell, and that seems pretty reasonable.

    • PBanks says:

      Um they have a website, platform and so on. You’re acting like this is some shadowy espionage organization or something, it’s a pressure group.

    • Mike Hind says:

      What bigger issues?

      Don’t you think that stripping members of our community of equal access to right for ABSOLUTELY no reason whatsoever is a pretty big issue?

      Don’t you think that government intentionally writing discriminatory legislation that supersedes the Human Rights Act that is supposed to protect US from baseless discrimination is a pretty big issue?
      That’s what happened. They KNEW it was unconstitutional under the Act, so they intentionally bypassed it. This means they can do it again, for any other group that someone with enough voting power wants to hurt. This should terrify you.

    • J Starling says:

      Note the irony of an anonymous commentator being upset… ;-)

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    I like the message but I remain concerned that we do not know who the people behind Social Justice Bermuda are or what their agenda is

  3. lets move on says:

    Is Social Justice Bermuda not gonna recommend that the PLP leadership attend LGBTQIA training immediately in order to begin the process of changing their mindset around these issues? The comments made by the PLP leadership that marriage should be illegal for the LGBT community are disgusting and highlights the problem of homophobia and homophobic excusers that wreaks havoc across all segments of our community. This could be a moment for genuine learning and change for the PLP leadership that spent $400,000+ of taxpayer dollars to make same-sex marriage illegal.

    But, I am not surprised that the PLP-not-so-progressive-but-selective-wing (AKA Social Justice Bermuda) has minimal to say on this topic and is not recommending any “training” for the PLP.

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