2022 Bermuda Day Grand Marshals Named

May 26, 2022

The Department of Culture has announced this year’s Grand Marshals, with Glenn Fubler, Darren Woods, Patrina O’Connor-Paynter, St. Clair Brinkworth “Brinky” Tucker , Linda Bogle-Mienzer, and Crenstant Williams all receiving the recognition.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Culture is delighted to announce this year’s 2022 Grand Marshals. As the public is aware, this year’s Bermuda Day and Heritage Month theme is ‘Togetherness’. Collectively, these individuals are deserving of this year’s recognition as they have worked in various sectors of the community to bring our people together. Today as we prepare for Bermuda Day, we shine a spotlight on their community contributions.

Grand Marshals

Glenn Fubler

Glenn Fubler Bermuda May 2022“Glenn Fubler counts himself lucky to have been a teen in the 1960’s: a transformative period globally. Through his extended family and news sources, he learned about social movements, including those of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. His mother, Lorraine Fubler, led by example, fostering in him a sense of responsibility to the wider community. After studying at Elliott Primary, Bermuda Technical Institute and Berkeley Institute, he attended the Sixth Form Center pursuing A levels, before entering University of Miami with the initial goal of becoming a Marine Biologist. While there, he served as President of the school’s United Black Student organisation. During summer vacations in Bermuda, Mr. Fubler joined the Black Beret Cadre – a local group promoting social justice. He later transferred to Howard University, maintaining his activism; and after two years of graduate school, he returned home to teach biology at Berkeley. He also started a Defense Fund for “Buck” Burrows and Larry Tacklyn and subsequently helped initiate the campaign, attempting to prevent their hangings. While teaching he became a union activist, playing a role during the historic Labour Crisis of 1981 which brought together an unprecedented cross-section of community stakeholders, effecting a peaceful resolution, despite the challenging circumstances. Following that, he served as President of the Bermuda Union of Teachers, followed by a term as the BUT’s Executive Officer. During the 1980’s he also co-founded the local anti-Apartheid movement which brought together unions and other sectors of the Island in solidarity with the people of South Africa. Mr. Fubler went on to teach briefly at Warwick Academy and then at the Bermuda College, before joining Government’s Labour Department as Labour Relations Officer. From the 1990’s onward, he continued his activism through entities such as Imagine Bermuda; and, in 1999, he encouraged members of the Progressive Group to ‘step forward’, fostering wider appreciation of our shared legacy. Since his retirement in 2013, Mr. Fubler has maintained his activism in the community, focused on fostering collaboration across the various sectors. More recently, he’s been involved with a team of volunteers at Westgate, in an initiative called the Personal Empowerment Circle, which looks to promote a transformative spirit in those incarcerated. This is in keeping with a passion to promote an Island-wide conversation, seeking a shared vision for a better Bermuda.

“Note: Ever the activist, Mr. Fubler has chosen to share Bermudian and history with the Bermuda Day Parade presenters in lieu of being a parade participant.

Darren Woods

Darren Woods Bermuda May 2022“Over the last ten years, Darren Woods has dedicated his life to service to the community. From his day job as the Youth and Outreach Manager for the Ministry of National Security’s Gang Violence Reduction Team [GVRT] to his role as an event organizer and experience curator, Mr. Woods desires to see young Bermudians uniting together positively and peacefully. The 35-year-old got his start working in the non-profit sector in 2012, a year after losing his close family-friend Jason Smith to gun violence, in what is widely understood to be a case of mistaken identity. The tragedy impacted Mr. Woods’ life significantly, causing him to leave the finance and accounting industry to begin work at the Family Centre, a charity providing critical intervention services to children suffering from emotional, social, behavioral, and trauma-based challenges. While there, Darren explored his passion for community development, positive youth engagement, and youth empowerment. He specifically enjoyed working with young men who experienced being marginalized, overlooked or excluded from society. During his seven years as a Community Support Worker, Mr. Woods supported the strategic planning, program design, fund development and delivery of various different programs including: Beyond Rugby, Youth Leadership Academy, Building My Future and Youth Police Initiative. In 2019, Mr. Woods made another transition – this time to the GVRT, a group which aims to tackle gang violence and anti-social behavior through a series of strategically designed prevention, intervention and rehabilitation programs and initiatives. Today, he works closely with various GVRT programs such as Redemption Farm, Work Placement and Mentoring Initiative, Hype Kings Program, Excellence Program, Restorative Justice Sessions and the Coordinated Crisis Response Team. Through the role he provides individual case management and also leads small group sessions, personal development/ life skills training and job coaching/ employment support. According to Mr. Woods, success looks different for each young person he works with, however, any growth is considered a small win. In his spare time, Mr. Woods is a passionate tennis player and entertainment enthusiast. He loves bringing people together and creating unique experiences for people to have a good time through the groups he’s a part of, including: Party People Entertainment, Off Level BDA, Lotus, and Afro Sommelier.

Patrina O’Connor-Paynter

Patrina O'Connor Paynter Bermuda May 2022“If we’re all doing our small part, we can make Bermuda a better place – that’s the philosophy of Patrina O’Connor-Paynter. Since 2008, she’s served as Managing Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda, a local youth mentoring charity that aims to help young people reach their full potential. Her commitment to the community extends beyond that, however. Mrs. O’Connor-Paynter can often be found participating in local events and fundraisers or sharing a word of encouragement to uplift friends and followers on her popular social media platforms. Formerly the host of her own radio show on Power 95 FM, Mrs. O’Connor-Paynter, aka ‘Power Girl’, has been the face of numerous television programs in Bermuda. Over the years, she has also emceed popular events like the Bermuda Day Parade, End to End charity walk, and special presentations by Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of The Huffington Post, and Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned author and alternative-medicine advocate. In 2016, Mrs. O’Connor-Paynter was named the Most Fascinating Person of Bermuda and honored during a special televised interview. The following year, she was a recipient of the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour for her work with local youth; while in 2020, she was named ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ at the Premier’s Awards, hosted by the Bermuda Construction Safety Council. In addition to being a devoted mother, wife, and woman of faith, Mrs. O’Connor-Paynter is a member of the Bermuda Media Council Appointments Committee and a Board Member of the IAC. She is also a Founding Executive Member of the Pig’s Field Family Connection [PFFC], a member of the Berkeley Educational Society Management Committee, a member of the International Women’s Day Committee and a WeSpeak Coach.

“Note: Mrs. O’Connor-Paynter will not appear in the Bermuda Day Parade as she is hosting on Front Street! Please stop by and wave hello!

St. Clair Brinkworth “Brinky” Tucker

St Clair Brinkworth Brinky Tucker Bermuda May 2022“St. Clair Brinkworth “Brinky” Tucker enjoyed a distinguished career with the Bermuda Police Service that lasted for nearly three decades. He made history as the first Bermudian to be named Head of Police Prosecutions and also served as the officer in charge of the St. George’s and Airport Police Stations, a Supreme Court Officer, and the Supervisory Officer/Officer in Charge of Hamilton Police Station, before his retirement in 1991. One of the highlights of his illustrious career was the seven years he served as aide-de-camp to Premier Sir John Swan. A former West Pembroke Primary, East End Primary, and Berkeley Institute student, Mr. Tucker received two Governor’s medals and three Commissioner’s Commendations for his diligent service. An avid sportsman, he excelled in table tennis, football and cricket – and has the unique distinction of having played in all three Counties [Western, Central, and Eastern], as well as one Cup Match Classic in 1973. Not one to neglect community service, Mr. Tucker served on the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs’ Committee to celebrate Bermuda’s Heritage Day. In September 2007, he was honored by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs as an Outstanding Tradition Bearer of the Family and Community. From a young age, his St. David’s Island mother instilled in him a strong sense of pride in family, culture, and heritage. Determined to keep those traditions alive, Mr. Tucker played a major role in the formation of the St. David’s Island Reconnection Indian Committee in 2002, a group responsible for reconnecting the Pequot Indians in the various U.S. States with those in St. David’s and the rest of Bermuda who had Native American ancestry. This reconnection resulted in dozens of Native Americans visiting Bermuda to join the Committee and put on unforgettable Pow Wows. His endearment for his beloved St. David’s Island also led him to publish St. David’s Island, Bermuda – Its People, History and Culture in 2009, a book written to chronicle the journey and highlight a few of the prominent people of St. David’s Island. Due to the far-reaching impact of the book, Mr. Tucker was this year [2022] awarded the Daniel Literary Award from Atlantic Publishing House at a special ceremony. He has been married to his wife, Lyn, for 56 years and together they have two sons and three grandchildren. In his retirement, he enjoys spending precious time with family and friends.

Linda Bogle-Mienzer

Linda Bogle-Mienzer Bermuda May 2022“Today, Linda Bogle-Mienzer wears her many hats proudly as a Black Bermudian gay unionist, however, this wasn’t always the case. As a child, Mrs. Bogle Mienzer admits she was a major introvert and a “bit of a nerd” who struggled with opening up to people. Part of that came from her early experiences of being bullied and ostracised by her peers because of her differences. Those traumas shaped many of her insecurities and caused her to wear a mask throughout most of her teens and 20s. By the time she reached age 30, however, she was tired and overwhelmed with the double life she was living. Mrs. Bogle -Mienzer decided to be true to herself and gradually began using her voice and social media platforms to speak up about injustices in our community. In June 1996, she joined the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] as a Station Duty Officer [SDO]. Outside of her policing duties, which included mentoring, coaching and training other SDOs, she was actively involved in holding the BPS accountable for its policies around diversity. When her best friend and colleagues were killed during Hurricane Fabian in 2001, she ensured they would never be forgotten by hosting an annual memorial event. Mrs Bogle-Mienzer began her union career with the Bermuda Public Service Union as a shop steward in 2004. In 2015, she was elected as 2nd Vice President; and in June 2021, she stepped into a new full-time role as Labour Relations Organizer. She currently holds several key roles and responsibilities at the BPSU including the title of Rapid Response Officer, tasked with handling bullying and sexual harassment cases in the workplace – a role she’s extremely passionate about. A fervent leader for social change, Mrs. Bogle-Mienzer has served as a long-standing member of local community awareness groups CURB and Restorative Justice. She has been most vocal about marriage equality and fearlessly challenges the country’s leaders and citizens when it comes to this important human rights issue. Her well-known social media platform, ‘Morning Beautiful People’, aims to be a refreshing, honest and safe space for all who feel unheard or voiceless. She believes her greatest accomplishment to date is marrying her beautiful wife, Christine, and raising their fur babies RayLove and Harmonii O.

Crenstant Williams

Crenstant Williams Bermuda May 2022“Crenstant Williams always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and went on to obtain a law degree from the University of Buckingham in the U.K., However, it was after hearing a statement that “young males are a menace to society”, he decided to change course. Mr. Williams figured if he could reach young men at an earlier age through education he could make a noticeable impact in their lives. Today, he does just that through the many hats he wears – as Acting Math Officer for the Ministry of Education and Head of Referees for the Bermuda Football Association [BFA]. After receiving his teaching certification, Mr. Williams started work at Elliot Primary school where he taught various year levels. In September 2005, he transferred to Harrington Sound Primary as the P6 teacher and was appointed Math Teacher Leader. While there, he launched the Math Mastery program, which is modeled after the Singapore style of teaching, helping children to ‘learn through modeling, representation, justifying and convincing their peers ‘ rather than just memorizing information. The last academic checkpoint results from 2018 showed the school’s students were excelling in math above the rest of their public school peers. Mr. Williams went on to teach at West End Primary, where he was promoted to Deputy Principal. His Math Mastery program was implemented in the Western Zone schools and later, due to the positive response from teachers and students, it was adopted by the MOED and implemented in all of Bermuda’s Public Schools. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Williams is an avid sportsman. He sees sport as a positive outlet for young people – to test their endurance and sharpen their character. He is the Second Vice President and Head of Referees for the BFA and was instrumental in getting four Bermudians appointed to the FIFA list as Assistant Referees in the last five years. In 2022, Bermuda made history, with the appointment of its first ever female to the FIFA list. Mr. Williams also implemented a Youth Referee Program via the BFA and currently has officials as young as 10, who referee Under-7 games. He constantly seeks to improve the knowledge base of the local officials with a view raising the standard of officiating on the Island. Mr. Williams recently launched an online referee platform for aspiring referees, which is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Whether it’s on the field or off, he finds it extremely rewarding to see former students achieving their goals, attaining scholarships, and excelling in their chosen careers. He firmly believes that all children can learn and achieve, but it’s up to parents and educators to awaken that hunger and curiosity for knowledge.”

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  1. Alexander Swan says:

    Great article and Congrats to everyone! I would like to say a special congrats to Patrina OConnor Paynter . She continues to shine and grow as everything is from the heart. Her soul is pure, genuine and beautiful and I look forward to her hosting the Bermuda parade tomorrow. Big Brother and sister couldn’t have a better leader and I hope more companies support this charity for the betterment of our children and Bermuda ❤️

  2. Samatha says:

    Power Girl Patrina ! You are the best From the queen’s award to this … Amazing …