Video: Sunday May 8th ‘Good News’ Spotlight

May 8, 2022

News that Bermuda is celebrating Mother’s Day, an art fundraiser raised $250,000 for WindReach, Irena Ashton was named Nurse of the Year, Jahzuena Bradshaw-Douglas received All-KCAC honors, and Hamilton Princess donated $4,000 to Women’s Resource Centre were all some of the positive news stories from the past week.

GN cover Bermuda May 8 2022

In additional good news, Government presented $25,000 to Jah-Nhai Perinchief, Conor White finished crit series with 4th place finish, Elan Daley swam three personal best times in Canada, Kiwon Waldron set a world record in harness pony racing, and Ajani Burchall scored .

Other good news stories included Butterfield Bank promoting Michael Schrum & Craig Bridgewater; Chloe Baron, Jawonday Smith, Jahkera Tucker, Kandrea Romaine, Tajshana Tucker, & Kerilynn Pacheco being recognized as Raleigh Volunteers of Year and the National Museum of Bermuda honoured in Fast Company’s Awards.

We also posted various community photo galleries, including coverage of the BZS welcomes YCS participants, superyachts visiting, the BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme, the Daniel Literary awards presentation, BNA Nurse of the Year, Francis Patton Mini Ag Show and the Top 10 Bernews “Photo of Day”.

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Links to some of the ‘good news’ from the past week are below:

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