Port Royal Golf Hosts Bermuda National Trust

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Port Royal Golf Course recently hosted the Bermuda National Trust for a tour and presentation on its agronomic practices.

A spokesperson said, “Port Royal Golf Course, amidst recent celebrations for its 50 year milestone, extended an invitation to the Bermuda National Trust to visit the facilities and learn about the agronomic practices used by the golf course team.

“Chairman of the Bermuda Government Golf Course Trustees Kim Swan, Junior Minister of Tourism, Culture & Sport, recommended extending an invitation following the recent Bermuda National Trust awards ceremony at Verdmont Museum.”

Mr Swan said, “I was intrigued by the recognition afforded to individuals and organizations for their stewardship of the Bermuda’s environment. It didn’t escape us that our own Golf Course Superintendent Mr. Jayson Jackson, who practices sound agronomic principles, is an environmentalist at heart and I felt it would be beneficial for our team to have a dialogue in the first instance.”

Chairman of Government Golf Courses, Junior Minister for Tourism, Culture & Sport with past and present day Presidents of the Bermuda National Trust Mrs. Alana Anderson and Mark Orchard

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The spokesperson said, “Port Royal’s Golf Course Superintendent was very receptive to the idea of a collaborative approach and successfully initiated a meeting by inviting the Bermuda National Trust to visit Port Royal Golf Course.”

Agronomist Jayson Jackson, Golf Course Superintendent & Acting Operations Manager of the Bermuda Government Golf Courses rescues a longtail

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Mr. Jackson said, “It was an honor to have the Bermuda National Trust accept our invitation and give them a tour of our facility. We provided an informative presentation on the environmental impacts and the necessary balance of hosting international and local golf events while maintaining our to world class standards.

“We shared in grave detail our Integrated Pest Management plan that directly corelates with the potential use of pesticides without negating meeting Bermuda Environmental Protection stringent pesticide regulations.

“Our resident birder, Outside Caddy Shop Supervisor Mr. Chris Gibbons, shared how we are home to many migratory birds throughout the calendar year.

“Additionally, we looked into the future of possibility implementing Microforest and planting more endemic and native plant species.

“Port Royal Golf Course is mandated to meet international standards for tournaments such as the Butterfield Bermuda Championship [PGA TOUR sanctioned event], however it’s imperative that we honour our environmental responsibility to protect and create a conducive location for our wildlife to thrive. This is our responsibility not to just us at here Port Royal Golf Course but to the island of Bermuda.”

The spokesperson said, “We are proud of our world class facilities and truly appreciated the opportunity to share our practices and show our facilities to the Bermuda National Trust and other environmentally conscious organizations in our island home.

Mark Orchard, Bermuda National Trust’s Newly Elected President, Chris Gibbons, Supervisor, Golf Operations, Myles Darrell, Bermuda National Trust and Oscar Riley, Working Craft Foreman at Port Royal

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“We are aware that we share our lands with migratory birds, the most notable being a Bald Eagle that frequented our ponds looking for food, and regular migratory birds that make our golf course a sanctuary.”

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