Cox: “Multiple Arrests In Connection With Shootings”

April 4, 2010

In a statement just released today by Acting Premier Minister Paula Cox she states that arrests have been made in connection with recent firearm incidents.

The Acting Premier said: “over the week-end there have been multiple arrests in connection with the shootings that have taken place“.

The police will be having a press conference at 4pm, so we hope to bring you more details on any arrests made at approximately 4:30 – 5pm today.

Update: Police confirm 2 men arrested for Easter shooting, and 2 men arrested for Good Friday murder.

This Easter holiday weekend has been marred with gun violence, with the brazen daylight murder of 35 year old Kimwandae Walker at a Good Friday kite flying event at Victor Scott field, in front of numerous children including his own.

The holiday weekend continued to be full of bloodshed, with the Easter morning shooting today [April 4] of an 18 year old, and stabbing of a 19 year man at St Georges RAA Club.

Her full statement follows below:

I am sure that many of you this morning when the news started to circulate of another incident wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the sheets up and hope it was a bad dream. That’s ok so long as it was just a passing thought. However the reality is that at no time more than now has your island needed you. Your family needs you. Your friends need you. Your community needs you. We need each other to stand up and be counted. All of us know this is not a quick fix but a multi pronged issue.

However at this juncture let me state that your Bermuda Police Service is working tirelessly night and day to apprehend the perpetrators. To this end over the week-end there have been multiple arrests in connection with the shootings that have taken place.

The work continues. There is much more to do. It does not get easier but we have to do the necessary. We have to stay the course in terms of our commitment to work to make Bermuda better and we have to keep on doing what is required to keep Bermuda moving and developing.

I know that those in the faith community have a real hope that much can be accomplished when we work together. They are right.

Those in the Christian faith community are celebrating Easter today- a rebirth and a renewal and a starting afresh. The respect and practice of our individual religions and partisan politics are less important than recognising that as the Bermuda community, whatever your race, creed or colour, whether Bermudian, Permanent Resident or permit holder this is your home, even if just for now. So we all have a stake in making a difference and in making Bermuda all she can be.

Let’s recommit and reaffirm today that whatever you may be feeling, whether anger, fear, disgust, hope, sadness or love, let’s reaffirm that we do have faith in the future and faith in our future and that we will stand up and be counted and resolve to make a difference in our community.

Let’s resolve to help in our communities. Let’s resolve to assist grieving families, neighbourhoods and schools. Let’s resolve to continue to provide our Bermuda Police Service with all credible information we have. Let’s resolve to provide opportunities to those who need them and let’s try not to judge but to demonstrate that we believe we owe a duty of care to our neighbours. Let’s stand up and be counted. Bermuda our home deserves no less. We have an opportunity today to do all we can in our corner of the sky to make Bermuda better. Let’s demonstrate that we do have faith in the future.

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