Applications Accepted: Miss Bermuda Pageant

January 6, 2011

tiara 2010Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming Miss Bermuda Pageant, which is making a comeback after being in hiatus for many years. The application deadline is February 1st.

Young women who will be between the ages of 18 – 25 by June 30, 2011, who have never been married or had children are eligible to enter. Organizers say applicants must be Bermudian or residents of Bermuda for more than 1 year.

The Miss Bermuda Pageant is under the direction of Milika Seymour who is no stranger to the pageant scene herself.  A winner of the Miss Big and Beautiful pageant, Ms. Seymour has been a pageant judge, has over 10 years event planning experience and is also part owner and Managing Director of Blanc Bridal Boutique.

The application deadline is February 1st, and there is a $200 non-refundable entry fee. You can visit their website for more information.

Miss Bermuda winners from the past have done quite well on an international level; Gina Swainson won the Miss World Pageant in 1979 [video], Zina Minks made the top 15 in the 1980 Miss World Pageant [video], and forty years ago Margaret Hill won the Miss Photogenic award at the 1970 Miss Universe [photo] – joining the first group of black women to capture major beauty titles. For more history on Miss Bermuda winners see here.

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  1. Beauty says:

    I’m glad someone is starting Miss. Bermuda again! Is Ms. Swainson still around? It would be nice if she could be a judge or special mention made to her that night. she was beautiful…

  2. person says:

    Why no women who have been married or had children, I wonder?

    • KG says:

      I believe that is standard pageant practice in North America.

  3. Mayson says:

    I don’t understand why women who are married or have children are ineligible!

  4. bernews says:

    Not to speak for the organizers, but I believe the married/no children stipulation is as that is what Ms World and Ms Universe rules require:


    • person says:

      ahh, thank you.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Given the out of wedlock birthrate in Bermuda the eligible talent pool is awful shallow.

      I’ll head off to my bunker now. The truth hurts many & they can’t face it.

  5. Queen says:

    1. It’s “Miss” Bermuda, not “Mrs” Bermuda
    2. Competing and being a titleholder are a big commitment (more than just showing up the night of the pageant and then just getting a title) and may conflict with a mother’s duty to her child (which is a full time job). Organizers want to make sure the Miss will fulfill her duties during the year of her reign with her full attention. Both Miss World and Miss Universe are month long competitions where the winner is required to live in London (Miss World) and New York (Miss Universe) for a year and is bound by contract to fulfill duties and engagements (and cannot bring children, husbands etc). If you compete in a competition you have to be able to fulfill the obligations of a winner.

  6. Queen says:

    It’s standard practice for all national competitions especially if they are sending their Miss to an international “miss” pageant as this is what the international pageants require.

  7. Former Contestant says:

    Great to see this re-started. Wonderful exposure. Would love for my daughter to take part when she is of age. I had an awesome experience. Would love to offer assistance if necessary, although it was many years ago i represented….

  8. Just enquiring says:

    How can a non Bermudian (eg resident for more than one year) represent Bermuda as Miss Bermuda? Other countries require an entrant to be a citizen, born in the country or have parents who are citizens. A non Bermudian Miss Bermuda cannot represent Bermuda in Miss Universe or Miss World so what is this pageant – a local contest? Sounds very odd to me.

    • In Response says:

      Some may live on the island that have a Bermudian parent but were not born in Bermuda themselves; others may have recently received residency or status.

      I understand it would be a very sensitive subject locally but the truth is elsewhere, it’s very common for ‘residents’ of countries to enter national pageants and represent that country internationally even though they were not born there.

  9. Comic Relief says:

    They wanted to allow divorced women to compete in the Miss Bermuda pageant.
    Was that a good idea?

    Do you really want to hear, “My dreams for the future include world peace,
    and that my ex-husband gets killed by a bus.”