Style Bermuda: ‘Bad Girls’ Photoshoot

June 29, 2011

“Shorter shorts, mini-er minis and bolder brights – fearless fashion is as much about your attitude as it is about your outfit. Can you get away with mixing those patterns or showing that much leg?” asks StyleBermuda as they release their latest photoshoot ‘Bad Girls’.

style bermuda bad girls june 28 11 (7)

The shoot was photographed by Alex Masters, styled by Karlandra Smith, with hair by Gladene Douglas of Soave, and make-up by Elizabeth of AS Coopers. The fashion assistants were Yanni DelValle and Juliana Gibbons, and the models were Alana Cann, Kristin Heyliger, and Rochelle Minors.

Clothing featured is from Duchess, Jazzy Boutique, Toxic Rose as well as Bermudian designer Ashley Aitken’s ‘Elle-Tee.’ To view the full photoshoot see here on

style bermuda bad girls june 28 11 (2)

style bermuda bad girls june 28 11 (4)

style bermuda bad girls june 28 11 (6)

Full photoshoot is here on

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  1. True Dat says:

    Would somebody PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA do something different!!!!!!!!!! This badGirl theme is PLAyed the Hell Out!!!!

    • itwasn'tme says:

      ya um in yur corner…..the show on cable TV is stupid and so is any off shoot of the concept….if one of these ‘young ladies’ were my daughter, I’ll cut her azz and take the photo’s to court and tell the magistrate, ‘what would you have done if it were your daughter’!

  2. David E Chapman says:

    No disrespect to Style Bermuda and all those involved, as I do recognize the positive work that the mag has done over the years, but in my honest opinion….

    For this current young generation, in particular in Bermuda, it is the ‘bad girl’ mentality and its promotion (music, tv and the net) that is influencing many of our young ladies to make bad decisions, adopt unsustainable lifestyles, crass demeanors and associate with males that can only pull them down and not raise them up.

    I also feel that it is a false assumption that imagery and fashion defined by international forces, many who are bent on glorifying deviancy as an attraction in their profit-making enterprises, should set the standard for what we think is “high class”. Fashion is indeed a form of expression, so what are we teaching our young girls to express when we encourage them to adopt this so-called “bad girl” mentality. As Style Bermuda quotes themselves in the article above, “fashion is as much about your attitude as it is about your outfit”…, while further asking the reader (aka our girls) to see how much they can “get away with”. As a father of two young ladies, I can not support the concept as it is presented here (and I am not talking about the outfits…).

    For myself, I prefer to support a concept of “Teach our young ladies that they are ‘queens’”, not ‘bad girls’…and encourage their exposure to other outlooks on imagery and fashion such as David Tlale and Tiffany Amber, to name just two.

    • WOW says:

      O shutup its just a photoshoot

      • James says:

        Acually WOW, no its not! Young girls are making some horrible decisions these days, and before, and then don’t like to live with the results of those decisions.

        Young men too for that matter (and I include myself in that group about 20 years ago though).

        But it seems back then we knew that entertainment was JUST that, entertainment. It wasn’t something to model your own life after. In this day and age of instant communications, technology, and reality TV, our young people have forgotten that IT IS supposed to be JUST entertainment. NOT a way to live your own life.

        As the young people say, “Um just sayin”!

      • mixitup says:

        the exact mentality that has allowed us to mis-guide our youth.

        • simplepassa says:

          in the end, its up to the individual, its a photoshoot, they girls are having FUN, what harm is it doing?? If you have a problem with it, DONT SHOW YOUR DAMN KIDS!!! get the eff over it!!!! id rather see sh*t like THIS on bernews RATHER than “22 year old has been shot dead” FOR REAL.

          • WOW says:

            EXACTLY!!! its JUST A PHOTOSHOOT!!

          • Fashion mad Abi says:

            No one commented on the individuals or the models, at the end of the day they are getting paid. Its about the message that the photo shoot is sending out. Dont you see that this Bad girl image is part of a bigger problem in Bermuda. why couldnt the photo shoot be called sweet girl. I’d rather see positive female in the news like the queenly ladies that competed to be Miss Bermuda than a “Bad girl” shoot.

      • Sad says:

        This is exactly what D.Chapman is talking about…That is precisely what “a bad girl” would say…Just plain ignorant..Open your eyse and read and take his post for the REAL MEANING…..

    • .am says:

      “I prefer to support a concept of “Teach our young ladies that they are ‘queens’”,”

      If I was a parent I’d be teaching my kids humility, rather than to adopt a false sense of elitism and entitlement. But hey. Who am I?

      As a complete aside (by way of FB stalking) I noticed you seem to idolize Bob Marley – a man who had three children with his wife, and in excess of eight by other women.

      SO.. just to clarify.. you’re a fan of him and the lifestyle he led, but you’re getting your knickers in a twist because of a photoshoot?

      • Fashion mad Abi says:

        its easy to say that you will teach your child to do something when you are not a parent. Maybe if you actually had children you would understand that it is not easy to teach your child to be a queen when there is so much negative media surrounding our youth.

        what does liking Bob Marley have to do with the message that this Photo shoot is sending to impressionable young ladies. Us young women can show that we have a positive attitude and a fearless sense of style with out being labelled “bad girls” it ridiculous that you think that David is getting his knickers in a twist. This bad girl attitude that the photoshoot is portraying gets people killed do you realise that?

        • .am says:

          Dearest Fashion Mad Abi,

          Please go back and READ MY COMMENT IN IT’S ENTIRETY.

          I stated that if I had kids, I wouldn’t want to teach them that ‘they are queens’ because of the mentality that would accompany it, and find qualities like humility in people much more appealing.

          Your grasp of the English language seems to be quite limited though, so if you’d like me to explain ‘humility’ in ways that you may be able to better understand, I’d be more than happy to do so.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      @ David E Chapman.
      In the interest of time and space, I will simply say ditto!

  3. Clafe says:


    how com GUYZ r celebratin girlz bein bad, DUN? Dat 1 ace chicken next 2 de no trespassin sign looks like shus goin 2 break in 2 dat house, n guyz aneen tryin 2 stop her! WUT WILL DE CHILDREN THINK? theyll b like “AY MUMMA, i saw this girl on bernews wif crazy hair breakin in 2 sum bredren’s house, n now I have d uncontrollable urge 2 do de same thing! That’s KEWL?” n de mumma will be like “OF COURSE NOT, U LITTLE MUGLET, WHATS WRONG WIF U?” then jook them upside there dopey headz.

    D first picture is d most disturbing tho…one ace girl is chokin anotha ace girl wif a pool triangle while sum next ace girl behind her is bout 2 break a fleppin well POOL CUE over HER head. De worst part of de whole thing is dat de otha ace girl in de picture is just sittin there FLEXIN as if dis type of violence happens rond her all de time, n shus desensitized 2 it. wuz she raized in a broken home? IONO, but if i had 2 guess, i wuld say “YA.”

    how culd sum 1 be so cruel n callous as to just sit dere and take pictures of all dis MEDNESS wifout even botherin 2 call d police?!? WAKE UP PPL, FIRST ITS “BAD GIRL” PHOTOSHOOTS, NEXT ITS SNUFF FILMS!!! WE CANT AFFORD 4 R YOUTS 2 B EXPOSED TO DIS CRAZINESS!!! PLS WK UP! PLS!!!

    • Away says:

      I tried to put this in google translator and got no results…lol

      • Away says:

        O I see whats going on…something you posted a few days ago explains why you talk like this

        “I dropped out after primary 6 at whitney dun, and it wuz de best decision um ever made.”

        • simplepassa says:

          LOL @Away smh..some peoples children

        • .am says:

          There’s a greater likelihood of Clafe having graduated from college than dropping out at any point prior.

          But I suspect (or should hope) that you cottoned on to that.

          • can't take a joke says:


            Agreed. it seriously continues to crack me up when people think he’s serious…that itself is almost dopier than the stuff he posts. he’s got a blog, for godsake:


            its called satire, people (WAKE UP PPL, as clafe would say lol)

            Great shots, by the way, Alex!

    • Lizards says:

      TEAM CLAFE!!!

  4. MinorMatters says:

    As a photo shoot with a theme: “Bad Girls” – I thought it was just great!!! Should the photo shoot be used as a model for bringing up little girls, a resounding “No”. But that is what Parents are for – to nuture and teach little girls to have respect for themselves.

    Maybe the talented Mr. Masters could do a photo shoot with the theme: “Good Girls”, now that would be nice and present a balance, which is what I think people really desire. Let’s see a mix of (more) positives versus negatives. My $0.02.

  5. RUSerious? says:

    I agree with Clafe – why can’t we portray women in a respectable way? Girls are constantly ojectified in music videos and photos and Bermuda youths don’t need any more examples of how to look and act ‘mean/bad’…
    Shame this wasn’t thought through and a wasted chance to do something in a more positive way. :-(

  6. Lovebda says:

    As it was once put , you dress like a fireman don’t get upset if someone calls you a fireman .

  7. Lovebda says:

    As it was once put , you dress like a fireman don’t get upset if someone calls you a fireman . Can we please see out young ladies As ladies ?

    • .am says:

      And Julia Roberts was forever seen as a hooker after her role in Pretty Woman.

      • simplepassa says:

        people just dont understand the concept of ART.

      • .am says:

        As evidenced by Oceans Eleven/Twelve, Notting Hill, Erin Brockovitch, Eat Pray Love, Mona Lisa Smile, Conspiracy Theory, Hook, The Pelican Brief and Stepmom (to name but a few).

  8. KIA M. says:

    Great job Alex and Karla……

  9. Shay says:

    I love it, very stylish, hip and has pep! Well done to everyone. I think lots of people are a bit old school and wish to see our young women dressed lady -like but times and generations have changed. A big fashion statement I always remembered is “you wear the clothes don’t let the clothes wear you!”. The girls wore the clothes well I must say. The clothes matched the theme! And just to confirm that some of these girls have attended prestigious schools and are not from the GHETTO. These days you see these type of photo shoots in Seventeen, Elle, Bazaar, InStyle etc. I do agree that the shoot could have done with out the fag.
    So sorry if they have criticized you but the world of FASHION is what it is! – Shay

    • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

      Some of these girls, what about the others????

  10. Fashion mad Abi says:

    I agree with David Chapman. Some of you people are getting things twisted. Its not about dissing the models or the clothes. Its about the message that this photo shoot is sending out to our young ladies. I actually like the clothes I think that they look original and stylish. However this photo does not do the clothes any justice. you have girls choking each other, street fighting like hood rats and licking each other round the head with cue sticks. Why would you do a photo shoot like this in this day and age when so many “bad boys” and “Bad girls” are getting kill off in Bermuda. Any body who supports this needs to fix up and open your eyes.

  11. Interesting says:


  12. OK says:

    I LOVE the clothes – hate the message that this shoot is sending. I’m sorry, but being a bad girl is soooo played out.
    I don’t want to be bad because I want to have a decent paying job and KEEP it; I don’t want to be bad because I don’t want to go to jail; I don’t want to be bad because I don’t want to be put on the stop list of any country and I don’t want to be bad because I would NEVER want to embarrass my family or friends.
    BE GOOD GIRLS – you will get a lot further in life, maybe not right off the bat, but definitely in the long run! You know what’s most annoying? When I see all these young ladies consistently putting on FB that I’m bad this way or that way, or they’re trying to define what a bad girl is and that they’re one and someone else isn’t, yet their grammar and spelling is terrible; Yup, you’re a bad girl alright and a real dumb one. SMDH!

  13. through the lens says:

    Sorry people, but thats ALL Mr Masters knows how to shoot. Thats his so called specialty. I remember some-one called him an award winning photographer not too long ago. Maybe Style Bermuda should ring Antoine Hunt or one of the older photographers who have a lil more class and style than this young wanna be photographer

    • .am says:

      This young ‘wannabe photographer’ has shot for the following:

      Belgian Hockey Federation
      Bermuda Basketball Association
      Bermuda Department of Tourism
      Bermuda Hockey Federation
      Bermuda Island Games Association
      Bermuda Gymnastics Association
      Black Sun PLC
      Capital G
      Conyers, Dill & Pearman
      Fédération Française de Hockey
      Fédération Internacional de Hockey
      Field Hockey Canada
      Harvard Business School
      HCS Group Ltd.
      Omega Insurance Holdings
      Pan American Hockey Federation
      Taylor Rankin
      US Field Hockey Association

      This ‘wannabe photographer’ was flown to Delhi, India by the International Federation of Hockey to shoot the Men’s World Cup. This ‘wannabe photographer’ has been described as “without a doubt, [..] THE field hockey photographer of the Western Hemisphere, PAHF and beyond.”

      “Sorry people, but thats ALL Mr Masters knows how to shoot. Thats his so called specialty.”

      Hilarious. That’s why fashion folk feature so prominently in my client base!

      Perhaps you should spend less time directing your negative thoughts/feelings/energy towards me and focus more on your own shortcomings :)

      “Maybe Style Bermuda should ring Antoine Hunt or one of the older photographers who have a lil more class and style”

      More class and style than I? Surely you jest! I’ve seen how they dress. There’s no contest. [+1 to me for mad tight flow and an aversion to check shirts and photographer vests]


      • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

        Who gives a rats big fat arse if he did a shoot on field hockey!!! What is feild hockey anyway??? The mas majority in Bermuda and the world for that matter are interested in Football, Cricket, and Rugby. Field hockey, not even the real hockey have less than 3% of supporters here in Bda.

        As for the way photographers dress, well the most recognized and most famous, they can’t dress to save their lives! Something about the creativeness of art crap.

        • In General says:

          The fact that he is recognized by a world sporting body as a TOP sporting photographer says a whole LOT! Perhaps we should admire that we have a talented Bermudian.

        • .am says:

          “A shoot on”

          Not quite the same as being hired by the Pan American, Belgian, Canadian, American and International organizing bodies of Hockey, but you don’t seem to be too swift so I wouldn’t expect you to know the difference.

          “And the world”?

          I’d love to hear what percentage of places like India and China follow football. Unless you’re so ignorant to think the world consists only of first world countries.

          FYI: Field Hockey is HUGE in Europe and South America and it’s the national sport of India.

          “As for the way photographers dress, well the most recognized and most famous, they can’t dress to save their lives! Something about the creativeness of art crap.”

          My work attire consists of Prada and Armani, but I suppose that’s because I’m (apparently) neither recognized nor famous.

          But please.. tell me.. who are these ‘most recognized and most famous’ photographers you speak of? Surely not the people who define the industry, because that would just be silly, wouldn’t it?

  14. 100 says:

    The shoot was great. Excellent job to the models, photographers, stylist along with the whole StyleBermuda team. People will ALWAYS have something to say about anything that people do in Bermuda (I.e Haters). For all the individuals who think that its portraying a negative message to kids, well just make sure you raised them to be a leader, not a follower. Because I’m 100% sure they watch MTV, surf the net, and read magazines which boast sex in many different ways- however, it doesn’t mean they have to do the same. The ‘bad girls’ concept I can believe came out for the upcoming bad girls club party which is this weel saturday, so obviously its tied into that. If you visit StyleBermuda regraly you will see they even have a draw going on to win a designer clutch for any girl who can write to them why they consider themseleves to be a ‘bad girl’. And they CLEARLY stated that bad girl does not mean, breaking the law or anything on those lines. So, before you decide to set your loose lips on fire do some research, and put things together. Furthermore, if you have a problem with your kids seeing things on these lines- lock them in a box forever because its EVERYWHERE.

    • OK says:

      Sweetie, no one is being a HATER. I don’t HATE, I have no reason to. Just telling it like it is. The clothes are lovely, hell the individual shots are awesome – its that one picture (the first one) where one girl is choking another and another girl is getting ready to break a pool stick over someone’s head, and like someone else stated earlier, one girl is just sitting there like “yeah okay whatever, kill each other and hurry up, I have things to do” Like WTF is up with that? Nope, don’t like that ONE picture at all, and YES it is sending out BAD message all around. And about your comment, “Furthermore, if you have a problem with your kids seeing things on these lines- lock them in a box forever because its EVERYWHERE.” So because it’s everywhere that makes it okay? I hope you don’t have any children…

  15. joonya says:

    Its not just a photo shoot… Its unfortunately the attitude of many Bermudians, wanting to be a bad girl or bad bwoy. ‘Ya, um tuff and nobodys gonna mess wit me!’

    These type images promote and encourage the ignorant attitude which is killing Bermuda, and the reason why there is violence on Front Street every weekend.

    I agree with Mr. Chapman, well Said.

  16. True dat says:

    Ladies stay positive and don’t fall for the Bad girl image that keeps being thrown in your face no matter which way you turn, posing as; art, creativity freedom of expression and any other label they want to put on it…
    Its nothing cool or classy or hott about it!!!
    it’s just a trashy image period!!!
    Again Sick of seeing it and those in the Media world local or Foreign
    Show our up and coming daughters Something Better

  17. Watching! says:

    After a couple of drinks I may actually be attracted. They are NOT that sharp. They are smart though as they are making money acting bad. Who are the idiots? They are laughing all the way to the bank. Recession is not hurting them. Think about it!

  18. Danielle says:

    Seriously…when people stop blaming tv, music and now photo shoots on bad behavior. Please take responsibility for your children’s behavior say you tried everything as a parent but they still went wrong…that’s understandable. Blaming it on art is STUPID!!! These ladies and everyone who put time into this piece of art are doing something positive with their time and talent. Now if your child or you yourself want to now go be a ‘badgirl’ well then that’s your perogative.

  19. Lovebda says:

    Mr. Hunt gets my vote anyday. Humility , class and maturity goes a long way.

  20. Amon "Dolce" Butler says:


    I tried to hold my tongue but ya’ll must have forgot this site is called NOT .

    I live for this shoot i dont see anything negative about it, it def lives up to the theme #BadGirls. Only a true fashionista will get it because to ya’ll that complaining aint got any style, it’s just a photo shoot like damn.

    So if #StyleBermuda done a #GoodGirl shoot with everyone going to church or bible study you think everyone gonna go church NO! SO SIT BACK & BRING OUT UR INNA BAD GIRL.

    GREAT JOB TO THE STYLE BERMUDA TEAM (Karlandra & Shiona etc)

    And for all that don’t know ALEX MASTERS is the best there is on the island may ya’ll should go do s shoot with Kodak !!!

    Fashionably Yours

    Bermuda’s Noted Top Fashion Stylist
    Amon “Dolce” Butler


    • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

      Noted where???? Never heard of you mate!

      And as for fashion, I only shop at the high ranking retail places on the rock and only on 5th Ave in New York. As for London, well if you’ve been there before, and not the cheap parts of London, then you would be shopping on Oxford street where you can shop at Selfrgdges, Debenhams, John Lewis and you can get your covetted pair of Russell And Bromley shoes!! If you even know what those are!

      I just felt like hating, thats all!!!!

      • .am says:

        Debenhams? “Mate” — you may as well buy George from Tesco.

      • JLG says:

        Just because you only shop at the ‘high ranking retail places’ here doesnt mean you have any clue about fashion. As for you only shopping on 5th avenue; you obviously have no idea what you’re doing. If you had any idea as to what you were doing you wouldnt dream of just shopping on 5th avenue. Ever heard of Madison Avenue or SoHo maybe? Chelsea or Lexington avenue? It seems to me that youre a confused nouveau riche snob that would buy anything with a label, even if it happened to be the most hideous thing that somehow made it onto a runway at Lincoln Center.
        You might consider shopping at Century 21, that seems to be the type of clothing that would fit your personal style.

  21. through the lens says:

    Looks like i awoke the sleeping dragon.
    While you so called resume looks good in black and white that doesnt say anything about your actual work. Its very easy for anyone to be called as you put “THE field hockey photographer of the Western Hemisphere, PAHF and beyond.”
    I shall assume that the talent pool must have been really bad, but then again its easy to sell a blind man oranges.
    So outside of your Hockey resume, what other International things have you photographed .am? or does our sidekick Mr. Jones take all the credit for that.
    You are still wet behind the ears, and have a lot to learn.
    Your work could be so much better, but from what i hear, you already know it all

    • .am says:

      First and foremost, you’re a coward. Whilst I am, for the most part, a little too outspoken, I never hide behind anonymity. I stand by the things I say, even if they’re worded solely to get a rise out of people (which I take great pleasure in).

      Your perception of me and constant urge to express it suggests that you don’t know me personally or professionally – only in passing. Your poorly worded sentences could be an indicator that you’re of limited intelligence, which, I suppose, would explain why the notion of banter escapes you. You probably find me rude and incorrigible. A smart ass. Not worthy of the recognition or opportunities I receive.

      If you’re a photographer, I’ve probably called you out on your work. It was probably justified.

      But I have never – not ONCE – said I am beyond learning. I’ve never claimed to know everything about anything, and would never turn down the opportunity to advance my own abilities or help those around me.

      I do make it a point, however, to remind the people that talk a bit game how far they have to go.

      I respect the people I admire for their work within their respective genres, but saying an interior photographer is better than a wedding photographer is comparing apples to oranges.

      I am (and all I will ever claim to be) is a candid wedding photographer. THAT is what I specialize in. I bring my aesthetic and processing to other areas of photography, but I don’t claim to do a single one of them particularly well.

      I am not a fashion photographer. I work for Style Bermuda because it’s something different that I enjoy. I dabble in retouching. I fiddle with colors. I meet new people and experiment with new things. Sometimes they even go in my portfolio because I’m proud of that work.

      It’s been three years since I started with Style Bermuda, and not once have I been (or genuinely expected to be) paid. It’s a collaboration. We’ll shoot for nine hours on a Saturday, and they’ll want edits on 20-40 images for Monday morning.

      And that’s totally okay with me.

      You’re more than welcome to call Mr Hunt on my behalf and explain the conditions. I’d love to know how eager he was to fill my shoes.

      Because I am young, without car, without mortgage and without child (one night stands: please hold your tongue ..ignorance is bliss) I can afford to treat my ‘profession’ as a hobby. I can take the piss out of other people for sh$ts and giggles, because I still consider myself to be one of them. I can work for free because I have no debt. I can buy all the latest toys and ridiculously overpriced books because I’m not dealing with the hardship of putting a kid through college.

      I am not a ‘professional’ by your standards, or even by my own. I am someone who loves what they do and is lucky enough to be in a position to share that with other people. Hell – some people even want to PAY me for that.

      But stranger things have happened.

      Hell – you’re over there thinking you matter.

      But hey – haters gonna hate, right?

      See you at the Olympics!

  22. wow says:

    Wow this got taken totally out of context! Ragging on the photographer, StyleBda and the models… people they were styled and posed that way! There was a THEME to the shoot! Yes maybe the theme of ‘bad girls’ is getting old and might be ill-timed with Bermuda’s current shortcomings, but it was only a theme! And executed rather well! Cheers to the next theme!

  23. through the lens says:

    Awwww. Stop the insanity mr am.
    I almost pissed my pants from laughing so hard.
    You want to shoot the messenger, but not the message.
    I am sorry that i didnt have my mother’s money like you to go shopping and purchase all these big fancy camera’s and accessories.
    It sounds like you needed to get something big, to make up for something lil, (since you stated you into 1 night stands).
    I ain’t hating on you, if thats how you get your rocks off.
    Not everyone needs to speak proper, to be understood. While you state that you take great pride in ruffling others feathers, its quite obvious that you need a friend or something to love you back.
    Is that why you took up photography, because you need the attention.
    My guess is you were the creepy lil nerd in school that non of the girls paid any attention too, so you use photography as an outlet to get your rocks off.
    I noticed you tried to divert attention away from the real issue here.
    Sure you have done some great work in the past, and i am sure through ALL your travel you have taken some lovely pictures that would look good hanging in a gallery.
    But the issue here, waa the concept for the photoshoot which appeared in Style Bermuda, for which you, my friend were the photographer. If you cant take constructive critisism than you should find another profession. Not every one will agree with your style or the end result, thats part of being a professional in the industry.

    • .am says:

      “But the issue here, waa the concept for the photoshoot which appeared in Style Bermuda, for which you, my friend were the photographer.”

      I) If that was the issue, then perhaps you should have addressed it to begin with. You’ve used two comments as grounds for a personal attack which only really laid the foundation for me to treat you like the ignorant buffoon you are.
      Ii) If you knew anything about the photoshoot or how I work, you’d know the concepts, styling and location are not my own. You mention ‘mummy’s money’ — so how the hell did I end up in the back of town at a social club?
      Iii) PHOTOGRAPHER. Not Art Director. Not visionary extrodinaire. My role is to take SB’s vision from reality to a resized for web JPG. I deal with composition, light and processing.

      “I am sorry that i didnt have my mother’s money like you to go shopping and purchase all these big fancy camera’s and accessories.”

      When you walk to work, skip lunch, don’t go out, and have no real interest in material goods, it’s not particularly difficult to save up for something you want. Apparently you can’t even afford a half decent education, so I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about that. Nevertheless, at 400/h with no expenses, it’s not particularly difficult to be able to pick up what you want, when you want it.

      “It sounds like you needed to get something big, to make up for something lil, (since you stated you into 1 night stands)”

      I fail to see how the two are related in any way, shape or form whatsoever. The only thing little that I have is tolerance for idiots — so I’m sure you can understand why I’m being so blunt with you.

      “Is that why you took up photography, because you need the attention.”

      I wouldn’t be a candid photographer if I was after attention.

      “My guess is you were the creepy lil nerd in school that non of the girls paid any attention too, so you use photography as an outlet to get your rocks off.”

      Wrong. And wrong again. Whilst I can’t attest to being like the men in your life who would plug every hole they had the opportunity to fill, I was never starved of female attention. Can’t really say I’m starved of it now either — but with this jawline, can you blame them?

      “If you cant take constructive criticism than you should find another profession.”

      Sorry people, but thats ALL Mr Masters knows how to shoot. Thats his so called specialty. I remember some-one called him an award winning photographer not too long ago. Maybe Style Bermuda should ring Antoine Hunt or one of the older photographers who have a lil more class and style than this young wanna be photographer

      Please find the constructive criticism in that.

      So, all in all, you’ve been way off base with all your comments ..which sums you up perfectly:


    • BermyLove says:

      Dude, clearly you don’t have a leg to stand on so STFU and give credit where it is due!! Just because you don’t recognise someone’s work or know a name does not mean that they are not well known, you just need to broaden your horizons and do some research on the talent we have in Bermuda and stop judging people based on what you don’t know!! Some of you Bermudians need to stop trying to bring each other Bermudians down and start embracing the talent and encourage people to push harder.

  24. I cannot believe that I am going to do this … Alex you owe me for this one (big time).

    For those of you that know me know that I will not hesitate to give credit where credit is due and in this case Alex Masters did exactly what he was asked to do and he did it extremely well. I have worked with Alex and consider him a photographic colleague and dare I say “friend”. When it comes to his art then please do not question his ability, he is uncompromising in his detail and his execution and his work speaks for itself. While you may not appreciate his personality or his candor, I will publically state that I have been on set with Alex and he is the “in-demand” photographer (whatever that means). I have been the Art Director for Alex on at least one SB shoot. Alex Masters has been my light guy and I have been his.

    While you can critique the result because photography is an art and we as image-makers seek to provoke an emotion and obviously Alex and SB have done their job well.

    My simple question is if this shoot was “titled” differently would there be this much outcry? I hope that the “adult-logical” thinkers amongst us can see how just a simple set of words can produce a genuine discussion.

    From my perspective when I first saw the shoot, I thought Alex has done another good piece of photographic work and the hair styling/make up is on point but where is the “soul” of the shoot. There is nothing that brings out the essence of concept of “Bad Girls”. As an SB shooter for almost as long as Alex and having worked with the Team several times, it is obviously time to take this to the next level and make sure that we demand more of ourselves than to just be generating “soul-less” layouts. This public discussion demands that we (as SB) maintain a social morality in our articles and use the platform to deliver the messages that needs to be heard.

    I am C. Anthony Francis – Tekoa Photography

  25. Lyle says:

    I am not an authority on fashion or photography, I am just a young black man. I like this shoot, the girls are all different but yet beautiful in their own way.

    Compared to other countries Bermuda has always had an abundance of amazing natural talent in modelling, sports, and music but at the same time Bermuda youth has some of the worst support from their own when they try to persue their dreams. If they are doing something positive JUST SUPPORT OUR YOUTH str8.

    Lets not get caught up in petty stuff. I will rather our young queens being “bad” on camera then being bad on the streets.

    I dont care who the photographer is but if we have young girls who dream of being a model and you are helping them well big up yaself.

  26. Trikeita Leshae says:

    I wasn’t going to put my dog into this fight, but as an advocate of the Fashion Arts and a Fashion Stylist by trade, I feel that this discussion warrants more feedback from the Fashion and Style perspective.

    This shoot has fabulous hair, makeup, clothing and photography. The problem that I am having with all of the rhetoric is that you are attacking the individuals that were HIRED to execute a concept provided to Style Bermuda by the promoters of a party that will be occurring this weekend. While I personally do not approve of the show, the women on it or the lifestyle portrayed, I understand the business element for the sake of advertising this locally.

    With that said , Style Bermuda does have a social responsibility to the Bermudian public and must always maintain a finger on the mindsets and events that are happening throughout the island. However, this is mainly the Editor/ Art Director or Stylists responsibility under the umbrella of Style Bermuda when approaching a concept. With this particular concept, the “Bad Girl” has already been excessively portrayed the same way through all social media, and what I believe the Bermudian public is trying to say is give us something else that makes us think “oh, she’s bad” but in a good light. Based on recent events, this shoot does not uphold that responsibility to its community.

    Art is subject to interpretation, Art also has a message that can be communicated both in good ways and bad ways. We have all heard the saying “Art imitates life” but in reality when it comes to styling and editorial fashion spreads, Art can reset some people’s lives. Look at the influence of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. All have done very provacative, avant garde and haute couture photoshoots, but all were presented with a perspective that was visionary. We can not call this visionary, as the whole island is over this concept and the person’s who are not, are the one’s who are living this lifestyle, or who aspire to live this lifestyle. That is the reality. But we as the community must continue to remember that Style Bermuda was catering to their client, who whether paying or not, still has an expectation or idea of what they wanted the shoot to be like. Could the concept have been expanded upon and given a new life? yes, but it wasn’t and that’s that. It’s still a very well executed and well shot spread, and I think all who participated need to hold their heads high, for a job well done. Kudos to Karlandra, Alex and the models for doing the job you were asked to do. Bermuda still has a lot to learn and to understand about the world of fashion, but that can be attributed to the Government’s lack of foresight in the arena of providing funding for those who think outside of the box and who have dreams in an industry that most Bermudians consider fantastical and a hobby. Pushing the envelope isn’t easy, and you will encounter backlash, but its all a part of learning your craft and your audience. Fashion will always have a voice, we just sometimes need to better articulate what it is saying.

    Once again Kudos to the entire team.

    Trikeita Leshae
    Aspiring International Stylist, Editor & Fashion Journalist

    • BermyLove says:

      Well said Trikeita! Kudos to all involved in a great shoot!! I am loving the styling and fashion, Bermuda has so much talent and when people realise that a photoshoot is more than just pretty faces posing in front of a camera, maybe there wouldn’t be so much criticism towards the concept. There is so much to modelling that people don’t realise and I think that maybe it is something that needs to be brought to light so everyone has a better understanding in the ART of photography.

  27. Curious says:

    Though I can see Mr. Chapman’s point regarding the bad girl issue I simply ask are you presenting positive character modeling for your daghters from across the ocean? It’s ok to speak out on an issue I just hope that you practice what you preach.

    • KMT!!! says:

      OUT OF ORDER!!!!!!!!!! go watch ur own children and stop watching others…

      • .am says:

        Not in the slightest. You think Bermuda would be in the state it’s in if everyone kept tabs on what each others children were doing?

  28. RealityCheck says:

    They are models not role models…. Fashion shoot looks great…clothes are super cute. Some of these comments are so funny its almost sad…You guys need to lighten up and have some fun…stop taking everything so seriously!!!

  29. PEARL says:


  30. Chey Darrell says:

    Keita couldn’t have said it better! BANG! I absolutely LOVED this shoot! HOTT! Style Bermuda did it again! Else for Alex Masters, he is a very good photographer and I enjoy all of his work. I dont get it, people ran down every single contestant in the Miss Bermuda Pageant. They dogged us to no end and that was something positive that we were doing, but still they had lots to say. What do we do??? Its ridiculous how these people ALWAYS have something negative to say about any and everything. I guess thats Bermuda for you. They say your own do it to you. Sad sad situation. “Misery like company”. Keep up the good work Alex and the entire Style Bermuda Team.

  31. JLG says:

    What did Marilyn Monroe say? “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” You’re nobody until someone talks about you. Fashion is not all about being a platform for social issues. The most famous designers, stylists, editors and photographers would be NO WHERE if they hadn’t pushed the envelope, and the kind of artistic risks that these people take are what the fashion world is built on. Whoever noticed art that was just like anybody else’s?
    And correct me if i’m mistaken, but i’m nearly positive that the idiots shooting each other at every turn aren’t spending their time looking at or getting their influences from fashion shoots. So if you’re so concerned about not promoting violence and removing violent messages from the community, perhaps your time would be better served doing something about the actual increasing number of murders and hostility on the island instead of commenting on an article about a fashion shoot…

  32. To .am,(Alex)

    Walter Lippman said it best.. “It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.”

    The antagonist in this whole debate “through the lens” clearly has a chip on his/her shoulder, thus obscuring their ability to see the art for what it really is.

    Continue to do what you do best. Whenever you excel in anything, there will be naysayers. In fact – the better you are, the more will show up out of the woodwork.

    They my friend are a necessary evil once you reach the ascending echelons of success – to remind you to continue to stay focused on why you’re doing what you’re doing.

    To all the other style/fashion/photography gurus who posted here (Trikeita, Dolce, Cheyenne, C. Anthony Francis) – kudos to YOU for standing up for a fellow artist. Nobody famous or successful would be where they are today without starting somewhere. You ALL have already STARTED.. which means you are DOING something and moving somehwere.. a lot more than we can say about our purported pal “through the lens” whose resume’ at the moment appears to consist of poorly articulated rhetoric and negative self worth.

    Keep doing what you are doing Alex, models, et al & good luck.

  33. BK says:

    The shoot was gr8. Im soooo lost as to why every1 is saying the bad girls theme has been done & blah blah blah. You all clearly have NOT noticed that Natalie Nunn & Ashley (whats her name) are coming to host a “BAD GIRLS” party?!

    If you have such a problem with this BAD GIRL situation maybe u should speak to the promoter of the party. Obviously StyleBermuda shot this for the party because if it was just a random BAD GIRL shoot they could have done this concept A LONG TIME AGO. dont ya think?! BGC is like on its 10th season or something. CHEEESHHH

  34. ... says:

    I just came for the comments….