Minister: St. George’s Cruise Pier Discussions

December 14, 2012

[Updated] Government is in discussions with cruise lines to examine the feasibility of developing a cruise pier in the east end of Bermuda, Transport Minister Walter Roban said today.

Mr Roban said: “After careful consideration it was decided not to conduct significant modifications to the approaches to Hamilton Harbour or widen Town Cut in St. Georges.

“Instead, the possibility exists to develop a cruise pier in the Murray’s Anchorage area, located on the north shore of St. George’s Island. No specific location has been chosen for this pier since we are in the early stage of discussions.

Minister Roban’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon,

We are pleased to announce today that Government is in discussions with cruise lines to examine the feasibility of developing a cruise pier in the east end of Bermuda.

In 2011, the Ministry conducted a study of Bermuda’s shipping channels to determine what would be required to accommodate larger cruise ships in St. George’s and Hamilton. The study’s findings were presented to the public through a series of Town Hall meetings held in October 2011.

After careful consideration it was decided not to conduct significant modifications to the approaches to Hamilton Harbour or widen Town Cut in St. Georges. Instead, the possibility exists to develop a cruise pier in the Murray’s Anchorage area, located on the north shore of St. George’s Island. No specific location has been chosen for this pier since we are in the early stage of discussions.

As you recall, The National Tourism Plan presented earlier this year identified St. George’s as a major tourism hub, and it is our belief that reinstating a cruise ship presence in the East End will revitalize the local economy and create much needed jobs. The purpose of these early discussions with the cruises lines is to explore the feasibility of a cruise pier and possible funding alternatives. Because of the sensitivity of the discussions I cannot today reveal the cruise lines we are having discussions with.

The discussions will examine a number of items and will include:

  • possible locations for the cruise pier in the Murray’s Anchorage area;
  • whether the ships deployment schedules could include both the East End and Royal Naval Dockyard. As you recall we once had ships that alternated between St. George’s, Hamilton and Dockyard which allowed for cruise visitors to dock at different ports in Bermuda;
  • the importance of a cruise pier in the development of the East End hub identified in the National Tourism Plan, in particular taking advantage of the many under-utilized destinations in the east end, including St. George’s and St. David’s; and,
  • whether there are small cruise ships available to transit Town Cut and enter St. George’s without making significant modifications. Although the channel study concluded that there are increasingly fewer cruise ships in service to safely transit Town Cut, we have not given up on finding such a ship.

Consultation will soon occur with the Corporation of St. George’s, and other stakeholder groups, to get their input into the process. No regular cruise ship has called in St. George’s since 2009 when the Norwegian Majesty was sold, and we hope to find solutions to reinstating a cruise ship presence in the East End. In closing, we have a commitment to the people of the East End to provide them with direct economic benefits of our cruise product.

Thank you.


Update 7.08pm: Shadow Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell replied saying: “St. George’s residents have been played with long enough – by a Government that has delivered nothing but empty promises, false starts, lost jobs and rising crime.

“Today’s 11th-announcement by Transport Minister Walter Roban is more of the same. Look closely at his words. Mr. Roban is promising to ‘examine the feasibility’ of developing a cruise pier with ‘possible funding alternatives’ while failing to reveal the identity of the cruise line he’s talking with ‘because of the sensitivity of the discussions’ with stakeholder consultation ‘soon to occur’.

“St. George’s residents have heard all this before. In this case it is clearly a desperate, last-minute announcement by the Government to make up for years of neglect.

“On Monday, they can finally have a say if they want more of the same with the current Government or change with the One Bermuda Alliance. St. George’s needs a new partner. It’s time for change,” concluded Mr Crockwell.

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  1. Costa Concordia says:

    “Develop a cruise pier in the Murray’s Anchorage area” – No sh*t Sherlock! How much you pay that consultant to tell you what everybody else has been saying? Bunch of Clowns! Perfect timing for the sheep.

  2. Terry says:

    The man is mad along with all his fellows.
    Political bullsheet.
    Who will get the contract.
    Vote OBA.
    What a crock of sheet.
    Ask any Pilot who has docked a vessel at the Oil Docks.
    And I have been there and done that.

    I gotta go back to room 2000 at MAWI.

    (forget the yes you should/s)

  3. Bermyman says:

    Speculative and desperate to look like they are trying.

    Nothing will happen, there is no money to develop a new pier.

    The PLP economically shut down St.Georges, simply so money could be made through WEDCO in Dockyard. St.Georges would be competing with the government and their friends. Not going to happen

    More false promises to come from the PLP.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      Hit it right on, the PLP elite have long had their ‘Secret Plan’ to cripple the corporations (Hamilton and St G) to steal their revenues for WEDCO, where they don’t have to worry about any democratic process decising who runs the show. (I say any democratic process as the corporations still are evolving their election process, and it was the PLP government who has actually been the biggest hinderence to this) Instead they can pick who gets to run WEDCO for their own benefit and agenda.

  4. Loquatz says:

    This is a total joke.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      And in other news, Micky and Minnie Mouse bought a condo at the Grand Atlantic and will be offering youngsters free cotton candy and pony rides! This on the heels of the announcement that the PLP have found a cure for cancer and HIV.

      Total BS. Totally laughable. Laughed out loud as a matter of fact.

  5. Argosy says:

    This is an empty, desperate, eleventh-hour “promise” to hopefully fool a handful of voters in the east end.

    The fact is, the PLP have had 14 years to do this but, instead, they have sat back and presided over the steady decline/demise of St. George’s to its present sorry state.

    Too late, guys. You had your chance and you have blown it – BIG TIME!

    Move over and let someone else fix it.

  6. navin johnson says:

    I suppose they could not get Bazarian to fly in for the usual vague promises….so make up you your own vague message…they could build the pier right down the hill from the Park Hyatt and arrange cuise and stay packages…

    • Webster says:

      Bazarian,is a joke just check out his past…this man needs to be investigated….

    • Rick Rock says:

      And this comes the morning after Cox tells us that Bhutan is going to invest in Bermuda.

      That’s the ‘big idea’ she has. To get investment from Bhutan. Oh, and she dusted off the idea of ‘satellite business’. Absolute nonsense.

      Only a complete moron would believe any of this.

      • Encyclopedia says:

        How about putting both together and have satellites designed by the Bhutanese!!

        To pin your hopes on hotel investments by Bhutanese is really really getting desperate. Up next, Bangladesh.

  7. More Confused says:

    Sounds like a Fantasy Pier built for the Fantasy Cruise Line. Funny how after 6 weeks of campaigning this has never been mentioned until now. Was it part of their platform? What other secret discussions are the PLP supposedly having and will be revealed over the weekend? Next we’ll hear them saying the OBA have plans to give 8,000 Long Term Residents status, repeating the lie in 2007. The PLP has absolutely no respect for Bermudians.

    • Soooo says:

      He only though of it after reading the friday morning paper…

  8. Stand Strong says:

    Don’t let the OBA stop this fantastic cruise ship pier from happening.

    tourists are guaranteed as long as they have a social consious.

    and jobs are guaranteed too with free day care and bus passes to work.

    • Bermyman says:

      It ain’t happening if the PLP get in that is for sure. They have no money to build and no one will invest in this Island with them in power. THE PLP made St.Georges the Ghost town it is today!

      • Webster says:

        I was in St George today, the shops are closed,and what is opened should be closed, this is so sad…

    • eewoo says:

      You won’t see it happen in your life time!

    • seaweed says:

      dude…where can i get some of that crack you are smokin…sounds like some heavy s%$t!

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Don’t let the OBA over run a project by 20 million then have the money wired to an overseas account, it’s no longer build it and they will come, we (PLP) have pissed and disrespected everyone possible in an attempt to destroy Bermuda, and cruise ship companies like people have had enough as will be evident by the 2013-14 season as has Ben well publicized

  9. Soooo says:

    Looks like Shawn Crockwell (and Henry Hayward) beat Mr Roban to the punch on this one….. But then Henry has been pushing this idea for years..

  10. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    He announces this 3 days prior to the election. I guess he’s looking at the polls, getting worried, and bringing out the remaining big lies.

    This is all the PLP do. They ‘have meetings’ to ‘discuss the feasibility’ of ‘making plans’ to do things.

    • Tolerate says:

      I agree. Now? Now you come out with this? Please people, I’m not here to bash, but note ALL these promises; so when the PLP win the election and years go past, and all their followers have finished glouting and calling the OBA all the names they are currently calling them.
      Bring out the list and laugh your @$$ off how voters fell for the same bullsh!t.
      This man has no conscience to release this statement the Friday before a Monday election. No class and total disrespectful to voters.
      Guess he feels this great piece of news will change people’s vote? Hell the election is in 3 days, and I can’t wait for it to be over.
      Never in my life have I had my intelligence insult as I have over the last few weeks.

    • swing voter says:

      I watched that video …. bermuda is in bad shape. our government can’t deny the damage they’ve caused. their policies have taken our GDP down to the point where we spend more than we create in revenue….unfortunate that the PLP supporters don’t understand what has happened during the Brown reign. One man’s dream fulfilled to bring this island to its knees

  11. Building a better Bermuda says:

    Must ba an election coming,after years of this issue, now they are in discussions and have a bunch of ideas for possible solutions.

    Maybe if they had mentioned this earlier I might buy into it, but 3 days before their jobs on on the block.

    I think it is time for fixed elections every year, it seems the only time they can come up with ideas and get anything done is when they have to worry about their MP/Minister/Senator/Premier pay checks

  12. Joe says:

    Surely just a coincidence with the timing, vague announcement Friday, election Monday….announcement gives no location, no cruise details, no nothing…a waste of effort.
    Poor Mr Roban, he will be glad when the election is over, he has never had to work so hard, making daily promises which will transform the island…

  13. Chart says:

    Don’t even think of touching the public park that forms the shoreline of Murrays Anchorage.

  14. pebblebeach says:

    Simple COGWASH….They honestly think we are stupid…

  15. Vulpes says:

    Maybe that nice man Mr. Bazarian would like to help out when he gets around to building the hotel he promised in the same hood. Constituencies 1 and 2 must really not be looking good for last minute crap like this to be the order of the day.

  16. SoMuchMore says:

    Yes, and is this the same minister that was let go at his previous position in Telecommunications for doing some under handed work?

    Anyway as my mom would say, trust no one especially the PLP – lies, lies and more lies just to win more votes.

    It is time for a change, seriously.

  17. Rockfish#2 says:

    Roban must think the people of St Georges are complete idiots. Who in their right mind would believe such nonsence, especially coming from someone who is known to blatantly lie to the public.

    Clearly a last minute election ploy!

    • Webster says:

      Roban, seems to have a problem reading what is in front of him !!!he has to the worst minister we have ever ten year old reads better then him…

  18. Rick Rock says:

    Let’s call it what it is. He’s lying.

  19. jt says:

    Anyone in St. George’s stupid enough to fall for this after all the other promises and disappointments the PLP have given St.George’s should be voting from bed at MAWI.

  20. Codfish says:

    Let’s assume this really is going to happen (and former PLP candidate Jane Correia and her husband get the job as is the norm)and Bazarian also as promised builds his hotel nearby – I think a very legitimate question is does a world heritage site town with all sorts of local sensitivities really need or want such an excessive amount of traffic as this will generate? My first guess is probably not, all St. Georgians really want is for a vibrant, fully employed and happy town much as it has been through the years until recently. Building a decent hotel, bringing a ship that can fit into the harbour, and reopening the Golf course is plenty.

    Regardless, this is probably an academic argument as I doubt this pier or Bazarian’s hotel will ever happen.

  21. kevin says:

    Someone please stop him….that is as lame as it get….and to imagine it was approved to give the press conference. Roban is as thick as two bricks can you imagine 3 days before a general election and this is the olive leaf to st. geo, oh my god that is as stupid as it gets. Well done PLP well done you are really trying to lose this election, but then again maybe its the best you can give… its time for a change

  22. jt says:

    I just watched this on t.v. news – Roban clearly looks uncomfortable trying to answer questions and convionce people that this is not a planned, last minute election promise/ploy. So obvious it’s shameful.

  23. Taxi Owner says:

    Walter Roban? What a load of rubbish! Who in the world would swallow that pill. We are not idiots.

    • Webster says:

      The only people that would swallow that pill are Lavern, Everest and sherri.but the young voters see right through this crap.

      • Dafuq says:

        All three of those mentioned will likely be dead in the next 20 years.

  24. Cross+Roads says:

    That dreamer has always been a joke, he was gone and PLP brings him and Col. Burch back into play. Thats called an empty talent pool.


  25. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP is sum kinda desprate. They are now dredging up other peoples ideas & trying to claim them as their own. They really don’t have a single idea of their own. The really sad thing is that there are those who will be easily suckered into all of these pie in the sky promises.

  26. Really says:

    Promises and lies

  27. Bullseye says:

    Isnt it interesting how The tourism minister has his surrogate perform on his behalf? Surely this wasnt a last minute shenanagan so the tourism minister was surely in the conversation but not today. Is that because he is UBP/PLP?

  28. Time Passages says:

    What Rayban said what that it is ‘possible’. He has delivered himself to almost the same level of mistrust as Flip Flop.

    I guess it is also possible that live monkeys might fly out of my butt hole.

    You PLP people should hang your pathetic heads in shame.


    What retaaaaarded aaaaaarse hole will believe you complete liars?

  29. seaweed says:

    For Sale…

    PLP Bermuda..

    Runs on empty promises, deception and outright lies

    $1.5 Bilion OBO..$US only…no financing available

    Special consideration will be afforded to any Cruise Ship Company who can offer a vague non committal promise to build a pier off Murrays Anchorage.

    All tenders to be submitted to the (on administrative leave) Accountant General by tomorrow

    Gratuities are not included

  30. gross says:

    plp makes me want to vomit.

  31. blankman says:

    What Minister is acting on behalf of what government? Fact is that when the election was called the government was dissolved so what authority does he have to speak on behalf of anyone?

    • C S says:

      Cabinet serves in a caretaker role between the dissolving of Parliament and the election of a new government. They can try promising anything they want but it means very little during this period.

  32. Xman says:

    After all these years thee PLP’s had to discuss and work out this matter – NOW all of a sudden there talking about the larger Cruise Ships for St.Georges – Lord sakes ‘
    is Kenneth Bascomb that much of a theat to MP Jennifer Smith who has’nt done a dam thing for St.Georges.
    After 14 years of nothing from her we don’t need her now she only wants our votes.- not this time !
    The Cruise Ship thing that they have come up with is nothing but pre election BS.

  33. EXPress says:

    high winds could be a problem
    Also can you imagine having two mega ships in dockyard and one in St. Georges………how will the passengers get to the beaches when the bus’s ferry’s and taxi’s are insufficient at Dockyard?

  34. Triangle Drifter says:

    More fairy tales from a desperate PLP. Not that it cannot happen, just that it is not going to happen anytime soon. There is NO money.

    Finance costs of the current debt per year could pay for multiple piers.

    Hey, but Beyonnce came here & there was all that free stuff.

  35. Will says:

    once again the PLP holding the island hostage and for ransom.
    ‘Vote for us and THEN we will put in place all of our magical plans to fix the island…but only if you vote us in. Otherwise we are moving to our second homes in Jamaica and US’.

    Murray’s Anchorage should have been used decades ago..but first the PLP is going to have to change the name of course..maybe to something like the Dame Evans Anchorage or something along those lines.

    • SoMuchMore says:

      don’t give the plp any ideas… please lol

      • SoMuchMore says:

        there would be a press release out tomorrow about the name change LOL

  36. C S says:

    The PLP says they will reinstate a cruise line in St. Georges. So they finally acknowledge that it was they that took it away. Once again another flip flop from this incompetent government. Time for change. Vote OBA.

  37. Y-Gurl says:

    Roban is a damned idiot, what was the last learning institution he attended, and I don’t mean as a visitor!

  38. Argosy says:

    I wonder what Ministers Roban & (Mark) Bean will be doing Tuesday morning?

    Hint – dusting off a certail piece of paper and breaking out the walking shoes…..

    Guess the same goes for V Ingham (what Bermuda business is going to hire HIM), J Smith et al….wait, perhaps they’ll all go to the same place where the Uighars are working!

  39. bermudian says:

    I think we should vote the PLP back in on Monday.
    Why should the OBA have to fix the mess that the plp created. The plp should have to wallow in their own mess, let them deal with the debt, the unemployment, the crime, the infrastructure problems, the tourist problems, the education problems for another 5 years. Why should oba have to fix all their ****. Vote plp on monday and let them hang themselves. It may be painful to watch but they will be humiliated in front of their own. Then people will be begging for a change. After all it’s evident that they haven’t a clue how to run a country. It’s only fitting that they sleep in the bed they made.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      If only Bermuda could afford that luxury. I wish votes could be traced & those who voted the PLP in the last few times could be held liable to pay off the $1.5B debt that currently costs us something like $200 PER MINUTE to service.

      Like the PLP, I have impossible dreams too.