69% Of Locals Say Don’t Ban Dark Visors

May 3, 2010

bermuda helmet with dark visorIn a wildly unscientific poll comprised of answers left on our website, Facebook and Twitter – it appears that approximately 69% of locals do not agree with any possibility of banning dark visors on helmets.

Bermuda has had instances of crimes being committed by persons wearing helmets with dark/tinted visors which conceal their identity, with the most notable instance being the daylight murder of Kimwandae Walker at a Good Friday kite flying celebration on April 2, 2010.

A community action group mentioned the possibility of banning tinted visors, however any possible banning has not been mentioned in any official capacity by any Government entity, and was just a question we posed last week.

Reasons given for not wanting them banned ranged from; visors have a purpose, many felt it was punishing the law abiding for the criminals behaviour, and that was simply an overbearing and pointless idea.

One gentleman pointed out that he thought it was futile saying:

Well obvious thing to point out is that people who commit crimes are already breaking laws so they are not going to follow this one.

Guns are against the law without a license and they are used so is murder so I would hazard to guess if they are that comfortable breaking those laws, not being able to wear dark visors would not be a law they worry about breaking.

Those for the banning gave varying reasons including pointing out that dark tint is banned for cars, and also that sunglasses could be used instead.

[Disclaimer: This was extremely unscientific, and should not be taken as any form of accurate statistical representation]

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