Bermuda May Seek Oil Claims If Needed

June 10, 2010

At a press conference today [June 10] it was revealed that Bermuda’s Oil Spill Contingency Plan would take issues of liability and finance into account. Dr. Fred Ming, Director of Environmental Protection, said that they are ensuring that any methods that may be used in relation to matters pertaining to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster will be selected to ensure they stand up in a court of law, to facilitate any claims that may be made.

Dr Ming said that “if there is an economic impact as a result of these tar balls of whatever the form is, the Bermuda Government would certainly want to be in a position to try and make a claim. And so we are looking at the methodology that would be necessary in the sampling process to ensure that they would stand up in a court of law.”

Researchers recently concluded that the oil spill disaster from the Gulf of Mexico explosion may pass by Bermuda. Watch the computer animation of it passing Bermuda here. Dr Ming made a full statement on Bermuda’s preventative measures for this possible impact from the oil disaster, we will add a video of his comments later this afternoon, and a brief portion is below:

Update 10:44pm: Full 8 minute video of Dr Ming now added here.

According to BP, almost 42,000 claims have been submitted and more than 20,000 payments already have been made, totalling over $53 million.

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