New Book on Ship Lost in Bermuda Triangle

November 12, 2010

1CyclopsA Baltimore historian whose great-uncle was a crewman aboard one of the most celebrated ships ever to disappear in the so-called Bermuda Triangle has published a definitive account of the USS “Cyclops”, hoping to dispel some of the myths that cling to the 542-foot vessel which vanished with all 300 hands in March, 1918.

The loss of the coal-hauling ship, which was en route from Florida to Baltimore, remains one of the worst non-combat disasters in US Navy history. Baltimore-area resident Marvin Barrish, who works for the US Defence Department, told a Maryland newspaper his comprehensive new 800-page book “USS Cyclops” was intended to memorialise the ship and the men who served aboard her.

“Barrash came to realise that for the most part the ‘Cyclops’ had been pretty much relegated to footnote status amid all the dubious legends and hyperbole about the so-called Bermuda Triangle, the storied region of the Caribbean where the ship disappeared,” reported the “Owings Mill Times”. “… It clearly bothers Barrash that the identities of his uncle and most other crewmen have been largely forgotten as the ‘Cyclops’ became woven into tall tales about the Bermuda Triangle with dubious supernatural overtones.”

The hardcover book, “USS Cyclops,” by Marvin Barrash can be purchased through Heritage Books at the website Price is $152.

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  1. Gillian Prystupa, nee James says:

    I’m so very pleased tht finally there is more information pertaining to the Missing Planes & The
    Bermuda Triangle, how sad they decided to refer to same as The Bermuda Triangle. Hopefully
    through this recent submission & the Book mentioned, finally I’ll be better informed pertaining to same.