Videos: Toni Braxton TV Show Features Bermuda

April 13, 2011

Superstar Toni Braxton has found a surefire method of un-breaking her heart — spending time in Bermuda.

Last night [Apr.12] the pop/soul diva’s new reality TV show “Braxton Family Values” premiered with an episode entitled “The Bermuda Triangle.”

The show featured footage filmed on the island during her appearance at last year’s Bermuda Music Festival and includes clips of the singer meeting and greeting various Bermudians.

“Braxton Family Values” is airing on WE tv, a women’s network that is available in more than 77 million U.S. households, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The TV promo said, “Ready to relaunch her singing career, R&B superstar Toni invites her four younger sisters to join her for a benefit concert in Bermuda. But old rivalries and resentments threaten to ruin what was meant to be a joyful family reunion.”

The show features Ms Braxton, her sisters Trina, Tamar, Traci and Towanda — all of them aspiring singers — and a fascinating range of family dynamics.


The Bermuda footage was filmed when Ms  Braxton visited the island last October. The 2010 Bermuda Music Festival concluded with a rousing performance by Ms Braxton, a multiple time Grammy award-winning artist. Ms. Braxton is best known for hits including “Un-Break My Heart,” “You’re Making Me High,” and “He Wasn’t Man Enough.”

The first clip shows the Braxton sisters arriving in Bermuda via a private jet at the end [about 13 mins in], as well as aerial shots of the island.

The second clip features Bermuda the most. It includes sequences of Ms Braxton preparing for her show, footage of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Bermuda’s beaches and more.

Bermudians appearing in this clip include current Health Minister Zane DeSilva and wife Joanne, Director of Tourism William Griffiths, pre-teen Bermudian music prodigy Malcolm Hollis and dad Wendell, members of a local autism support group, Fairmont Southampton staff, audience members at her concert and others. During her Fairmont Southampton concert, Ms Braxton invited the then 11-year-old Malcolm to appear on stage with her.

The third part of the season premiere episode doesn’t contain footage of Bermuda and is instead focused on the Braxton sisters and their sometimes complex relationships.

“Braxton Family Values” is being marketed as one of WE tv’s flagship shows. Aside from examing the singer’s relationship with her mom and four sisters, the show will also look at Toni Braxton’s heavily publicised separation from estranged husband, singer Keri Lewis and her recent bankruptcy.

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  1. Wonderful says:

    Wow. I watched all episodes and loved them all. WOW now have to find out when they come on so I can watch the next ones. :)

  2. lady G says:


  3. Way To Go says:

    I would like to know who that taxi driver is in the 3rd clip if that’s supposed to be footage of them driving towards the airport ….. remind me not to get into his taxi b/c he took them for a real ride !!!

    • Islander says:

      No he probably didn’t, it was probably the way they edited the show, so it seemed like they were heading away from the airport, when they were in fact heading to it, only us Bermudians would know the difference.

    • Nicole says:

      I noticed that too. The editors are American so they just put together footage, they don’t know the layout of Bermuda. That must have been when they first go here heading to the hotel.

    • wth says:

      Well DAH !!! Obviously this footage has been edited in I’m sure that “WAY TO GO” was being sarchastic in that post. Just goes to show how in accurate editing can be !!! I think your comment ws funny WAY TO GO !!

  4. Terry says:

    It would have been nice to see a Bermudian waiter, just shows how Bermuda’s hotel industry has changed, damn shame!

    • wth says:

      So so True Terry !!! I wish they would train bermudians to be top servers …. EMPLOY MORE BERMUDIANS !!!

  5. Evie says:

    Do we get WE TV on Cablevision?

    • Nicole says:

      No we don’t. I have all the channels and checked unless I missed that channel. I watch the episodes on youtube.

  6. Carmen says:

    So sad we do not get WE in Bermuda :(

    If anyone has a copy of the show, or clip showing Toni with the kids from Tomorrow’s Voices – Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre, it would be really, really appreciated if they could forward to me, or post to Tomorrow’s Voices FB page. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!

    I checked the youtube clips, and the WE home page, but could not see any clips with the kids :( It would be really awesome to have a copy of the clip/show and have a memento of a night that Bermuda’s Autistic children, (and a couple of really, really excited adults fans from Tomorrow’s Voices)


    • Carmen says:

      Okay…..never mind I found us!!!!! Part 2, Starting at 6:26!!!!j
      What an amazing moment it was meeting her after seeing her in concert twice, and listening to her music daily as I run in varies parks in Bermuda!!!! Really hope to get her back for a fundraiser for Tomorrow’s Voices one day!

  7. CanadianLuv says:

    Hopefully this will help with tourism! Woo hoo Go Bermuda!
    Didn’t Ms. Braxton file for bankruptcy upon her return from Bermuda last year? I wonder how much $$ she received to do her show here…

  8. Tim says:

    GREAT JOB BERNEWS. I enjoyed Toni’s performance I didn’t know all that drama was going on!!! Toni is an awesome performer!!! Her voice is ‘music to my ears.’ All the best with your career Toni!!!

  9. Yawn says:

    All nice lookin sisters