Photos: 2011 Queen’s Birthday Parade

June 19, 2011

Yesterday morning [June 18] the Bermuda Regiment, Bermuda Police, Bermuda Cadets Corps and the Bermuda Sea Cadets all combined to take part in the annual Queen’s Birthday Parade, which was commanded by Major George Jones, who retires tomorrow after almost two decades of service.

The Bermuda Regiment had two guards, including the Colour Party who displayed the Battalion’s new Regimental Colours presented by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester last year. The joint Police guard consisted of Cadets, Reserves, and Regulars and was commanded by Inspector Charlene Thompson.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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  1. Terry says:

    Any particular reason why a close-up of sheet music of “God Save the Queen” was shown?

    • bernews says:

      Nothing deep, we just thought it was a nice photo…

      • Michael A Markham says:

        Its amazing how much detail people see in your publication! The photos were nice and I liked them but there seems a lot of the same ones. More video!!

    • Wow says:

      Does it really make a difference. It’s only a picture.

  2. TS Bermuda Sea Cadets UMC says:

    Well done Sea Cadets, I am very proud of you.

  3. Datbye says:

    um am i missing something, are we celebrating the Queens Birthday Or Heros Day. We as Bermudaian are so confused.
    Lets Get it right Bermuda.

  4. Prophet says:


    The sign at the top of the article says “Photos: Queen’s Birthday Parade.” Where’s the confusion? Seems clear enough to me.

    • Datbye says:

      let me break it down for the slow people, if we no longer have a Queens Birthday Holiday why do we have the parade.
      And thanks for proving my Point. lol

      • ppl have small brains says:

        to keep the old white people happy so they can vote for plp

        • Datbye says:

          lmao funny but that is one of the reasons, we really need to get out of this slave type mentally.

      • Prophet says:

        It plainly clear that you have proved your own point, Datbye. Allow me, please, to help you with your confusion. Separate and apart from the obvious notification at the top of the page, the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations and National Heroes Celebrations are two mutually exclusive occasions, thankfully. In simple terms, one has nothing to do with the other.

        Like it or hate it, Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, and as a result of that there are some conventions to which we subscribe; only our move to separate ourselves from that relationship will change that. Until such time we have do what we do. Anybody who has a problem with that just look at the money you spend everyday. The Queen is on it, so it is what it is and you either except the Sovereignty and all the trappings associated with it, or you reject it all, lest you be seen as hypocritical. So let’s stop bitching about it and decide whether we want to be an independent nation or not. If we do, then let’s position ourselves and make moves to get there and then we can do away with parades of this type once and for all. If we don’t, then let’s stop the bitching and accept these parades for what they are, Bermuda’s recognition that it is still a sovereign state. To answer your question, a holiday has nothing to do with a parade. The Government can decide that it will celebrate a person or occasion in any form or fashion is so choses–when and where it wishes. Let’s get that in our brains.

        Now, irrespective of all of the above, we can, and do, still celebration those of us who are BERMUDIAN (not this BOTC b.s.) and have made notable contributions to the Bermuda community. Brown, Tucker, Kamarakafego, and Gordon (who would not have gotten my vote, incidentally) have been identified as being worthy of celebration, and so the island pauses to acknowledge them and their contribution–in a different fashion that the separate and unrelated celebrations held the day before.

        And so I say again, one has nothing to do with the other. There is no reason both occasions cannot be observed with their own degree of significance and pride. I fail to see what you are asking for when you seek for Bermuda to get it “right.” The observance of one does not diminish the other, nor does the observance of the other impact on the relative import of the one. Anyone who believes they do would prove you right–to be “…so confused.”

        • Observe both says:

          @Prophet .. I think you make too much sense for Datbye ..

          Maybe he doesn’t keep up with his reading of the news etc ?

          It was declared a few years back when all of this ‘National Heroes Day’ stuff came about that The Queen’s Birthday Parade was still going to be observed on the ‘official day’

          It’s so easy to be confused when one just doesn’t ‘keep up’ ..

          • Datbye says:

            thanks you both for Proving it again you both dont understand what im talking about be it seems like many other Bermudains that are stuck under the Queens Crap. You dont want independence, lets really make outr nation and people proud and yes in the Future change the money also, and i do keep up with the new and time , but im trying to show you all something that you dont or the Present goverment want to change because you like living under British Rule. I am Bermudain 110% and i want to see Bermuda move away from this no sense of being under England. its just like how many of us will have the childdren mainly man still living with them at an old age. then wonder why they are not resposibble. break this with England and gave are people some more pride. And let the man with the Feather in the hat go back home.
            And to Observe you both need a history lesson. HAve a good day and go really study history not just Bermuda but around the world and you might understand some day what im talking about. P.S. Strange how other carribean countries are make it better then Bermuda after they went Independent not talking about J.A. e.g; St.kitts Nevis is doing well where a lot of or fam. came from…….. any many others. study and look outside the box people i have travel and live other places. Lets put some Pride back into Bermuda

            • Scott says:

              ..i’ll put pride in bermuda when people saying we should go independent make more sense then what you just wrote..

              • not now says:

                @ scott .. yeah .. nonsense + the usual old bs about a child still living with his parents …

                Recent surveys show that almost 80% of bermy is against Independence .. especially under the PLP . Datbye is angry he’s still in the minority ….. Yes db , you’re in the MINORITY !

                • Datbye says:

                  not now, sorry to touch a nerve with you i guess you are one of those people i was talking about.

                • Datbye says:

                  and im not angry at being a minority im in no form a follower.

        • Datbye says:

          All im saying is day is soposed to be Heros Day not Queens Birthday, how do we celbrate two holidays on one day????????????????????????????

          • Dog Lover says:

            Spell Check goes a long way mate! You can’t expect people to take you or your comments serious when you; a) can’t spell b) can’t put a proper sentence together. I know you have a point in there somewhere…

          • Prophet says:

            Then, DB, you clearly are confused. There is only one holiday and that is National Heroes Day which has been observed today. Today has nothing to do with the Queen’s Birthday celebrations and the Queen’s Birthday celebrations have nothing to do with today. The two are separate and apart. This is the part that you seen not to be able to grasp.

            The ceremony held on Saturday was simply that, a ceremony to celebrate the Queen’s Official (not actual) birthday. No holiday, just a parade–full stop. It has not bearing on National Heroes Day. I can’t make it any more simple for you.

            And as to your arguments re: independence, I’ll take those up later. But for now, try to understand my response to your last question.