Simpson Charged With Ida James Murder

September 6, 2011

Police Berry Hill Road Bermuda September 2 2011This morning [Sept.6] 53-year-old Norris Albert Simpson was charged in Magistrates Court with the murder of Ida James.

Mr Simpson, represented by Elizabeth Christopher, was not required to enter a plea, as the matter can only be heard in the Supreme Court. He was remanded in custody, set to reappear on September 20th.

Ms James, 66, was found dead at her Berry Hill Road home in Paget this past Friday [Sept.2].

[We apologize for the lack of photo of Mr Simpson, however with the new Court building defendants are no longer walked across the street, a time which we previously used to obtain photos.]

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  1. shakaZulu says:

    Start building the gallows. Bring in the chair. Ms. James’blood cries out for justice.

    • White Christ says:

      Ms. James, Colford Ferguson, Kellon Hill, Rhiana Moore, Connie Furtado and many many more. BRING BACK THE GALLOWS NOW!

    • Shorta ranks says:

      Wait. He has NOT been proven guilty. Wait.
      But we do not his photo.

      • clueso says:

        Normally I would agree with the innocent until to proven guilty statement…but in recent memory we all remember many cases in BDA involving murder (Rebecca Middleton for example), drug importation, rape, and similar offenses (too many to mention) where the suspects were CLEARLY GUILTY – but cases dismissed for many strange reasons. Its hard for the pubic to have faith in a system that fails and lets the victim and their family down…time and time again. Its not the evidence that decides ones fate here…we all know that it is he who has the best lawyer WINS and walks free despite the EVIDENCE.

  2. PLP but not the Government says:

    These are the things that we all need to watch out for. The Devil is like a roaring lion seeking to kill the people of God. Don’t be used by him to do his filthy work no matter what he tells you he will do for you because he is nothing but a liar and you will die as a result and burn in the fire with him.

    Praise the Lord that Ida will rise again when JESUS comes to take back what the devil stole from him. Death will be swallowed up in victory. RIP my dear friend!

    • derp says:

      I fear zombies more than a god.

      • guy leDouche says:

        rant, rant, rant….jesus is dead, he aint comin back and i dont wanna see any dead people walkin the earth..

        • sad to see says:

          WHAT ??????????? Did’nt your mother send you to Sunday School or Church , I think not for you would know the bible .I will prey for you .RIP Miss James God be with you and your family

          • Will says:

            i do know the bible,i read it, and made an informed decision to not follow its hypocritical dogma…so yeah, jesus is not coming back, how in the heck can a man walk again 2000+ years after he died..besides all other religions (pagan) had the same story, but do you want to believe that? (egyptian, assyrian, syrian, and most Mediterranean countries have the same religious stories)

      • White Christ says:

        Derp, you and guy leDouche are the zombies, walking dead. I hope you are brought back to life soon.

        • derp says:

          Walking dead is an excellent TV series. Can’t wait for series 2!! October 31st.

    • mixitup says:

      As they say. “I’d rather live like there is a GOD, Die and find out that there isn’t, than to live like there isn’t a GOD, die and find out that there is!”

      Also living a life like Christ is far better than not.

      • Will says:

        although this isnt a blog worthy of a religion fight, as all condolences do go to the deceased and her family, but seriously you ACTUALLY are ok with living in ‘fear’…i wonder what god would say at the gates if you told him believing in him was an insurance policy..damn some christians are hypocrites

  3. Patricia Lee says:

    My condolences to the James family. Ida was such a great person whom I had the opportunity to work with at the Gov. Day Care Center And did not deserve to die the way she did. Ida always called my name when ever she saw me. She will be a great miss in the community and on this earth. May God bless the family to be strong and let us remember the person who she was.

  4. Dispatcher #48 says:

    This is so sad, I must say that something has to be done to teach all those who feel if they must commit crimes of this nature that life in jail is not good enough. Hang them all the bad and the ugly. I wish not to talk about getting them help or what its call the great rehabilitation at West Gate Correctional it just don’t work. Punishment should be eye and for eye hang them and say your last goodbyes. I will end on this note will justice prevail for all those who have lost their live to senseless crimes like this. Lets come together and kick some a$$.

  5. Elizabeth Fox says:

    Yes, bring back the death penalty, these crimes are insane and need harsher penalties… they are released after serving time, not good….

  6. nowayout says:

    Well we all know what happened to Chesterfield Johnson getting the death penalty then winning the appeal. Where is he anyway these days – walking the grounds of Bermuda somewhere

    • 80s Sonesta Kid says:

      ya, then he has the nerve to get vexxed when police stop him for routien search. These murderers have a lot of nerve. 11 year old school girl Connie Furtado didn’t hurt anyone. She would have grown up and been a lawyer, accountant, etc. Same with young Hill, murdered the night before leaving for University. Don’t you see the pattern BERMUDA????? Good people being murdered my these demon minds! No human good, no good to society nor themselves!!!

    • dee dee says:

      That name still brings chills to my spine. Connie was my friend and i will never forget what that man did.

  7. Joya says:


    S T O P T H E K I L L I N G – M U R D E R S N O W .


    • common sense #2 says:

      I Never understand why ppl push for the Death Penalty. Yes, the murders/murder rate in this country is outrageous, but why do we continuously ask for the reinstatement of the Death Penalty? I for One, no that 1 wrong+ another wrong doesn’t = right, so a murder + a sentence of death will not equal right (but according to u and others on bernews, a death sentence does make it right). In other nations, especially some states in America, there is no credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively than long terms of imprisonment. States that have death penalty laws do not have lower crime rates or murder rates than states without such laws. And states that have abolished capital punishment show no significant changes in either crime or murder rates. The death penalty has no deterrent effect. And Bermuda is no better or different from the rest of the world, so the Death Penalty will not be a deterrent, trust me. I really hope that the death penalty isn’t reinstated, Because we all know who will get the death penalty? The poor. Then, after it goes through all the legislative processes, and when the net is is finally cast out, it will be the poor who will be selected to die in this country. And we all know that the poor, unemployed and low income families in this country are predominately BLACK. These are trying times for people, and with whites far out pacing blacks in their salary income, and jobs at a standstill, I don’t see the need for this outrages form of punishment, because it will be targeted at a certain class of people, and this class of people won’t have enough “Capital” to get a proper defense Attorney, so that they wont be sentenced to “Capital Punishment”(Death). Then comes the matter of which form of death penalty is chosen, because if lethal injection is selected, a medical practitioner, as required, will have to give the lethal dose, so we are going to make a medical practitioner, one who has devoted their life to saving lives, in turn, take a life because the judge instructed them to do so. What if a person is wrongfully convicted? What happens after they are put to death, and new evidence shows that they wasn’t the perpetrator? We cant bring life back, so why take it, because Death penalties treat members of the human race as nonhumans, as objects to be toyed with and discarded. and that’s a form of MURDER.

      • bones says:

        We’re all sure you’ll still be so very forgiving to the perpertrator should such a terrible thing strike close to your home ?

        The death penalty may not deter someone else (only the very ignorant would value their life so casually) but the convicted aint coming back to do it again OR live off of our dime .

      • Emeka47 says:

        @ common sense…You make No Sense!! I was not going to respond, but I can’t deal with ignoramus people! Few points of fallacy!! 1) The death sentence does not deter crime, well who says it don’t …Amnesty Intl or other Human Rights Institutions?? 2) The States (USA I presume) it’s not a deterrent, guess what, more USA states are reversing the law and putting Capital punishment back on the books! 3) “We know who will get the death penalty..”THE POOR” What the H@ll does that mean?? Are you saying only poor people commit serious crime…..Give US ALL A BREAK! It’s not the poor, but the guilty! And finally as usual……….poor black people get the raw deal and white are ‘far out pacing black in salaries etc….Are you for real, how did this murder and the blogs get to RACE and the WHITE people. 5) Death penalties treat members of the human race as nonhumans…Really was Ms. James non-human or just an object to any means necessary? I don’t know this man, or if he is poor, black or white, purple or pink. If he is found to be gulty without a shadow of doubt,he deserves capital punishment.

        • Emeka47 says:

          Let me add one more group who should get capital punishment!! THE BIG TIME DRUG DEALERS, yea, those who finance the ‘stuff’ for profit, at the expense of our youth. Those are the ones who have killed off our youth, our communities and the future generation of Bermuda because of their addiction!! Any comment ‘common sense #2 ?

          • Enough is Enough says:

            Guess he/she ran outta common sense! I applaud you Emeka47…how many murders occured after the law hung Buck & Larry? It went quiet for a long time! Bring back the death penalty ! These @$$holes will think twice before taking a life.

          • Lissa says:

            Yes, but how often do they catch the financers of drugs…its the youth that fall prey to the lifestyle and commit murders and such…
            I agree with common sense.

      • clueso says:

        Common sense 2…you say 1 wrong + another wrong does not = a right BUT it sure as heck makes it EVEN. Death Penalty = 0 repeat offenders! The poor and BLACK are not the ones that get the death penalty…those convicted of a serious crime are. My guess …and I hope for your sake I am wrong… is that your family has never had to experience walking down Reid Street inches away from the man that killed a member of your family and now done “their time and paid their dues to society”. I hope you never get to know what that is like.

    • PEPPER says:

      amen to that…crime in Bermuda is at an all time high…and nothing is being done !!!some people are afraid to go out after dark,,,, but a lot of the crime happens in daylight….. so where do we from here ?

  8. Salty Dog says:

    Unfortunate we have those blaming the Government for not having the Death Penalty on our books. Once again so misinformed, for clarity with Bermuda being a COLONY it would be the UK Government to put that law on the books, but since they don’t recognize the dealth penalty we will probably never see it make here.

    • Not so gullible says:

      If you believe that , then why doesn’t Britain force us to amend our human right’s legislation ? ?

  9. Justice says:

    If guilty hang him he dosn’t deserve to live!

  10. Cat says:

    Its amazing how people think that just because someone is against murder (of any kind) it means that we think crime should go unpunished…are you serious??? People who are against violence are simply people who are against violence. That’s it. Its not complicated. No, we don’t want people running around killing and maiming people…remember…we’re against violence!!

    Murderers should be put away for LIFE (yes, I mean LIFE)but we need a prison system that makes prisoners work for their keep so the burden does not fall entirely on the taxpayer.

    ‘Nuff said…

  11. watch out says:

    bring back whipping, hanging, flogging, stocks, gallows, so these bloody b7857 realize that law is there to be upheld not broken wen they feel like it

  12. MinorMatters says:

    With the new Court building, does it mean no more photos of the accused anymore?

    • bernews says:

      Somewhat yes – for Magistrates Court – only if they get bail and are released after being charged can we get their photo. That isn’t all too helpful, as those accused of serious crimes don’t normally get bail.

      That said, once they go to trial in Supreme Court they are taken in and out of a prison van outside the building, so we can normally get photos of them then.

  13. I gotta be me says:

    sorry, i’ve been off-Island… how did it happen? was it a burglary gone bad? poor mrs james… nobody deserves that.

  14. The nitty gritty says:

    The death penalty is just sending the killers on their way EARLY>
    We are all gonna die, some sooner some later. Difference is we die often in pain
    and drawn out over years (cancer). The death penalty affords a much quicker
    quieter send off.
    Now if we all lived forever, then the death penalty would be serious.
    If you are religious and believe…then I guess you are going to meet your maker (who
    apparently forgives you and still loves you)…EARLY.
    Notice how many killers get out after 8,10,20 years with 30 more to go to get back into the good life? Now how is that gonna go down with the victim’s family? Plus you all paid $80,000 a year
    for their 3 squares, dvds, cell phones(oh like they dont have ‘em!) soccer matches, dental, health,
    yoga on sunday, curry take outs and ….yeah you get the picture.

  15. Crystal says:

    I don’t agree with posting people’s photos before they are found guilty. Once your face is out there you will be stigmitized by the Bermuda public for life. – trust me, that can be an ugly thing.