Thieves Steal Groceries, Purse, Phone

November 13, 2011

On Thursday night [Nov.10],a 48-year-old woman was accosted by two men wearing full face visors outside a grocery store on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish, with the suspects stealing a quantity of groceries and her purse before escaping.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 10:20pm on Thursday, November 10th police responded to a reported robbery at a North Shore Road, Hamilton parish grocery store.”

“It appears that a female employee of the grocery store was accosted by two unknown men in the store’s parking lot. The assailants took a quantity of groceries as well as a black & maroon coloured purse containing a mobile phone and personal items before making good their escape.”

“The victim, a 48 year old Hamilton parish woman, was apparently uninjured. The suspects are described as approximately 5’5” – 5’7” tall of slim build wearing black jackets and blue jeans.

“Both suspects were wearing full face helmets with dark coloured visors; one of the helmets was black while the other was red. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

“Any witnesses or anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Detective Constable Jason Trott at the St. George’s Criminal Investigation Unit on 293-2222.”

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  1. LICKS IS TRUMPS... says:

    Coming to to grocery store near you !

  2. mixitup says:

    These low lives disgust me! They need to be publicly shamed!

  3. barracuda says:

    I am looking out for shady people .

  4. The road to hell says:

    They stole groceries and a purse from a woman who works in the store?

    Seriously Bermuda? This low-level daily petty crime is blighting the lives of the majority of law abiding and kind people of Bermuda. It’s also a compenent part of why there are so many guest workers departing early.

    Bermuda needs to get this sorted and fast – words are easy to type, but there needs to be a real purge from the police and justice system, backed up by the community and stronger parenting – if you know right from wrong, you don’t commit crime. Deterrent and effective policing.

    If you don’t, Bermuda is destined to be a beautiful ghetto in the sun.

  5. sharky says:


  6. brian smith says:

    These are the type of people that we need to catch and crack or break a rib or two, so when they wake up, laugh, cough, or sneeze for the next six weeks. The pain would remind them of the crime they committed.shameless individuals, find some pride and help someone, not hurt.

  7. Think about it says:

    The suspects were between 5’5″ and 5’7″, seems to me like they might be teenagers. Also, Marketplace needs to put lights out in that parking lot. It gets so dark out there, it was only a matter of time before this happened. And don’t censor the store name Bernews, we all know Marketplace is the grocery store on North Shore Road Hamilton Parish.

  8. Disgusted says:

    I wish these punks would just ONCE pick the wrong person to attack, but they always know how to find someone who is vulernable–that’s the idea. It just enrages me that this poor woman has had this happen to her after she put in her shift, probably not making much $$$, tired and just trying to go home at the end of a long day. Maybe struggling to support her family—and now she’s traumatized—maybe for the rest of her life. All by a couple of sperm donor results who don’t deserve a trial. I hope they are caught—but for them that will probably just be the kind of advertising they want to prove they’re tough guys.