Two Arrested As Police Seize Loaded Gun

November 7, 2011

The Bermuda Police have arrested two men in connection with a recovered gun, the eleventh seized this year.

A Police spokesman said that at about 2:30am on Saturday [Nov. 5], officers were on uniform patrol in the vicinity of the former Clayhouse Inn, located on North Shore Road in Devonshire Parish.

At that time police officers observed two men near a parked motor vehicle. On seeing the officers the two men attempted to avoid police by driving off on a motorcycle resulting in a brief pursuit.

They were stopped and detained a short distance away.

The Police spokesman said a search of the immediate area by the officers resulted in the recovery of a firearm containing ammunition.

As a result the suspects, two 18-year-old men, were arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm.

Details on the weapon will not be released at this time.

The seizure of this firearm marks the eleventh firearm seized by the Bermuda Police Service in 2011.

“The targeting of gangs, guns, violence and illegal drugs remains the priority of the Bermuda Police Service.,” said the spokesman “The firearm will be conveyed overseas for forensic and ballistic testing.”

Investigations are ongoing and being progressed by members of the Serious Crime Unit.

Anyone who has any information about this incident is asked to contact detectives at the Serious Crime Unit at 247-1340 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-TIPS [8477].

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  1. I'm just saying...... says:

    Glad to see the police doing their Job.

  2. k says:

    big up to the police

  3. Cheeshums says:

    Now what needs to happen is forensics done to the fire arm. And if it has been used in previous shootings. The two arrested need to be charged and tried with the offenses commited by the weapon.

  4. CAT says:

    Good Job BPS!!!

  5. N/A says:

    Excellent work BPS! Near Gravity at 2:30 in the morning with a loaded gun, these guys were asking for trouble. Gravity ends 3:30 and if these guys saw the people they were waiting for, we could easily be reading about another murder right now, instead of these two viruses being caught…

    • In Mark's opinion says:

      True that . Waiting for someone to leave club , a crime or murder had been prevented . Good work police .

  6. Brian says:

    Lives have been saved today :D

  7. SICK says:

    i second that N/A

  8. wow says:

    Gravity has become in the last few months a hot bed for one of the gangs. the members go up there and act like they run the place, one guy goes in and pays for all of them, and he then goes to the bartender and orders drinks for all of his mates and girls. I have seen this with my own eyes. The Bouncers let them in, because A: they are scared, B these guys spend lots of money c: there is a strange attraction with females and danger and their presence oddly enough adds value.

    Police need to examine the liqour lisence of this place and see if it should be reviwed, ask the people that live in the neighbourhood about the noise after hours.

    if we are going to stamp out violence we must deal with the people who benifit from it.

    • Curious says:

      Well said, I second this Idea!

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ wow – as long as dey don’t cause no problems and $pend dollas den dey have a right to be der. stop bein a HATA…ain’t a good look! Gravity jus happens to be a bar/club so dey jus doin der job. Quit ya whinin! str8

      • BUY BDA....ummmm no thanks says:

        I think they refused to buy wow a drink so she mad! lol wow you sound bitter if you dont like it dont go. You are a str8 hater.

      • Truth (Original) says:

        It is amazing how hard we work at sounding/looking and writing ridiculous and equally as disheartening is how much we love to defend ignorance. The club is known for drawing gang members. Some say it needs to be broken up. This has nothing to do with being a “hata” which, by the way, is not in keeping with the context of this conversation (I’ll leave you to try and figure that out), it is, however, an attempt to stamp out this nonsense and save lives in the process. I am pretty sure most of this will be lost on you anyway but the core of what I am saying is that if we had to choose between saving lives or saving a silly night club, you should choose to save lives. Simple.

        • BUY BDA....ummmm no thanks says:

          Every club draws “gang members” so close all the “silly little night clubs” that people enjoy then. you dont know who I am or what I am able to comprehend or not. and this might get lost on you but people like to go out and have fun dont blame the establishment. Im not defending anyones ignorance Im defending the club.

          • Truth (Original) says:

            If you were actaully defending the “club” then you, along with all of the other patrons, would assist management in maintaining a healthy environment. If you all made a stand, then you could have a better environment. But nah, you wouldnt do that. You’ll just blog about it.

            • BadGirl turn Good says:

              Aint that the truth, back in clayhouse days ignorant ppl be shunned for messing up the party but now it entertainment to onlookers cuz it not dem. Nex time u see something about to pop oFf y don’t u tell d guy it not worth it and help AVOID problems.

            • bermy$hotta says:

              @ Truth – ya can’t deny sum ppl in jus because dey dress a certain way or r “gang members”. By doin dat u jus create more problems. By all means if dem guys cause trouble den ya kick dem out but if dey aink doin nuffin den dem guys have a rite to be der, specially if dey spendin $$$ point blank period! oh ya if ya keep shutting down de clubs den where guys r gonna go?!?! shuttin down clubs = more problems.

        • ME says:

          Truth are you aware that members of the other “gangs” frequent [edited] other clubs on Front Street, but yet I don’t hear you calling for those clubs to be closed. unfortunatly it is impossible to control the actions and behaviors of people especially when under the influence. The club isn’t the problem the people are.

          • tricks are for kids..... says:

            @ ME I agree with you totally..there are a lot of Front Street Clubs that they fequent and the owners are well aware of who they are but BECAUSE they ARE spending money you don’t hear anything about it unless something “pops off”… the owners are to blame as well….

  9. GPS says:

    Good Work!!…no bail please!!!….Where are the Daily mugshots BPS, let’s go! Get your website 2K11 Compatible!!

    We need to be exposing these low lifes daily and discouraging them to commit crime!!

  10. MinorMatters says:

    Impressive work BPS! See what happens when you are patrolling the streets, in other words, doing your job.

    Still, thank you.

    • Oh well says:

      It has nothing to do with Patrolling the streets. Its all about getting lucky! Police Patrol EVERYDAY. Patrolling is like fishing every day is a fishing day but not everyday is catching day.

  11. BubbLes! says:

    Many of the individuals whom leave comments about the situations particulary those related to guns sound very ignorant. You have no idea the dynamics of this specific situation, and I bet most of you are not affliated nor in association with members of the public whom are are subjected to preconceptions because of where they come from or a lifestyle they choose to live! Instead of judging and pulling down the next man with words of criticism consider building them up and supporting them by showing them that life can be lived through peace and harmony! Lastly, we don’t know if he had a gun or not! So quick to point a finger instead of taking a stand by means of attacking the root of the problem! Its unfortunate that men have been targeted and will continue to be targeted in a war that has no defined meaning nor cause and where they have no support from BPS in that they do not provide sufficent protection to lives that are in jeopardy! There is always a bigger picture…and we must look through a different lense and focus on the bigger picture rather than a subjective view which inevitably resorts to a smaller picture! T.H.

  12. Let 'Em Go says:

    Young thugs. Have any of you noticed that the age of gunmen is getting lower and lower? These young boys are trying to make a name for themselves while their older counterparts have smartened up and fled the island. WAKE UP, YOU ARE BEING USED!

    • WTH???? says:

      So busy tryna be big but yet have no sense to tell that they are being used silly lil rabbits.

  13. White Christ says:

    Excellent work BPS!!!!!! Even without carrying guns yourselves you are courageous and vigilant. Good Job, You make me proud.

  14. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Good Job BPS!
    BubbLes! and I.M must think that those young boys were out hunting wabbits with slingshots, innit? The Police probably saved a life or two that night and these lot want to get all philosophical and defensive of these little wanna be gangstas. Hey, the Police probably even saved somebody related or known to them! Now, that’s a bigger picture! SMH!

  15. Davie Kerr says:

    Well done to the boys in blue for a good snatch, and rest assured that, despite the snide comments from certain people, the vast majority of Bermuda’s residents are right behind you: keep up the good work! Now, if the judicial system will just do its part…………..

  16. MinorMatters says:

    …to think that those bullets were destined for somebody’s son that night. Thanks to the BPS – the Interrupters – they are still living today.

  17. liz says:

    Ok so if everyone read the article correctly the police found the gun in the immediate area. Hello not on the boys amazing how it just fell in their laps bravo. A 18 year old boy stabbed to death not even 5 minutes away from the serious crime unit vehicle and nobody heard nothing but they cAn find a gun in the immediate area hmmmm and it belongs to the boys on the bike.

    • James says:

      And the problem is…….?

      Its unfortunate the Police couldn’t prevent this disgusting incident with that poor boy, I really feel for his parents/family. But they can’t be everywhere at all times.

      In this case they found a loaded gun that, to all of us who think logically, most likely belongs to these 18 year old boys. This needs to be applauded, loudly!! They, Police, seem to be doing their part and WE need to do ours! We know way more than the Police and need to continue to help them with their jobs by giving up the tons of information we know, sometimes this information is located in OUR homes! Perhaps IF we have more of that sort of communication there will be no more 15 year old boys being stabbed at all. I’m just saying Liz.

  18. Gravity DIEHARD says:

    WOW – or should I say HYPOCRITE, how you gonna say you go Gravity but then try and shut them down. I live in devonshire and historically the only problems Gravity has had is entertaining ignorant ppl like you. Instead of helping solve problems/ arguments or issues you probably stand there and watch chaos evolve. Last time I checked Gravity is the only club that hires security for patrons safety and the owners do not tolerate ignorance and lights come on immediately sometimes to much but she does all of this to avoid problems how many people do you know do this?. Many nights Gravity has more security than customers and the lady stays open so where is her profit then? By law it is only one security guard for 50 people so if the owner didn’t care she wont have over 6-10 guards a night and aint they like $30 – $50 per hour. Do you know that there is no law in force to allow any club to deny GANG members therefore all customers are welcome so assumingly unless they ACT UP this gang has all right to party anywhere. Are you taking your arguments to LVS where parkside party? We as Bermudians only have a few places left to party and I feel safe in Gravity. We should be commending the owners of Gravity for not being intimidated by these gangs or they be shutting down like Bootsies. If you was there this weekend it was clearly PROVEN to all her patrons that she or gravity does not tolerate ignorance I cannot even mention what she done lmawtfo but she definitely old school. We all needa take her attitude and bda wont be in shippp. Obviously your immaturity/jealosy proceeds you to be worrying about who pays for who to get in and who buys whos drinks. If Gravity was entertaining these gangs clearly they be walkn in without paying and drinking for free. When they are there they act like all we customers and pay to get in and pay for allllll their drinks so how can Gravity deny them? If you are intimidated don’t go there.

    Gravity thank you for providing a safe atmosphere for me and my mature friends to party, it is clean, safe and has good reggae music. I come every Friday and Every Sunday – CUZ I KNOW I WILL GET HOME SAFELY.

    • BUY BDA....ummmm no thanks says:

      Thank you!!!! I’m trying to type more but it won’t let me. #TEAMGravity

  19. Elliot says:


  20. oooo STFU says:

    I feel that the person who made the comment about gravity needs 2 fall bck…no I do not party dwn there but the few times I have been I’ve had a GREAT time…violence is everywhere so don’t act like it aint n I truthfully feel that u sayin the clubs need 2 b shot down was stupid…r u gonna provide a SAFE night club 4 these ppl 2 party…(I won’t hold my breath 4 that one) u can wlk outside ur front door n POW ur head is blown off u can go on court street,front street,somerset,rangers,east n e where ya bimbo n POW ur head is blown off it aint jus gravity n u need 2 stop pin pointin these so called gang members because it can b that un noticed shadow standing right beside u doin the killin…always remember never point a finger because u will ALWAYS have 3 more pointin bck at u in other words dnt run dwn gravity like they’ve dne somethin wrong its the ppl that feel like they need 2 mke a statement all gravity is tryin 2 do is mke some money…oh yea n good job 4 findin the gun but good luck tryin 2 prove they had it

  21. Wha? says:

    What do you mean on suspicion of firearms possession? Didn’t they find the loaded gun on them!?

  22. keepItreal says:

    Closing that club is not tha soultion, clubs all ova tha world attract gangs, tha less venues tha more shootings, boredom equals antisocial behaviour *truth*

  23. BadGirl turn Good says:

    First of all WOW how u gonna say shut down Gravity when the gun wasn’t even foound on Gravity property and the other shootn aso was not @ gravity so dur security mus be doing somethin right. Nex u gonna say art mels should stop selln fish sandwiches cuz he feedn 42. Diehard ya right wow a idiot. I agree the gal owner/bartender dat night ingnorant but prove passa not tolerated. So ya she doin her job let demcome drink, spend money like every man, but when they act up dem get kickd out. Gravity wkd big up the gravity staff d security and d pitt bull owner lol she tired I party nex to her ANYDAY. ANNNND do you alll realize it d only nighclub not in town – cheesh – well if you all keep running and lettn idoits like wow dictate wur u party we all be mormons. BIG UP GRAVITY LAST CLUB STANDN you can have my $ everyweek I support black owned business especially when they support or protect USSSSSS

  24. smh says:

    Free dem lil b’ys …

  25. 80's Role Model says:

    Get to the club pay for me and alla my freinds then buy the bar . thats what ballers do! Live a little

  26. not surprised anymore says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if the gun seized will be linked to a few of these unsolved murders. SMH these boys or at least the one who had the gun will be up for some serious time.Whether he did it or not. YOU HAD THE GUN RESPONSIBLE! DUMMIES!

  27. Winnie says:

    Good job BPS, keep it going.


    aight….so those of you who claim to feel safe and secure partying around known gangs (who have a propensity for senseless violence and murder) have a veil over your eyes that only God can lift. Don’t you know that if you run with the bulls you will eventually get the horns?! Continue to dance with the devil and expect him to respect you at the end of the night. And when things pop off in and outside the club….the bullets are indiscriminate and the fact that you “feel” safe or dont gang bang yourself makes no difference. as long as we lie to ourselves about what we so and why we do it and the repercussions that are attached to those decisions then we will continue to experience things that we never thought were possible in this tiny little island! Wisdom tells us to abstain from all appearance of evil and not to cozy up to it like ppl who try to make bengal tigers their pets and then are in shock when the tiger turns on them and half mauls them to death!

    • Changing Status says:

      it makes sense. its not the owners fault that these lil gangsters wanna hang round at her club, but if its not takin into hand her club will be shut down.
      all it takes is for a few innoccent bystanders to leave the club unknowingly talkin to the wrong person at the wrong time. bullets don’t have eyes – and if an innocent person dies leavin the club, both the club and the owner may take a loss.

      • bermy$hotta says:

        So wa you want her to do?!?! shut down de club because ppl r hanging out der. Well den you might as well cancel out THE REST OF THE ENTIRE nightlife of bermy den cuz ppl go everywhere!

  29. BadGirl turn Good says:

    Bermudians still asleep , so I guess we should NOT go movies as someone was shot inparking lot or should not drive near paget round about since someone was shot their also or not send our children to public school cuz some one was shot DEAD on their field in broad daylight. You fail to realise with ya holy moly devil talk that these little boys are so ignorant there is no safe haven. REMEMBER god already has ourrrrr ticket so by way of gun or aids or cancer or bike accident death gonna come anyway. Don’t blame Gravity

    • Bermudians still asleep says:

      @ good girl,

      I never once blamed gravity, please re-read. I never once said that we should’nt go anywhere either. The point I was making is that we should use wisdom and common sense. If u have any children then I’m sure u understand the following example. When we see our kids hanging around peers that we know are a bad influence and no go for them, we try to encourage them not to hang around those particular individuals for their own good. Why? Because we have enough sense to know that if they hang around trouble, trouble will eventually kick them in the rear. Obviously, u can’t control where these gang members socialize but u sure can control where YOU do for your own safety and the future well being of your family. But if ppl think they can duck bullets then by all means have a “shot” at it and play Russian roulette with your life. Wisdom says ” a wise man sees the evil far off and avoids it but a fool keeps going toward it” n as far as God having our ticket it’s true but He tells us that the use of wisdom will prolong your life. He said with looooooong life I will satisfy you.

  30. tricks are for kids..... says:

    In reading all the “Lock them up and throw away the key” type of comments..I don’t know what article you read but nowhere in the article above does it say the young men that they arrested where in possession of the gun..the article clearly states “The Police spokesman said a search of the immediate area by the officers resulted in the recovery of a firearm containing ammunition”(“immediate area” being the operative words) So I’m not understanding how you can call for them to be prosecuted for any crime or crimes that the gun maybe linked to. So quick to comment and not reading and fully understanding/comprhending what you have read.

    • JustSayin says:

      Agree with you 100%!! I thought I was one of the only ones that read and understood.

      The gun could have been hidden by ANYONE…someone that was inside Gravity, the mail man, the crackhead that found it earlier in the day….etc etc etc etc etc…

    • Bermudians still asleep says:

      You’re absolutely right tricks so the only teeth a prosecution will have is if they find one of the young men’s finger prints & or DNA on the weapon. Otherwise it looks like these charges will probably be dropped.

  31. FED UP BLACK says:

    & these guys are out on bail! so no props nowhere when the clearly have the weapon!