Video: Fiyah Marshall’s ‘Take You Away’

December 31, 2011

Bermuda reggae singer Fiyah Marshall is celebrating the charms of his island home in a newly-launched video for his hit song “Take You Away.”

The video is being officially released at a New Year’s Eve party the Bermudian entertainer is hosting at Moon nightclub tonight [Dec. 31].

With a style which fuses traditional reggae with other influences, “Fiyah” [also known as Alex Marshall] is a pioneer in the field known as “Urban Dancehall”. Born and raised on the island, he spent his teen years in the UK and is currently based between Bermuda and Tampa Bay in Florida.

“I was very fortunate,” he said of his international background. “I got to hear so many different styles of music and in my eyes: it really gave me an upper hand. I don’t like to feel constraints with my music. I like making music that crosses boundaries!

“Not only did I have my Bermudian influences, but being in the UK and the US as well exposed me to such different sounds from across the world that I found all fascinating! I wanted to mix it up!” Syndicated American DJ VJ Kidd Leow has said: “Fiyah Marshall is the total package, an artist full of drive, devotion, talent and the look that will be unstoppable once he can be heard by the masses. It’s only a matter of time until the right opportunity allows him to blow nationally!”

He is currently polishing a debut album which has been in the making for three-years, featuring collaborations with such critically acclaimed producers as Jimi Kendrix [Murder Inc, Ashanti, Ja-Rule, Jay Z], Grammy award winner Jason Pennock [The Heavy Weights, Pussycat Dolls, 2 Pac, Katy Perry], Ricky Ricardo [Eminem], DJ Trans [nominated for a Grammy], Stupid Genius and others.

The album — to be released in the New Year — will also boast tracks featuring international artists such as Marlon Asher ["Ganja Farmer"], hit rapper Acafool ["Hata Blockaz"], Youn Lye and DJ Trans ["Get it Ma Get It", "Ride Out"].

“Take You Away” Music Video Directed By Andres Yepes

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  1. jovon minors says:

    YES I


    How do these commercialized autotune wanna be artist become pioneers of reggae.

    “Fiyah” [also known as Alex Marshall] is a pioneer in the field known as “Urban Dancehall”

    No disrespect to his accomplishments, but to be honored as a pioneer you got a put ya work in yo.

  3. Darko says:

    to call yourself a foundation yo got to put in ya work yo

  4. Stright Up says:

    Keep your head up!!!!! That was a nice video and I hope it goes world-wild. Make ppl come to Bermuda with the video. Very nice. PPl with hate you rate you and talk about you cause they are just unhappy cause they are not in your shoes. Keep it up bro. Good Luck

    Bermdua Gal

  5. Ants says:

    good muzic video very cool

  6. Upside-down says:

    OMG this was painful to watch, dude DON’T quit your day job!!!! But pics of the island were nice!!!!!

    • The Truth says:

      The truth is the song and his voice sucks, but the image display of the island was very nice. Not trying to be a hater but you have to tell people the truth, that’s the only way people get better.

  7. Yo MAMA says:

    The Truth is that u are all obviously haters of someone with talent. If you have a better voice or big enough balls get up and do it yourself instead of sitting on your computer screen hating on those who are actually doing positive things. So disappointed in the attitudes of obviously a ‘few’ haters that keep reposting negative comments under different usernames, so sad you are so small minded you cannot appreciate the talent of this island. Mr. Marshall is obviously proud of our island and trying to show that but ignorant people like you are too stupid to realize that…

  8. babygal says:

    I personally love the video, and the song i listened on the radio all the time, come on people dont hate,be proud of having somebody from our island showing the best of it to the world! Thank you Fiyah keep it up and dont listen to people who doesnt know what a talent is.