Chris & Ashley Estwanik Win May 24th Marathon

May 24, 2012

[Updated with video] Chris Estwanik won his fifth consecutive Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby this morning [May 24], with his wife Ashley claiming the female title.

Chris Estwanik crossing the finish line:

Speaking after the race Mr Estwanik praised all the fans who were out on the route, and said the conditions were quite tough during the race. Mrs Estwanik said it was great to be back in the race, and said all the locals lining the route “brings a smile to my face no matter how I feel.”

Ashley Estwanik crossing the finish line:

Both Estwaniks took the lead in Somerset and held it throughout the entire race. Mr Estwanik won in 1.08.49, with Sean Trott crossing the line in second in 1:14.48, Jay Donawa in third in 1:17.04, with Stephen Allen in fourth.

Ashley Estwanik was the ninth runner across the line as she captured the women’s title, and was followed across the line by Rose-Anna Hoey in second, with Jennifer Alen finishing third.

The Estwaniks being congratulated by Premier Paula Cox:

We will update with full results and additional information as able, however in the meantime see our live blog for all our coverage of the Bermuda Day holiday.

Video of the start of the race:

Update 7.20pm: Video interview with the Estwaniks after the race, and the full race results can be found here.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Fantastic results for the Estwanik family!!! Well done all runners!!^^

  2. george says:

    it will be a long time before anyone in bda beats Chris Estwanik, considering that he is a professional runner:-

    • Phil says:

      Who works full time and has a family, no differnt than anyone else should they wish to apply themselves

    • MW says:

      other professionals play in other sports too, football, cricket etc, is it something else you don’t like about him ??? You , like him, have a whole year to train. He has no more time granted to him than anybody else. his day is 24 hours long too.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Ummmmm, no matter what some may think or feel, he is a quality runner who has raised the bar. Don’t hate, as he started with everyone else…….a deserving winner, as are all those persons who participated. Congrats and we’ll done

    • Soooooo says:

      And your point?

  3. Trophy hunter says:

    Real class act .Great talent and family .
    Congratulations. Your participation has shaken things up for a long time to come.

  4. Poetic Justice says:

    Chris is in a league of his own because he has put in the time and hard work required to be the best. I have seen him running Loyal hill pass over the past two months and the man moves as if he wears skates that didn’t just happen!! To many are willing to criticize and complain which seems to be the Bermudian way instead of going out and putting in the hard work and sacrifice that allows for one to become world class instead of expecting it to fall in your laps which again is typical of too many Bermudians!!! Well done Chris you have what to many of these moaners are bereft of “Class”

    • ganja mon says:

      Thats a whole lot of Bermudian bashing there..

      Where are you from that seems to make you perfect?? One person here said something about him!

      Get off your damn Soap Box !!!

    • george says:

      i have no problems with Chris Estwanik winning 5 consecutive May 24 Marathons and i wouldn’t mind seeing him win plenty more, i was making a comment on his professional status. for anyone to beat him; they have to step their game up