Photos: 2012 Miss Photogenic Contest Shoot

July 4, 2012

With less than five days until the new Miss Bermuda is crowned, the contestants and organisers continue to gear up for this Sunday’s pageant.

The Miss Photogenic competition was held on Monday [July 2] evening on board the Uber Vida. The ladies were judged on confidence, personal style, the ability to produce an appealing photo and physical fitness. The high scorer from this shoot will be named Miss Photogenic on Sunday night.

Judges for the evening were photographers Ivan Outerbridge, Eddie Smith, Anthony Wade and C. Anthony Francis. Makeup was by O’Faces, hair by Impressions Hair Artistry, and the images were captured by C. Anthony Francis.

The 2012 Miss Bermuda Pageant will take place this Sunday [July 8], at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel where reigning queen Jana Outerbridge will crown her successor. Tickets are on sale now here on, starting from $65.

Miss Warwick Deshona Perinchief:

Miss Southampton Crystal Lyn:

Miss Devonshire Lene Hypolite:

Miss Sandys Rochelle Minors:

Miss Hamilton Parish Dashunte Furbert:

Miss Pembroke Chelsy Furtado:

Miss St George’s Shannon Ingram:

Miss Smiths Dwanae Simons:

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  1. Man in the Mirror says:

    In a world where the relevance of “beauty pageants” continues to dwindle, have organizers turned to a more salacious means of obtaining viewers?
    The racy official photos, which featured the 8 hopefuls with smudged eyeliner and come-hither expressions .
    It seems like Mr. Francis has turned this into a playboy-esque masquerade,”
    The notion that ‘beauty’ embodies absolute physical perfection is a frightening slippery slope, and quite dangerous for young women around the world to adhere to.”

    What happen to the days of ALL the contestants wearing the same classy bathing suit and looking elegent.

    Maybe the Official photographer hasn’t a clue what the contest is really about.

    And whats up with all the Computer processing, takes away from their natural beauty.

    Anyways Good Luck ladies.

    • shawn says:

      in the pageant im sure they will wear the same suit…THIS IS THE MISS CONGENIALITY COMPETITION….pay attention

  2. Bermy's Finest says:

    ok ok ok what is Miss Smiths wearing!!! Everyone else looks good.

    • QStreet says:

      I think that swimsuit looks great on her. Perhaps it is not a “typical” or “average” style swimsuit but perhaps neither is she.

      When I first saw it I immediately thought that perhaps it was inspired by Gombeys which are a part of our heritage. Perhaps she realizes that she must do things to set herself appart from the others? You gotta take risks and better to try now than to wait until she is on the big stage.

      Stay positive ladies. You all look beautiful in your own way

      • rob says:

        your havin a laugh ! there are much nicer costums out there !!

  3. the truth shall set you free says:


  4. Weldon Wade says:

    The ladies look awesome! But in case you were wondering, the photos were taken aboard the Ubervida catamaran.

  5. Weldon Wade says:

    Article says it already, but worth repeating :) See you on Friday on one of their two free happy hour cruises.

  6. InMyHumbleOpinion says:

    Miss Southampton or Miss Warwick have the most photogenic pic – Miss Devonshire, Miss Pembroke and Miss Hamilton Parish have very nice pics as well. Great job ladies… but really why did the photographer have to photo shop the crap outta the pics?? All the ladies are beautiful in their own right without the excessive touch ups.

    All the best to all of you for putting yourself out there; for one taking on all the criticism Bermudians are famous for. Kudos to all of you (better than me – I would never;-)

  7. Politely Pompous says:

    Regarding the overall winner, just give the crown to Miss Southampton. Second choice-Miss Sandys. Third: Miss Pembroke. They’re the only ones I can see standing a chance in an international beauty pageant. Let’s get real here.

    If Miss Smith’s thinks she stands a chance wearing what she has on in an international pageant, she’s dead wrong. If she wants to keep herself all covered up, why enter a pageant???

    BTW-if Miss Southampton wins, while the pixie cut is cute, she’d be stunning with long hair. We had a short-haired contestant represent us last time…the overseas organizers will wonder what the heck is going on…plus she’d stand a better chance-she’d be even more stunning; grow it out or get a weave!

    • hmmm says:

      Are we really still stuck in the olden days where long hair defines beauty?? Sigh.

      My top 4 are Sandys, Southampton, Devonshire and Pembroke.

      • Politely Pompous says:

        I personally don’t care but we’re talking about international beauty pageants and what is deemed desirable in that industry. Like it or not, long, flowing hair is considered a positive and feminine attribute.

        I personally love her hair and it really shows off her facial features, but if we want to stand a chance we need to go with the norms of accepted beauty-like it or not. Also, like I said, we had a short-haired contestant last year so I don’t think we need to do it again. I don’t want to bash the previous winner, but let’s be real-long hair looks better with the crown. That’s the reality of it.

  8. Friend says:

    not all look cute but hey!

  9. FAMILY says:


  10. FAMILY says:


  11. WOLF says:


    • David Henry says:

      That’s what I’m saying! Don’t care if she’s doesn’t have long hair, she is so stunning. Ms. Southampton, you’ve got me second-guessing this whole getting engaged thing. Hahahaha! Seriously though, all the best to you and to all these ladies.

      Bernews; thank you for your continued coverage!

  12. 2 Braceletz says:

    The airbrushing is ridiculous. I have never seen all that airbrushing in beauty pageants overseas.

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    Miss. St George & Miss Pembroke excepted, OMG, what hope do the rest have on the world stage?

  14. Lavone says:

    You Go O’Faces Makeup team. You girls are hot!

  15. FYI says:

    photoshop much?

    • Lol says:

      Yea, who is the photographer/editor/director/stylist/makeup artists? These are downright hideous.

  16. Nuff Said says:


    • Shar says:

      The shoes are most likely the ones they will be required to wear on the night of the final contest in the swimsuit portion and so to save money and keep it easy they probably just decided to wear them for Miss Photogenic as well or were instructed to do so.

  17. Jim bob says:

    Oh also, I forgot to say. Couldnt they at least photoshop the tattoo’s to give the impression that Bermuda at least has a few classy females? #justsaying

  18. 2 Braceletz says:

    The airbrushing is excessive and looks very much cartoonish. No one looks like that.

  19. Airbrush????? says:

    Not really into the airbrush thing; you can make almost anyone look beautiful with it lol People should be able to see them for who they are!

    In any event, I know ROXY and love her; she could have pulled this off without the airbrush:)

  20. TP says:

    I thought they were supposed to show natural beauty…? Of course makeup can be included but only to enhance features, not smother them in eyeliner.
    And why are they so airbrushed?

  21. Duh says:

    I guess the person that commented about them wearing the same shoes has never seen a pagent before! Take note next time….

    Anyway….Go Miss Devonshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shar says:

      LOL! I’ve been in 4 pageants sweetheart…educateyourself smh

      Again it is normal to be required to wear the same shoe for swimsuit or at the very least the same color. It’s been done in Miss USA and Miss Universe repeatedly. Maybe not for the photoshoot but definitely on stage.

    • Shar says:

      I meant to direct that towards #NuffSaid

  22. Bermy's Finest says:

    Firstly Roxy is beautiful but she cannot represent us on the International stage *edited*!! It is my hope that the Miss Bermuda judges and organizers take character into consideration!! She is beautiful but that is it..what beauty with no substance!

  23. Man in the Mirror says:

    @ Duh
    Not ONLY Should they be wearing the same shoes but also the same bathing suit, preferably in the same color.
    Note taken………..

  24. Bermy's Finest says:

    *what is beauty with no substance!

  25. Eh eh says:

    I have never seen any miss Universe or Miss World contestant with a body tatoo. I’m just saying.

    Anyway, you go girls, it takes a lot to do this, so I applaud you all.

    • QStreet says:

      Maybe not but there is a first time for everything. Heck this year they almost had a winner for the first time – that used to be a MAN! Tatoos can be expressive, religious, tribal and even considered attractive. I have zero tattos myself and by the way and I peronally like a wooman without tatsbut most of my friends like that look and my friends are a very diverse group of people, so you neveer know.

      Build these ladies up with positives instead of breaking them down with negative comments.

  26. skn happy smiles says:

    Ms warwick got that her personality shines the strongest and it shows in her pictures as well she is so beautiful and her body is hotttt!!! She has cutest everything lol but all the ladies look good as well

  27. QStreet says:

    We all have our own opinions on what we like and dont like but I have to say I definately like the makeup MUCH better in this photoshoot then the last one I saw with the dark eyes. I know others prefer that look and so I understand why they have different looks and different makeup etc. Just saying I like this style of make up better. When I see dark mkeup under the eyes – I think NFL? Just saying.

    Ladies you all look beautiful. Nice to see different heights, sizes, shades of skin, short and long hair – all looking good.

  28. jus how it go,s says:

    Miss devonshire omg babi nice!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  29. Liars says:

    You can clearly see that whoever are producing this are men…. There should be a global standard of stages that each model has to complete in order to go onto miss world… I can tell you there going to need to know a lot more then how to look provocative to get far in this industry. Where is the creativity in this competition, I can think of all sorts of really cool things these models could be doing.. like posing with Bermuda flowers, posing doing an activity etc this competition is lacking class and skill!

  30. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:

    Whoever chose those ugly a#$ shoes needs to be fired, its a shame they all have to wear them smh

    • Average says:

      @ enough… i totally agree about the shoes..would have rather them have the same bathing suits and different shoes than to wear those.

      My vote is Miss Devonshire. Perfect background as well to compliment her complexion.

      What i like about Miss Smiths is that she stepped outside of the box. A female can look appealing or sexy without exposing all of her body parts. Miss Warwick doesn’t look relaxed with that pose, but i would put her up with Miss Devonshire and also Miss St. Georges not just for Miss Universe but they are more on the same levels as the Miss Bermuda that we have now. That “island” feel and appeal. No diss to the other contestants because all of you have the island flavor for sure, but the names i mentioned above their features stand out Miss Hamilton Parish as well.

      It would have been also good if all of them had the pics taken at the same time of the day. The pics go from light to dark and to me that can have a big effect on the persona, so i don’t see how good judging can happen in light of that….

      All the best ladies!!

  31. Bewildered says:

    Any contestant is forbidden to compete in Miss World if they have a tattoo or body piercing. Miss Bermuda 2011 followed this ruling. By allowing contestants in the Miss Bermuda 2012 Pageant means they are effectively disqualified from the lineup. That leaves 6 girls eligible for Miss Bermuda 2012 so the other 2 are presumably left in to keep the numbers up.

    • Shar says:

      I’d like to know where you received the information that females with tattoos or body piercings are forbidden to compete in Miss World because there were definitely individuals in Miss World 2011 who have one or the other…they simply have mastered the art of covering them.

    • Shar says:

      Sure it may be frowned upon but forbidden – no.

  32. Fij says:

    Miss Sandys and Miss Devonshire are my top two (in that order) I think they all look beautiful, some bathing suits more to my taste than others but the girls are also being judged on personal style, so to each their own right?
    This has been said numerous times that it takes a LOT of courage for these women to stand up there and do this, so for that I commend them. I don’t think for one second these pictures look provocative; its a SWIMSUIT photoshoot. None of them are bending over or on their knees! lol If THAT was the case, then we should be worried!
    Looking forward to the pageant on Sunday ladies!!

  33. Miss Southampton's #1 Fan says:

    Miss Southampton for the win!! Absolutely gorgeous. Good luck to the rest you’ll need it :)

  34. LOL (original TM*) says:

    The LOL’s top five (all winner’s in my world) ;)

    Not in any particular order
    1 Ms Warwick
    2 Ms St. Georges
    3 Ms Southampton
    4 Ms Devonshire
    5 Ms Pembroke

    Good luck ladies, can I pick you all wishfull thinking I know.


  35. Bermy's Finest says:

    Ok..I had to moderate my comment..

    Anyway it is my honest hope that the organisers have done their background checks on these young ladies. Because at least one of them has been engaged in public fighting in the last few weeks and we cannot and should not have some representing this country that is out in public acting a looney!!!!

  36. Capri Wilson says:

    Dang! Where’s all the positivity.. again people want to be extra critical and negative. You never know how hard it is to be in the public eye until you’ve been there yourself. Chill with all the negative criticism, if this applies to you.

    All you should be concerned with is that these ladies WANT to represent your country. They need all the positive support they can get.

    Ladies, keep your head’s up, all of you look beautiful. Good Luck on Sunday.

  37. iBleedRED says:

    A couple of them have very awkward poses….Maye that’s just me!

    GO LENE!!!!!!!

  38. Bermy's Finest says:

    Nice Capri..but you still cannot ignore the fact they are representing us and if they are engaged in activities that are questionable we need to ensure we are questioning that and we should then be very careful about having them represent us!!