Furbert: I Saw The Secret Plan With My Own Eyes

December 3, 2012

[Updated with Michael Dunkley & Dr Grant Gibbons' remarks] Speaking at a press conference today [Dec 3], former UBP Leader and now PLP MP Wayne Furbert said he saw the UBP secret plan with his own eyes, can verify that it exists, said the term “black surrogates” was used, and also said he himself was probably a “surrogate”.

Mr Furbert said: “Today, as a former member and leader of the United Bermuda Party, I’m here to verify several facts. First, I can confirm that I saw the UBP secret plan with my own eyes.

“I can verify that it exists and that it includes the recommendation that Michael Dunkley’s profile was too high and that, and I quote, ‘black surrogates’ should be used. I can also verify that they blamed their election loss in key constituencies on I quote ‘downscale’ and ‘less educated’ Bermudian voters.

Video of today’s press conference below. For legal reasons we have omitted certain references:

Mr Furbert said he is “encouraging” his former colleagues, Dr. Grant Gibbons, Michael Dunkley and Glen Smith to “come clean and confirm that there is a report” and that the report was a “strategy to help the old UBP guard regain power.”

When asked why did he go along with it as the document could be considered very insulting to black voters, Mr Furbert said: “I did not go along with it. In fact, I was very disturbed by the report. I left the United Bermuda Party in 2009. I had talked about change within the United Bermuda Party…”

When asked if he considered himself a “black surrogate,” Mr Furbert said: “When I think about it, I probably was. Because in 2006 when I was elected as the leader of the United Bermuda Party…one of the reasons why I was elected…and it was very clear.

“We went through a whole year of discussions with consultants, discussions with other strategists…that you had to be black to be the leader.”

“And that’s what really concerns me about Craig. Because I feel deep in my heart, and I look at myself and Kim Swan in particular…that for the leader to only be black in the United Bermuda Party to attract the black votes we need to move away from that.

“And yes – I probably was being a surrogate at the time,” said Mr Furbert.

Update 8.04pm: When asked to respond, Michael Dunkley said: “I must have received the report by email but do not recall it. As you will remember I was not elected in 2007 and was no longer the Leader of the party. Any questions should be addressed to Leader of the UBP at that time.”

“I concur with my Leader Craig Cannonier that these reports have absolutely nothing to do with the party of which we are members – the One Bermuda Alliance.

“The OBA is concentrating on the issues that matter every day to Bermudians. The Island is in the midst of an economic and public safety crisis. More than 10,000 Bermudians are either unemployed or underemployed; with nearly one in four young Bermudians out of work. We have had more than 300 shooting incidents since 2009, and they continue today.

“In this regard I have been canvassing day and night to build relationships that work so we can deal with the challenges of today. These are the issues that matter, not so-called secret reports.

“Our focus is to get this Island working again for the people – in terms of jobs, safe neighbourhoods and great schools,” concluded Mr Dunkley.

Update 8.48pm: Dr Grant Gibbons said: “The OBA is concentrating on the issues that matter most to every day Bermudians.

“More than 3,000 Bermudians are unemployed; another 7,000 are under-employed. Young people are among the hardest hit, with an unemployment rate approaching 40%. Gang shootings continue to tear apart communities and schools results are moving in the wrong direction.

“These are the issues that matter, not so-called secret reports. Our focus is to get this Island working again for the people – for jobs, safe neighbourhoods and great schools.”

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  1. C.B.A says:

    Wayne Furbert..the politician who stands for nothing. You didn’t seem to have a problem with this plan when you were UBP.

    Anyways, this report was written by a consultant, not the UBP. Anyways, this report was written before Cannonier, etc were involved with the party. Things have changed since 2007, get with it!

    Wake up Bermuda…no coincidence the plp needs to bring up a report from 2007. Look what they’re doing to our island!

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      Was he not the last UBP leader – and only AFTER “seeing ” this so called plan???? LOL Why is it only now that he wants to bring it up?! He must have sought to benefit from it before and now that he is on the other side of the fence he wants to befefit from it again.

      I can see clearly now.

      Dont ask us to Stand Up and vote PLP, when syou have had us bending over for so long now that were suffering from scoliosis!

      • Black Soil says:

        The press should ask whether or not Wayne Furbert had a secret plan to use PLP to cure his personal problems.

    • astalavista baby OBA says:

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Go Wayne freak them all. They all turning pink and can’t do crap about it. They hate you, Kim, Darius and Jamal…… next they’ll be hating Craig. Dr. Brown is laughing his a$$ off now.

      Don’t hate the players HATE THE GAME OBA!!!!! Now put back on those UBP shirts.

      • Luis Usarez says:

        Ok, we’ve got lies, a race card and some absurd, ridiculous secret plan which obviously doesn’t exist.

        Bluntly, is this all you’ve got PLP?

        • Judge Dredd says:

          Ok certainly you don’t think denial will change the facts do you? You can’t close your eyes and wish the truth away. Last week Craig Can’tgonear said it was a fabrication, now he says it was four years ago and irrelevant. Dunkley admits to receiving it in his email, Kim Swan the UBP “leader” said it is real, Gary Moreno held an original copy in his hand on national television, and Wayne Furbert the other UBP surrogate “leader” said he saw it with his own eyes. Dunkley, Glen Smith, and the rest of the captains need to come clean, THAT is the change Bermuda needs. You can stay on the sinking ship playing the violin all you want, but it’s still going down. Cognitive dissonance is a biyatch! The fat lady is singing.

          • Who done it says:

            Denial works for the PLP every day. They deny there is a debt issue, they deny there is an education issue, they deny there is a corruption issue, they deny they are not in it for their own selfish reasons. This election is now a joke. I hope the majority of Bermuda does not fall for the bait and switch tactics.

      • young observer says:


      • Blurt says:

        Glad you think 3000 people unemployed, 7000 under -employed and 300 shooting incidents is something to laugh at. The PLP are destroying you, whilst you laugh.

        • Nothing but Talking Points says:

          You are nothing if not on your OBA talking points today.

          You are fine with your party deceiving people, that’s on you. Don’t be indignant of other aren’t.

        • This is a stupid comment and if you know anything about street life verses the power of who holds the purse string the real donkeys are sitting back and laughing at all of you,as they dont give a damn who is in power,they hold the wealth and they rule the drug trade and little black boys being given toys to shoot each other keeps the haet off their asses and allows them to sit back and enjoy the show that they run and that my dear friend is facts.so unemploymnet and under employment and gang violence are more interconnected then you think and is being greatly done beacsue of some folk that know they have the power to destroy and dont care who gets burnt and when they are good and ready they will allow the money to resurface and help fix the damn problem they are partially responsible for creating.

        • A Bermudian says:


          Ok, this all has taken place under the PLP’s watch, but what makes sure so sure the OBA is the solution?

          With regard to the document, all of you who are saying it’s not relevent need to take a hard look at yourself, and then ask the question again. That document only adds proof to what many black Bermudians knew was being said behind closed doors.

          With regard to Mr. Furbert, now we want to demoralize him because he spoke the truth? Is this not what the OBA have been calling for, the Truth on all fronts?

    • Oh Well says:

      @C.B.A: That report had to be sanctioned by the UBP or put in the shredder. So you can’t blame the consultant. Kim Swan, Wayne Furbert and the rest of the UBP cronies who are involved didn’t have a problem with it when it was drafted. Now the sh#t has hit the fan they are hiding from the facts. Now that Wayne Furbert is with the PLP he is singing like a Canary. Its very unethical for him “wayne Furbert” to be making statements on it now…Just like they say the colors eventually come out in the wash.

      • young observer says:

        unethical? it unethical what was in that document you don’t think?

        • Oh Well says:

          @Young Observer: I agree that document is also unethical…

          • 1minute says:

            The document wasn’t written by the UBP, it was written by an American consultant whose job it is to win elections. He has no political bias, just to win. It doesn’t say that the UBP will or did anything in the report. It is one American man’s opinion.
            This election seems to be about the OBA. The PLP hasn’t said anything about how they intend to work for Bermuda. They just talk about the OBA. The PLP is trying to use race and fear to gain votes. To me, it’s the same PLP, out for themsolves and not Bermuda.

    • Natalie says:

      Right on! Mr. Furbert is a traitor! How dare he make up bold faced lies to damage the image of the OBA.

      • Blurt says:

        He was in charge of the UBP at the time, it is his report, now he is with the PLP, it is still his report…..nothing to do with the OBA. Who cares, as the report does not create jobs or improve education. Get your focus on what is important.

    • swing voter says:

      Question…how does ex-UBP leader furbert jump ahead of several PLP members to become a cabinet minister? Perhaps the secret plan was part of a barter agreement?

    • Wayne let me first say that having done all to stand,just stand.if we take the emotions out of the rheteric that the O.B.A supporters are saying and those running for the O.B.A and deal with facts,I truly belive what Mr. Furbert is saying and I would add it here that I might take some slack for this but I would like to see the likes of Ms Gina Spence and Ms Gwinneth Rawlins take a stand and speak about their time in the former U.B.P and the likes of those who has crossed over from the U.B.P to the P.L.P and also both Mr Kim and Charlie Swans position on the former U.B.P and this document and their strategizing in the past,Let me say again I am not please with some of what Bermuda has suffered under this administration or the last but to have this group come out and try and sell us a bold face lie is not acceptable and must be taken serious in the fact that once again we have a team that wants to undermine the truth of a document that does exist and was in fact the findings of a very highly paid consultant.now to address the point of get over it and the O.B.A is not the U.B.P,well it only takes a real fool to think that a leopard can change his spots.
      I would have no problem in voting O.B.A if I did not see the highest degree of lies and deception among them and to much for my liking.You see I am a real grass roots Bermudian struggling to survive and I refuse to be fooled by either side if they are lying then I call them a Liar and if they are really for the people and trying their hardest to do right by the people I will support them.
      Mitt Romney lost the presidential race because of the same crap I see coming out of the O.B.A and that is the nicest I can say it,get real and I will trust Mr Wayne Furbert anyday because at the end of the day he is not about party,he is about country.that is something that many on both sides of the fence can learn from.

      • Rick Rock says:

        There are plenty of people in the PLP who used to be UBP. Why don’t you think those ‘leopards can’t change their spots’ as well? The UBP doesn’t exist any more except in the minds of a few PLP supporters, who are somehow sorry to see it go.

        Wayne Furbert is ‘not about party, he is about country..’? No, Wayne Furbert is about Wayne Furbert. He says he saw this ‘report’ but then quite happily became leader of the UBP. He can’t produce a copy of the report, despite the fact he must have had a copy of whatever existed. He didn’t mention it when he left the UBP. He didn’t mention it for the past 7 years.

        But suddenly, 2 weeks before the election, he wakes up and remembers the report, and he remembers a particular word that was in it.

        Notice too that the 27-page document touted last week as the report isn’t mentioned. Does Wayne agree that was a forgery? Is that the specific document he says he recalls, with the impossible date? Or does Wayne confirm for us that the document produced last week was in fact a forgery?

        Wayne can’t actually get his story straight on anything. One day the Hyatt isn’t happening, next day it is. And the hotel in Hamilton WILL be started by the end of 2012, according to Wayne.

        • A Bermudian says:

          @ Rick Rock,

          Are you saying the Mr. Furbert, Gary Mareno,& Mr. Swan are lying? I mean Mr.Cannonier said last week it didn’t exist, and now he saying it has nothing to do with the OBA. So is he lying too?

          • Zombie Apocalypse says:

            So who forged the 27-page document?

            Who would possibly have benefitted from that?

      • chip says:

        even when the PLP have told you “we to decieve you”.

    • sharky says:

      The secret plan will reveal…..who has hidden all the PLP neck ties!!!!

      This is serious stuff. Look at them, they are devastated and concerned, that no one can find their neckties.
      This is the true OBA conspiracy!!!

      What a travesty, don’t worry about crime, unemployment ,missing money, cost over runs, docks falling apart…we Just Want Our Dang Ties ??!!

    • Garry Marshall says:

      I take what Furbert says with a grain of salt, He is a band wagon person anyway, first AN Independent than UBP and now PLP, TRUST i don’t think so.

    • RHONDA says:

      Does it matter who wrote or read the report, the execution of it is what matters to me…

      When you Leaders think so low of you….how can they be trusted to put in policies that will benefit you….

      • Who done it says:

        What? So when the PLP is shown to have a plan to use the less educated Bermudian and use their own faults and push them on to the opposition with lies and more lies then and only then will you believe they have deceived you. Brown even admitted to it…. This is no secret report, the PLP are making it up, the report and news about have been about for years. Amazing the PLP go on and on about something they have made up and people fall for it …

    • status! says:

      @CBA—Gary Moreno brought up the document, get your facts straight!Wayne was privy to the document and the contents reflect he mindset of people who are still trying to get our vote! If you don’t have enough sense to be offended by thoses comments well there is not much I can do for you! Mentalities don’t just change when people change parties..Seems to me the Black surrogates were used for the press conference, where is Michael dunkley to comment on his role?!!!I’m sure you want to still know what the auditors report might have to say about about a contrat or transaction back in 2007 or beyond, I’m sure you would want justice for a crime that too place ten years ago! So you need to wake up! and smell the BLACK coffee!Where are the cowards that think there are Bermudians who are too stupid to know how they should vote?!!!comeout come out wherever you are from your CAVE!

      • C.B.A says:


        It was Wayne Furbert who brought up the report several months ago. The plp quietly and strategically swept it under the rug until the election was called in order to fool people like yourself. They have known about it for a long time now but only waited until the election to make an issue of it in hopes that people like yourself would forget about the missing money, enormous debt we are in, unemployment, etc. If you can’t see things for what they are then there really is no helping you. Good luck in the next five years under a plp government. You get what you deserve if you vote for them.

  2. Who wrote the report? says:

    Who authored the report Mr. Furbert?

    Was it the evil white UBPers?

    Or was it a foreign entity which the evil UBP hired?

    • A Bermudian says:

      @ Who wrote the report

      Go ask them! You know who they are, so go ask them.

  3. george courtney says:

    for a $150 grand a year i would liable to do the thing in the above video.

    but my question is this if wayne furbert had seen this document than why did he continue to be in the ubp??

  4. theothersidebda says:

    Why does the fact that a UBP had a consultant write an analysis make it a “Secret” plan. Are there not consultants reports prepared on many issues in government which have not been released to the public or even to parliament?

    • Blurt says:

      Where is the secret report known as. The 2011 govt of Bermuda Financial Statements.

  5. Interesting says:

    Well, just as well the UBP are gone now and a new opposition has been appointed to keep this country under control.

    Contrary to what the PLP may have you believe, the OBA can never take you back to where your grandparents where. Times have changed, People have changed. Bermuda has changed. But we need real change – no pun intended!

    OBA – The Change Bermuda Needs!

  6. Terry says:

    Sittin on th Doc of the Bay watching the money roll away………………..
    Whats the price of a Uighur?

  7. Ryan says:

    A career politician of the lowest common denominator.

    WAKE UP, BERMUDA! The PLP are trying to DISTRACT you from the REAL issues facing Bermuda by focusing on a FAKE document!

  8. Who wrote the report? says:

    My second question is if Mr. Furbert was so disturbed by the pre-2007 discussions on why a white leader will never be voted into power (which is extremely racist to begin with), then why did he accept the leadership nomination in the first place? I mean was he not smart enough at the time to see that he was a supposed “surrogate?”

    Also, if he was so disturbed by the pre-2007 discussions and the post-2007 report he references then why did it take him almost two years to jump ship?

    Just makes no sense. But things rarely do in this small island of ours.

  9. JT says:

    Meanwhile – Bermuda sinks – our people drown – and the PLP are handing out anchors.

  10. whatever says:

    If the report was written in 2007 and Wayne became leader in 2006, does that not then mean that Wayne commissioned the report?

    This is so stupid. There are far more important issues in this election than a “Secret report” written by a 3rd party for a now defunct political party.

  11. Pitts Bay says:

    He said he saw it in 2008. Kinda silent since then….

    • Webster says:

      wayne Furbert, you are an a$%hole, and else for Dacocta…. what the hell are are you two going on about ? for heaven sake this report was five years ago !!!! and why did you two not report what Burch said about ‘we do not care about what you white people have to say…. so why are you going on about a report that said ” we need some surragate blacks ? it is all about politics !!!!! so why has this come about ? Dacosta , I have turned you off for good.

  12. Eyeinthesky says:

    See plp …. Fox in hen house! He knew he was being used and still wanted the mantle as Opposition Leader! Wayne n plp he is just as bad as the rest of UBP persons he mentioned. Look …. I know what I get with a Ewart Brown and a Grant Gibbons…… But Only God know’s what PLP is getting with a Wayne Furbert! He looks the worst in all this mess!


  13. Who wrote the report? says:

    I truly hate election time in this hate filled island.

    IMO when the OBA loses this election they should simply fold up and let Bermuda be governed by a one party system (PLP) that their supporters yearn so badly for and deserve.

    The divisive tactics employed by the PLP will then cease (as there will be no one to blame) and then maybe we can start actually progressing with race relations as every election just pushes us back another decade or so.

    So OBA please call it quits after your failed election bid and give the majority of the voters what they want and what they deserve.

    • street wise says:

      “IMO when the OBA loses this election they should simply fold up and let Bermuda be governed by a one party system (PLP) that their supporters yearn so badly for and deserve.’

      Are you insane?!! Dr Evil would bully his way to become Bermuda’s first dictator. That IS his plan, right?! Don’t forget who is still pulling the strings in the plp Central Committee….

    • Observant says:

      What has this island done that’s so awful that we ‘deserve’ more years under the PLP’s “leadership”?

  14. Blurt says:

    Yes we all know that someone wrote a report, for theUBP, does not mean anything. I know that many people wrote reports for the PLP. Whoop de do. Bottom line is that PLP are destroying this country. If you want to vote for the destruction of this country vote PLP. The report has nothing to do with the OBA. The OBA are for Bermudians and Bermuda. Was John Swan black? Wasn’t he the leader of the UBP way before any report?

    Basically what you see here is a failed PLP government, with nothing to offer, but to hang everything on a desperate last ditch effort to pretend that this has anything to do with the OBA. The PLP has fooled, decieved, lied, pretended and more. They do not have your interests at heart, they have their own pockets and power.

    The OBA are not the bogeyman, they are a collective group of people who have grown up in todays Bermuda and see what has been happening in todays Bermuda. The OBA are me, you and everyone. They represent all of Bermuda and are committed to making it work for you. they were born though a frustration of seeing overspends after overspends, friends and family contracts, mismanagement of an economy using USA consultant advice, poverty, crime, gang crime, lack of investment (no the PLP expenses are not an investment).

    Is it in Furberts interests for the PLP or the OBA to win…hmmmmmm exactly.

    If you want worsening education for your kids, if you want more debt, more money leaving Bermuda, more crime, shootings, and less social spending, vote PLP…their record us something they are desperate to hide….if they had results, they would be running their campaign on results. Today is the day Bermudian finally put the nail in the integrity of Bermudians.

    • status! says:

      @ Blurt—-and what exactly has this collective group been doing all these years while Bermuda has been going through a demise? sitting watching doing nothing!These same collective bunch have been guilty by their silence!!!guilty because they sat and watched instead of collectively trying to help Bermuda as opposed to trying to bring done the ruling party nwho has managed so far to get rid of the Mid-Ocean newspaper, Triminghams(slave flagship) Smiths Bank of Bermuda( slave flagship) and the UBP who had grandpas that where Slavemasters! The PLP will also get rid of the OBA as their members are the same products from the same mentality that they feel comfortable using Blacks as fill ins to gain votes than prolly abandon them after and have no respect for them because they have already been convinced its for their own good! Its pathetic how the oba supporters will try to cover up anything to mae themselves loo good but your party leader showed his true colors on television last night, I could almost see the strings being pulled..Mr. cannonier should have never responded if he was not involved, and being a leader should have gone to the persons in his party that were involved and put them out front to answer but those chickens prefer to use a black surrogate cos no white person wants to be confronted thats why a lot of our present issues cannot be solved! Its o to go bac to white grandpas history but not the Black history?!!! OBA will not be getting my vote with the type of attitude they have been displaying lately They are starting their own drama before the election! Indication of the divisiveness is blaring!Black surrogates are being used. How would you feel about being used! some blacks are suffering from the Patty Hearst syndrome and are still in love with their perpetrators!

  15. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    So, you were elected as leader of the UBP in 2006, and you were a “surrogate.” Yet the document in question supposedly was written after the December 2007 elections. Wow! Ok.

    So even before they were advised to have black folks as “surrogates,” these brilliant people in the UBP were ahead of the game! Dang, they must be prrrrrrrrrreeety good!
    Wonder why they really lost? They already had their “surrogates” in place and it didn’t make any difference. They still lost. Could it have been that the people didn’t like what they were doing?
    Could it be that, even though the PLP were an untried, inexperienced entity (sound familiar?), people wanted, even needed, a change?

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Pastor , you’re 1000% right on the money . Sir John was the first blatently used surrogate after David Gibbons was sure to loose after the ’77 hangings and riots . Even before that E.T.Richards assumed the position . Every time an election was pending ,out came the black surrogate for the UBP .. Call me a liar , but I’ve got the historical facts on my side .

      • Keturah says:

        You have speculation on your side…..not to mention paranoia.

      • Blurt says:

        Report was in 2007 wasn’t it? Hmmmm perhaps you should get the PLP to give us the audited 2011 financial statements. There is the report Bermuda needs to read an weep… Terrifying.

        • A Bermudian says:


          I agree with Blurt, the financials from 2011 need to be read. This is all informaion that the country has a right to know. On the flip side, I believe this document is relevent, and should be explained to the public.

  16. ABC says:





    2 FUNNY

  17. Blurt says:

    Grant Gibbons, Dunkley, and Glenn Smith, will NEVER be the leader of the OBA or the premier of Bermuda, you can be assured the OBA will never let that happen. They are in there to help with their experience and nothing more.

    • Terry says:

      So what.
      I and we want a better Bermuda.
      It’s that simple. But money and greed.

  18. Ringmaster says:

    The question needed is “is the 27 page document leaked last week the exact same document he says he saw with his own eyes”? Somehow I doubt it.

    Regardless, this is clearly being used as a distraction away from the severe economic crisis facing Bermuda, and for which the PLP have no obvious solution. What will the PLP do to reduce Government expenditure by $200 million annually so that Bermuda can survive?

  19. Mad Dawg says:

    And why does Mr Furbert suddenly bring this up now? What sudden revalation has occurred?

    Other than the possibility of losing that Ministerial job he has…..

  20. M3ke says:

    This is terrible. OBA have the wrong slogan. We need Hope now!!!

  21. Time Passages says:

    How come Flip Flop is only speaking up now? Lack of credibility makes this a complete joke. So UBP had a plan – at least somebody did COS PLP OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT!!!!!!!

    Get out of the house!!!!!

  22. Time Passages says:

    I guess Flip Flop was programmed ‘from the wound’ (sic) to say this HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. fed up of the PLP says:

    Wayne Furbert said its wrong for UBP to have targeted 95% white and 25% black voters.

    How is the PLP any better?

    I am sure they have a ‘target’ also and its likely the other way around…95% black and 5% white – they know BDA is majority black – so all they have to do is keep black people on their side to win which IS ALL THEY FOCUS ON!!!!

    Division and division. Just to “stay in power” – another statement by Wayne – as if the PLP don’t want to “stay in power.”

    THE PLP were the ones to DRIVE white voters to UBP back in the last elections with all their racist talk and division, and then say “ah-ha – look at all the white people there! they are there because they don’t like us black people.”

    THE PLP created the recent and worst divide by openly alienating white people.

    I am white, I was thrilled when PLP first got power. I was looking forward to the country moving forward. Since then the PLP has indiscreetly told me they don’t care about me and that they want to convince all black people that all white people are devils.

    • Keturah says:

      Yes, Fed Up, you are spot on.

    • Liars says:

      well said and l second that!

    • tired of the petty people says:

      Absolutely right.

      Wayne Furbert is a snake … such a weak man.

      Sounds like the PLP are desperate in making this such a smoke screen, since they cannot defend their actions of sinking this island since they came to power. Tragic.

      Divisive short sighted people they are.

    • status! says:

      @fed up of plp——We blacks have been fed up of racism for many centuries, and you just voted for plp in 1998? Racism is about white people and white people having a supreme attitude! Black people are constantly fighting for their rights, whites divided first which is why Blacks fought against segregation because they were fist divided so to say the PLP caused the divide shows you lack your facts!And the opressor is the devil (it says so in the holy bible) so take it up with your ancestors who wrote that version!

    • A Bermudian says:

      @fed up of the PLP

      I have to call you out on this one bra. You said the PLP drove white people to the UBP? Are you serious, or are you just saying this?

      Lets be real for a minute, majority of white Bermudians have been voting for UBP for a very long time. Please don’t sit there and try to make people think otherwise. Believe what you want, but this country has been divided. We have never been together like you claim we were.

  24. Noel Ashford says:


    I personally as someone that worked with you in your time in the UBP just lost some more respect for you in blatently Lying to the public to try and distract from what a failure the PLP governement is to this Island.

    If the PLP can make you lie as a self proclaimed holy man / do-gooder, it goes to show just how poisonous and dangerous they are to this island. A little cash and your conscious goes out the window seemingly. You should be ashamed of yourself…

    Wayne, notably regardless of your opinions on your sour grapes of being ousted in the UBP which happened because your polled horribly as leader – likely due to the fact that you mis-pronounced the Islands name daily during your time as leader (it’s Bermuda, not Bermud’ur) You have offered yourself up as a PLP lemming… They are walking you off of a cliff and using you and you seemingly aren’t able to see it.

    I feel sorry to watch it for one. Why don’t you try standing up for the truth and not becoming a part of the problem; PLP lies and racism to steer us away from the horrible PLP track record. Surely any senior PLP person could show us their age old recipe which is to avoid your record which is terrible and talk about other items while stiring the emotion pot… (not to be confused with Mak-High’s Pot)…

    • Time for Change says:

      Agreed. not once did he look straight at the camera reading from his paper tonight on the news. Very sad.

      • Come Correct says:

        I watched when he looked down at the paper and what he said after, some of what he says after reading makes it clear he didn’t write it. Im tired of seeing pokiticians reading from prepared speaches, I could write a speech that says all the right things too. I want to see them speak from the heart. When you can stand up and confidently present your ideas whithout staring at a paper, it tells me you know and understand what you’re talking about.

    • Unbeeeeelievable!! says:

      I agree Noel. Mr. Furbert, you should be ashamed of yourself! I voted for you when I lived in Hamilton parish, not because you were UBP, but because you always canvased and came to my door year after year – unlike your PLP combatant. You seemed to know our issues and were from our area and convinced me you had our best interests at heart. How far you have fallen. It is shameful that all your party can do is discredit and distract from the real issues. Who cares what happened 5 years ago? What have you and the PLP done since? Run on your record, NOT on what may or may not have been written. NO one cares. We want you to show you actually care about Bermuda and ALL Bermudians. I feel sorry for those new PLP candidates who actually want to make a difference. You and those who are pursuing this issue have handcuffed them. Speak to the issues Wayne, not the rhetoric!

    • RHONDA says:

      So Kim Swan lied, Gary Moreno Lied, Wayne Furbert Lied, and the silent lambs, Michael Dunkley, Grant Gibbons, Glenn Smith all speak the truth..

  25. Y-Gurl says:

    Filbert is so short sighted he can’t see anything, when he was in theUBP he was useless and he hasn’t improved since then, come on Furbert if this is the best you can do, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your a clown rather than open your mouth and confirm people’s suspitions

  26. Ryan says:

    Here’s why the report is a FAKE and Bermudians should STOP being DECEIVED by the PLP. THESE are the questions that should have been asked at this joke of a press conference…..

    - First and foremost, the alleged author, Mr. Marius Penczner, has DENIED any involvement in the report, and so that alone should indicate it is fraudulent. His reasons for it being a piece of ficiton were clear: wrong date, wrong adress, wrong letterhead, and, most notably, it was written TWO MONTHS before the 2007 election.
    - Marius Penczner is a US ad / film producer, NOT a political strategist for UK overseas territories. As can be seen on his website, the time of services he offers do NOT include advising political parties. They involve producing commercials and developing media. Nothing else. Thus, Mr. Penczner’s job description does not match up with the contents of the report. How in the heck does someone go from filming ads for US clients to predicting the outcome of an election two months before it happened, in a country whose politics you know NOTHING about? No sense!
    - The report Gary Moreno presented on his Tuesday evening report is DIFFERENT from the so-called “authentic” one he has on Wednesday. The one shown on Tuesday evening has the incorrect date, and other errors. Conveniently, the apparently “real” document he displays the next day has those issues cleared up. However, it *still* clearly bears Mr. Penczner’s letterhead and stationary, which Marius has said — clearly — is *not* his. Now, if Gary Moreno had this authentic document all along, why did he show a different report on Tuesday night? Something’s not right!
    - The “document” — which has had its metadata stripped — is hosted vis a vis a proxy domain name, and, in addition, there are Faceobok ads regarding both this site and a video of Gary Moreno. Such ads, coupled with the domain name, cost thousands of dollars. Who else but the …. can afford those?

    These and other questions should have been asked of the panel! Thus, because of these reasons and many more, the documents online and those presented on TV are fabrications! Clearly, the PLP are using a FALSE document as a DISTRACTION from the real issues of Bermudians. They are trying to deceive voters, and we should *not* let is happen.

    Again, WAKE UP, BERMUDA! Don’t believe in this nonsense, especially out of the mouth of Wayne Furbert!

    • M.R. says:

      I wish the OBA leaders would be as passionate as this post.

    • Nothing but Talking Points says:

      You can’t really be serious can you. And now they say they got the report, what do you say?

      • Rick Rock says:

        Wayne didn’t say this was the report. He says he saw some mysterious report, a report that he suddenly remembers now after 7 years, 2 weeks prior to the election. And not only that, he remembers one specific word in the report. Amazingly convenient for him. But he did not say the 27-page document produced — last week was the report he remembers seeing. Which means he is confirming that the 27-page document is actually a forgery. If it were the real document, he would have said so.

        The PLP can’t produce new “corrected” versions of document after document, week after week, and say “Oh yes, that was a forgery. But forget that, THIS s the the real one. Honestly, I really mean it this time.”

    • status! says:

      @ryan–none of what you say proves that the document is a fake, just because the people involved don’t want to comment is the diverson from the fact that this mentality is prevalent today! You are doing a lot of observing to prove that it is not authentic but the contents have not been disputed by the parties affiliated..So until we hear from the people mentioned in the dcument anything that has been publicized without refute or a lawsuit will be deemed to be true..

    • J Zuill says:

      @Ryan: There is another side to Penczner’s work. He has been a political media consultant for several US presidential campaigns including Edwards (2003-2008), H.R. Clinton (2004), Gore (2000), and W.J. Clinton (1996). See the following article at the Washington Post:


  27. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    kim n wayne sound like two little snitch b$%$#s that is losing the battle…u go boy…by any means necessary.

  28. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    How about looking at hard facts.

    FACT; Under PLP Bermuda has lost a lot of prestige.
    FACT; Under PLP, the crime rate in Bermuda has risen astronomically
    FACT; Unemployment has risen astronomically.
    FACT; Bermuda needs a change to see if it will get better.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Hard facts is Joebags…Sadly the same can be said about most places in the civilized world today . The standards have dropped and will continue to drop in our lifetime .

      Now if you want a change I suggest you abandon the thongs and get into some wide fronts .

      • Soooooo says:

        MP… Pull up the pants bye

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        Most – yes – but not all. What seperates those that haven’t fallen from those like us! Responsible government – responsible spending – responsible borrowing.

        The PIGS as they are known Portugal, Italy (Ireland), Greece and Spain have a similar story to this government . Borrow, waste and give it away, then borrow more and repeat!

        Is Canada in the same boat as the USA – NO…take a look and see what made them different.

    • Clear View says:

      @Joey, In which developed country do the points you mentioned not relate.
      It’s a worldwide recession.
      You all really think that the issues facing Bermuda, exist only in Bermuda. Have a look at the world news, it’s everywhere, everyday.
      Change for change sake is certain not the answer.

      • observer says:

        Please, I would like you to look at Germany, switzerland, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Australia, North Koria, Singapore just to name a few. Bermuda had the wealth and industry that could of held this island stable, but he racial comments and bad policies have driven the wealth and executives that create jobs out of Bermuda. I know you won’t agree, but without the wealthy, there are no jobs or money going around to the average man. Not even the X CEO of HSBC lives in Bermuda. Please wake up before it is to late for you and your future generations. There is no confidence and respect anymore for this present administration.

        • status! says:

          @observer—and I know you won’t agree but the only thing I need from those wealthy people isto know how they accumulated such wealth, certainly not from working!!!!from using surrogates to do their work making them lots of money with disregard to the people who worked to help them achieve it, some wealthy people simply stole to get their wealth, so no I don’t need the wealthy man to give me a few coins, I need him to give back the money he stole!pirated!kept away from the working class man by any means necessary through unfair practices and discrimination.That would show respect for the labor force worldwide,those one percent greedy wealthy people need to give back, the PLP are simply getting their feet wet in uncovering the mess left to them to unravel, and the OBA would have the same learning curve and inexperience and it will still tae a while with a change of party,because of the state of the world economy created out of greed!

          • Come Correct says:

            Are supposed to take you seriously Meow? Swingingfromthechangaliers…whatever the f@ck your name will be tomorrow?

        • Rum Runner says:

          It is laughable to suggest that the PLP created and practice racism here in Bermuda. Racism is white folks middle name. The only time white people get that kissy huggy feeling towards black people in this country is when the election time rolls around in 4 or 5 years time. They don’t assimilate with black people at all. Black folks join various groups that white folks are members of but whites don’t do the same in return. It is a one sided relationship. At the Crifta sports event at the National stadium , a foreign athlete ask me why white atheletes don’t compete in the events. I told him that the races don’t normally interact that much here in Bermuda. He seem puzzled.

      • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

        You are right but there are a lot of places world wide that are fairing very well. Bermuda does not have a military as the U.S and is not involved in conflicts, Bermuda does not YET have an entitlement class of people that is demanding those that work for their bread and butter to also provide them with their bread and butter. The problem with Bermuda as I see it is that the government, no matter how terrible the economic situation is, they vote themselves a raise. Why is that? What do the politicians do for their $100,000 plus salary? That’s the difference. It was never like that before. While Bermudians and alike are losing their jobs and livelihood, those politicians are getting raises or when they get caught they give themselves a 5% pay cut. Are you kidding me?! 5%?

    • Y-Gurl says:


  29. Ringmaster says:

    Wayne is the modern day Judas. How much has the PLP paid him for his betrayal? He has shown his treacherous nature. He has shown he has no scruples, morals or principles. If he loses his seat as an MP, and he should, will he leak the PLP Cabinet meetings to the public?

    If I were in his Constituency he would not get my vote, and I hope he loses.

    • Liars says:

      spot on too…..!

      LOL “modern day Judas” thats good thinking and very true.

      He doesn’t even know that even now he is a “surrogate” for the PLP……after this election they will throw him out the door of alaska Hall like trash….he has thus far done ZERO to improve Bermuda!

  30. Kathy says:

    I too am white and I was also thrilled to see the PLP get into power. Bermuda needed a change back then and we gave the PLP a chance. Now, too, it is time for a change. It is healthy in politics to see swings in majorities. PLP for 4 years and OBA for 4 years, then PLP again. It keeps all sides more honest and accountable.

    Why not give the OBA a chance for positive change? We can only go UP from where we are now!!!

    • S.O.L. says:

      The O.B.A. are still the U.B.P, don’t u get it…..
      just like the 40 thieves still have all the old $$$$$$$$,
      same goes for O.B.A they still are controled by the old guards, dunkley,john swan, gibbons,saul, barritt, n so on….P.L.P. is here to stay,

      • Anbu says:

        And I suppose you’re quite pleased with that aren’t you? Some people just don’t get it. A country has no use for a government if nobody has money for them to steal from us!!!! So what’s the point? These hams in power now couldn’t govern a friggin empty cardboard box!!! Let alone a country, they’ve had 14 years to try and they have failed miserably! But go ahead vote em back in, see where u r in five years .

  31. jmo says:

    If the PLP hired some American consultants and they told them that they need some white surrogates to be more representative of the Bermuda population would it be an issue?

    • David says:

      Ah but they do! and look where that has taken us.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      See but the thing is this … The UBP bought a whole new team . They put a new LOGO on it and said play ball . It’s like a game to these people , who don’t really give a damn about how they win .

      • Blurt says:

        The UBP are in the PLP. Wayne, Smith, et al. .huh…. the OBS is fully of new , skilled , strong people who want the best for all Bermudians. Where are the 2011 government Financial statements? The PLP do puppet shows, song, fearmongering, whilst the ONA focus on facts. 3000 unemployed, 7000 underemployed. 300 shootings, PLP have no accountibility and we are leaking money out of thus country like tank rain. The PLP don’t care about Public Education, they think it is a success, they don’t care about gun crime, all talk and no action, they don’t care about promises, where are these hotels???, the PLP have no basis for being in power now, let alone a basis for going foward. So many plans to plan yo do a plan has cost this country heavily. They need to go.

        • Blurt says:

          The OBA stnds fir the one bermuda alliance…..the plp stands for the progressive labour party…..there is less and less lanour in Bermuda every day since Cox has been in a ministerial position.

          • A Bermudian says:

            @ Blurt,

            now you know where the OBA came from, must we really go down that road? Please tell me your not be serious Blurt!

    • RHONDA says:

      JMO it would only be an issue if they followed the advice…..

  32. VoteForMe says:

    This is an unethical thing for Furbert to do he is a trader for leaving the UBP and how can you trust anyone like that he could do it to the PLP. Jamal Simmons did it.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Retooling a business or a political party is nothing new. You can be sure the Republican Party will devise a strategy to show different faces/races at the next election.

      Hopefully, the PLP will keep all private and confidential information far away from Wayne Furbert.

      He will certainly use it against them when the next political opportunity comes along.

    • Webster says:

      Jamal Simmons,was always looking out for his best interest… he went from party to party…no one has any respect for him….

    • Vote for Me says:

      posting is fine but do not be a ‘trader’ and use my name.

  33. Really says:

    Does this mean Zane. Is a white surrogate ?

  34. RawOnion says:

    The voters of Furbert’s constituency will let him know how they feel about him on December 17th.

  35. James Rego says:

    As a voter in #6 and someone who has always voted for Wayne because he held similar values to us, why is it at the eleventh hour does he jump in to help muddy the waters? I feel that there probably is a document and it is no where as damaging as Wayne would have us believe, I would like to know when Wayne was a part of the UBP and this document was being developed, what part did he play in its development? Why has it taken so long for it to surface? It couldn’t be because there is an election coming up and the ruling regime will talk about anything but their deplorable track record?

    Wayne knows me well enough to know that I would be very dissappointed in the way he has represented us. He took the vote we have him in good faith and gave it to Ewart Brown! If I wanted Brown to have my vote, I would have voted for Charles Clark who came across as a very decent person. But no, Wayne takes our vote and betrays us and turns it over to the one person who will go down in history as being the single most distructive person who bought Bermuda to the brink of financial ruin because he had scores to settle!

    I still believe Wayne is a decent person deep down, unfortunately he has been cought up in this negative entity which is all consuming and will suck what little decency that is left out of him. Unfortunately the term honorable no longer applies, the person standing before me is a stranger, maybe I never knew him at all!

    • tired of the petty people says:

      Well said.

    • Soooooo says:

      Thumbs up James!!

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      J.R. , you’re as superficial as they come . Anyway , you mean as much to Wayne Furbert as J.R.Ewing does right now .

    • OnlyTheTruth says:

      Queue the violin music…

      How does any of that have any bearing on what this island is experiencing right now?

      I don’t trust anyone who tries to appeal to voters with an attempt at plucking heart strings.

      “…maybe I never never him at all..” so what, that’s why I should vote for OBA???

      Perhaps you should thank him for not making sooner mention of a report/strategy I heard about within days of the BDA’s creation.

    • status! says:

      @James Rego—-I don’t think you ever got to now Wayne either and falling from your grace is the least of his worries, but you digress from the contents in the letter I see..You never knew Wayne because you are incapable of knowing what its like to be used as a race! You will never know Wayne until you understand who he is as a person not someone you expect him to be! How could Wayne represent your interest?! That would make him a surrogate! Who gave you the right to determine Honorable, that word is reserved for sitting MPS with Portfolios who have been serving for a number of years , Wayne didn’t make up that up! Those are Parliamentary rules! The term Honorable applies whether you think so or not! Get off your podium, of pure white and chaste! Confront the situation and try to give your opinion of the contents of the document based on his perspective as a black man..then again its impossible for you to do that because you think you are a monument unto yourself and its hard for you to look at yourself as a perpetrator of evil and unfairness! Wayne used to have views like you because he was brainwashed! He can see more cleary now who he is even though he still has a way to go..

  36. Plato says:

    Well damn Call him a liar I dare you

  37. Angela says:

    How strategic to bring this out right now. Why not bring it to light in 2009? Why not let us all know even back then huh Mr. Tourism if you really cared. And if Kim knew about the report why he stay under the UBP umbrella do long? It is all about distracting from the issues. I don’t blame Craig for getting upset but please what I saw on tv was not him blowing off so let’s not exaggerate!

    Furthermore if there are black surrogates then the white ones are J. Smith and Z. DeSilva. Same s$%t different party.

    • OnlyTheTruth says:

      You’re really going to try and compare the willingness of Bermuda’s whites to openly support the PLP with the willingness of blacks to openly support the OBA. The former is a true testament to the racial dynamics of this island historically and the reluctance of whites here to integrate into a “Black party”. The DeSilva’s may have been opportunist in some respect but you can’t ignore the reality I’ve mentioned above. Blacks have always been more open to integrating with whites than whites with black groups.

  38. Wow says:

    Mr Wayne, I can’t believe you stooped this low. This is UBP not OBA. one has nothing to do with the other. Not once did you look into the camera speaking, so that tells you right there! Totally lost my respect.

  39. RFK JFK MLK says:

    Wayne Furbert the island’s political —-.

  40. Justwonderingg says:

    What’s really disturbing to me is that PLP can have such a bad record, an even worse election campaign, and yet they still have a good chance at winning the election! What will be their excuse 4 years from now should they win? Because they’ve only showed me that they know how to make a bad situation worse.. As far as Wayne furbert is concerned, he’s not even worth the toilet paper that I use to wipe my black azz with, and that’s just keepin it real

    • OnlyTheTruth says:

      What would you say if over that 4 years the world came out of the downturn it is experiencing, naturally taking Bermuda with it (as it did down) and the PLP was in power during all of it. You’d say they had nothing to do with it and that it was due to a global economic recovery wouldn’t you. Yet for some reason it doesnt seem to work that way when the sh#t hits the fan. You need someone to blame. And naturally it will be the government of the time, especially if youre they type that is not capable of carrying any blame yourself for the hardships you experience.

      • Justwonderingg says:

        News flash… The US hasn’t been in recession for at least 2 years, since I’m gonna assume that’s the “whole world” that u speak of… If you can name me 20 other countries that are still in as horrible condition as Bermuda I am ALL ears/eyes.. And furthermore, who told you that I’m experiencing personal hardships? I can direct you to about 3300 ppl that ARE experiencing extreme hardships, so why don’t you tell them to blame themselves because they were no longer needed at their respective places of work.. I was so hoping for the PLP to succeed so that I could be proud as a young black man that my ppl were doing big things, but they just don’t have what it takes. And for Wayne furbert to profess to be a Christian and sit there telling lies, itself doesn’t deserve even 1 vote.. I’m not against PLP, I’m for progress as a country. Talking about the UBP when they’re no longer in existence and keeping racism alive in 2012 only regresses us as a country

        • OnlyThe Truth says:

          LOL! Newsflash firstly nobody mentioned “recession”, and secondly the definition of recesssion is not solely limited to 2 consecutive quarters of non-negative gdp growth which is the ACADEMIC definition your observation implies. I can assure you the millions of Amercians that are still experiencing the “downturn” can give a damn about and end to their recession, per the highschool textbook definition, while home foreclosures are still high, unemployment is still high, and spending is down. And the same applies to Europe. Unless a nation has been completely exempt from the effects of the global downturn, no one “had what it took” to get through it unscathed. You werent complaining like this pre-2008 when Bermuda was experiencing the biggest surge in the presence of international business (IN BERMUDA’S HISTORY)! Are you ashamed of that as well Mr. Young Black Male. You’re foolish to think this is all the fault of the PLP. Spend less time buying into all the rhetoric and mudslinging in the press and see things for whats really going on. Otherwise you’ll never have an informed perspective.

          • OnlyThe Truth says:

            Typo… “2 consecutive quarters of negative gdp”. Would hate to add to confusion.

            • Justwonderingg says:

              Ok so I’m jussayin like… Can you name me 20 countries that are in as bad shape as Bermuda is RIGHt now tho? I’ve never argued that there are millions of people in America still looking for work, I’m merely saying that their economy has turned for the better over the last few years.. They’ve slowly but steadily been climbing out of the hole, whereas Bermuda is stuck in the rut with no end in sight, but yet we have a Premier that has said on a few occasions that our economy is getting better. But if you can name.. Ok how about 10 countries that are in AS bad shape as Bermuda is financially, you might give me something to consider… Sike! My mind’s made up and I’m not turning back

              P.s. sale were through the roof for black Friday in America this year

              • OnlyTheTruth says:

                Mate… answering a question like that starts with your definition of bad shape. If you want to speak in general, I could easily name over 100..

                What exactly is the point you are making when referencing signs of recovery in the US. Do you believe, for some strange reason, that whatever “signs” are popping up over there translates to an immediate impact on Bermuda? Because the answer is quite simply NO. Its so ridiculous how people use that as a basis for gauging recovery in Bermuda… But if thats the country you want to focus on start with knowing that Bermudas debt to GDP ratio is lower than that of the US…

                Whats interesting is the Premiers comments you are referring to are consistent with what you consider to be signs of recovery in the US. A recession, by textbook definition, is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. That means if there arent its technically not a recession. Doesnt mean things are noticeably better. That same definition was likely the basis of the Premier’s comments.

                If your “mind” is made up then hey, good for you. But you show the exact same characteristics of plenty of other misinformed voters out there going off of half truths and emotions rather than the facts and an understanding of what is actually happening in the world. Its those people that will ultimately be disappointed regardless of who they vote for.

  41. JT says:

    Mr. Furbert,
    I understand you have a lovely voice. You sure are singing now.
    Perhaps when you tire of this song you could lay down a few verses of that catchy new PLP campaign tune for us.

  42. Dante's Inferno says:

    This has got to be a new all time low for the PLP!

    I am so mad at this rhetoric!

    Soon l will be part of a mass exodus!

    Bye Bye My Money! Bye Bye Bermuda!

    • OnlyTheTruth says:

      Mass exodus! That’s funny!

      You’ll be right here. The place people who HAD TO LEAVE wish they could be after they left.

      I know tons of them, as well as the REAL reasons they left, which had nothing to do with a dislike of the local government rather than a global recession that forced their companies to downsize or shut down.

      You’re a delusional dreamer. Must be blissful that kind of ignorance…

  43. John E. Thorne says:

    It is because of the crap that is going on leading up to the general election that I do not believe in party politics. There are no winners here because we are ALL going down together whether we like it or not. Party politics is killing this country! It is time for both parties and any independents that might win to work together irrespective of which party wins the election for the good of Bermuda and all its residents.
    Come on Bermuda we are better than this. What kind of example are we setting for our children and grandchildren. God help us all!

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ John E. Thorne
      I think you hit the nail on the head. I believe the document to be true based on several factors, not least of which because Barritt admitted it some time ago. To his credit, he said he would stand down if the OBA Leader was not an MP. Thus he brought an end to a well regarded political career. I wonder what hs is thinking now!!

      The greatest tragedy is that our children are reading about all of this. What does it say for our future.

      My solution? Dunkley and Gibbons, Man up and move on – you got caught with your pants down but his too shall pass. Tonight’s non admission by Dunkley that he received the email but did not read it and Gibbons’ complete avoidance is simply not good enough!! In particular, I expect better from Gibbons – I think he is betraying his fathers legacy.

  44. Triangle Drifter says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! The Island is coming apart at the seams. Dec 17th is our one chance to make a change for the better & people are fixated on some 5 year old document written by a consultant for a now defunct UBP.

    Only in Bermuda!

    Are we that stupid? Really??? The OBA is trying to stick to issues. The PLP is busy trying everything to trick the voters into looking at anything but the issues & their dismal 14 year record. The good of the Island is the last thing on their priority list. Maybe that is what their consultant, in his secret report, has told them to do.

    Sheesh, every company, every sports team, every political party has a strategy plan which is best if it is kept secret.

    What IS the problem here?

    • Justwonderingg says:

      I totally agree!! Let’s stick to the issues at hand.. What is the OBA’s secret plan?? TO WIN THE ELECTION!!! There! Now it isn’t a secret anymore. Both parties hire consultants, but that’s politics in general, how dare PLP act like they haven’t hired consultants. Their consultant told them to make the election about everything besides their record

  45. w%$rstupid says:

    Come on oba you know the document is real and that you are only trying to trick the Bermuda public.

    You are still the ubp and nothing will ever change that.

    Lol, i must have recieved the report by email.

    None of you see that was said heh.

    • Blurt says:

      Te UBP are nithing to do with the OBA. The PLP are more UBP. The OBA is made up of Bermudians who are fed up of the mess the government have put us in, the unethical avtivities, overuns, increase in gang violence missing money, mysterious trusts, dodgy leases, LED lights, 6 years to build low cost housing, promised and promised and promised again hotels, the increasing unemployment of Bermudians, the dollars leaving the island, the 1.5 Bn debt, the cist of this debt, thedesperated raid on pendion funds, the lack of MInister pay cuts when romised, the failure an kack of accountibilty, the faith based touism the beyonce excess, Uiger gate, cox who had her and on the money, still having her hand on the money as well as the premier role, she failed to do the oe properly, hw the hell can she do two. Thruster walls, crane rental, southshire condos, wedco getting all the tourim dollars to the detriment of St Georges and Hamilton,…..the list goes on and on and on.

      • Just Wow says:

        “Te UBP are nithing to do with the OBA.”

        What disturbs me most is that you believe this. Guess the not-so-secret, “not at all connected to the OBA whatsoever” report totally worked!

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Blurt – slow down you are typing too fast. You may not realise it yet but Dunkley has now provided his tacit admission that he received the email but did not read the document. I wonder how many other emails he received but did not read as an astute businessman?? Dare i ask how he knows it was received via email if he did not read it?

    • Just Wow says:

      Agreed, quite obviously the document is real at this point. But I think it’s hilarious how easily OBA supporters have been able to dismiss it. Why can’t they understand that this would mean the UBP/OBA has KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY deceived Bermudians including them? How is this behavior acceptable??!

      • Come Correct says:

        After 14 years of “we had to decieve you”, you kinda get numb to it. Clearly wayne was ok with the document being the party leader at the time. Political parties always have a strategy, the public hasn’t seen the real document, just a falsified version, so I guess the original isn’t all that bad. I guess its easier to run with that than on the plp record huh? Its amazing how the plp keep screetching about former ubp members joining the oba but what about the rest that joined the plp? They’re just following the “secret plan”, it just wasn’t clear what other party to join. Now before I get labeled a party loyalist, I want the oba to lose, all of you that come here to blindly defend the plps abismal record at all costs, I want you to get what you vote for, and I hope its everything you dreamed of, just don’t cry about it later.

  46. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    We need to start a petition for a Royal Commission on this nefarious plot to politically hijack the government by deceiving the people of Bermuda .

    • Blurt says:

      Yes the PLP with their white surrogates i.e the PLP/UBP seem to have more knowledge of a teport and have used it.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      Would you support a Royal Commision into how the PLP used the Bermuda Housing Corporation, allowed the BIU to put up a huge bond for a contractor without proof they had the money to cover, why a party friend was allowed to contract his own company to build TCD with public dollar and go over budget by 3 time the original amount with no oversight, why the former lease holder on the cement silos was forced out because he wouldn’t agree to pay to move them or put out more public shares in his company, but the current lease holder isn’t being held to the same lease agreement and has fewer public shares

      At least this this supposed report didn’t cost the tax payers millions of dollars. Besides, when it comes to secret documents and deceiving the public, the PLP wrote the book, developed the curriculum and staff the university. The sad thing is their constant desire to divide this country during election for the sake of keeping their voter base means they leave scares that keep this country divided well after the elections are done. Odd when they say they want unity.

  47. Soooooo says:

    — It’s interesting how the PLP propaganda wing has evolved. Slightly more subtle, but stil a load of crap!
    Wayne would say anything to stay in the limelight, he loves to be the center of attention!

  48. OnlyThe Truth says:

    You folks are delusional if you believe what you are seeing here in Bermuda is simply the fault of a government. No one was complaining during the boom times before the WORLD WIDE DOWNTURN started. You (individuals) and business owners alike were borrowing money like there was no end in site to the ridiculous growth were experienced pre-2008. For your multi-million dollar home purchases and additions and other spends that kept you up with the Jones’. Funny how no one on these blogs places any blame on the global lending institutions that got the world in this mess in the first place, including the ones that lend to governments! You’re going to be sorely disappointed if OBA wins and you realize within a year they cant do anything about what we are going through (without literally selling off Bermuda). You UBP(OBA) butt kissers are in desperate need of a wake up call… You’re a sucker, plain and simple, if you’re one of the unfortunates blind to the UBP’s strategy of operation “Reach Out to the Non-Elite”. The OBA will serve the interests of local business owners, not the average Bermudian. And I can assure you they are more likely to sell Bermuda off to outside interests (prepared to pay) than the PLP. Its hilarious how most of you are convinced you can relate better with that then a party that would never sell out Bermuda.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Well said !!!

      • ABC says:

        well said

    • Blurt says:

      The OBA are made up of Bermudians who care about Bermudians and Bermuda. Yes the PLP have put us in a whole, where their excessive spending overheated the economy, yes we are leaking money like tank rain because of their borrowing. The OBA are new…. Any butt kissing is in the PLP with Paulas little pets…..Burt, Bean and Dickerson…..one of her pets took the fall for someone more important. Sad that the people can’t see the PLP want nothin to do with them except offer token gestures. The OBA are not the PLP/UBP. With their white surrogates, the OBA are Bermudians with Bermudians for Bermudians. Sad that you can’t handle the truth.

      • OnlyTheTruth says:

        Sorry Blurt, but you actually talking to someone that has a clue. You’re not really saying anything to be honest. So why not start with something of substance by answering a few questions. Firstly, start with taking a break from reciting the same old TeaParty-esque mantra about government spending and focus on what of the biggest components, namely the creation of civil service jobs. Now explain to me how Blurt would have stimulated the economy of a country with no manufacturing sector and no natural resources while the world is plunging into one of the worst financial crisis in history? Answer that for me. And if you think you’re smart enough to handle that kind of damage control (IN THE MOMENT) without doing it via civil service jobs then clearly you should be at you MENSA meetings rather than blogging with us idiots…

        The entire world is experiencing what we are, and the ignorant peasants are busy playing the blame game rather than seeing things for what they are. The likes of Lehman Brothers and others who caused this got berated for a split second before the typically dim witted “average Joes/Joannas” found themselves blaming the next scapegoat outside of themselves, namely government. Its nothing new.

        Should be blame the PLP for the record loss corporations based here took in the markets post 2008? Or, following that, those firms’ decisions to downsize to offset losses… or fold up altogether? Should we blame them for the lack of growth in the (re)insurance sector because we havent seen another Katrina like event since 2005 to stimulate demand for capacity? Should we blame the PLP for the fact big companies here are using the efficiencies of globalization to save costs by shipping jobs out to India? Or that banks were lending millions to kids pre-2008 on the same asinine assumption that the ridiculous and unsustainable growth we were experiencing would NEVER END?

        I can assure mate what I am saying is just the tip of the iceberg and there is little you can tell me about handling the truth. As for youre naive, child-like denial of the OBA and UBP’s common interest, I hate tell you the world you live in is not built on the comforting ideals you would wish. The OBA serves the interest of a power center on this island that, I guarantee, is more aligned with foreign capital than its average local counterpart…

        • Just Wow says:

          Finally, someone on this site that can think outside of the “PLP has caused all of our problems” box! Thanks for providing a well needed, simply stated reality check.

        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          We certainly can not blame the PLP for the current state of the global economy and the impact it has had on our. But we can hold them responsible for their failures of the last 14 years. ’98 saw them campaign on a policy of transparency, accountability and transperancy in government, an end to cronyism in government and a promise to fix the education system. What we have gotten since is public accounts with little to no accounting and behind in auditing, an unprecedented level of government contracts awarded to party friends /family with little or no tendering, often against advisors recommendations and usually without regard to price or qualifications. And as for education, is was 10 years before they even started to act o that, and only after it had plummeted so bad it was in a meltdown, the social implications of that negligence along is going to haunt us for decades to come.

          As you pointed out, we have no manufacturing base or natural resources, so we need the foreign capital from the International Business community, it was what created our boom years and why so many were able to find some sort of work in every sector of employment. We need to find a way to nurture back that business that is critical to our well being, and while we need IB, they do not need the abusive, nationalist attitude of entitlement that the PLP have given them this last decade and a bit. If we want employment back, then we need business back. Either way, at this point civil service is going to have to be cut very soon, you can’t employ people without the money to pay them.

          • OnlyThe Truth says:

            The dynamics of awarding contracts in a small town like Bermuda will never change. There will always be “friends and family” that benefit. Don’t understand why its such a big shocker. Ownership of Front St was the first, and continues to be the most obvious, example of that. No party is more guilty than the other re “friends and family” and it definitely would not stop with the OBA so moot point.

            IB, as heavily weighted on the reinsurance sector, is beyond its prime. And any reinsurance CEO will tell you that. These companies change with the times, whether it be jurisdications, outsourcing to India, or meeting demand for new capacity with more cost effective solutions like sidecars that dont require the HR needs and investment of a traditional startup. The biggest and best still operate here so get over that crap about business decisions being centered around some falsely perceived nationalist attitude of entitlement because thats more of a reality for PLP-haters than it is leaders and shareholders within the IB sector. IB’s biggest surge was under the PLP government which was less about government and more about timing and opportunity. Our petty, small-time politics are hardly driving the core presence of IB here. Beyond that the most obvious problem we have is that a single (reinsurance) sector is responsible for 85 cents of every dollar driving our GDP. So the thinking needs to be how to we diversify, not how do we appease a sector that we are overweighted on and does not make decisions ultimately on local appeasement…

            • Building a better Bermuda says:

              I never isolated the IB to the reinsurance, when I said IB, I meant international business as a whole, and the awarding of government contact in our small community is indeed inevitable. I am opposed to doing on the basis of them being friends and family and against the recommendations of experts who are trying to get the jobs done by people who know how. This practice has been responsible for the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars and the PLP need to be held accountable for it, and should the OBA become government and repeat this practice, then they should be held to account then.

              Do not presume for a moment that just because I am speaking out against the PLP government, I am a PLP hater or an OBA friend. I am a party independent as I see party loyalty outside of the realm of candidates, to be detrimental to the progress of social democracy. I am a great fan of men like the honorable Dale Butler and Mr Ashfield DeVent, I am deeply saddened that Mr Mark Pettingill and the honorable Dale Butler will face each other in this election as it will mean one of them will have to lose, and both are valuable to Bermuda as MP’s. However I do not, and will not support a party that has attempted to ingrained the belief that if you do not support them you are not black, and call people coloured, ignorant, house n!@@&*$, plantation masters or racist dogs (to use a few of their publicly used terms). The truth of any UBP rebranding strategy document at this point bears no relevance to this coming election, and more as just another PLP stratagem to deflect the people’s attentions from the issues. The OBA has demonstrated an openness to all bermudian, regardless of race or class, while the PLP has once again shown that they would rather rely on their old formula of flogging the black community with the emotional lash in order to try and get it back in line behind them.

              And if you think government policy doesn’t effect IB, ask around how many businesses, IB and local, felt the sting when government increased payroll without any indication to it being a temporary act. Or how hard their stance has been to get work permits for people that this country just can’t produce enough of.

              • OnlyTheTruth says:

                I never said you isolated IB to reinsurance. Theres not need to say that when reinsurance alone accounts for over 85 cents of every dollar of GDP…

                As for friends and family (again…) it is almost ironic you refuse to acknowlege the OBA DOES represent the traditional commercial power center of this island. “Friends”, in their case however, translates to big money foreign interests, not local average Joes. Bermuda would become more “accessible” for outsiders that can afford her, and if you think favoritism amongst locals per you comments of the PLP pisses you off, what the OBA/UBP is likely to do would take it to a whole new level.

                And I’m sorry, but a temporary increase in payroll tax, while annoying, hardly carries the blame for the big picture here…

    • street wise says:

      Forget about the OBA… tell us what the PLP IS GONNA DO to get us out of the mess they created!! The only sucker is you, if you are gonna vote against you own well-being! Unless you are Friends & Family, that is….

      Please remember this simple axiom… No business. No jobs. No taxes. No plp gumbymint.

      • OnlyTheTruth says:

        Lets see if your still talk that jibberish when your beloved OBA (assuming they win) within their first year makes it easy for foreigners to buy up your property, live in your country indefinitely and own a larger (in many cases controlling) portion of this islands commercial interests. Then you’ll complain about being a second class citizen your your own country. And if you think thats never happened before try doing some research.

        As for what the PLP “IS GONNA DO”, start with the fact that while supporters of the UBP/OBA are hell-bent on focusing on the appeasement of our beyond-its-prime and less-than-diversified IB sector, Premier Cox (regardless of what you may personally think of her) has been engaging nations with far superior economic health than the US/Europe to build trade relationships that are aligned with the future of global commerce, for instance China and the Emirate nations. I consider than pretty forward thinking especially knowing that the very leaders of our IB (particularly reinsurance) sector acknowledge that the boom days of just 5 years ago are GONE. And it aint because of no PLP government, its because of whats right in front of your face – CHANGING TIMES!

        • Portia says:


          I wouldn’t place too much faith in Paula’s recent trips around the world to “engage nations” and “build trade relationships” as you term it. Neither China nor the Emirates have shown any concrete interest in investing in Bermuda. Islamic finance gives a little work to a couple of firms, and that’s about it. I seem to remember Ewart Brown taking trips to India and China as well, in order to drum up tourism business from there, but that came to nothing as well. Our tourism is not healthier because of it, we’re just poorer from having paid for his (and now hers) world tours.

          You talk about foreigners taking control of Bermuda property and commercial interests? Perhaps you were asleep when the PLP allowed Bank of Bermuda to be bought by HSBC. And it’s the PLP that is making it easier for foreigners to buy property here today – they actually allowed more condos to be put on the international market based on ARV so that Bermuda homeowners would not be restricted from selling in our real estate downturn. So who is selling out Bermuda to who??

          • OnlyThe Truth says:

            I’m sorry Portia but are you really going to waste time trying to make the case that it is not in our interest to engage the likes of China and the Emirate nations when they are in a much healthier economic state than the US and Europe?? And given the headway PC has made over the past couple years as an international diplomat, I’d put a lot more faith in her efforts and track record than I would Craig Cannoniers track record of running struggling gas stations! And come on… you really think Bermuda is poorer because of past government travel. Thats hilarious!

            To your point about the HSBC sale, that would have happened under the PLP of UBP/OBA. Small business is the life blood of the islands economy. The UBP/OBA would scrap the 60/40 rule within a year, and land ownership restrictions probably sooner. If adjustments werent made to to the condo restrictions by the PLP you would have given them flack for it. And it was a calculated adjustment that surely would not have had the impact of causing a foreign investor land grab. So dont act like what youre saying has any credence, when you know the OBA, which still represents the islands elite, is more likely to do whatever it takes to appease foreign interests.

            • street wise says:

              @OTT… Please be my guest… vote for your wondrous plp… see where it gets us! According to a recent poll by Bernews, 70% feel Bermuda is headed in the wrong direction. Lotta ‘swing voters’ in there I would suspect.

              If you cannot see that voting for the plp is voting against your own well-being, there is not much more I can say.

              Oh, BTW, your pure speculation on OBA policy is not the truth. You really don’t know what you are talking about.

              The plp. No talent. No plans. No ideas. No solutions. No money. No hope. No future.

              Vote wisely.

              • OnlyTheTruth says:

                Hah! I assume you are referring to the “…recent poll commissioned by the One Bermuda Alliance..” as it read in plain English.. What a shocker those results huh!

                Stop wasting my time street wise..

                And for the record I am closer to the history of the OBA that you would know. So you can actually believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about. I dont waste my time talking out of my a$$.. You want to be another target of what was literally a calculated strategy to secure a “non-elitist”, non-biased-white vote then go for it. Just makes you a pawn in that game – manipulated and controlled into your decision.

                Beyond that your vote will simply be the culmination of all the flawed logic you’ve expressed over the months. If thats your definition of voting wisely then power to you.

        • Small fry says:

          PLP have just passed laws and regulations allowing foreigners to buy all homes with ARV’s over $177K and foreigners to buy BELCO, Argus, BF&M, TELCO, Colonial,etc. etc. (and all the land these companies own. They allowed Bank of Bermuda (and all their properties) to be bought by HSBC.

          • Small fry says:

            HSBC have mabe 300 Bermudians redundant since buying Bank of Bda…. PLP good job!

          • OnlyThe Truth says:

            As I said before, the HSBC sale would have happened under either party. As for ARV’s

            • OnlyThe Truth says:

              As for ARVs all that was done was a reinstatement of the original policy not a relaxation of land ownership policy. And as for petitions for relaxation of 60/40 those were requests made on a case by case basis and judged accordingly. Senior proponents of the OBA/UBP have already openly called for a blanket abolition of the 60/40 rule altogether. And if thats the type of talk that comes from that party’s core before securing any election, imaging what would follow a win.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      This is the same government that has, within 14 years:

      - approved the sales of 3 out of 4 Bermuda banking institutions to foreign entities ( ironically the only Bermudian owned bank is Capital G)
      - issued massive debt offerings (I.e bonds) which were all scooped up by foreign investors (that’s right, your ass is owned by a foreigner whether you like it or not)
      - gave away stonington and hundreds of Bermuda taxpayer owned coast line in a shady lease to one of the PLP funders. Oh and by the way that white foreigner closed down the hotel training school that has trained hundreds, if not thousands, of Bermudians for the hospitality trade.
      - approved an SDO that gave a foreign entity to develop more of Bermudas untouched land as a means to attempt to bail out a white foreigner
      - or how about then fact that for the massive WEDCo redevelopment of Ireland Island this government has chosen to pay millions upn millions to an oversees contractor for the prefab houses?

      I won’t even get into the numerous foreign consultants that this government has paid out taxpayer funds to.

      Ad you lot actually believe they are “standing strong” for Bermudians?

      But we all know that in Bermuda a 5 year old report is way more important than the facts. This island truly gets the government it deserves. Good luck.

  49. ready to vote says:

    It’s a consultant’s report. Just because it recommends something doesn’t mean any action was taken on those recommendations. The Government should know that. They’ve paid for plenty of consultants’ reports that result in no action being taken.

  50. Funny Bone says:

    Can’t beleive Mr. Furbert would stoop so low to the point of not telling the truth.

    • street wise says:

      The man is a true UBP turncoat. Along with 8 other former UBP members who are now members of the plp. all turncoats. The plp has more ex-UBP than the OBA. And the plp have out-UBPed the UBP! The new 40 theives… talk about the new elite! Jeebus!!

  51. Funny Bone says:

    Mr. Furbert thinks he is in good hands and the nerve to say that white people need to make a change…………….that is why you will never fit in John Swans shoes…………..and the white people felt he was a great leader but one must say that the Black people felt he was not as great.


    Funny why is Brown answering questions what would he know of anything why not get Darius to sit in on the questioning would he not be able to verify the document ………….NO Darius was there to tell the other lie that the “OBA had a Secret”

  52. Funny Bone says:

    ONLY THE TRUTH ……….would never tell a lie would you WELL WELL WELL exactly how the PLP work….. scare tactics to “Decieve” the people into thinking they do no wrong and everyone else are fools.

    Ok ……….tomorrow morning let the OBA open all the accounting books on the PLP and then we will see if the People of Bermuda are have somthing to be disapointed about…….why not put the money were your mouth is and lets be totaly truthfull with the people of Bermuda.

    Let’s think now if the UBP were so bad why were they willing to make Mr. Furbert a premier………..bet the PLP will not do the same……what does Mr. Furbert think he will achieve by doing the same for the people “Decieving” to get what he wants……then he forgets he is like all men only Human……..it will come to pass.

    • OnlyTheTruth says:

      No scare tactics Funny person… Only the facts, and I’m sorry you find them so scary. Find something I’ve said that you can refute (WITH FACTS) and we’ll talk. And dont be so hypocritical when its your “brothers in arms” that rely on fear mongering to make their case for supporting the OBA.. Vote for the OBA or Bermuda will become a third world, post-apocalyptic hell were zombies roam the streets looking for those that arent PLP supporters.. Ooooooooo…

      But all jokes aside… the PLP is not a perfect party. But they dont carry all the blame for the situation Bermuda is experiencing right now. Thats a fact based on the simplest understanding of global economics. Beyond that, it is a fact that the report that has made the news as of lately is REAL. And the OBA which stems from the BDA which stems from the UBP, all over the course of just a few years funny enough, is the product of a strategy that people like you have been suckered into. A strategy, furthermore constructed by foreigners consultants. Unless you were a UBP supporter from day one, if you find yourself buying into the OBA pitch you can help but question whether you just another pawn being manipulated by a plan that actually isnt that sophisticated…

  53. Funny Bone says:

    “Tell the Truth” NOT!!
    ……….your comment about the PLP would never sell out Bermuda……..DON’T BE SO SURE AS TIME WILL TELL.

    • OnlyTheTruth says:

      Its true… PLP is made up of grass roots multi generational Bermudians. OBA/UBP (AT ITS CORE) represents the interest of multi generational established white Bermudians and the foreign counterparts they have traditionally preferred to engage in everything from commerce to socializing with. Many of the new faces simply want a piece of the action. So given the history of two parties, in your God given common sense, who do you think is most like to appease big money foreign investment with easier access to owning more of Bermuda?

  54. M.R. says:

    The PLP are still running with their Campaign strategy of 2003 and 2007.

    We get the Govt we deserve.

    • media says:

      Well, it worked for them then. It makes sense to use a winning formula. The OBA on the otherhand seem to think they can win with a squeaky clean positive approach. Now, that didn’t work for the UBP in 2003 or 2007, but they are doing it again… Based on the past record, which one is going to work? I think I know.

      • street wise says:

        Bingo! The OBA need to attack the plp down-n-dirty!

  55. At The End Of The Day... says:

    So what your saying is…. You saw the “secret” report & did nothing or said nothing?!? Hmmmmm sounds kind of suspect to me. You obviously didn’t have a problem with it when you was a part of the UBP. Why now is it a problem? Is it because you jumped shipped & went to the same party you bashed for years & now realize power is shifting back over to the OBA which is full of past UBP candidates?!

    I don’t give two flying cows if the OBA consist of old UBP candidates, at least they’re attempting to address issues that matter & state facts of the present day rather than bring up stuff that isn’t even addressed to the OBA!

    December 17th vote for CHANGE!!!!

  56. Oh Well says:

    @Triangle Drifter: you are soooo right it is just another distraction from the bad record of the present government. The OBA need to end this issue soon because when people go to the polls this document issue is gonna be on their minds and the PLP’s strategy will have worked. I may have missed it but who released this document was it the former UBP leader now minister for tourism at the PLP? Hmmmm inquiry minds want to know.

  57. SMH says:

    After they let him take the heat as the token they still don’t answer the question.

    If you start in lies, lies is how you will end.

  58. Building a better Bermuda says:

    This latest statement leaves more questions, by all accounts from Minister Furbert and Mr Swan, this report uses terms one would generally expect from a monochromatic right wing organization. The questions raised are that, why, if he actually got to read this report so long ago, has it taken this long to actually start to quote it? Why, wait til an election year? How, as a simple surrogate was he able to read it? And with all the serious issues facing this country, do the PLP keep raising this and revealing miniscule bits of uglier and uglier details the closer we get to the election? If they know so much about it, why not let it all out?

    It is almost as if they have a secret plan.

    Frankly, if the UBP had a secret report on how to get over a past the PLP can’t get over and continually emotionally flog their membership with, can you blame them. The OBA has made the move to try and go forward, while the PLP can’t get out of the past and that is just where they want to keep their followers. If their was a report, it would have most likely been a marketing plan and not some road map for white supremacist domination of Bermuda that the PLP like to insist.

    Under the UBP, Bermuda became the jewel of the business world, as we emerged from the early 90′s recession we came out as a leader for how to be a business center. The ground work was laid that created an economy that provided a market for many small and independent business owners to thrive. When the PLP took over, Bermuda was on the up swing and the PLP reaped the benefits… and they flogged them. As money flowed into the economy, they spent it on everything but a firm social foundation. Rather than investing in fixing the failing education system that they were so critical about in the lead to the ’98 election, they built a new school with an under qualified contractor and major budget over runs. In construction terms, this is putting plaster on the crack on the wall rather than fixing the crumbling foundations that caused it to crack. Sure enough, our senior education school system crashed down. This is but one area where they failed to invest while they indulged in the excesses they had access to. When they had the resources to invest, they didn’t.

    In the last 14 years, the PLP has done more damage to the black community, than the UBP did in the 14 years before that. Can bermuda afford 5 more from a government more concerned with distracting us from the issues rather than addressing them.

    Time has come for us to change from our past.

  59. Time Passages says:

    Mr Wayne Furbert: Do you honestly think that anyone with even below average intelligence will believe your lies? If you saw this secret report in 07 and knew about it, then why didn’t you sing to the choir when you walked across the floor? You are about the least credible person in the whole of Bermuda.

    You are even more pathetic as your party. Enjoy your final days.

  60. Confused says:

    So if you left the UBP in 2009 and were “so disturbed” with the report then why did it take you until 2011 to tell the public about this report? A good 2 years later! Clearly there was some personal gain for you or the report in fact does not exist!

  61. edwin says:

    Mr.Dunkley says,quote,I must have received the report by email, but I don’t recall it.Ya admitting that you received it but don’t remember.Nice way of saying I don’t want to talk about it.

  62. Annoyed swing voter says:

    When are we going to hear about the real issues? How many future elections do you think we will have to hear the plp talk about the UBP? I want to hear about crime levels and the economy. Bermuda politicians wouldn’t last in a Piers Morgan and Wollf Blitzer interview!

  63. SS says:

    Anyone who votes for PLP is dumb!! Straight up!!

  64. Nothing but Talking Points says:

    “I must have received the report by email but do not recall it.”

    Good one Dunkley, next…

    “I smoked but didn’t inhale”

  65. Les B. Frank says:

    Hey Furbert … When are you gonna tell the truth about you being a part of the ‘Secret UBP Plan’ to infiltrate the ranks of the PLP and assume key ministerial positions with a view to UBPizing the PLP. We know that you and Zane are well on the way to achieving this.. You are a UBP ‘Plant’ in the hallowed halls of the PLP. And they have fallen for it … Ha! …The UBP takeover of the PLP is underway. Don’t be fooled PLP….Wayne, Darius, and Zane are ‘plants’. This whole storm in a teacup cracks me up.
    Here is the deal … Here is how it is gonna play out … For real:
    OBA will win (like it or not they will) …. They all cross the floor. They become the majority along with Wayne in the PLP. PLP is now no more … Done … Finished.
    Cannonier hands over leadership to Wayne (Paula is out) … Wayne changes name back to UBP. Disgruntled PLP core form a secret plan to disband and create a new ‘rebranded PLP’.
    C’mon Wayne bro … Time to spill the beans dude. Tell Bermuda that you are in the PLP on behalf of the UBP

  66. Smokey says:

    If im remembering correct. Mr Furbert was defending his party when he was premier against accusations of inhouse racial deviceness by then young black UBP mps and collegues, WHOM LATER DESERTED SHIP! to now some in the OBA and some in the PLP. At one point he must have seen the light because he to ended up leaving for that very same reason.” TO BE OR NOT TO BE”

  67. weedy says:

    Comments reflect that OBAupb are in a stage of denial…stage one in learning to come to grips with something that is most difficult to deal with is denial.

    OH these OBAUBP fans are deflecting, denial, defending, defending, covering up all the lies of the OBAUBP. The level of OBAUBP denial is deafening. Especially when their major and most vocal MPs are silence in regards to this matter; Dunkley, Gibbons, and others. Their silence allows tells that this document is true….more so Craigs outrageous and childlike behaviour at the most recent press conference.

    Keep defending, and in denial OBAupb, I understand as the truth can be difficult to accept. First go thur the stages of denial and eventually you will get to the acceptance stage that OBAubp tried to lie to the people.. carry on…

  68. Justwonderingg says:

    At the end of the day, the OBA just has to stick to the script and keep their blinders on because in the next 2 weeks the government will throw every dirty tactic that it has at the OBA… I hope they’re smart enough to recognize it and keep with their strategy and go at the govt’s record

  69. Your joking says:

    So . We are supposed to trust Mr Furbert now??? The guy who said the Park Hyatt agreement is terminated ….oops sorry I misspoke…ie got caught lying

  70. Bermudican says:

    This guy doesn’t smoke drugs , ….” Right”
    so it is not a fabrication of hallucinogens….Right?
    He has been drug tested ,..Yah?

    There is no political benefit to concoct some mesmerizing tale of alien involvement that wanted to hunt him down and do awful biological experiments on him ,… right?
    This was not something the medium from the nearby solar system implanted in his subconscious mind , to “Reveal” at a later date or anything like that right….?
    I mean he has not been previously abducted on his “Flight ” to
    (2012 Alien Nibiru Planet X Doomsday Pole Shift! End of the world!!!) subliminal dream state , where his mind suppressed this vital information before ….The END of the World ….or something like that , Right?

  71. simon say's says:

    Two questions Mr. Furbert,

    1.) Why did it you two years to finally leave the UBP after having the secret plan in your possession.
    2.) Are all the Fuberts on island related???

  72. simon say's says:

    why did you wait two years (sorry)

  73. Bermudican says:

    Something that i recall M.R. Furget saying is,
    ” There is a Lot of people in the OBA”….
    On that he seems astoundingly propinquant .
    er….. ummmm…. sorry about that … stunningly clear and close in the timing of the observation , in this instance.
    I think, that dawned on him sometime recently …

  74. Time Passages says:

    If Johnny Barnes’ statue had just said he’d seen the report – it would be more credible than this!! Mr Furbert you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Your party is only interested in stirring emotion. Your old party is actually interested in issues.

    You will go down in history as Bermuda’s least credible politician.

  75. navin johnson says:

    I could hardly understand anything he said…

  76. young black bermudian says:

    Wayne Furburt u r a dam traitor OBA stand firm! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JEFF BARON SEE U @ ST.AUGUSTINE COMMUNITY DINNER ;) ON WED

  77. 32n64w says:

    Anyone who actually believes this chan of events isn’t part of a larger scripted plan deviously conceived by the PLP months ago in anticipation of the expected election needs their head examined. Why else would their surrogates wait five years to sheepishly appear before the camera and stumble through prepared remarks?

    Why would a phantom website underwritten by a party whose thirst to retain power is only overshadowed by their greed to remain on the taxpayers’ teet not have surfaced during the nexus of the OBA?

    This is politics and dirty tricks at its worse and the fingerprints of the PLP are all over it. The only unplanned aspect was timing which had to be accelerated by a week or so when the Dickerson debacle and abysmal education results were overtaking the news cycle.

    The PLP and the Premier have been completely invisible since the election date was announced. For a party that purports to have Bermuda’s best interests at heart where is their platform? Where are the solutions to the problems the PLP created? Why has the PLP instead chosen to resort to juvenile cartoons and immature radio ads?

    Is this the sort of leadership Bermudians deserve? Absolutely not.

    Why are they treating the electorate with such disrespect? Because they don’t know better as they’ve been so focused on self preservation and personal enrichment they’ve forgotten what the term “public service” really means.

    After all it’s not like they can list their accomplishments with a straight face and say taxpayers have received value for money when clearly the opposite is true.

    PLP – Betraying Bermudians since 1998 – $1,500,000,000 and growing EVERY DAY!

  78. Ringmaster says:

    Wayne Furbert has shown he is no better than a petty snitch. There are unwritten rules about confidentiality, but of course being unwritten means you can ignore them when it suits you.

    Wayne will soon learn he has been used and played as a PLP puppet. Soon to be thrown on the trash heap when he has finished being a mouthpiece. He has certainly shown he is not a man, just a mouth.

  79. Smh says:

    No matter who wins the election nothing is going to change. Look at politics all over the world it’s all about Personal Gain, come on people wake up!

  80. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    (゚o゚)ノ If anyone believes that the document is fake then you are a first class idiot,
    Everything that is in that document was done by the UBP/OBA AND THAT’S A FACT

    3) Page 11: “We may have been better served lowering his (Dunkley’s) profile a bit a letting a handful of black surrogates play a more visible role”
    7) Page 13: “In a case of a re-imaging campaign, the Party might still want to consider a refreshing of its name, look and logo to something more contemporary and different from the classic.”

    8) Page 14: “Part of the re-imaging effort would focus on a new wave of public relations communications to place a new image of the party in voters minds.“

    9) Page 26: “Both seats were won very marginally last time and these new downscale, less educated voters were not likely to vote for us.“

    Page 13: “One scenario might involve breaking the party into two independent groups – a United Bermuda Party which would consist the remaining UBP stalwarts like Grant, Louise, Trevor, John Barrit for example – and a second party consisting of all the new and younger candidates

    (゚o゚)ノ WAKE UP BERMUDA !!!!!!!!!if the UBP/OBA can use a plan that can so callously call us a handful of black surrogates, also they look at the new young voters as downscale ,less educated,

    1 QUESTION COME UP…..why the secrecy ??? why…

    To put on a charade to instill white rule and to manipulate the mind of people by using black people on the front line….sounds like the same plan the whites used when they put black soldiers on the front line to have them die off faster…Now people like Craig, Alexis, Nandi ect ect..and all other blacks are pushed up front and all they have as their defense is….we were not part of UBP we are OBA…HOWEVER they are part of a plan structured by the UBP and are used as the black surrogate pawns in their masterful manipulating chess game.

    • street wise says:

      The OBA has nothing in common with the defunct UBP except for a few ex-members. Just like the plp has 9 ex-UBP members on staff. The so-called UBP secret plan was obviously secretly fabricated and secretly planted on the secret website by the secret smear machine – the timing gives it away. End of story.

  81. wise one says:

    The PLP are a racist regime bent on the destruction of whites, and the only reason they win votes is because they promise a pile of craap before the election – which they never fulfill or explain HOW they will do it – and then also spew out a pile of racist trash and propaganda, in order to win over the hearts of racists who are anti-white.
    If you are dumb enough to believe that a white man cannot run your country based on his skin colour then you are no better than the SCUM Martin Luther King spoke out about!


    Anyone who jumps ship like he did is obviously not aligned properly in their brain

  82. .... says:

    WHAT A RAT!!!!!!!!!!

  83. umjussaying ! says:

    Its obvious the OBA leader with all due respect .. will be a puppet on a string cause he has no experience in running this country unlike Mr (UBP) Dunkley who does, so naturally he will have to adhere to his advice and that of his fellow (UBP) experienced Politicians which are the same ones that got us in this mess by depriving Blacks of a solid education (not only academic) while allowing drugs to be freely sold on court street in the 70′s up until the 90′s too allow the black peoples mind to be intoxicated and distracted from the real issue which was a hold on economic prosperity … Thus creating this generation of youth that obviously have no respect cause they can’t even respect there own parents because of the shame of substance abuse… Which occurred on there watch under John SWAN (another puppet) responsible for the social ills, who was too busy being led by his own desire or personal wealth.. These are not only my feelings they are clear and evident facts!! So OBA kiss my a$$ ‘passionate puppets’!! All of you want power and control but can’t control the power !

    • street wise says:

      You claim ALL of Bermuda’s social problems are a result of the white supremist UBP back in the day. What B.S.! Only a numpty would believe that. Yet in the 14 long years that the plp has been raping, pillaging & looting our Country dry, they have made no improvements whatsoever in what you complain about. Nada. That shows where the plp’s heads are really at: Self-service. Incredible greed.

      The plp. No talent. No plans. No ideas. No solutions. No money. No hope. No future.

  84. Open Minded says:


    The real question we all need to ask is what now? The PLP is leading us nowhere fast and they like their predicessors appear willing to do anything to retain the authority and control of Government. It ills me that as Bermudians we continually allow race to steer us away from the real issues we all face (crime, poor eductaion, job losses, and an economy in the tank). Oh did I mention enormous public and private debt and the fact that all Government tax will significantly increase in 2013 to pay that debt!! Yes Land Tax; Import Duties; Payroll Tax; ect are all scheduled for significant increases. Ask Tina Tucker of the Budget Office and Anthony Manders the Financial Secretary – they can confirm this! Talk about hidden reports you don’t know the half of it. The Budget preparation of the Government for 2013/2014 is well under way. Once the PLP win the election they will drop the fiscal bomb – They will not decieve you this time – or will they???

  85. LMAO says:

    I love how this has been called a “SECRET PLAN.” Lol!

    If it was real, it was simply a consultants report!

    Wayne and the PLP are so childish in trying to stir a controversy over (saying in my Austin Powers voice) a”SECRET PLAN!!!!”

    The man who wrote it is an idiot

    The PLP are the idiots

    Either way, I will be voting for the OBA.

  86. Unbelievable! says:

    The way I see it Wayne Furbert and Kim Swan are not loyal to any party. As party of all political parties whether in Bermuda or overseas strategist are hired to help with the electoral campaign so that their party becomes the leader. I don’t understand even if there was a document what business is that of the public. Also how can the PLP trust Wayne Furbert if he is going public with a so called document that I’m sure he and all the others that were part of the UBP were sworn to confidentiality. And I’m sure Mr Furbert as part of being part of the PLP Caucaus is sworn to the same confidentiality. Watch out PLP if things go wrong for Wayne Furbert as he will release your party secrets as well.

  87. Terry says:

    I firmly believe a former premier is behind all of this.
    Deception is a beach.
    Payback. Howard University 60′s style.
    Have a blessed day Bermuda.

  88. Les B. Frank says:

    ****BULLETIN*** …. The premier of Bermuda has been abducted by aliens and is MIA.
    The only public faces I have seen from the PLP are Wayne and Darius ….. hmmmmmmm … Methinks something is amiss in the PLP.
    Where’s Waldo?????

  89. Xman says:

    The OBA have nothing to do with the UBP’s past plans.
    And if they did they simply cannot many use them of them today because Bermuda has changed and such plans were designed back in the 1960′ and 1970′s.
    There are signs all around us of the UBP ‘s Secret plans.
    I was told about some secret UBP Plans in the early 1990′s by a man who had classified information of the inner works of the UBP party from 1968 to 1985.he removed himself from them because he became sick and devout Christian.- but I found out that he told other people too.

    This is what I was told
    [1] there was a plan being put in place to remove the union because it
    interfered with the governments control of Labor and undermined the Governments Power to deal with labor control.
    [2] the removal of Otterwell Simons from the BIU and create a law to outlaw him or such a person like him.
    [3]the removal of technical institute school as it was developing Educated people who were a threat to the UBP because they can assist the BIU as well as the PLP party, thus this Facility must be closed down.
    [4]the Development of affordable Housing must be made available in order to Control were specific race groups can live. This was way
    there is no negative interference between racial groups.
    Specific areas of Bermuda should be outlined for this program no later than the mid 1980′s.
    [5]Home rental control must be removed in specific areas of Bermuda to
    maintain and control the Quality of life in that specific area.
    [6]a program must be put in place so that all foreign Police Constables are separated from the Bermudian mainstream populist and friendly association is reduced thus making the Police Constable less bias in doing his job.
    [7]all Police constables native to the Caribbean must come from the Islands that are dedicated to the British Commonwealth.
    [8]in order to cut the cost of so many secondary schools in Bermuda
    Large Schools housing more than 600 or more children must be looked at in the future.
    A research team and committee must be set up to look at this concept.
    [9]we must keep the so named schools intact Saltus Grammar School, Bermuda Girls High School, and Warrick Secondary due to historical lineage.
    [10]we must develop a University or College for future higher Education. Were is such a facility would house Foreign students.
    a capacity for 1400 students must be made.
    such a facility for higher Education should generate a fair financial sum for the Bermuda economy.
    [11]we must create an extensive program to invest in overseas business and encourage overseas business to locate or base in Bermuda.
    [12]we must not make Tourism our only form of income.
    because we may not be able to compete in the future because overseas visitors could find it too expensive.
    [13]overseas investments and the purchase of business should help generate a income and the running of the country if there is a large scale economic downfall.
    such purchases of Banks, Manufacturing Facility’s, Shipping Company’s,
    Large Shopping Malls, Insurance Company’s should be on the list.

    That’s what I can remember of the secret UBP PLAN.
    THIS STUFF IS OLD.- Infect if your 50 years and over your should about this stuff.
    Mr.Furbert needs a vacation from a vacation.

  90. Tommy Chong says:

    Wonder how many realize that PLP used “white” money as a surrogate fund to get themselves elected the first time? All the time they were playing the race hate game they were using “whitey’s” money to get elected. The only colour PLP cares about is the green that goes in their pockets & has used all sorts of races to get it in there especially non Bermudian ones . They know that thousands of locals are out of work but they don’t care as long as their pockets keep getting fatter. HSBC could up & leave tomorrow letting go what little amount of Bermudians they still have employed but PLP shares in this bank will still exist as it is an international business. PLP have a contingency plan they set in play from the time they got into government.

    PLP voters do you have a contingency plan? I hope you do because PLPs one doesn’t include you & guess what the ones it does include are not those you would consider “black”

    • CHEEKUMS BIE says:


      • Tommy Chong says:

        You wish it was a load of crap then you wouldn’t have to feel so bad about voting in a party that bamboozled you by playing on both sides of the field. White money is my description of the money given to the PLP by wealthy caucasian men to support the campaign that gave them their first win. All the while the PLP played the race card their main supporters were part of the race they claimed to their supporters held them back. It was all a sham to use race to win so they needed to keep their “white surrogates” a secret. You & the rest of the PLP voters are fools for thinking they won their first election without the support of those they claimed didn’t treat them as equals.

        Don’t you know that a large restaurant chain in Bermuda is partially owned by a PLP MP. This chain’s other owners aren’t even Bermudian just foreigners who have PR status. These are the same restaurant owners along with the MP who devised the plan with minister Minors to have training for Bermudians in restaurant industry. This restaurant training was just another smoke & mirrors tactic to make it look like the government was helping unemployed Bermudians but if you check this MP’s restaurants more than half the staff are foreigners while the Bermudians that came from the program are scattered for show throughout the different restaurants. I know some of the ones who graduated from the program & they say they are treated like trash from their foreign managers & staff & are threatened with suspension if they speak up about it.

        • MAAAAAAAN says:

          ummmmmm i was trained to in the restaurant industry ..and i was not a plp suporter because i was just voting cause of my dad however i did benefit from that training so what you are saying is a load of garbage, im a ex oba supporter because of garbage like this..i was helped but im not going to lie just to make a party look bad…the plp has helped me and that is the truth i dont know about you ..but you named one of my industries so i felt the need to address that point!! thanks

  91. bump says:

    The PLP will do whatever it takes to keep in power, the debt we are in has been going into someones pockets!

    The PLP love conspiracies and drama to distract the public from their poor performance! Remember the fake cheques and bullet in the mail. I wouldn’t be surprised if they…. That’s how desperate they have become!!

  92. Beam Me Up Scotty says:

    Bermuda does not ‘deserve’ more years under the PLP’s “leadership” and cannot continue this way. December 17th – the Day of Reckoning.

  93. Bermudian says:

    OBA OBA OBA OBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Kim Smith says:

    I would like to see the context that the words ‘black surrogates’ was used in. The word ‘surrogate’ is not a deviant term… it means ‘substitute’ and given Bermuda’s racial make-up and given that it’s politics we are talking about, it could be considered ‘strategic’ as a way to attract more of a particular type of people by conveying to them that you incorporate their perspective into your group. I mean, arguably that’s exactly what the PLP do with their efforts to have white people join them, is it not?

  95. bir says:

    Mr. Furbert and the rest are showing your true colours and how can anyone trust you from both parties.

    I am still pissed taht we the tax payer are paying for the Wigars instead of our own people

  96. Shelta says:

    Dear Mr. Furbert,
    Can you please release the secret report from the PLP planning on how to dump Jennifer Smith after she won the party reelection. That would make for great reading.
    While you’re at it, can you get on a back dated PATI as promised. Since both are concerned with public records/transparancy etc,. I don’t see how you can call for one without the other.
    Kindly awaiting your response,

  97. Les B. Frank says:

    70% of voters will vote OBA …. Keep up the good work Wayne. And. BTW ….. Ummm u just lost yr seat bro.

  98. Truth (Original) says:

    As long as we continue to allow the PLP to direct the discussions, we are not going to talk about anything of importance..i.e their record and the issues that Bermuda has.

    Think people.

  99. David says:

    Oh! Feel the Love….as London burns so to speak, we still have increasing crime and National debt.
    Jobs being lost left right and centre, tourism nose diving, People living more and more on the streets.
    Not to mention brother killing brother and for what? We are all related on this Island, we should stop letting the Politicians divide us with the hatred they spawn. This Island is too small for this kind of behaviour. We need people who will lead this Island to prosperity not ruin.
    I am so disappointed in all of this hate mongering; we need to work together for our and our children’s future.
    Hands up for a better future…
    Hands up if you are better off now than you were 10, 15, or 20 years ago.
    Choose wisely my people.

  100. stardust says:

    Will the existence or the non existence of this document change any of the votes of the commentators on this story? Doubt it! Just like Dr. Browns ‘We had to deceive you’ didn’t change any votes either. Me thinks there are lots of secret plans!

  101. Bermudican says:

    sounds like a job for Keebler cookies.
    did Santa have something to do with it?
    Maybe the Easter bunny revealed this rubbish to The PLP … ha ha ha ha no one in their right or Left mind thinks,
    billions of dollars in debt will be erased by some wild fantasy concocted by aliens…who have taken over the PLP to do the UBP bidding..
    not even the most High priest of the interplanetary ganja reform ,Darth Vader. lol

    “Yoda made me do it!”

  102. Bermyman says:

    Are Zane and Johnathan ‘white surrogates’? Since they replaced black PLP candidates?

    The OBA did not write the plan and they did not create the language within it, the media company that produced it did! The version that appeared on UBP leaks was a fake. A real one does exist but not that version and most former UBP members will/have admitted that an official version exists. UBP leaks was a divisive plant by the PLP who have no problem putting out false information in order to defame and go on a great white which hunt. Distract the voting public from the real issues.

    Bottom line, whomever gets in power. If we don’t have a government capable of properly managing our economy and our people going forward. We as an island will see some very desperate times ahead. The bubble of foreign investment will burst and we will be fishing and farming just to survive

    r.v. (-gt) sur·ro·gat·ed, sur·ro·gat·ing, sur·ro·gates
    1. To put in the place of another, especially as a successor; replace.
    2. To appoint (another) as a replacement for oneself.

    The word means replacement. It is not derogatory by nature.

  103. media says:

    I wonder if the PLP themselves have any secret plans that might appear now that the gloves have come off?

    • Codfish says:

      How KEMH outsourced its billings and to whom might be one to look into regarding how the PLP government does things. A lot more to come on this one.

  104. Codfish says:

    I would suggest that if anybody cares to run a Bermuda Credit Association check on the the main players in this election, it would make for interesting reading. This occurred to me looking at above photo. ( Might be a good project for you Bernews, publishing the credit standing of all candidates).

  105. The Truthsayer says:

    1. THE UBP DID NOT WRITE THE REPORT. They asked an American consultant to explain to them why they lost the election and the consultant wrote the report. How can the UBP be blamed for what some foreign consulant believes or suggested?

    2. Craig Cannonier was NOT a member of the UBP, he has NOTHING to explain.

    3. A report/campaign suggestions is NOT A “PLAN.” If there was a written response to the report that stated the reports suggestions would be implemented then THAT would be somthing to talk about, BUT there has been NO talk of a written response to the report!

    4. It’s like blaming someone for someone else’s beliefs! Thats just foolishness!

    5. The PLP has the same types of reports and “plans.” Why no mention of those?

  106. Argosy says:

    I wonder why the PLP is so OBSESSED with the UBP?

    Oh, forgot, they cannot RUN ON THEIR RECORD!!

    THEIR campaign consultant provided advice:

    “Distraction, distraction, distraction….”

    AND, like last time with DREB, keep the party leader out of sight.

  107. Victor says:

    Now, how about hearing about those surrogate white candidates in the PLP…et tu Zane. I would find the PLP whining more believable if they genuinely cared about the rights and concerns of minorities rather than constantly baiting them with Plantation EFB trash talk. I know who the party of Apartheid is in Bermuda and it is not the OBA.

  108. The Truthsayer says:

    I think the funniest thing out of all of this is the PLP HAVE YET to put a serious plan out for the voters to see, just running on what the OBA is doing “wrong,” trying to distract people!


    NOT THAT SILLY “10-POINT PLAN” (which is just goals btw).


  109. Oh Well says:

    “I must
    have received the report by email but do
    not recall it.” What a crock of BS. You mean to tell me Micheal Dunkley that you don’t read your emails and something as important as that you don’t recall seeing. COME ON MAN!! we didn’t just fall out of a tree yesterday you gotta come better than that a bold faced lie. That makes the document even more believable…

  110. Maria Jacobs says:

    This is politics. Both parties have secrets. However, at this point any stable minded person knows who they are going to vote for and won’t let anyone sway them.
    So just go and vote.

  111. Argosy says:

    Furbert: I Saw The Secret Plan With My Own Eyes

    How could he have seen the secret plan with eyes other than his own?

    The PLP are welcome to this idiot!! He’s in good company on that side..

  112. GOD 1st says:

    PLP and Minister Furbert i see what it is you are trying to accomplish with this document but, this tactic will not help the unemployed and homeless should i go on? You are using it as weapon to try divide the people of Bermuda. I would compare the PLP and MR. Furbert to a person or a group of individuals who have nothing to live for and trying to take as much people down with you as possible. I rebuke the PLP and their racist tactics.

  113. GOD 1st says:

    A better Bermuda for all. Can anyone guess which party will give us a better Bermuda lol

  114. LostinFlatts says:

    Bermuda is a democracy. If the majority of people care more about a mention of ‘black surrogates’ in a document from 5 years ago than they do about the economy, crime, education and tourism that’s fine. That’s the right of those voters.