Photos/Video: Heavy Rains Cause Area Flooding

September 26, 2013

[Updated] Torrential rainfall flooded several streets today [Sept 26] including Bakery Lane, Cemetery Road, and Woodlands Road. Some drivers plowed through the flooded streets, while others chose alternate routes.

“This is the most rain I’ve seen in a long time,” said Mr Brunson, as he attempted to leave Bakery Lane.

Rain Flooding Bermuda, September 26, 2013-8b

Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson Lieutenant Leonard Davis said, “The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service responded to numerous incidents island wide a result of the torrential rains.

“The flooding incidents ranged from water draining from household electrical outlets to water tanks overflowing from commercial and residential properties.

“When asked if there is any advice for the public, Lieutenant Davis said to “always inspect your drains to ensure they are free of dirt and debris.”

The Bermuda Weather Service issued a Thunderstorm Advisory valid for this evening and said that tonight’s forecast is “cloudy with showers, chance thunder, partial clearing later. Winds northeasterly strong gusts to gale force, easing moderate to strong overnight.”

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  1. just a thought says:

    I really don’t get y people still insist on taking them same routes knowing they flood everytime when it rains like that!! Wake up people!!!!!!

    • loud says:

      If they live or work around there do they really have a choice? You wake up.

      • just a thought says:

        Ummm.. Its called detour! & I was talking about the cars that continued 2 drive through the areas.. Its not the 1st time they’ve been flooded & it won’t b the last!! Last i checked the weather updates r pretty close 2 accurate!

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Do you think these people woke up this morning with the intent of submerging their cars….damn fool!

      • just a thought says:

        Last time i checked it was a lot cheaper 2 park up somewhere & walk versus risking ruining ur engine because u insist on driving through the flooding! Its obvious that the water accumulated after a period of time once it started raining! So who’s the fool when ur car won’t start tomorrow morning when u could have avoided it?!!

    • Chick Filet says:

      The white car that is submerged was parked there all day. The owner, works in the area. The rains came so quickly that the area flooded and the car that was previously in a dry area – became submerged in minutes. It was not driven into the water intentionally.

  2. somuchless says:

    I wana know what time w&e finished today OR did they even start?

    • Y-Gurl says:

      “Works” and “engineering” were paid for doing nothing all day which in reality is only slightly less than they would normally do, except the trash division, they worked (thank you)

      • Chick Filet says:

        I have to agree that the garbage mean do work consistently and hard despite the weather and its not fair to lump them in with W&E. Its a shame that some at W&E don’t have the same work ethic as the them. Can you imagine, if the men that are in carge of building the sidewalk on Northshore near Government House Gates were in charge of collecting our garbage?

        How long has it been now, that they have been working on that simple sidewalk 4 or 5 month or longer? The cost of that project must be close to 200K by now. For a simple, no frills SIDEWALK. Shrink W&E and put these jobs out to tender.

        • Grubster says:

          I think the garbage collectors are great.

        • somuchless says:

          It’s a joke that they’re still working on that sidewalk. A simple stupid side walk. Imagine those bies building a house. We’ll never see house completed. I’ll have to come back as a crow in the next life to view and they’ll still be building.

          They are so slow yet they surely make sure their pay is right. Damn rascals.

      • Fed up says:

        BS, my trash is still out!

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I DID Nuffin and stayed home and watched ya all get WET!


  4. Ms. Ing Info says:

    Bus running a red light?

  5. Stop Complaining for 1 Sec says:

    Last time i checked, most workers in the construction industry will NOT work in the rain. So b4 you start accusing or pointing fingers, would you rather the W & E workers building sidewalk no North Shore to attempt to finish plastering concrete in the rain.

    Think b4 you talk

  6. :) says:

    where did those people get their cars from? didnt know hwp added a submarine option to cars! i need that so i can drive through lakes too!

  7. Wally Sittur says:

    Deer Bakery Lane,

    Remember that thou was marshland, and to marshland thou shalt return.

    Warm Regards,