Four People Made Redundant At Capital G

October 11, 2013

Capital G confirmed that it has recently made four positions redundant as part of its “ongoing re-evaluation of its business in meeting its client needs and strategic objectives.”

Last year the company made 13 people redundant, citing the “identification of recent operational efficiencies and the need to meet the skill sets required in order for the Bank to better achieve success in the future.”

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  1. B. Trump says:

    MOre Job losses under the OBAubp govt, have we reached 2000 less jobs yet?

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    there is NO such thing as the OBAubp a@@hole!

    this is yet more belated problems finally arising from the **** of Bermuda by the plp.

  3. Family Man says:

    I guess those four are no longer “welcome to the family”.

  4. Stop Complaining for 1 Sec says:

    @ Ghost Rider

    Stop kidding yourself. The OBA is just a polished UBP spin off. Its only a matter of time before the polish wears off and its true colors come shining through.

    You OBA’s are starting to sound like Republicans. Which side of your mouth are you talking with?

    Its been almost 1 yr and you still trying to blame the PLP. Get a grip dude, your NEW OBA policies are NOT Bermudian friendly and the only people smiling are apart of the Friends n Family plan.