Nelson Mandela Mural Painted On Court Street

December 10, 2013

chewstick[Updated] This evening [Dec 10] the Chewstick Foundation will be completing a Nelson Mandela tribute mural on the Court Street wall of their facility which is located on the corner of Elliot Street and Court Street.

It will be a continuation of their Community Art Program, which sees a new mural completed every three to four months, this time as a tribute to Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

They are asking the community to take part, and invited anyone who is interested, to come to The Chewstick Foundation Headquarters tonight at 7pm to help complete the project.

A spokesperson said, “Outta Sight’s community performance truck has answered the call and will be on hand with their mobile stage, inviting entertainers, speakers and musicians to participate in making this an event to remember.

“Chewstick looks forward to the involvement of people from all corners of the community, and are encouraging people to come by throughout the week to leave their personal tributes to Nelson Mandela or further messages of hope inspired by his life on the wall.”

The former South African President, who was revered around the world for his struggle against apartheid, died on Thursday at age 95.

Update Dec 11, 8.09am: The mural has been completed and includes one of Mr Mandela’s well known quotes, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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  1. Ruthless says:

    Oh Great! Mandela’s tribute mural painted right where Parkside sell drugs all day and night! Please don’t discredit this great man like this! SMDH!!!!!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      God forbid they try to do something good there…

    • Mazumbo says:

      Well at least its somewhere, cant put it down Front Street.

    • Sebastian Matcham says:

      Um, excuse me? Clearly you have never been to Chewstick. There are regular events hosted in that very building to promote positive youth culture and all you can do is make some stupid comment like this?

      • Sebastian Matcham says:

        I think speak for the whole Chewstick community when I say please, come down and see for yourself what goes on there. There’s an open mic every Sunday night and other events posted at

    • Ma'at says:

      A young inmate from Westgate, Mr. Swan, spoke some time ago about the history of Court Street – something I didn’t even know and i’m a little older than him. In light of the history that he revealed, Madiba’s pic in that area is actually the perfect place for it to be, so this goes beyond a painting on a building in an area where guys choose to do their ‘business’. Moreover if Madiba was still living in the flesh,came across this and saw what you’re speaking of he’d probably stop and create a peaceful reasoning with them. That’s the Madiba I know of growing up and I doubt he’d feel discredited by such things that he actually understood when it came to the black nation, especially our youngens.

    • I could not think of a better place to put other then the front of city hall,but I am grateful that the chewstick foundation has done this and hopefully the fact that this has been put in place, our young men that sit on court street will have a constant reminder of who we are as a people and the power we have to become anything we set our minds to be.

      Madiba was a militant in his younger days and was on a path to destruction but through many hard struggles and realization of the imprisonment within his own mind, he choose to free himself from the inside out and became the father of a Nation. so what started out as a young man not fit for society, became a wiser older man fit for royalty and world leadership to all humanity.

      Rest in peace Ta Ta and may your legacy show us in Bermuda we still have a long way to go but we can overcome the destruction of our past if we would first recognize who we are as a people and the power that is within us, so to every young black male and female, their is greatness inside of you and don’t allow the system to destroy the greatness in you, because if that is all we have, that is enough to become whatsoever we choose in this path we call life.
      I will say as the father’s and mother’s of old, if we put Jesus before us and the world behind us the rest as they say is history,(His Story),mankind don’t have the power to hold you down if Jesus is holding you up.

      • Mazumbo says:

        I have to disagree with part of your statement(a young man not fit for society he was in his every right to do what he did as a militant rebel , what should have been stated was the society was not fit for the masses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I see where you are trying to go but don’t twist the wording because I am merely quoting how he was labelled in the eyes of the White Africanas,Madiba has always been and always will be regarded as a hero in the eyes of most of us.


    I would like to see Nelson Bascome before Nelson Mandela because he done more for Bermudians than Nelson Mandela ..i love Mandela however He was a man who represented his country and was proud of his country , why the hell cant we be proud of our heroes, we always gotta steal other peoples heroes

    • rubber bong says:

      Maybe you’re confused with who Nelson Mendela is or never heard of him all together…his message of peace and tolerance resonates with most people throughout the WORLD. We should consider ourselves lucky to have lived during his time. He’s not someone else’s hero, he’s the WORLD’S hero!!!


        when you understand Bermudians you will understand that we just do things sometimes based off of impulse, while it looks good an all im just saying we have people who should be honored way before others…Johnny Barnes would be more ideal to be posted there, you misunderstood what i said however point taken and i fully agree he is the worlds hero

        • Mazumbo says:

          Johnny Barns already has a statue and that’s debatable, Every major city in the world has an statue or a symbol that reflects great significance for the cause of the people.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Heroes are not geographical they are National.

  3. Gabbs says:

    Ruthless I agree on that one (Very Sad)

  4. Andrew Simons says:

    This is a great idea and a fitting tribute.

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I would rather they didnt paint anything!

  6. Mandela’s life was the embodiment of the human spirit. His energy will uplift every corner of the globe which battles for equal rights for its citizens. Hopefully we may do his legacy justice by starting at home and empowering our citizens once again. I was compelled to pay homage to Nelson Mandela with my art by creating a portrait of the world leader In Memoriam at Drop by and let us know how his strength has inspired you!

  7. Terry says:

    It’s a cultural thing.
    Let it go.
    It’s an expression of what most don’t have.
    I can see the murals and paintings when the Queen passes and Vladimir and Obama.

  8. Common Sense says:

    This is a fabulous, creative and positive project put forward by Chewstick as a part of their Community Outreach Project. It is the type of activity that we should all be praising and encouraging – but just look at all these negative bloggers.

    Already we have someone whining about doing anything positive on Court Street. Surely the area will never improve if we don’t try to promote positive experiences for those who pass by there. And we have someone complaining that Chewstick has chosen the wrong “Nelson”. As I understand it these murals usually stay up for about 3 months before being replaced by another one.

    Perhaps “Hey Looking ….” can spearhead a fund raising campaign to create a permanent statue of Nelson Bascombe. I will be happy to make a donation.

  9. Opressed says:

    Was he from the Tills hill area?

  10. Terry says:

    Very few but many (stats) will show that if this happened on front street et al people would get pissed.
    Irony is, back of town have dealt with this for 100 years. The people are still there with a few moments.
    It is not the local residents it’s the people who control and don’t live there.

    And it ain’t all black as they would say.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      What the hell are you talking about? What “stats”?

    • ABM says:

      Ummmmmmm……what in the world are you talking about????? And whats stats????

  11. watchfuleyes says:

    Why can’t a mural go on Front St? We always have this separatist attitude like we are not part of the rest of the world, nonsense. This great man is an icon for people (black and white) and for countries all around the world, including Bermuda.

    • Sebastian Matcham says:

      This is by CHEWSTICK on CHEWSTICK’S building. This is not some COH or government initiative. Get positive. Serious.

    • Annie says:

      I highly doubt that will ever happen…

  12. Mike Hind says:

    I just got home from helping to paint the mural and I have to say, it looks awesome. I’m pleased and honoured to have been part of it.

    • Barracuda says:

      I hope Mazumbo was there too.

      • Mazumbo says:

        No I didn’t know about it and your point is? DeKlerk aided and abetted the genocide of Africans and got the Noble Peace Prize. Next

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Rewriting history as always.

          • Mazumbo says:

            Sorry if your embarrassed about your past but if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Racist. One white person’s actions do not represent another’ spastic.

              Stop that. It’s disgusting.

          • Annie says:

            It’s true, Sandy…what planet are you living on???

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              What planet are you living on. Deklerk aided genocide? He decrimilaized the ANC and freed Mandela.

              • Mazumbo says:

                Please that’s like Hitler saying he knew of no involvement of Jews being killed, I find it hard to believe he had no knowledge of the South African Army Special Force Death Squads and further more he was forced to decrimilaize the ANC and free Mandela.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Wow, done already. Great idea.

  13. Unbelievebale says:

    Jesus, people.

    Chewstick is honouring someone who could arguably be the greatest statesman of our time. How can this be such a bad thing?

    Relax you lot.

  14. Bermuda Boy says:

    Do these comments make you feel proud to be Bermudian or do they make you feel like hiding under a rock? I’ll take the rock.

    • Mazumbo says:

      That’s de problem in Bermuda, we have our own issues here and instead of confronting them head on we want to hide under a rock like cowards.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Says the guy who throws out disgusting, racist statements while hiding behind a fake name.

        • Unbelievebale says:

          EVERYONE knows who Mazumbo really is. It’s the name he uses to really say the things that his “civilian” identity won’t allow him.

          Hilarious, Maz.

  15. Kno Dat says:

    Big Up To Chewstick On Your Forward Ever Vibes!!
    Keep Building up The Community as You Do and pay these negative Ignorant People No Mind What-So-Ever!!
    Mercy Some of these People are So Ridiculous!!

  16. Kno Dat says:

    The Mural is Beautiful!!

  17. Freedom says:

    A great Mural,well done!

  18. sage says:

    Excellent job, nice tribute that complements the Bermudian Football Heroes on Jamaican Grill. Positive vibes.

  19. Deon gibbons says:

    Shld be a Nelson Mandela Day

  20. jake best says:

    what acomplishments were made by mandela?
    race problems are still alive and thriving well,
    what did martin luther king do? intergrate bathrooms?
    we need more militant black leaders,,,just my thoughts

    • Mike Hind says:

      Read a book. Learn.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Being a Militant Black Leader would get you killed ,jailed or ostracized plus the terminology militant is not used any more due to the fact that white people don’t terrorize us like they used too.
      The correct word is Leader being that white people act more civil now the strategy is changed to a more diplomatic approach.

  21. Mazumbocann says:

    Thanks Chewstick. This is a reminder of Mandela’s persistence to change a nation, and for those of us that we here fighting to change this country. Thanks to David Raine who did not let us lose sight of the injustices happening in South Africa and Bermuda. Peace

  22. Yes I says:

    Madiba’s spirit lives among us and I think this is a great initiative and effort made by Chewstick.

    Well done for taking a stand and moving things forward!!