“People’s Business Must Take Front & Center”

May 19, 2014

While attention has been focused on Jetgate, the job creation promised by the OBA, has not materialised and over the “long saga filled year” 1166 jobs have disappeared, Independent MP Terry Lister said, who added that the “country must see the people’s business taking front and center.”

Mr. Lister said, “This weekend has seen the leaders of the governing One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] party huddled in an attempt to come up with a plan to minimise the impact of the Jetgate affair. The length of this ongoing saga is unprecedented in Bermuda’s history.

“Both the OBA and the PLP have been wrestling with the matter as the truth has been elusive for more than a year. Neither Party has been focused on the problems of the people – a truism that has seen the birth of the People’s Campaign with its expressed dissatisfaction with the political process and the parties themselves.

“While attention has been focused on Jetgate, the job creation, promised by the OBA, has not materialised. Sadly over the long saga filled year, 1166 jobs have disappeared.

“While Jetgate has been the focus, work permits continue to be processed in areas were Bermudians have expertise such as masons, plumbers and carpenters. Government , in response to a Parliamentary Question, stated last year that there were 143 masons on work permits.

“While Jetgate took center stage, the bank policies, promised to be addressed by the Finance Minister, continue to see people losing their homes and no adjustment to interest rates.

“To make matters worse Capital G is sold and the new owners inform staff that their mortgage interest rate will increase significantly and we have seen a surreal response of the very same Minister on television explaining why this is necessary!

“There is no doubt that there are matters of principle to be addressed here but the matter should have been handled better. Instead we have witnessed the House being filled with many Jetgate speeches and serious accusations and allegations along with the refusal to answer Parliamentary Questions. It is my opinion that there is now a need for a Parliamentary Committee to investigate breaches of the Rules of the House.

“The $300,000 now being discussed is not a large sum of money relative to the country’s Budget nor is it large relative to the country’s debt which is churning along at $2.3bn with a daily interest of over $300,000. However, the spectacle that we have watched simply boils down to honesty and integrity.

“Today- immediately- the country must see the people’s business taking front and center. I have been attempting to push the Government into action on a number of fronts since last year. I will continue to do this as a third way and a third voice. In my view Country first is the only approach that is of any value at this point in time.

“We must address jobs, interest rates, home losses, education funding and health care costs. These are the issues that the people of Bermuda want addressed and, using my third voice, I will continue to push the Government in each of these areas.”

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  1. Onion says:

    1/3 of those 1166 lost jobs were under the PLP and the remaining 2/3 were in the first months of the OBA’s term.

    • LMAO East West says:

      Now Terry, are you saying its ok for the OBA to lie in parliament, but because you now sit as an independent the plp voters that voted you into that seat you hold, should turn a blind eye to misappropriation of funds?

      Sorry,I can’t trust you presently Mr. Terry Lister.

  2. ya right says:

    The only things the OBA are creating are false hopes and broken promises.

    • inna says:

      to some, yes. to other, no so much.

    • CBA says:

      The OBA would get much more accomplished if they didn’t have the PLP calling for them to resign every Friday in the House. You heard it from Landow himself: he was interested in developing in Bermuda but not anymore because it’s taken too long to get anything done. This is probably the same with anyone looking to develop in Bermuda. We all know the PLP can’t run a country (look at how fast things went downhill with them) so why are the OBA listening to them so much? Time to get on with decision making and if the PLP doesn’t like it, tough!

      • Toodle-oo says:

        In fact they couldn’t manage a microscopic 20.8 square mile island.
        Heaven forbid they ever got their hands on a proper country.

    • Hmmm says:

      If we are taking to your level of grade report….

      Only thing PLP created was no hope and a broken Country.

  3. Unearthed says:

    The OBA are becoming more of the problem than the solution. They aren’t focusing on job creation. They need to fix their internal issues with regards to accepting bribes and the like. They need to sort themselves out and make public what they found in their internal investigation.

    I had high expectations of the OBA. Unfortunately, they have accomplished nothing. All they do is “talk” or use the “Blame the PLP card”.

    • Onion says:

      You’re right about the stupid mistakes.

      But they have done a HUGE amount behind the scenes, they’re just terrible at communicating it.

    • Serengeti says:

      So bringing up the 6,000 jobs lost under the PLP is the ‘blame the PLP card’. I see.

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      There is no ‘blame the PLP card’, there is the ‘understand that it’s going to take a while because of the PLP mismanagement card’ But that’s a different thing.

      If you actually paid attention to things, you’d see a number of things that are moving forward with the OBA, the Grand Atlantic being one, dealing with the CoH being another, there are others. But they are small things that are overlooked by those only focusing on the ‘big’ issue at the moment.

      Does the OBA have problems? Yup, sadly so, but apparently things are moving forward at the same time.

      What some people don’t understand is that the government can’t actually create jobs. (Well, they can, but we have enough civil servants now, from what I understand) All they can do is work towards creating an environment that will foster the creation of new jobs. This is what they’ve been doing.

      The opposition on the other hand, seem hellbent on distracting from that.

      It remains to be seen if ‘Jetgate’ is actually the scandal it appears it might be. And if it is, I give the opposition their due on bringing it to light. However, in comparison, it hardly seems as important as the ‘we had to deceive you’ mess of the past. And at least the OBA can be seen to be looking into the present matter, unlike the government of the past.

      When it comes to politics, it is always the choice of one devil over another, and while I am disappointed in the OBA at the moment, I am no where near close to regretting my vote for my representative.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      What are you talking about? The OBA are, and have been focused on job creation. Everything they are doing is to undo the reputational and financial damage done by the previous government and build our economy. Maybe you don’t appreciate how difficult a task that is in real life. Meanwhile, Bermuda has to endure this silly jetgate discussion which purpose is non other than to try and unseat the Premier and force another election. This is not about jobs and Bermuda at all. It is about the PLP trying to regain power by any means necessary. So what if this man made a political contribution? It is not illegal and furthermore, if we are going to be honest, why would any business(man) make a political contribution anyway, if not for an investment in the future on the Country and their business? Get real. It happens everywhere and everyday. The PLP are trying very hard to make something out of very little and the Country is being distracted by something that, in the big picture, is inconsequential.

    • Anbu says:

      Its nothing about blame the plp card. Wake up! It IS their fault. Are we as bermudians really that thick headed. Smh.

    • aceboy says:

      What bribe? There is no bribe,that is PLP politricks and you are lapping it up.

      The whole bribe accusation was a lie and has gone away.

      Pay attention.

      The accusation is now about campaign donations.

  4. OBA VOTER says:

    Bring back Paula Cox!

    Good governance!

    • Onion says:

      Except that “Cog” Cox oversaw many of the worst governance failures and largest financial disasters during her time as Minister.

    • ….Surely you jest. says:

      To which party? Not the PLP, they will remain an opposition if she re surfaces to represent that party.!!! She is the reason Bermuda is in this G_d d_ _n mess. She is the last person anyone should be looking to bring back. She is gone and needs to stay gone! She is not missed and will not be welcomed back. Good Governance? Yeah right, that woman and the horse she road in on are of No use the people of Bermuda!
      The tax payers are still forced to waste $$ on the sh_t she shifted around.

      STAY GONE!

    • Anbu says:

      Stop ya noise. Mercy i hope that was a joke

  5. frank says:

    mr .lister is spot on with his comments
    I think this jet gate has been talked about enough
    if found that the premier and the other two ministers are guilty of ministerial misconduct which they that they are they should step down
    we know one is used to lying

  6. J Herald says:

    The OBA may have tripped and stumbled. But they have not fallen. The alternative PLP is just too horrific to contemplate. They nearly sank Bermuda due to their complete lack of competence and their incredibly bad management style.

    I am still with OBA and so should everyone else. A return to PLP now would be suicide for Bermuda.

  7. True Story says:

    The Wizard of Oz is 70 years old. Today, if Dorothy were to encounter men with no brains, no hearts, and no balls, she wouldn’t be in Oz. She would be in government…

  8. Question says:

    Sounds like the creation of another political party – - a “third” option, so to speak. What do you think?


  9. Rhonda Neil says:


    (8) Ministers must ensure that no conflict of interest arises, or appears to arise,
    between their duties and their private interests.
    (9) Ministers should not accept any gifts or offers of hospitality which might, or
    might reasonably appear to, compromise their judgment or place them under an
    improper obligation.
    (16) Ministers should not seek or accept any kind of favor from individuals who are in
    negotiation with, or seeking to enter into contractual or proprietary or pecuniary relations
    with the Government.
    Acceptance of Gifts and Services
    17.1 No Minister or public servant should accept gifts, hospitality or services from
    anyone which would, or might appear to, place him or her under any obligation.
    32 Conflicts of Interest
    32.1 It is vital to the reputation of the Government and to the Islands more
    widely that Ministers should be scrupulous in avoiding any conflict of interest,
    real or perceived, between their private affairs and their public duties as

    • Hmmm says:

      but then who would represent the PLP Rhonda ???

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      While it’s walking a very thin line, something not unusual with politicians, so far there’s been no evidence of actual misconduct.

      I know there are those who will disagree.

    • Anon says:

      Ministerial Code? Does that include owning potentially fraudulent gambling operations on Court street currently under police investigation??? Paleeease stop yer stupid noise

  10. Looking for Leadership says:

    Bwahahahaha “Third Voice”

    MP Lister, Derrick Green may soon be looking for work. Maybe he can help you come up with a better name for your third party than the “Third Voice”

    I agree with him that this is a distraction, but if the Premier is lying nothing can get done until the liar gets out of the way!

  11. Politricks says:

    Terry Lister, a political opportunist if there ever were one! Now he’s trying to latch on to the People’s Campaign. What a Joke!

    Lister, no one likes you and fewer trust you, enjoy your last years in parliament.

    • looking and listening says:

      @ Politricks
      LOL! LMAO! Do you know what a political opportunist is? Don’t seen like it. But you certainly should know what one looks like. He sits in your camp, of this I am sure AND he had been a member of every political party that ever existed in Bermuda. Go sweep your own yard before you try to sweep somebody else’s.

      Nobody likes MP Lister? Correction nobody in the PLP likes Terry Lister because he has more brain in half his toe than ALL of you put together.

      And while you are busy hating on MP Lister the majority in Bermuda don’t like you nor you hating ways either. Bet you go to Church every Sunday praising the Lord! Bet your Pastor’s got your number too.

      MP Lister keep up the good political work you are doing. Stay i.dependent and keep ALL of your haters on the back foot. You are a God send to my constituency and you will always get my family’s vote whenever needed. God Bless you and your family.

  12. Rhonda Neil says:

    I wonder who are the 3 person’s thus far that dislikes the Govt Code of Conduct… Note I didn’t create it…..

    • Anon says:

      It’s not the Code of Conduct they dislike…….

  13. San George says:

    OBA – PLP it’s like Black and White Mr. Lister – no gray. These guys have franchises.

    Get over it. You can’t crack it. There will always be a swing vote in Bermuda. Power to the swingers.

    Thanks to the PLP there will never be a super majority in the house.

    The horse trading is in full flight righ now.

  14. Bermuda Boy says:

    Give me a break Lister, you don’t know what you are talking about. Also, you give up the ship (PLP ) too quick, go now and get a life.