Political Row Over “JetGate” Incident Continues

May 14, 2014

Politicians continue to debate the matters surrounding the private jet travel  – now dubbed “Jetgate” — with Opposition Leader Marc Bean calling on the Premier to “tell the truth”, and the Premier denying there was a ”quid pro quo agreement with Mr. Landow.”

“Just tell the truth”, said Mr. Bean when asked what he wants from the Premier and Ministers involved in “JetGate” – which saw the Premier, two Cabinet Ministers and the manager of the Premier’s gas station accept a ride on a private jet last year.

The Opposition Leader said, “There have been so many versions of events from the Premier and his ministers it’s pretty obvious that we don’t yet have the truth about what happened in Washington, DC in these meetings with Nathan Landow.”

“Perhaps after their weekend retreat, the OBA rank and file have finally persuaded the Premier to level with the people of Bermuda. They can only remain silent for so long before the people will demand answers.

Mr. Bean cited aspects of a report from Think Media which quoted an unnamed source as saying the OBA received a campaign donation from Maryland real estate tycoon Nathan Landow prior to the 2012 Election.

At present, the island’s political parties are not required by law to reveal their sources of funding, and the OBA has declined to comment.

The Opposition Leader said, “Whether the OBA received the $300k from Landow is their own affair and will be for the Party to deal with internally.

“What concerns me and I think the people of Bermuda is whether those funds were part of some quid pro quo related to gaming or a casino license. Only the Premier can answer that question.”

“Investment in Bermuda right now is critical for our success and for our reputation to be clouded with this affair is unfair to everyday Bermudians who are looking for jobs and careers.

“The PLP fully supports efforts to see development at Morgan’s Point, Par-la-Ville, and the Club Med Site [among others] and it is essential that the OBA government sort this matter out,” added Mr. Bean.

In response, Premier Cannonier said, “I agree with the Opposition that ‘investment in Bermuda right now is critical’ for the Island’s success.

“As I’ve stated many times, that goal is integral to the work Government is conducting with potential investors – both local and overseas – to strengthen all sectors of our economy.

“That work continues and is bearing fruit, in rising company incorporations and new building projects – all of which will lead to our ultimate goal – jobs for Bermudians.

“Furthermore, there was never any quid pro quo agreement with Mr. Landow,” added the Premier.

“On all other points, please refer to my statement on this matter which was released last week and which I stand by. I have nothing further to add.”

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  1. Enough says:

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones PLP!

    Let it go, he has said there was no agreement and if this incorrect then the truth will eventually come out. Banging on about this is getting tiresome and seems to be the only way the PLP are capable of doing ‘politics’.

    • Impressive says:

      Don’t you wish life was that easy heh?? With all these allegations against him, all he should have to do is deny them and the point is dead??

      • Ride says:

        Correct. Unless, of course, there is proof. Is there proof of the allegations? I’d venture to say there is none; or at the very least the PLP does not have it if it indeed exists.

        In any case, without proof of wrong-doing there is nothing else to do but deny the allegation. There is no credible evidence to support the allegation. It doesn’t matter if all the PLP feels he is guilty; truth is not subject to popular opinion. He has answered the question and without any evidence to rebut his answer the case should be closed. That is how it works in the courts (well, unless your lawyer has some incredible spin).

        No proof of an allegation months after bringing it up – let it be. Doesn’t matter if it’s PLP, OBA, or a man/woman on the street. If you have nothing on it then you have nothing on it. Move on.


        • Impressive says:

          all the rationale in your own mind doesnt change the fact that you are talking foolishness. Since when did a defendant be allowed to be the jury in their own case??

          Judge – On behalf of the prosecution, you have been charged with the charge of murder, how to you plea?

          Defendant – Not Guilty your honor, I didnt do it and these allegations are false.

          Jury – Yeap he is not guilty, he said it himself.

          Judge – Your free to go your man.

          Hmmmm i wonder why lawyers charge so much an hour.

          • Ride says:

            But there is evidence to rebut the not guilty plea to or the case would not be before the courts. This is an allegation without evidence.

            What don’t you understand?


            • Impressive says:

              How are you so certain that there is no evidence?? or is that what you really really believe, or want to be the case.

              • Ride says:

                What I am saying is produce the evidence or go home. It’s been months.

                Come on, be sensible. If the PLP had something they would have crucified him with it by now. Then called for a vote of no confidence. And finished up with a call for a ballot on his constituency.

                I’m operating with the information available. No evidence but continued accusation. You seem to be operating on no evidence for months but I believe he is guilty so let’s keep accusing him.

                At some point you have to put up or shut up.


                • Ride says:

                  Well, it would appear that Cannonier and the OBA have some serious explaining to do.

                  It would seem the “put up” has been chosen.


          • Mile High Club says:

            He , who has the best lawyer wins! The truth has very little to do with it.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Amazing! You really don’t see the irony of your posts on this page, do you? You really can’t see the hypocrisy, can you?


      • There is NO LAW/S stating he must admit to anything…No Political Party must reveal where / who they’ve or are receiving financial support from! If so, then the Progressive Labour Party should lay their cards face-up and reveal some of (if not all) of the skeletons in their closets!

        • X man says:

          So true — it ‘s only fair’
          There is no law – what a Political Party must reaveal.

  2. Tough Love says:

    Can someone tell me why there hasn’t been an independent investigation to find out the truth? Why are we being asked as a people to take the Premier at his word alone? Other jurisdictions don’t do this. They would investigate such serious claims.

    • Concerned says:

      there hasn’t been and i.v. because there is no money unless the PLP repays the 800m

    • inna says:

      just like an independent investigation for:

      1) Berkley
      2) TCD
      3) Cedar beams
      4) Bullet
      5) Uyghurs

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        You would have thought the bullet would have been the most important thing to investigate as it was a supposed threat on our highest elected offical. Alas as Bermuda turns. I still say…


      • Mile High Club says:

        Lets not forget.
        Bda Cement Co
        Coco Reef
        Whites Island
        Dame Lois Bldg
        Bda Emissions
        $800 million of public funds missing

      • Serengeti says:

        I’d like to know who really profited from Grand Atlantic. There was no reason to build the ugly buggers. Someone made out like a bandit.

    • If it soooo serious, then for Christ sake, why haven’t the Progressive Labour Party been investigated for all their “short comings” etc?

  3. watching says:

    it would really be beneficial to everyone if Premier Cannonier went on Let’s Talk and answered the tough questions. Finally came clean with the people of Bermuda.

    • Steve Biko says:

      PLEASE by now you should know he’s afraid of Gary and Sherrie.

      • Argument says:

        Does any working person even listen to those crappy shows!

      • He need not go on any TV show…Why? because he has stated all he needs / must state…There is NO Law saying he is compelled to say anymore. U’lot need to “stop floggin’ a dead horse” :-(

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      he might be clean alread why does a talk show which could simple pose bais questions (which real boils down to socery). If enough evidence is there why would this not go to court is it because there is none?


      • JustAskin2 says:

        Maybe the Premier has a few things to hide…

  4. Bermuda Boy says:

    Craig, think about it. The louder they shout about this stupid jet gate thing, the farther we get away from the BIU / PLP having to explain to us about all of the money Bermuda is missing. Stop sitting up whenever they get on to you about anything. I voted for the OBA, did I make a mistake?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The longer the PLP whine on & on about a free plane ride the more desperate they look. The more desperate they look the better the OBA looks. The better the OBA looks the less viable the PLP looks as a future Government.

      The fact that a free plane ride is the worst that the PLP can moan about says an awful lot about how the OBA is doing.

      It is not like the OBA is responsible for $800,000,000.00 missing or $2.5B debt costing $250,000 per day in interest is it? The PLP does not want to talk about any of that. A free plane ride is far more important.

      • Impressive says:

        Come on Triangle Drifter, this is alot more than a “free plane ride” as you put it. I agree that there are far more pressing issues, but that doesnt mean that you should minimize this one. The main issue about this particular incident is that it calls the Premier of Bermuda’s credibility into question and that critical. Be honest man, this is alot more than a free plane ride

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Why where yo ever “honest” about Dr, Brown time?


          • Impressive says:

            ummmm yes.. None of the allegations against him where proven if I recall correctly, but he is still being labeled as such.

            Nevertheless, I am not here to lift up one to bring down the other, the point I am making is that wrong is wrong and right is right.

            • Mike Hind says:

              So… allegations need to be proven now?

              This is a new thing for you!

              • Impressive says:

                haha Mike,, good day my friend. The only “allegations” I have made on this site repeatedly is that Premier Craig is not fit to be the leader of my country. Note, I said the Premier and not his party. I will not call this an allegation, but more an opinion on what I have seen thus far. As far as having it proven, stay tuned sir.

                • Mike Hind says:


                  You just don’t care about the truth, do you? Like, at all?

                  How is anyone supposed to have a serious conversation with you, if you’re just going to outright lie like this?
                  “This is alot (sic) more than a “free plane ride”", just so you know, is an allegation… That you have not, nor can you, I don’t think, prove. Care to prove me wrong?

            • Redman says:

              @ Impressive …None of the allegations against him where proven if I recall correctly,

              yes and none of these allegations have been proven either, yet this premiere is being labelled as…

              Get it yet? I doubt it!

              Yawns, turns the page.

        • luke says:

          Gary Moreno, see if the premiers manager who hitched a ride has anything to say .

        • Argument says:

          $800 million missing in the PLP years! Zero missing in OBA years and no evidence that any money was taken “even if it was allegedly asked for” . However, you can overlook $800 million to look for the truth about zero money that was taken that was allegedly asked for according to one anonymous source according to a PLP supporter and Independent “journalist” that charges you $3 for the privilege of reading his story? What am I missing here?

      • Steve Biko says:

        They bought Scotland Yard and de F.B.I. here, got any other options !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Also not like they didnt admit to doing the same thing must be ok when they do it and a crime of the highest order when someone else did it. To the PLP where is the 800K no one should answer anything until they answer that.


  5. Dragging A Lure says:

    OBA sold Bermuda for $300,000 bucks. Shame on the Jetgate 4.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      If true, they got a deal!

      • Mile High Club says:

        They (Lanlow) didn’t even submit a proposal on time!!!!!!!!

    • Onion says:

      Except even if there was the $300k it doesn’t seem to have gotten him anything because he’s not getting a casino license.

      If the OBA are engaging in corruption they’re damn bad at it.

      They need to get some tips from other politicians on how to run a pay to play scam.

      • inna says:

        notice how you are the one suggesting that they are engaging in corrupt practices!

    • jt says:

      If true they sold what is left. The rest was sold previously for 2 billion…and 800 million grats.

    • James Rego says:

      Go away!

    • O'Brien says:

      Let’s suppose $300,000 was wired to the OBA or someone affiliated with it. What did the person who sent the money get in return? What contract has he been awarded? What property has been handed?

      In other words, what was sold?

      • Hmmm says:

        Apparently nothing. It went to campaign funds, similar to the alleged 2 million from a Mr Duess reported in the press that went to the PLP Election campaign (allegedly)

  6. Concerned says:

    shut up and give it all a break sounding like a couple arguing over the toilet seat being left up – does anybody ever admit to doing it – either the man leaves the top up or the woman cleans and doesn’t close either PAHLEESE let us get on with what really matters sound education homelessness financial assistance unemployment-employment senior care transportation woes and all the rest

    SICK OF ALL THIS FRIKKIN FOOLISHNESS looking back over what the PLP did the saying of the old timers Mr. Nobody did it comes to mind you can’t lick him you can’t take him to court you can’t blame him because you don’t know if he really did it but he will get the blame anyway and he will get away with it

  7. 1minute says:

    PLP – Please move on and do the people’s work

    • Redman says:

      @ 1minute, We live in hope but we all know this is clearly another smokescreen aimed at getting people to forget their many alleged abuses of the public purse. Except that the piggy bank is empty due to the PLP’s shenanigans.

      I wish the PLP had been half as vociferous over Bda Housing Corp, Berkley and on and on… Luckily for the PLP back then the bulk of the electorate where either micing or just too silly to understand what was being perpetrated all in the name of ‘its our turn’ (as if it was benefiting them, the dummies).

      Despite the warning from many of us it seems too many sat by in silence and watched the financial rape of Bermuda under the PLP because they felt it didn’t affect them. As if it was someone else’s money.

      Now that the moneys all gone & many jobs with it Well now those same silent ones can feel!!

  8. watching says:

    If the name Craig Cannonier had been substituted for Ewart Brown in the Ayo Johnson report, the comments and the reactions would be totally different. Let’s be real.

    • watching says:

      sorry, meant substituted by the name Ewart Brown…

    • O'Brien says:

      Pay to play ring any bells?

  9. This is a none issue….you are awl politicians!…..to think we the average constituant is that trivial….shows a contemptuous and disrespectful condescending address to our baser sensabilities…..get on withit!……I suggest smoke and mirrors …..this is a mere distraction….because ….I’m not interested innit!….I’m lookin for what you are pulling our attention away from….more retro active legislative pilfering mayhap?

  10. swing voter says:

    Cedar Beams – came and went…jus let it go
    Customized Home security – came and went…jus let it go
    TCD contract – actually renewed for another 12 months!
    Tractor Trailers – lets move on
    BAS breach of contract suit – pay and move on
    Dr. Thomas shenanigans – pay the man and terminate his contract
    BHC Scandals – no accountability, move on
    Court Building secret trust – nothing we can do
    Heritage wharf ‘overruns’ – hahahahahah
    Berkeley debacle – double hahahahahahah
    Ugiars immigration blunders….no so funnie but we’re stuck with them

  11. swing voter says:

    the point is that the Govt of the day will have their way…..and the opposition can only squeal like a…….

  12. Navin Johnson says:

    Who paid off the mortgage on Alaska Hall?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Hate to use that tired cliche about crickets but this would be a great application.

  13. aceboy says:

    Continue to yell about this and that way we can gloss over the whole BHB issue etc etc etc, right Mr. Bean?

  14. Embarrassment says:

    No one cares about this ridiculous JetGate nonsense. Get over it and do your job.

  15. Dragging A Lure says:

    “The Premier, two Cabinet Ministers and the manager of the Premier’s gas station accept a ride on a private jet last year.”

    1. Mr. Premier, was the minutes of the meetings documented for Government records?
    2. Maybe we missed a fifth person.
    3. Who was the top P.S. on the trip?
    4. Recently The Premier appears to be accompanied by the head of the Civil Service on important Government business trips.
    5. Jetgate certainly smells like a rotten fish!!!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Dont care about it didnt cost us a thing..


      • Dragging A Lure says:

        The JetGate debacle did not have cost attached to travel and accommodations, but it certainly had a price attached to our jurisdiction of a Government based on creditability,honesty and fairness and not to sell our souls for a free trip and a first class hotel. You can’t measure that cost. So stop acting like an id**t.

  16. bermudagirl says:

    Enough already with JetGate! It really is getting old. If we go back in time to when the party system in Bermuda first began, no doubt there would be a few “shifty” and do I dare say underhanded deals that were undertaken? My point is that the past is the past…we cannot change it..no matter how hard he try.
    Now, the PLP need to look under their own hood before they continue to harp on this non matter!
    Sad to say but I have a feeling The Honourable Mr Marc Bean will not let it go until he hears what he wants to hear!

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      The story is about the OBA and their shifty practices. The Premier and the OBA have to come clean over Jetgate. The Premier say it was Government business, than the people need to know all of the facts and the reason there was no senior civil servant but a senior manager from his business that participated in the meetings. Jetgate will not be swept under the carpet because you folks don’t want to accept the truth but use the PLP as a distraction.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Again Dr Brown did not tell the peple about government business.. but I know you know that…..

        MAWI this guy is out again why you letting this guy out he is completly crazy


        • Impressive says:

          and here starts the name calling and childish behaviour.. smdh

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Who cares about Dr. Brown? We’re talking about JegGate…

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          @ LOL,
          When you resort to disparaging name calling when the view is different from yours certainly demonstrates your mentality. I’ll leave it at that.

  17. Miguelito says:

    Got to agree with “Embarrassment”. No one cares.

  18. nuffin but the truth says:

    the defunct and useless plp get drunk on that green kool aid they get stuck on stupid.

  19. Looking in says:

    I’m going to The Playboy Mansion!

  20. Alvin Williams says:

    Well would be investor Mr. Landow is no longer a factor in who is going to built the new casino/hotel at the East end; the premier announce on national TV. Who can blame him with all this smoke surrounding the issue or should I say fire; perhaps he decided the whole idea is not worth it?
    The premier did not seem too upset that an potential investor who was greeted with so much enthusiasm in the early stage is no longer in the picture. Maybe he is glad to see the back of him given all the allegations surrounding Jet-gate?
    Interesting though in regard to the $ 300;000 campaign donation alleged to have been donated to the OBA? That is stated to have not taken place? Than why is the OBA chairman to mount a so-called internal investigation over the suppose non-existent $ 300;000 political donation?
    I suspect that the recent OBA meeting and the speculation that there is the existence of two camps in that party; this may very well had being the one concession extracted from one or the other faction in the OBA government. The premier stated that what happen in those meetings will remain behind close doors; but like the kettle on the stove once it gets hot enough than the steam rises and than we might even hear a whistle.

  21. Alvin Williams says:

    In looking at the blogs and all the attempts of OBA supporters to deflect from the fact that the OBA ship has struck the rocks and is about to take the government down with it. I suggest that they abandon ship as I am sure that the captain has plans to do just that.

    • Barracuda says:

      Wont happen.

    • Mike Hind says:

      This is a fact, is it?

      (Pssst! That’s not what that word means!)

      What this is is just yet another bit of baseless, factless, reality-less smear from an obviously increasingly desperate Mr Williams.

      Please do better.

  22. TICKED OFF says:

    i guess NEITHER party the PLP in particular give a crap about getting on with the PEOPLES BUSINESS and GET TO WORK FOR WHICH YOU ARE ALL PAID TO MUCH FOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life and get TO WORK> Lots of promises from BOTH sides and NO I REPEAT NO SUBSTANTIVE ACTION !!!!!!!!!!!! WE the people that put you bALL there are getting tired and pissed off tav the lack of ACTION!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Redman says:

    Political Row Over “JetGate” Incident Continues


    Policeman To Crowd: “…move along nothing to see here…”

  24. Bermuda Boy says:

    If the PLP win this jet gate mess and anyone steps down, I will vote PLP next election.

  25. HeyBye says:

    Creating an imaginary scandal,when there is none.
    If anyone has an opportunity to hitch a ride on a private jet to get to a meeting to handle the peoples business and save tax payer money,please do it again.

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


      There is no such thing as a free lunch…

      If you do not know or do not understand the sophistication of government business or the unshackled power of the ruling Party then thank God you are not a Member of Parliament representing Bermuda, nor Minister in the Cabinet.

      I sincerely hope not…

      London, England

      • HeyBye says:

        Oh shut up.
        A know it all from London!!

      • HeyBye says:

        Until someone commits to a deal there is no deal.
        For the Jet owner,the expense of using the jet is a business tax right off against his capital gains tax.
        So both parties benefit.
        Maybe you do not know how business works.

        Hamilton, Bermuda !!

        • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


          And based on your logic I thank God that I understand very little of your business world dealings.

          Insults is not debating, but I shall humbly and happily remain mute on your business opinions.

          London, England

  26. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    I will take Al Williams point that it is strange that a donation of $300K is not readily known to OBA party officials. Transparently put, it has either gone through the OBA bank account or not, cash or cheque.

    And speculatively speaking, from viewing the tape of Thad Hollis’ press conference, why use the word “investigate?” That was an odd choice of words, you simple had to enquire to confirm or deny that the OBA received or did not receive the funds.

    Again speculatively speaking, there appears to be a division within the OBA ranks (and I have been given that impression based upon what was revealed at the press conference). However, whatever the final report reveals, it is an INTERNAL report from which Mr Hollis will inform the public on the status of the $300K donation.

    The OBA needs to resolve the issue and move on. If there are internal battles brewing – such as two camps within the Party – based upon the results of the internal report, please make clear, decisive, swift and positive changes so that the Party can re-focus on rebuilding a strong economic environment in Bermuda.

    London, England

    • Serengeti says:

      If there was no donation in the first place, it isn’t ‘strange’ that OBA party officials don’t know about it.

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        Have you thought through what you just wrote?

        If there was no donation, it’s perfectly logical and correct that they have no knowledge of it as it does not exist.

        This matter was brought to Mr Hollis’ attention via Ayo Johnson’s article, hence the reason why the OBA is investigating the matter.

        London, England

  27. Heavens says:

    Ask Alvin about Pay to Play…. maybe Ayo could investigate what promises were made to Jumeirah Hotel Group and who got paid what for that little fiasco too….

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


      In fairness, the subject-matter is the article above.

      Do not deflect and there is no need to divert attention onto another matter.

      In my humble opinion, this matter will soon lose its sensationalistic sting as the Government moves forward on how they intend to deal with casino gaming in Bermuda, in other words, by legislation or by referendum, and I humbly prefer the latter.

      London, England