PC: Suspend PRC’s Applications For Status

June 18, 2014

The People’s Campaign is urging the government to “immediately suspend applications for status” based upon the “loophole” that has allowed a pathway to citizenship for PRC holders.

A recent Court ruling in the matter of Carne and Correia, essentially means that there is, under current legislation, a pathway to status for Permanent Residence Certificate [PRC] holders.

Shadow Minister for Immigration & External Affairs Walton Brown has called for government to suspend applications for Bermuda status that fall under section 20B, and work on comprehensive immigration reform.

Attorney General Trevor Moniz said that Government has filed an appeal against the Chief Justice’s judgment, and the Government also noted that since the judgment the Immigration Department has been “inundated” with applications for persons seeking status, and 115 have already been naturalised.

A statement from the Campaign said, “In view of the recent debate regarding the loophole in the law that provides a pathway to citizenship for PRC holders, and the defeat of the effort to fix the law by the government, the People’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs, and Justice is hereby urging the government to immediately suspend applications for status based upon this loophole. In addition we are calling for proper bi-partisan legislation to close the loophole forthwith.

“This loophole has been acknowledged by both parties to be a genuine oversight in the law, which in turn, violates the intent of the law. This is in view of the fact that neither party was aware of the loophole when the law was passed. Most importantly, this law was never intended to provide a pathway to Bermudian status.

“It is therefore incumbent upon the government to take immediate action in order to avoid the further deterioration of the issue. Bermuda is now witnessing the growth of polarizing lines, in which people are either demonized as being “xenophobic or anti foreigner,” or they are accused of giving citizenship away for 30 pieces of silver.

“The people’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs, and Justice, hold that the honorable thing for the government to do is to fix the loophole legislatively. In doing so, the original intent of the law would be preserved. It would also go a long way toward restoring the confidence of the people, in the integrity of government.

“Then if the government wishes to have a review of the current pathway to citizenship, that pathway should be undertaken on its own merit through the establishment of a formal review process.

“Such a review should be guided by a desire to develop pathways to citizenship, which are fair and equitable. The pathways should strike a balance between the needs of a small country such as Bermuda, and the rights of émigré’s.

“The loophole may provide some short-term political expediency in terms of providing potential voters who fall within the traditional demographic of particular political interests.

“However the long-term damage is that this action would legitimize the already growing mistrust of many Bermudians in the integrity of government. Such actions will continue to fracture and divide the country. This is a time when all leaders of this country should be working in unison to restore the trust and confidence of the people.

“The government has a great opportunity to demonstrate to the people of Bermuda, mature, forthright, and moral leadership on this issue. Specifically at a time when confidence in the political system is deteriorating.

“We firmly believe that charting the right course on this issue will go a long way toward restoring the confidence of the people in the government to do the right thing for all of the people of Bermuda. On behalf of the people of Bermuda, we thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter of Social and National Importance.”

The People’s Campaign statement was signed by Rev. Nicholas Tweed, Jason Hayward and Chris Furbert.

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  1. Serious Though says:

    So Technically, it’s a voting right question not a PRC problem!

    Why not just come out and say it,

    If you give PRC citizenship they become voters and voters changes politics in a country!
    There say it! I am still alive
    Even Hon. Bean is still Opposition Leader after the special tea comment !

    • Black Soil says:

      So ironic that a group which claims to want “justice” doesn’t give a crap about human rights…….these guys are just PLP in disguise. Just go to union hall and see their pictures everywhere on the wall. They would be DEMANDING the vote for the PRC if they thought they would vote for them. So ironic that the PLP formulated this 2nd class citizenship nonsense. IRONIC!!!!

      • jt says:

        People’s Campaign for Just-us.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Thanks to the “People’s Campaign” for speaking out on this Very Important Issue.

          Thanks for standing by many of us whom believe this matter requires a comprehensive review of Bermuda’s immigration laws.

          Thanks as many may not express their views on this forum, they do believe and share the same position.

          “This loophole has been acknowledged by both parties to be a genuine oversight in the law, which in turn, violates the intent of the law. This is in view of the fact that neither party was aware of the loophole when the law was passed. Most importantly, this law was never intended to provide a pathway to Bermudian status.

          “It is therefore incumbent upon the government to take immediate action in order to avoid the further deterioration of the issue”

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            “The people’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs, and Justice, hold that the honorable thing for the government to do is to fix the loophole legislatively. In doing so, the original intent of the law would be preserved. It would also go a long way toward restoring the confidence of the people, in the integrity of government.”

            Thanks again !

            • jt says:

              The original intent of the law was not the right thing to do. The legislation ad it stands is the right thing to do. In all of your b posts Betty yo have failed to ever say why these people should be denied status. In the interest of the strong debate you have been calling for, please share your reasons.

              • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                Where in the world are people given Status? This is often seldom done. They maybe given something else, but not status or the right to vote. In the US my friend has lived there for more than over 25 years, not right to vote, but does have a green card…nothing else. Our Immigrations laws need careful review and revision. NO one promised anyone they are entitled to anything. This sense of “Entitlement” by PRC is something that I can not understand.

                • jt says:

                  Why are you opposed to these people having the right to vote? And why would you aspire to the u.s. model you describe? I’m fine with a review of the immigration lawsxso n long as it

                  • Roger says:

                    Does anybody have the stats? How many of these 115 are actually black and/or PLP supporters?

                • Onion says:

                  Your friend can easily apply for citizenship and vote in the US after 5 years of holding a green card.

                • aceboy says:

                  That is your friend’s choice. He/she could apply for full citizenship (US *status*) and he/she would then have the right to vote.

                  We NEED more people on this island. Your PLP and their stupid policies chased many away and you still haven’t learned, obviously. The first step to attracting more people here is to ensure the ones who ARE here stay. These people are far more productive for this island than you and your ilk.

      • micro says:

        100% correct, I was approached to join the group under the guise of representing a broad cross-section of the community, laughed and walked away after seeing who was heading the group.

      • Steve Biko says:

        @ Black Soil who would you expect for them to have on their walls, Henry Tucker, David Gibbons and de original surrogate E.T. Richards?

    • Steve Biko says:

      I thought de tea party was the Concerned Bermudians that marched against Dr. Brown, oh my bad that was de Lynch Mob!!!!!!!

      • Redman says:

        The ‘Bermudians’ organised the protests against Dr. Brown, nothing to do with the ‘Concerned Bermudians’. Do try to keep up.

  2. Huh says:

    The People’s Campaign should be honest with all in Bermuda and change their name to represent their true colours – The Bermuda Tea Party

    • Black Soil says:

      Just like the Tea Party, they want their country back!! Screw the rest!! Just like the Tea Party, they want an underclass to exploit!!

    • No need says:

      No need to insult the Tea Party that way.

      • Steve Biko says:

        F…. de tea party and their racist ideology!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Funny says:

          You guys are emulating the tea party to a t my friend.

          Hate gays, hate foreigners and hate anyone that disagrees with you. And that doesn’t even include you and yours claims that you have to take “your country back.”

          You can’t be more tea party like if you tried.

          • Redman says:

            @ Funny,

            So True!! Funny thing (pardon the pun) is that they can’t see it or at least wont admit that they are like a hand in a glove with the Tea Party, same ideology and just as crazy, Sad.

    • Cleancut says:

      This is not a people’s campaign, it’s a PLP campaign. Leave the OBA alone, let them do what they are good at. It will be the best for all Bermudians, these two entities are just digging are graves.

      • Jim Jones says:

        The People’s Campaign is simply exercising their right to assemble and voice their concerns.

        And what were “Concerned Bermudians”? Oh right – an angry lynch mob.

        • TravelingTreeFrog says:

          Jim I think you need to read up on what a lynch mob is and ppl need to stop using these terms so loosely…. I have never in my years seen a group of ppl in Bermuda behaving like a lynch mob toward either party.

          That being said lynch mobs also worked AGAINST change…. while the Bermuda groups on either side are calling FOR change.

          • Steve Biko says:

            Well they fitted de description of a lynch mob(usually when a group of white people march and gather to show their disgust towards a Black person, Historically …….. but I haven’t seen white people protest in Bermuda in my lifetime and with the Premier stepping down and all this ALLEGED CORRUPTION I haven’t heard a peep from them or were they concerned a Black party was in power or they’re not concerned anymore?

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Once again your an a$$. Ha ha you are every bit as bad as those you dislike …..


  3. coolieh says:

    Why should they stop? I haven’t heard a good reason?

    Our population is decreasing (fewer children) and folks are living longer…why not increase the tax base or sustain the existing tax base? Furthermore, most of these folks have been here a LONNNNGGGGTIMMMMMMME!

    So what? Is political power the overriding consideration? So sad…

    Are these folks already here and working? Yes!

    Have we met UN standards on their status?

    Please provide some rationale for this objection!

    Just asking the obvious questions!


  4. Roger says:

    Xenophobic biggots.

    The ignorance that we show towards people who have paid taxes and supported our country is incredible.

    Shame on furbie, flush that statement down your now working lavatory.

    • Stop the Ignorance says:

      PC – you should be ashamed of your xenophobic nonsense.

      Ask yourselves how many PRC’s are waiting in line at Financial assistance for a handout?

      How many jobs are they taking because they have been here as lifetime – so they are not taking new jobs?

      How many PRC’s are running around shooting at people on jet skis or shooting period period?

      Ask yourself, if you had a houseguest who paid their way, didn’t ask you the host for anything, wouldn’t you welcome them to stay as opposd to other guests who bring their undesirable traits with them, and you know who they are, so don’t be cute.

      We need the PRC’s as much as they need us and they may not even need us because they CHOOSE to be here.

      So get a grip with the realities and find out what’s really bugging. People that show Bermuda respect, care and concern despite the way we treat them should be welcomed and not made into political footballs.

      • Steve Biko says:

        You don’t know what they do behind closed doors, and they talk about foreigners in their country de same way,Big Deal !!!!!!!

  5. smh says:

    all the people’s campaign are is the PLP’s tea party, what are you all so afraid about, giving at most around a 1000 people, the right to vote.

    and for the people who think these people will only vote one way, that’s only because of how much they have been demonized by the PLP diehards etc.

    What are people so afraid of, if you actually look at the demographics of PRCs, it’s mostly a mix of blacks of West Indian origin, whites mainly from the Acores, some British, maybe a Canadian or American or two

    For the record these people aren’t taking opportunities from “Real Bermudians”, whatever the hell that means. Look at the rights of a PRC and educate yourselves

    And these people have contributed far more to society than a lot of these “Real Bermudians” and they have raised Bermudian families who also contribute to Bermuda

    Rant Over

  6. Stephen Thomson says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. That’s the hallmark of a free and democratic society.
    My opinion, as a Bermudian is, that PRC’s have lived and worked and contributed to Bermuda for over a quarter of a century.
    Bermuda has a declining population/birthrate. Bermuda has an aging population. Clearly, Bermuda needs some form of immigration simply to fund our country as we age. What better people than those that have actually lived here, paid taxes, brought up their children and call Bermuda their home for 25 years…..its a 25 year interview really. Wow, even the fact that we need to have this conversation is sad. Here’s a secret….we all came from somewhere other than the hogs. Is a quarter of a century too little for some us to allow them into our wonderful exclusive club?

    • Steve Biko says:

      Sounds like de same name of de guy that closed down his business because his staff wanted to be represented by de UNION!!!!!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Probably a good move financially.


  7. Goodidea Badidea says:

    Oh noes! Better stop this before some people are afforded right that they should already have. If you’re a full time permanent resident, why shouldn’t you have voting rights? I can’t believe that there is even a debate going on here! It’s already been decided by the courts. It’s ONLY those PRCs here since before July 1989. 110 have applied, approximately 1200ish may qualify but it’s hard to imagine everyone wanting it. More FUD by special interest groups to scaremonger people into fearing change.

  8. Harry Buttle says:

    Some say they doth protest too much.

  9. Those that are supporting this “Peoples Campaign” have alternative motive/s and nothing what-so-ever to do with, “status based on loopholes”.

  10. Winnie Dred says:

    My question is to all these Peoples campaign so it was ok for your fore fathers and mothers to who came to Bermuda at whatever particular time eg 1,2,3 or more generations ago to fully integrate into this country and eventually got all the trappings Status ect which was passed down, of course maybe you don’t remember all the blood, sweat, tears and great sacrifice that was paid to get to this point. However it is now wrong for newer arriving people not to aspire to such, did they LTRs not pay their dues?….. I guess it is ok for those who cried about being oppressed, marginalized, mistreated, kicked about to now dish out the same to others under some ridiculous guise, oh we of short memory who have seemingly forgotten from whence we came….. As Marley aptly said ‘if you know your history then you will know where you are coming from’….. Seems your history started the day you were born, smdh….. Just wondering what would the fore parents who came form Saba, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Barbados, St.Christopher and Nevis, The Grenadines, Jamaica to name a few who made their contribution to the development of this country say about their children, children, children wanting to deny those who contribute and continue to do so in this modern age the same that they fought for???? Ah well hypocrisy mixed with politics is a ……

  11. Unbelievable says:

    I’m sorry but I’m Bermudian but I have to say this.

    Bermudians need to pull up their socks and get their education priorities sorted out. We need to be leaders in employment in our own country but sometimes we are not. And when we are not, we moan about it.

    If we did get our priorities straight we wouldn’t need these kinds of stories. Blame employers all you want but it won’t make matters better until we ALL get educated enough to keep the jobs that guest workers have.

    1. Show up to work on time. No, like really on time. 9 am is not 9:30 am.
    2. Do a good job.
    3. Even if it’s not a long term job, do a good job. You know…show that you care.
    4. Learn some customer care and social skills.

    I’m so bored of hearing these kinds of stories.

    • Steve Biko says:

      So is this the code word for Black Bermudians or your talking bout Black and White Bermudians??????????

      • Unbelievable says:

        Nice try TCF but you know I’m talking about Blacks and whites.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Doesn’t fit his narritive thought………………


  12. Red eye says:

    The peoples campaign is trying to suspend basic human rights but then again that only works for a certain color! Smfh!

    • Yep says:

      It’s all about votes. Simple fact is that “they’re” afraid that, after being dumped on for years, any new Bermudians won’t vote for the PLP.

      • Steve Biko says:

        Well History has proven that most of the immigrants are of European lineage and obviously biased if it came to voting, classic example of the two Bermuda’s!!!!

        • Edmund Spenser says:

          Actual point of fact, as at 2010 estimates 53.8% of the immigrants are black.

          • Steve Biko says:

            Well if that’s true it’s a big improvement over the last 50 years or so!

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Why is it an improvement are Blacks superior to whites in your opinion?


        • Come Correct says:

          ” anti-Bermudians (those of European Colonist mindset that try to undermine those of color).”

          So what is it? The lineage or the mindset that dictates how INDIVIDUALS feel, or is it whatever allows your silly racist narrative to resemble something that makes sense? please clarify.

  13. campervan says:

    PC say “Suspend human rights”
    Standing Strong on the faces of their neighbours.
    Selfish, selfish behaviour.

  14. Really says:

    Another one to file in the “whatever” box

  15. Bermudian in waiting says:

    I have lived here for almost 40 years ,paid taxes ,worked very hard ,paid my Bermudian landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars , given back to Bermuda ,given back to Bermudians.This is the place I have called home for all these years and I have lived longer here than I have in my own country .I am reminded subtlely on a regular basis that I really don’t belong ,that I will never will be good enough . Sometimes it feels like unrequited love ,when will I ever be good enough Bermuda?

    • Born a PRC says:

      If it makes you feel any better I was born into that situation, born in 1990 to PRC parents, so denied citizenship and regularly reminded by bigots that I’m not ‘really’ Bermudian despite living my entire life here.

      • Steve Biko says:

        Well at least you have your parents country to go to, too many people have used Bermuda as a Cash Cow and now the milk has dried up and getting over populated it’s causing caous!

        • Sickofantz says:

          Not sure where your statistics are coming from Steve? Bermuda is actually losing population. By the way you sound jealous of PRC’s who you think have a country to go to. Just so you know you are welcome under the EU to go and live in the UK where you will immediately qualify for substantial benefits and most EU member states.

          So what are you waiting for?

          • Steve Biko says:

            No thanks I’ll pass, I’ll put up with de little racist bigots at home then deal with Limmy’s ,Skin Heads and Neo Nazis!!!!!!!
            Plus you can’t beat beautiful weather, pristine beaches, the friendliest people in the world and a strong economy, now um put it like that I see why people are lining up to move here after bypassing countless countries and flying thousands of miles, and I thought caribou travelled far!!!!!!!!!!

            • Double Standards says:

              Friendliest people? Read your posts and think twice about that comment.

            • aceboy says:

              Yea, you really show how friendly you are. LOL Go get a mirror and have an honest conversation with yourself….seriously. You need a good “talking to”.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              So infact you are everything wrong with Bermuda now by your own admission. Thanks, now how about you leave as you have poluted my country for far too long. You may not want to live with Limmy’s ,Skin Heads and Neo Nazis (Mark Bean’s words?)but I’m sure you would fit in nicely with those groups of equal hate and darker huge say like in Zimbabwe. Get in where you fit in right.

              LOL cause you dont fit in here!

        • Cardine Alice says:

          And isn’t it a pity the UK doesn’t refuse Bermudians rights in the UK/EU, rights to passports etc. more Bermudians use the UK as a cash cow, to educate themselves, qualify (wihtout training) as barristers etc. than do foreigners in Bermuda. Guest workers pay their way. Remeember the colour of your money. Learn a bit of gratitude. Some Bermudians are spoilt rotten. That’s what sheltered employment in a tax haven does to you sadly.

          • Steve Biko says:

            I don’t mind expats coming to Bermuda it’s their intent when they get here, Dr.Gordon was as expat but his intent was to stand up against de evil, wicked ideology of the European Colonist, the fact that this country was founded on Piratcy and thievery and after the arrival of Africans we had to endure hardship to be excepted in a society enriched in White Supremecy so to understand our plight of what we’ve been through and still going through without torching this little island and causing havoc is a testimony of our civil contiousness and tolorence even though we had our moment in 1977 just like de Brits had theirs in Brixton 1981.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Well according to you your lucky those evil whites didn’t just be rid of you back then must have tolorated your crap some how oh right …………


  16. RICH says:

    PLP, I wouldn’t support this , you may gain some votes as most of them are working class people ….

  17. swing voter says:

    once again the tax payer gets shafted with legal bills because of another green party blunder. so many mistakes made that i lost count years ago. how the hell can they continue to use progressive to describe themselves

  18. 32n64w says:

    If the People’s Campaign promotes itself as believers in “equality” and “justice” shouldn’t they be coming out n support of fairness, reasonability and compassion?

    Their refusal to take an informed position integral to the cornerstones of their own beliefs confirms what the electorate already knew or suspected … this is political action committee underwritten by the PLP/BIU to be used as a tool to advance the party’s interests for self promotion and political gain. They prey on emotive subjects and whip up hysteria and misinformation to advance their own agenda at the expense of our collective well being. They are Bermuda’s tea party.

    PLP – betraying Bermudians since 1998; one undereducated, unemployed and debt ridden voter at a time.

  19. sandman says:

    “Social and National importance”

    I thought this was a campaign for the rights of ordinary people, but apparently non-bermudians don’t count. More National Socialist than Marxist then.

    • sandman says:

      To explain the above, these people are talking out of the sides of their mouths. They claim to support rights of long term residents, but then seek to overturn the law that gives them their rights. Does anybody believe that they truly want to have comprehensive reform to allow status for long term residents and their children? They’ve certainly not put forward anything concrete that they want to see other than closing off the existing route

  20. Sad says:

    Can anyone please provide a coherent argument why these very long term BDA residents who have paid their taxes, whose children attend our schools with most being born here, contribute to our economy, attend our churches, join our regiment etc. should not be granted status?

    It’s not like they have just showed up on our doorstep yesterday. They have always been here and will always be here based on their PRC status.

    So what exactly is the problem? If it is because you assume they will vote one way then you are aimply wrong to decline someone status and their human rights based on your political affiliations.

    You guys sound like the republicans who claims that Obama wants to give status to ILLEGAL immigrants to boost democrat voters. The Peoples Tea Party Campaign.

    • Steve Biko says:

      So how big is Bermuda compared to the US, DREAMER

      • Come Correct says:

        Sad says:

        June 19, 2014 at 7:03 am

        “It’s not like they have just showed up on our doorstep yesterday. They have always been here and will always be here based on their PRC status.”

        So what do you propose?

  21. Sandgrownan says:

    Shame on the people’s campaign. What a disgusting bunch of hypocrites.

    A Union “sponsored” sham of a pseudo grass roots political group.

  22. Huh says:

    Who elected these “Peoples Campaign” leaders, because I don’t remember them being on the ballots in Dec. 2012?

  23. James Herald says:

    More from the pathetic PLP. You have to feel sorry for them – this really could be the end for them. Its all about votes you see – PLP just won’t admit it. But I guess they feel if they make noise about this it will kill the Marc Bean in house insult story. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    PLP is finished. PRC status people will N E V E R E V E R vote PLP and you know it. Bye Bye PLP. It is over for you. Back under your rock. Or perhaps you should all move to that other island off Cape Cod – to be with your mate.

    • Evie says:

      Why does this have to be PLP you people are so funny as long as it a black face it’s PLP people will tell anything to support their agenda instead of the truth just so you know it’s about votes for the OBA too hahahahaha

      • LiarLiar says:

        I am assuming that many got the impression that this is a PLP surrogate group the day they marched on parliament and chanted “PLP, PLP, PLP” and not to mention that the ‘leaders’ are all well known PLP stalwarts.

        Race card fail.

        • Redman says:

          @ LiarLiar,

          Yep those where dead giveaway’s to the REAL origins, direction & allegiance of this so called ‘grass roots group’ lmao

    • Steve Biko says:

      Ya it is about votes and it’s its de same Racist,Oligarchy method they used in the 50′s and 60′s!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        How so as statede the make up of these people are black and white with a slight lead to the blacks (53.something%). whatever your a racist too hahaha.


  24. Bermuda123 says:

    The Government should do the right thing and this so-called loophole gives us both the chance to act equitably and be seen by the global community (not IB by the way, the world) to be doing so. If the PLP have good policies for the next and future elections, then they will get the votes from any and all right-thinking people. If they don’t then they deserve not to get the votes.

  25. You got it says:

    It’s all about votes (besides, they don’t look like us).

  26. sassymama2 says:

    Does anyone know about Immigration Reform? or Agenda 21? If you don’t then look it up and you will see what we are heading into.

  27. If we look at this situation from the perspective of human rights and human dignity and adopt the premise laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948:

    “recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the World and is in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as proclaimed by the United Nations”

    and we look at the principle in our own Human Rights Act which says that we should not discriminate on the grounds of:
    ….” race, place of origin, colour, or national origins……”

    And if we consider how much discord, pain and suffering past discrimination has caused so very many people, then we would say, no more – never again.

    PRC’s pay tax, contribute to our society, our businesses, our clubs, and all parts of our society. Our neighbours in the USA fought for independence on the grounds of no taxation without representation. Giving PRCs full membership i.e. Bermuda status acknowledges their contributions over many years.

    And it says, welcome all PRCs to full membership of the place you and they call home.

    Let’s start claiming a culture of looking at situations like this from the perspective of what we gain with a cup half full, rather than half empty.

  28. jt says:

    So on this matter The peoples Campaign for Equality and justice sole concern is their perception of voting demographics. Got it.
    It’s time for the PCfEJ to suspend their activities pending a name change. Perhaps The People’s Campaign for Just-Us.
    I do, however, give them credit for not arguing that this legislation steals opportunities from Bermudians. Perhaps their wingmen will take note.

    Leave the legislation alone. Time for the right thingb to finally be done.

  29. SMH says:

    Bermuda needs to do the right thing . Grant the citizenship and move on to correcting other basic human rights issues. If this decision is based on a political agenda and not an ethical and moral agenda we need to be openly honest about it. The People’s. Campaign is clearly a biased machine disguised for the PLP. They have only convinced me to remove my BPSU dues ASAP and donate them to an honorable chsrity. I hope others will do the same.

    • jt says:

      If they want to take on a cause for justice how about fighting to overturn legislation that requires you to pay your union dues to a charity and allowing you to keep your own money if you choose not to join a union? That seems just. More money for groceries,clothes, mortgage, rent etc. Or would that hit too close to home for the real movers and shakers behind the people’s movemwnt’?

  30. smh says:

    Neither party realized the loophole when it passed!! Goes to show that the elected officials are not paying attention to the job of legislating, and every last one of them are to be held accountable for the oversight!Makes one wonder what else has been overlooked…Oh yes the insurance legislation is abysmal and needs to be scrapped or revisited, how do you put private companies in charge of taking peoples money and deciding their fate through this type of robbery!!!

  31. Double D says:

    So let me get this straight. A ‘campaign’ that states that they are for equality justice and rights are seeking to deny others equality, justice and rights?

    Bermuda truly is another world…

  32. San George says:

    Rev. Nicholas Tweed, Jason Hayward and Chris Furbert are the People’s Campaign. The law is the law. Bring on the immigrants.

  33. Joonya says:

    I bet if the “court ruling in the matter” had been named Cox and Fubler (ie) the People’s Campaign would be keeping their a$$es quiet..

  34. Serengeti says:

    Let’s face it. The ONLY thing these people care about is the possibility the PRC’s might not vote PLP.

    Ironic isn’t it, considering the PLP made this mess themselves through their own incompetence.

  35. aceboy says:

    Peek-a-boo…I see you PLP

  36. Alvin Williams says:

    As a PLP supporter I am not worried about the added PRC/OBA political support. Many PLP supporters stayed home in the last election; but 14 months of this anti-Bermudian one term OBA government will assure that they will never make that mistake again.
    Next time they will not be so careless in disregarding the importance in seeing to it that they keep a government in place that will represent their interests.
    We are still in position to mobilize a massive vote to over turn this UBP/oba government and therefore preserve our future and that of our children in this country.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Every time someone says “anti-Bermudian” we know that is code for something.

      Alvin, you are anti-Bermudian.

      • Steve Biko says:

        Ok to translate de code, anti-Bermudians (those of European Colonist mindset that try to undermine those of color).
        It’s in our History books

        • Come Correct says:

          What else is in our history books? You (probably conveniently) forgot a bit, Madumbo.

        • Funny says:

          So only people of color are Bermudian?

          You get more ignorant with every post, you tea party freak.

          • Steve Biko says:

            You missed it fool de code is when people talk negative about Bermudians it’s usually black and when it’s anti Bermudians it’s usually European colonist ideology!!!!!!! Duhhhhhh

    • campervan says:

      Bermuda’s very own version of the National Front.

      Rabid Nationalism to the fore and throw out the human rights.

    • Doesn't add up says:



      It’s beyond the ridiculous!

    • Jim Jones says:

      If you are not worried about the added political support for the Government, and these people already have the right to be here and work here for the rest of their lives, what is your opposition to those that have been here since 1989 being given full citizenship? How, besides the issue of the vote, does this go against the interests of Bermudians?

    • aceboy says:


  37. David Sullivan says:

    These fella’s were on good foot. Then they took the boogeyman out of the closet again. Somehow we are supposed to believe that all PRC’s are OBA supporters and therefore will not vote for the PLP. How condescending can you get. This was the same argument used by the PLP prior to their 1998 win. They immediately changed the “gerrymandered” (their claim) constituencies and were subsequently beaten by their “system”. Bad governments get voted out …. by well informed voters.
    Loophole is the term used by the under informed as to how legislation works. The kneejerk reaction of the original legislation is not and will not be cured by knee jerk amendments.

    • Steve Biko says:

      Hope you have that same mindset when OBA/ubp get voted out, in less then two years 1 resigned Premeir, $800mill, secret wages(TBA) and others, so much for Transparency, OH that was just for de other guys,LMFAO, Jet Gate, now Harbor Gate which they passed a law to cancel contracts that were binding(sounds like de swindle at Tucker’s Town), secret tapes, ALLEGED BRIBES and it’s too pathetic to go on with the rest of de EMBARRASSING flaws we’ve experienced in the last 19 months it’s making de PLP and Dr.Brown look like Boy Scouts !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        the 800mil is a PLP legacy mate you know the unaccounted for 800mil.


    • Steve Biko says:

      And by the way David the voters were well informed with propaganda that bamboozled them to stay home and now they’re kicking themselves in de A** because they’ve realized that de O.B.A./ubp don’t have their best interest at heart. Dumb Fools LMFAO

  38. Huh says:

    The Emperor has no clothes

  39. Jo Blo says:

    I think its probably fair to say that without groups like the peoples campaign, Bermudians would have been significantly more displaced by foreigners a long time ago. I also think there are quite a few people that (as Non-Bermudians) have clearly committed to this island’s ’cause’ and life as Bermudians. Given the islands size however, I think it is pretty obvious granting all of these folks status with one fell swoop would be ‘extreme’. So clearly the logical, balanced approach is needed to finding the appropriate ‘shade of grey’. Whether it be gambling, property rights, status to foreigners… act first, think after governance does not have a track record of serving the people well in the long run. Bermuda’s size makes it particularly susceptible to potential negative implications, particularly from a social standpoint.

    • LiarLiar says:

      “I think it is pretty obvious granting all of these folks status with one fell swoop would be ‘extreme’.”

      How so?

      These people have been in Bermuda for at least 25 years.

      There are no restrictions on their ability to work, with the only restriction being not able to vote while the Government happily takes their taxes.

      Do you honestly believe it is right to have taxation without representation?

      • Steve Biko says:

        Can people be granted status in their county on the same merit??????????

        • Funny says:

          Yes they can a sit has been determined that such long term residents have the ability to stay in said country as it is consider a human right. Ask the UN.

          • Steve Biko says:

            I don’t mind expats coming to Bermuda it’s their intent when they get here, Dr.Gordon was as expat but his intent was to stand up against de evil, wicked ideology of the European Colonist, the fact that this country was founded on Piratcy and thievery and after the arrival of Africans we had to endure hardship to be excepted in a society enriched in White Supremecy so to understand our plight of what we’ve been through and still going through without torching this little island and causing havoc is a testimony of our civil contiousness and tolorence even though we had our moment in 1977 just like de Brits had theirs in Brixton 1981.

      • Jo Blo says:

        Because, based on the numbers of eligible PRC-holders indicated, your talking about granting citizenship to potentially 1% of the islands current population. That is unprecedented to say the least. There is potential for massive implications particularly on the property ownership front and iro of worsening “Anti-foreigner” sentiments. And I havent seen anything to suggest the PLP is hiding their thoughts on the voting dynmaic shifting from elections being decided by a few to that kind of democracy effectively being taken away.

        Taxes are one of lifes’ givens so its hard to feel sorry for someone that has made the conscious decision to be here for 25 years paying taxes, especially when theyre still better off on a net basis than they would be back home. So to answer your last question I do not think its ‘wrong’ for one to be subject to a countries tax regime without having ‘representation’. There are Bermudian families here that have been paying taxes for generations and still have challenges surviving day to day in this country.

        So its back to the original question of what the appropriate balance is for addressing this topic.

        • LiarLiar says:

          The PRCs are here for life. The PLP’s PRC introduction ensured that as even they are aware of basic human rights. Whether you like it or not.

          And cowering to xenophobic Tea Party like racists should not be an option for any civilized society. And the fact that a political Party seeks to deny someone’s human rights based on their fear of how they will vote is just wrong in every sense of the word. That cannot be denied by any right minded person.

          These people already live here, they own property and hold jobs. How exactly are they going to negatively affect the population? Especially given the fact that they have been present in our society for at least 25 years?

          • Jo Blo says:

            While I can appreciate your arguments, I think they are a bit to simplistic and perhaps a bit too emotionally driven. Why are these so-called human rights failings all of a sudden the hot, publicized topic now that the OBA is in power? And I am not implying any particular reason vs asking out of genuine curiosity.

            Who are the “xenophobic Tea Party like racists” you are referring to? The same guys that created the PRC status in the first place? Seems counter intuitive.

            Please dont assume I dismiss the fact people who have been here for 25+ years need to be acknowledged. But whether it be property ownership, voting rights or any other perceived Bermudian birthright, you can’t expect the all generational locals to feel that PRC-holders demands on those fronts should receive equal priority to theirs.

  40. Need Peace says:

    You poor PRC holders! You left your country looking for a better life. Came to Bermuda with the understanding that one day you would have to leave….until you saw that youre making quite a good living here in Bermuda. You got high on the hog then said I don’t ever want to leave. Initially, you probably sent money back home. Supported family, built houses and stashed your money. You poor PRC holders! Lived in this bad Island against your will! How many times did you actually socialize with any Bermudians? How many times have you supported any local charities or even raised a hand to assist any Bermudian? You want to impress me? Give up your citizenship for Bermuda status! You’d change your mind fairly quickly! Most of you PRC’s have so much pride for your own country that you don’t have for Bermuda. So while you continue to live here on this 22 square mile island, overpopulating it with your garbage, house building and vehicles, not to mention the family members that you bring here to do the same, just remember that while you’re destroying our beautiful home, you still have the option to go back to your country of birth and live off all that money you made in beautiful Bermuda.

    • SMH says:

      Just like your relatives did when they came here.Try opening up that narrow little xenophobic mind of yours! If you can that is

  41. JH says:

    The People’s campaign is worried that if these folks become Bermudians that they will:

    A. Call in sick.
    B. Be Late
    C. Not show up.
    D. Chile up lotsa women.
    E. Not pay chile support.
    F. Get HOT on weekends.
    G. Get REAL HOT at Cop Metch.
    H. Go on a Father’s day cruise wiff Lushious Lollipops.
    I. And still vote OBA.

    • Steve Biko says:

      So is that your perception of Black Bermudians, because Europeans are not that kosher either !!!!!!!!!

      • JH says:

        Ms. Biko: Your obsession with colur must leave you exhausted. You should consider expending all that energy in a more positive way. Running in traffic might be a good alternative.

        • Steve Biko says:

          I’m not obsessed that’s just the way of the world, that’s if you open ya eyes and close ya mouth!!!!!! LMFAO

    • haha says:

      hilarious. you PRC-haters lighten up! lol

  42. Need Peace says:

    To David Sullivan – yes, history tells us so! Bermuda is majority black and yes we want it to stay like that! There, I said it! What people need to understand is that we embrace everyone but it is seldom reciprocated. Racism is alive and well! Some of you believe that we don’t know, news flash, we do! If our vote is all we have, we need it and are not letting go of it! So people, all your blogs mean nothing! We’ve heard it all and refuse to allow you to continue to treat us like second class citizens! If you don’t like it go back to your land of birth or your parents land of birth with your demands!

    • LiarLiar says:

      Nasty, nasty, nasty.

      Your post exemplifies your claim “Racism is alive and well.”

      How will this island all of a sudden become majority white you ignorant fool? The PRC people have lived here for over 25 years and are counted in your census. So no new bodies will be added to the population. Only the voting population.

      You exemplify what this campaign states that people like you apparently aren’t. That is a narrow minded, xenophobic, bigoted racist.

      People who think like you have no right to cry about racism when you so proudly (“There, I said it!”) display your small minded racist beliefs.

      Ignorant fool.

      • Steve Biko says:

        Until you’ve experienced the life of being Black in a White Supremacist society you can rant and rave like a little b…..
        But having an undeserved privilege all your life and benefiting on easy street while others have to go de extra mile to be excepted lets me know you are a small minded, racist, ignorant fool !!!!!!!!!!

        • LiarLiar says:

          Sorry if you felt left out. Don’t worry Steve, the same ignorant, narrow minded, racist, bigot, intolerant labels also apply to you.

          You don’t know anything about me or my life experiences. But I do note your stereotyping that is utilized by small minded, ignorant racists which you fit the bill to a T.

          It is people that talk and think like you that make me close my ears when you cry and whine about racism and the lot. No one can claim to hate racism and then practice it only a daily basis like your ignorant a** does.

          You love racism. Your whole life is built around it and without you wouldn’t know what to do with your pitiful existence. And I am talking about all racism, not just white racism, also black racism which you pretend doesn’t exist, but you exemplify on a daily basis.

          So whine and cry some more you little bi***.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “Bermuda is majority black and yes we want it to stay like that!”

      Sounding like the guys back in the day when they let in all the foreigners and gave them status.

      What makes your ignorance any more acceptable or logical?

  43. JH says:

    So PRC’s have to have either:

    1. Been here at least 25 years, or
    2. Been born here.

    And there are people out there who don’t think PRCs should be granted Bda Status.

    Moronic, self centred, myopic, completely without empathy?

    Completely ignorant is the only way to describe this.

    People who think this way should be expelled from organized society.

    They are an embarrassment to Bermuda, and Bermudians.

  44. Be Fair says:

    Need Peace,
    So its ok for “us lot”to take off to the Uk ,live of their benefits,educate our children for free, use their health service etc after contributing nothing , but god forbid that”you lot”who have worked here for 20,30 40 years , have contributed ,paid taxes and asked for nothing other than to live and work in a place they now called home.
    Sounds abit one sided to me !!

  45. Simple says:

    Let ‘s Get the ECHR’s view on this please. Talk about Class action Human Rights suit, particularly for the British Guest workers…

    If you get Bermuda Status, you will be eligible for British Citizenship- oh wait, I already am a British Citizen!!!???

    Wonder why the six year rule was introduced. perhaps If we go independent, everyone here longer than that time would have a claim.

    I think all guest workers here longer than five(5) years should organize a focus group. Bernews can you run a survey to see if they are interested.

    By the Way, ask the Real Bermudians’ where their Grandparents are from….and they will lie!!!
    Also it would be interesting to find out where the union’s Leaders Great Grand Parents are from?
    I know and proud to say mine are from St. Kitts.

    Please leave the PRCs alone, they are helping us… by the way…..

    PC- a group that perhaps wishes to encourage inbreeding indirectly? for the ignorant…….

    Inbreeding….definition- is the production of offspring from the mating or breeding of individuals or organisms which are closely related genetically, in contrast to outcrossing, which refers to mating unrelated individuals.[1] By analogy, the term is used in human reproduction, but more commonly refers to the genetic disorders and other consequences that may arise from incestuous sexual relationships and consanguinity.

    Consanguinity……. definition- “relating to or denoting people descended from the same ancestor “

  46. Alvin Williams says:

    Going to live in the Uk for free hey? Big pay back for footing the bill for Britain’s diplomatic presence Here to the tune of over One million dollars a year when we could be using government House lands to benefit Bermuda economically. To help Britain to pay off it’s war debt to America when they took land from the people of St. David’s to built an American base.

  47. freebie says:

    @ Be Fair “Us lot”????? Its “WE lot ” thank you ! LOL just a nuance that gives you away #tryingtolightenitup