Photos: NASA Research Aircraft In Bermuda

June 15, 2014

An aircraft from the National Aeronautics And Space Administration [NASA] has been on island for a few days taking flights around the Bermuda area.

NASA Plane In Bermuda, June 14 2014-1

The Beechcraft Super King Air 200 [twin-turboprop] arrived on Monday afternoon [June 9] and has flown three flights around the Bermuda area in different quadrants according to online tracking websites. Signage on the plane indicates it is attached to the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

NASA Plane In Bermuda, June 14 2014-6

Perhaps best known globally for its 1969 Apollo mission that saw men walk on the surface of the moon for the first time, NASA’s work has ranged from the study of objects billions of light years away, to efforts to measure the effects of climate change here at earth.

NASA Plane In Bermuda, June 14 2014-5

Bermuda’s connection to space exploration in general and NASA in particular first began decades ago, as before humans journeyed to space for the first time, NASA and other agencies used animals, often chimpanzees, to test how space flight would affect the human body. One so-called NASA “space chimp,” named Enos, was brought to Bermuda after he orbited Earth twice in 1961.

NASA Plane In Bermuda, June 14 2014-4

The spacecraft carrying Enos splashed down safely about 200 miles off Bermuda at the end of the mission, with the chimpanzee picked up by boat and taken to the Kindley US Air Force Base hospital in Bermuda, where he underwent medical tests to determine the impact that space flight had on him.

NASA Plane In Bermuda, June 14 2014-2

Bermuda also once hosted a NASA station, one of the first to be established on foreign soil. The United States reached an agreement with the United Kingdom to operate a tracking station on Bermuda in March 1961, and the station was built on Cooper’s Island at a cost of $5 million. NASA employed 60 contractors along with 20 Bermudians to operate the east end station.

NASA Plane In Bermuda, June 14 2014-3

One a more recent note, in April 2013, Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield tweeted a photo of Bermuda from the International Space Station and included a “shout out” to his friends the Lavigne family who reside here. He also posted the photo on Facebook and Google+, reaching over one million of his followers.

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  1. A coast guard would be good for maritime programs and increased yachting to the island,it would be that safty and assurance that would mean an increase innit…

  2. Hmm says:

    all we need is a few 40- 50 foot boats capable of going out 300nm and back in good time.

  3. So ,has anyone asked ? I am curious,what is this about ?Here we have Nasa…in a beachcraft….flying around Bermuda….???

  4. nuffin but the truth says:

    A US Coast Guard base on the disused finger section of the Airport,perfect place!

  5. positivity says:

    So why is NASA in Bermuda?

  6. Arthur-Atlanta says:

    At least 9 people in that photo. Maybe they all came down for some sun and fun..Bermuda Beach style…after the official business of course!

  7. Terry says:

    Did I miss something here.
    Whats the Coast Guard got to do with this.

  8. Global says:

    Yes, curious to know why they are here? Conducting/gathering what type of research?

    “…NASA’s work has ranged from the study of objects billions of light years away, to efforts to measure the effects of climate change here at earth.”

    ….climate research huh? Tell them we’ve noticed chemtrails over our island and these are NOT welcomed.

  9. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    Reading is Fundamental – Here you go!

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