Bermuda Tourism Authority Hires Glenn Jones

September 14, 2014

glenn jones bermuda[Updated] The Bermuda Tourism Authority announced they have hired Glenn Jones on a “part-time basis to further strengthen its partnerships and communications with tourism industry stakeholders throughout the local community.”

The BTA said, “Glenn, a Bermudian, has 15 years of experience domestically and internationally in media and communications strategy, encompassing tourism and public policy.

“His new position as Stakeholder Relations Advisor with the BTA is underway and will continue on a part-time basis until December 15th, 2014. The role is part of the Operations division of the BTA – the division responsible for on-island communications.

“Stakeholder advocacy and community outreach is a significant component of success for destination marketing organizations worldwide, “said Karla Lacey, BTA Chief Operations Officer.

“While we intended to fill the role as part of expanding our local communications effort in our second budget year, when Glenn Jones became available it provided a perfect opportunity for us to get a jumpstart on our 2015 plan. The team is pleased to have someone of his skills and experience to help us articulate and execute our mission to grow Bermuda’s tourism industry.”

The BTA said, “The Stakeholder Relations Adviser will be responsible for delivering information to, and gauging feedback from, a collection of groups with direct interest in the tourism industry. Restaurateurs, retailers, Members of Parliament, hoteliers, and labour unions are a sample of the constituencies the Stakeholder Relations Advisor will dialogue with. The position also has a responsibility for working closely with local media.

Mr. Jones said: “I have spent a few hours in the BTA office getting to know the team and understanding its objectives and this is certainly a group of people and a set of goals I believe in.

“I’m excited to work with industry stakeholders over the next few months and I feel confident I can make a positive difference over that timeframe.”

Currently the general manager of MediaHouse, Mr. Jones, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, will officially leave the post on September 30th. MediaHouse previously operated entities including the Bermuda Sun newspaper, which printed its last issue on July 30th.

Ms Lacey said: “I have already begun working with Glenn on objectives for this new role and I’m optimistic the public will be the beneficiary of his work. By the end of the year we will have a process in place that provides stakeholders – and the general public – with a level of communication that is more frequent and more productive to the national discourse on tourism’s future in Bermuda.”

“In the fourth quarter the BTA will launch a recruitment process to fill the role on a permanent basis. All qualified persons will be invited to apply. The new role will take effect in 2015,” the BTA said. “There are currently 40 fulltime staff members at the BTA in Bermuda and New York City. More than 90% of staff is Bermudian.”

Update 7.52pm: Shadow Tourism Minister Zane Desilva said the PLP “extends our support and congratulations to Mr. Glenn Jones on his appointment as Stakeholder Relations Advisor to the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“An Emmy Award winning journalist and former Press Secretary to the Premier, Mr. Jones is a world class talent and we expect him to make a major contribution towards the tourism revival.

“Bermuda continues to produce Bermudians of talent and ability and we should be encouraged when we see a young Bermudian of this caliber seize the opportunity to play a key role in the BTA. Mr. Jones epitomizes the values of openness, honesty and transparency and as such will be an asset to the BTA and the Bermudian taxpayers that fund them.

“We look forward to Mr. Jones’ progress and believe that he will be a candidate for the CEO post at an appropriate time in the future.”

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  1. Rockfish#1and #2 says:

    The saga continues! These people’s salaries are a state secret, even though the taxpayers are footing the bill.

    It is reassuring to know the PLP are on record as promising to stop this nonsense if elected!

    • in the know says:

      Yeah just like the plp refused to tell the public what the then gm of the hospital was making even when he was suspended with full pay for a whole year.

      • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

        I agree! However the OBA promised to stop that policy, and operate in a more transparent manner.
        Hell, they are doing the same thing. One could argue they are worse, when one bears in mind the large amount of taxpayer funds the BTA receive from us!
        Clearly there is a bit of empire building taking place.

        • Black Soil says:

          Their salaries are not a secret.

          • Scotty says:

            Oh really???? Where are they published?

            • Black Soil says:

              Who “publishes” the salaries they pay to their employees?? Again, the salaries of the BTA are open for all authorized persons to see. They are no “secret” as you would think.

              • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

                The salaries of the Governor, Premier, Ministers, Senators,etc are in the public domain simply because they are paid by the taxpayer!
                The staff of the BTA are also paid from the PUBLIC purse.
                Why in hades do we have to seek authorization to obtain this information?
                Who makes that decision, Minister Crockwell?

  2. Mixitup says:

    Congrats Glen!

  3. Kunta says:

    Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Morality and Openness.
    Oh I forgot that was just for de other Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OnFire says:

    Their budget will be funded from the Hotel Occupancy Tax I’m told. That means tourists pay the tax to support the attraction of more tourists. I am 100% in support of having a non-civil service entity held to commercial standards and funded by the industry. I am also happy that they pay market salaries and keep the per person details private. That is for their Board to review and we should be able to review their financials with salaries in the aggregate. We have to remove the politics from this activity and focus on this being held to a commercial standard, expecting commercial results.

    • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

      As long as the taxpayer is footing the bill, we have a right to know what we are paying for.
      If/when that situation changes, the BTA can change into full private business mode.
      Like it or not, this issue is unlikely to disappear, and will rear it’s head at the next election, and quite rightly so!

    • more than enough says:

      Thats bs!
      Hotels have not paid occupancy tax, payroll tax, or any duty on imports in years.

      • Creamy says:

        Hotels collect and pay occupancy tax for every guest. Dreamer.

  5. somuchless says:

    Nice Glen. But my question is, if the BTA already has an on island communications manager can someone explain the diff between the two posts?

  6. letmypeoplego says:

    H’es Bermudian so it don’t matter what salary he gets!! let it least its not a foreigner!!

  7. Coffee says:

    Good luck Glen !!! If you don’t get the job permanently at least let us know how much we are paying Mr Cadbury for managing the chocolate factory ! As you well know , this government , which is perfect , thinks anyone demanding to know Cadbury’s salary is nuts for asking about the caramel .

  8. Sergio Pitcher says:

    Congrats Glenn! Keep up the good work.

  9. We Are Not Amused! says:

    More money being spent out of the Tax Payer’s Pocket,what magic can this guy do that many others have not been able to do.
    Bermuda Tourism is a like a cart with a dead horse,it’s going NOWHERE!

    • Onion says:

      The Tourism Authority has completely changed from the useless old Department and is no longer subject to the whims of clueless know it all politicians.

      As for the money, the TA has a smaller budget than the old Department so you don’t know what you’re talking about on that front either.

  10. Scotty says:

    This is unbelievable. The BTA appears to have an unlimited amount of cash at their disposal. How many communication managers do they need? There was a blurb from Mr Dodwell recently which said basically we haven’t achieved anything to date and we are going to teach you all how we will go about achieving not much more in ‘investment’ in the future. It would be interesting to do a financial expense comparison between the cost of the BTA and the DoT for one year, and we know the DoT was inept. The model being used by the BTA is ineffective try a new one. What was wrong with getting experienced tourism authority personnel for 3 years contract with ACCOUNTABILITY clauses built in. This is just more of the same, meanwhile Bermuda tourism suffers.

  11. more than enough says:

    90% bermudian
    Approximately $27,000,000
    40 full time staff
    Approximately 4 foreigners
    2.7 million or 10% of $27,000,000
    Seems to be slated to leave bermuda
    After four years of funding this,
    We will be $108,000,000 out of pocket
    laeving us to have to recover this loss
    before seeing any profit.
    Meanwhile, people like dd will be banking
    heaps of cash…our cash.
    What happens if these clowns cannot effect
    much change in the industry?
    Can we expect them to be returning the $,$$$,$$$’s?

  12. Chris Famous says:


    A dedicated worker and social media genius

    • 32n64w says:

      Agree 100% CF. Well done BTA and good luck Glenn. Bermuda needs all the help we can rally, especially after the predecessor Government’s failures.

      • ….Surely you jest. says:

        Of which he was an integral part. Funny how you conveniently forget that now. What a sick society.

      • Hurricane says:

        @ 32n64w, if nothing else, the PLP inherited a failed tourism

  13. Dreads says:

    Congrats,a good appointment to help turn us around!

  14. cromwell says:

    Is not this the same Glen Jones who was recruited and hired by the former PLP Premier Dr. Brown! Has he repudiated the past PLP tourism policy? His advice will continue what had failed in the past.

  15. sswhite says:

    its all in the wording – “Glenn, a Bermudian, has 15 years of experience domestically and internationally in media and communications strategy, encompassing tourism and public policy.”

    Read: – Spin Doctor

  16. aceboy says:

    Great! 15 years of experience doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And…here we go again. All this guy knows is what was done in the past, that is it. The past 15 years has seen the demise of tourism not the birth.