Chewstick Installs Dr. E.F. Gordon Mural At BIU

February 3, 2015

In honour of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 BELCO strike, the Chewstick Foundation Community Art Program installed the first of a series of murals that will decorate the Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] headquarters last night [Feb 2], with the mural featuring the late Dr. E. F. Gordon.

The mural features a portrait of Dr. Gordon, as well as the slogan “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Dr EF Gordon Mural (1)

In describing the intent behind the mural, Chewstick elder Haile Maryam said, “We do community art programs over the island, and this mural was commissioned by the Bermuda Industrial Union to represent 50 years of struggle – more than 50 years of struggle, starting with Dr. Gordon.

Chewstick Elder Haile Maryam:

“This is a project that has been in the making for a year now – it was going to go somewhere else, but it would be appropriate on the BIU building, so that is a good look going forward for the community,” added Mr. Maryem.

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  1. Family Man says:

    The first picture on the BIU headquarters is that of an “ex-pat.”

    Oh, the irony.

    • EatUrVeggies says:

      Every human being, from the inception was an ex-pat so get over yourself. Embrace Mankind!

      • stunned... says:

        so why the dislike for the PRC’s…? can’t have it both ways.

    • Hurricane says:

      Bet you’d like to pull that one back.

      • Family Man says:

        Nope. I stand by the post.

        I also agree that it was an excellent choice for the first mural. And it’s very well done. We have some very talented artists here.

        I was merely pointing out the irony of the BIU/PLP demonizing foreigners while choosing to honour a foreigner of their own – no matter how well deserving.

        foreigners do a lot for Bermuda, whether they’re here for a short time or a long time. At the very least they expose Bermudians to other cultures and introduce new ideas and it would do Bermuda good if everyone was more welcoming.

    • Mac and cheese says:

      Don’t be stupid. Given all that Dr. Gordon did for Bermuda and the amount of time he spent here to gain his citizenship we should be grateful that he made the decision to lead when so many BERMUDIANS refused and whites were happy they did. Dr. Gordon, on the other hand, accepted the responsibility to lead to make Bermuda a better place. The mural is long overdue and Chewstick should be commended for doing something local as compared to their other foreign international projects giving recognition to others no matter how worthy. his one is truly excellent.

  2. LiarLiar says:

    One thing Chewstick has some very talented artists in their ranks.

    Well done guys.

    Have you found a new building as of yet?

    • Onion says:

      Yes, they have a new location on Front St where Carol Holding used to be.

      They’re looking for sponsors at the moment to help refit the space.

  3. swing voter says:

    Chewstick……I would vote for them in the next election

  4. watchfuleyes says:

    So Gordon,(Trinidadian) and Monk (American)were some of our most dedicated freedom fighters and they all fought hard for the rights of Bermudians

  5. Treasure Hunter says:

    Chewstick HQ from back of town to Front Street. Definitely a change in scenery. Sounds good.

  6. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    I think this is a wonderful way to mark history.

  7. Um Jus Sayin says:

    Beautiful. Kudos to the artists.

  8. Xaxa says:

    a location on front street! great!!!

  9. Just a matter of time says:

    Oh the sadness and irony that this talented grass roots organization has moved from Court St. to FRONT St! Wished they could have stayed with their eclectic colorful theme to continue to give the boost Court St. has needed for so long. I always loved driving by their building on my way to work and feel the inspiration of the great murals painted on the wall and the colours. This area should have been aggressively touted as a major artsy tourist attraction like SoHo or Chelsea in NY to reduce the burden of the long held fear and stigma and also help the struggling businesses there who always stand less of a chance on Court St than the oligarchy established Front St. Tell me, were there any celebrations held of the AC35 on Court St.? Is the BTA aggressively pushing this area and activley working with the EEZ? Once again Front St. gets most of the pie. Good luck to Gavin and the gang in whatever they do. It still saddens me though. Equally sad is that my comments will most likely be deemed as ‘hateful’. Just telling it like it is.

    • stunned... says:

      only guessing but if chewstick had an option they would have preferred to stay on court street. ironic that no owners on court street were interested in leasing chewstick a spot.

    • PBanks says:

      I think by focusing on the positives, you’ll do allright. We should be grateful that the Chewstick organisation was able to find a location within the city. Besides I don’t think this will negatively impact any of the work that Chewstick does throughout Hamilton, and Bermuda as a whole.

  10. SILVERFOX says:

    Absolutely wonderful chewstick,definitely very artistic,and for those that go out of your way to critisize every positive thing people do, read your history on what Dr.E F Gordon did for OUR PEOPLE (BERMUDIANS)SMH..Ok chewstick lets keep it going, whose going to be the next great face on those walls??? AGAIN I WILL SAY WONDERFUL WORK HAD BY ALL…

  11. Alvin Williams says:

    Funny all this pointing of fingers to Bermudians who supposedly hate foreigners but are willing to honor Dr, Gordon as the father of Bermuda’s trade union movement and want to say that is an irony; are the same ones who want to hound rev. Tweet out of Bermuda because he is the head of the peoples movement and supports the worker; an irony indeed.

  12. watchfuleyes says:

    The difference may be that unlike Tweed, Dr.Gordon started the union movement and as far as I know Tweed is not a UNIONIZED member, and therefore has no authority to speak on behalf of the workers. The People’s Movement is not a Union, nor part of one.

  13. C James says:

    Watchful is 100% correct. Tweed is acting on religious priviledge alone. Just because he is a man of the cloth does not make him an expert in union negotiations. It just puts the union at an unfair advatage since it makes it appear (to those who are easily influenced) that god is on their side.

    That is how religion works and is used the world over. Religion is quite simply a tool that is used to get one’s way.

    It is the biggest con there ever was and it works.

  14. Alvin Williams says:

    Yes but like Dr. Gordon Rev. Tweed was not born in Bermuda and I am sure that if Dr. Gordon were alive today he would still run in the same opposition that Rev. Tweed is experiencing just because he has taken the side of the worker and disadvantage in Bermuda.