“PLP Working To Make Vision 2025 A Reality”

April 14, 2015

weeks michael[Opinion column written by PLP MP Michael Weeks]

Bermudians have had an opportunity to see for themselves just what the OBA is about and most of us don’t like what we are seeing; skyrocketing unemployment, a slew of broken promises, a seemingly never ending series of political scandals and an agenda that seems driven to benefit everyone but the Bermudians that pay their salaries.

They have made it easier for companies to bring in foreign workers over Bermudians and made it easier to sell off Bermudian land to foreigners.

Under the OBA we have seen the education budget cut, scholarships slashed, the cost of education at the Bermuda College rise and an increase in the number of Bermudians who believe that Bermuda isn’t working for us. By their actions and where they have chosen to spend our money, the OBA have told us what their priorities are, and to them the average Bermudian simply isn’t a priority.

The OBA are taking our country in the wrong direction, a direction that will lead to greater unemployment, a greater economic divide between the haves and have nots, and even greater marginalization of Bermudians in our own country and increasing social unrest.

There remains in our country Two Bermudas divided by race, income, opportunity and our perceptions about the future of our country. The OBA’s failing economic policies and divisive approach have widened that divide and helped to make the worlds between our Two Bermudas more distant, less connected and less compassionate towards each other.

To break down the Two Bermudas, we believe that it is not enough to point out what is wrong with Bermuda, The PLP must also put forward a vision that sets Bermuda in the right direction, provides our people with hope and offers a clear plan to build a fairer Bermuda that works for Bermudians.

The PLP’s Vision 2025, offers that vision in a 10 year plan that will:

  • Create a Bermuda Fund to Invest in our Domestic Economy
  • Diversify our Economy to create more jobs for Bermudians
  • Invest in the Training to ensure Bermudians can fill the jobs of the future
  • Expand Entrepreneurship with a focus on the high-tech future
  • Reform taxes to put more money in the pockets of our working poor
  • Expand home ownership opportunities for young Bermudians
  • Expand competition in the local banking and insurance industry to lower costs
  • Drive down the cost of food and electricity

Our priorities are clear; get Bermudians back to work, increase the number and range of businesses on island, invest in our people so that Bermudians have the skills to work for, and run those businesses, put more money in the average Bermudian’s pocket and restore hope amongst our people.

These are our priorities and these are the things that we will invest our tax dollars in as we take a more responsible approach to reducing the deficit and paying off our national debt. You have seen what the OBA’s priorities are and you now have a better idea of what our priorities are.

As a Party, the PLP have learned from our time in government and have used this time in opposition, to reconnect with our people, realign our priorities and produced a vision that comes from you, works for you and will benefit all of us.

I encourage you to visit www.plp.bm to read more about our plan and join with the PLP in working to make Vision 2025 a reality.

- Michael Weeks

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  1. Just wow says:

    We’d be a third world country by the time 2025 rolled around if this happens…

    • Tolerate says:

      ya got a point der.
      Funny how patient we should be to 2025; whats that ten years? But people are demanding a reversal in two years?
      Math anybody?
      BOTH Parties should be working on the NOW Plan, or at least allow the current government to try without the constant BS.
      Damn politics.

    • Aunt says:

      Is it called Vision 2025 because it will take until 2025 to actually have a plan to reach these goals?

      • "Family and Friends Plan" says:

        Spot on Mr. Weeks….”Bermudians have had an opportunity to see for themselves just what the OBA is about and most of us don’t like what we are seeing; skyrocketing unemployment, a slew of broken promises, a seemingly never ending series of political scandals and an agenda that seems driven to benefit everyone but the Bermudians that pay their salaries.”

        Expect to hear from the regular OBA cheerleaders “OBA Denial”
        The truth is often difficult to hear…most will dismiss it, and call you every name under the sun…but reality speaks loud…it hits them in the face and those of us that is living it and feel it…change not change that……..no matter what OBA says or does….

        @TOLerATE YOU ARE CORRECT….. People are demanding a reversal in 2 years….Both parties must work on a plan NOW…time goes by quickly……as long as there is a refusal to work in Collaboration and put down the Political Swords….nothing is likely to be successful…

        It looks like at least the PLP are talking and examining a PLAN of action…. Hopefully, we must all work together to move Bermuda Forward.

        • "BLOGGERS " says:

          The OBAubpers Bloggers are merely an “echo chamber” for the messages of political OBA elites as apart of the OBA political strategy. Contribution to the fact they will disagree with anything written or said by the Opposition not based upon facts, but merely just because of their memberships with the OBA. Some of the bloggers are getting remuneration in some way beyond just writing, while others are busy on their key pads just for political affiliation. I hope someday our Politics would mature beyond this……. impossible….I hope anyway….

          Hopefully someday Bermuda politics would not be racially divided and it would be more Politically Mature. I pray for such. Never, have I seen Bermuda become so racially and politically divided than during this time of the OBA.

          Daily the same OBAers bloggers write…….
          ACeboy, inna, Familyman, Spincycle, RaymondRay, Bermyman trew, Jeremy Deacon, Oninon, Serengeti, Joonya, YoungBermmy and Cowpolly, Westplam, Kangoocar,…… OOH the daily gang of OBAubpers….one can almost guess what their next line will be…its so predictable……. As Mr. Burchall says “This is where the Zombies Emerge”…….

          • Onion says:

            One doesn’t need to be a fan of the OBA to see that Weeks’ opinion was either unworkable or already being done.

            The PLP really don’t have anything of substance to offer and that seems to be the fact.

            • Bloggers says:

              Thanks I am spot on….the OBA bloggers click dislike…..the Truth is killing them..

          • JD says:

            LOL – “echo chamber”?

            You replied to your own post…under a different name…from the same computer.

            Those avatars in the top right mean something.

            • Family Man says:

              Obviously a new hire at Alaska Hall.

            • C James says:

              Friends & family complaining about OBA bloggers and zombies – and he/she switches names hahahaha. Dumb & dumberer.


              Paid PLP blogger. HAHAHA


              • Bloggers says:

                Guess i hit the nail on the hammer….as you could not debate my comment….but merely pick at a minor factor to awaken….the awakening of the OBA minds…..ahhh

                • Family Man says:

                  “hit the nail on the hammer”?

                  Let me guess – unemployed carpenter?

          • SpinCycle says:

            @BLOGGERS, that chip on your shoulder has got so big you lost your head… Most of these people myself included are not dyed in the wool anything, except supporters of the plan that makes the most sense! There is nothing racial or political about any of my stances. If a leader emerged that was just, true and made more sense than anyone else, then I and the rest of the people who care would follow them regardless of race. When 1 finger points in accusation, 4 point back, so with that in mind, check yourself!

          • serengeti says:

            Here’s a little tip, paid PLP bloggers. Try to avoid all of you having the same avatar. It gives away the game you’re playing.

        • hmmm says:

          BLOGGERS and “Friends and Family Plan” are two names on the same computer…Also this is the same computer as Betty Trump.

        • Pop Or Ratze? says:

          Yes, I have had an opportunity to see for myself what the OBA is about.

          No businesses stolen from one person and handed to another (Bda Cement co).
          No Berkeley / ProActive type screw ups.
          No 99 year Leases without any investment like Coco Reefs, Whites Island, city of Hamilton waterfront
          No Cedar Beams
          No surprise Quighars. (and buy the way I have no problem with themn, just the way it was handled).
          No Cedar Beams contrevery
          No Bermuda Housing Corporation / Flatts deals.

          the list goes on.

          • impressive. says:

            your post would have had some credibility if you didn’t mention the “cedar beams”. Now you just look like someone who restates what they have heard with out any confirmed facts or data… Next time you are drinking in your circles, ask someone if they have official confirmation of the cedar beams..

            • Family Man says:

              Some people like to keep things in the closet.

          • impressive. says:

            and while your at it,,

            ask your drinking circle buddies about

            the promises that the OBA made during the 2012 Election regarding

            :work permits

            then ask them their feelings about jetgate,

            ask them why they think that if the OBA cared about Bermuda so much why did they make a completely inexperienced person Leader of the Party.

            Ask them what they think about sending a politician in the room to secretly record a conversation with the Opposition Leader.

            Ask them what they feel about the current premier being caught swearing on tape and laughing at the Referendum process.

            The PLP certainly are not perfect, and neither are the OBA

        • Jason Correia says:

          As a young Bermudian, I agree with Mr. Weeks’ points. I would like to see all these initiatives achieved.

          In reality though, I question were are the resources going to come from to fund these initiatives? I believe all Bermudian understand, borrowing more money will ultimately dig a deeper hole and ultimately the grave for Bermuda as we know it.

          Significant increases in business taxes in an oligopoly market such as Bermuda will ultimately result in the costs being passed down to the consumer, so will ultimately hurt Bermudians further. Increasing taxes on the rich though is a viable option as the pool of disposable income is larger, however a delicate balance of taxes is needed to avoid over taxation which will drive away high income earners and ultimately decrease collectible taxes. I pose the question then, ‘what is the right level of taxes?’ as over taxation runs the risk of the law of diminishing returns.

          Despite the fiscal challenges presented above, there’s hope with policy change. Governments can still promote increase economic activity and ultimately increased government revenues with the right pro-business policies in place. So I give Mr. Weeks and his colleagues the benefit of the doubt that they have developed a credible and conceivable plan to achieve these objectives with appropriate policies. Mr Weeks did reference the PLP website as a outlining the plan. However, in my search I was unable to find the said ‘plan’. Does a plan exist or are the PLP preaching to the choir in hope the masses of Bermudians struggling will follow?

          I hope there is a plan and I challenge the PLP to release the plan and take credit for it when the time comes. As that would help develop stimulating and constructive debate. Collaboration is good, but only when the dialogue is constructive. Bermuda needs constructive dialogue.

          The OBA have been forthwith with their plan, we only need to think logically to understand it. ‘Inject as much foreign capital into Bermuda as quickly as possible to increase jobs and subsequently the knock on effect will be increased economic activity and increased government revenues which with prudent cost management will aid towards balancing the annual deficit.’. This seemingly seems to be an easy win for Bermuda as Bermuda is not assuming the financial risk. However, are the correct policies in place? Unfortunately the jury is still out as we will not know their effects for some time.

          I am not privy to the intimacies which occur within the walls of the house. I like 99% of Bermudians leave our respective ministers to handle the day to day affairs of the country, but as we Bermudians all have a vested interest, we follow the media agencies and what I understand, there’s a lot of bickering which occurs. Constructive dialogue as a result must take a back seat and all Bermudians, rich, poor, black, white lose out as a result.

          I plea for both parties to lead by example, add value, work together and champion Bermuda’s resurgence.

          Mr. Weeks, I look forward to the day the PLP actually release the plan to achieve the objectives you’ve highlighted as they would promote a better, healthier Bermuda for all.

          • Bloggers says:

            Thanks Jason for your reflective and well written response. Look forward to more like this.

            • BermieBorn says:

              Indeed. Especially the last comment:

              “Mr. Weeks, I look forward to the day the PLP actually release the plan to achieve the objectives you’ve highlighted as they would promote a better, healthier Bermuda for all.”

              When will this actually happen?

  2. aceboy says:

    Another punch list of promises with no real substance from the PLP.

    Bermuda Fund? Who would manage that? You guys? LOL Don’t make me holla. That Fund would have zero assets within a couple of years.

    Diversify the economy? How?

    Invest in training? Like your nail technicians? Where will the money come from?

    Expand Entrepreneurship with a focus on the high-tech future – LOL Drivel.

    Reform taxes to put more money in the pockets of our working poor. Oh sure, because the poor are who drive the economy in your minds. Smells like income taxes and that would doom this island.

    Expand home ownership opportunities for young Bermudians – How? Another Grand (Atlantic) scheme? Didn’t work last time but I am sure you are sure it will work the next time.

    Expand competition in the local banking and insurance industry to lower costs – ok, but how? That would require foreign money and you guys don’t like foreigners, remember?

    Drive down the cost of food and electricity – How? Price controls? Where has that ever been a success? Do you like lining up for toilet paper?

    I am certain that you PLP politicians think that putting out a list like this appeals to your supporters but all it does is show a complete lack of any plan or substance AGAIN.

    • inna says:

      Election mode is on! Did you read Jamahl’s OBA-bashing session/speech he read at the PLP Founders Day?

  3. Family Man says:

    Speaking of broken promises, how’s the Par-la-Ville hotel coming along guys?

    • aceboy says:

      As Wayne Furbert said a few years ago “We are 99% there”.

      Perhaps he should be asked about that, he sure seemed to know a lot about it back then.

  4. SpinCycle says:

    Anyone can come up with a nice sounding vision, but it takes innovation, intelligence and leadership to figure out how to get there!

    • SMH says:

      We didn’t have a clue what we were doing for 14 years but now we do!

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    P.L.P. M.P. Michael Weeks you sir, are no different than them you attempt to discredit with all your innuendos and accusation…I’ve always believed you to be a straight-up person but maybe I was hoodwinked also :-(

  6. JD says:

    “Bermudians have had an opportunity to see for themselves just what the OBA is about and most of us don’t like what we are seeing”

    Can someone point me to the most recent poll that Michael Weeks is relying on here? Thanks

    • SMH says:

      ….the “official” poll was done at Paradise Games one lunch time I’m sure

  7. Bermyman says:

    Can Weeks explain how you wish to achieve all of these things? A valid explanation of how these items will play out from an economic standpoint? Anyone can suggest anything, but there has to be reason behind why these suggestions make sense.

    For example:

    Create a Bermuda fund to invest in our domestic economy? This is already being talked about it in the private sector, but this is private sector money. How is the PLP going to implement this? With private money? Who in their right mind would give the PLP money to invest in businesses after the fiascos we dealt with for 14 years.

    Diversify our Economy to create more jobs for Bermudians? Doing what exactly, Seabed mining minerals that we are not sure are there? Who will finance it and what cost advantages does a mining company have operating in one of the most expenses places on earth as opposed to locations such as Papua New Guinea where you can pay your workers pittance. Do you think Seabed mining companies will give Bermudians 30 sick days a year and double time overtime? It also raises a slew of environmental concerns, as well as many other. Yet he talks about not selling pieces of Bermuda to foreigners?

    Invest in the Training to ensure Bermudians can fill the jobs of the future? National Training board already exists and to my knowledge is currently well run and producing results. The last training scheme I remember under the PLP was dry wall and nail technicians.

    Expand Entrepreneurship with a focus on the high-tech future? Whatever this means? Who uses the words ‘high-tech’ in 2015 unless you are in your 80′s. People of today who are interested in tech are well aware of what is available and what is changing. Under the current government I have seen more initiatives fostering Entrepreneurs than before, conferences, workshops, and a well detailed website. So yet again this already exists and is working.

    Reform taxes to put more money in the pockets of our working poor? Good idea, tax reform is actually valid. But at the same time who are the poor? The middle class has shouldered the burden of the economic collapse, particularly those in the private sector. The Government cannot afford a socialist agenda, nor can they risk over taxing businesses or middle class people who keep our economy going. Who do we go after then, the rich? Sure why not, but expect a large fall out in charity, and other philanthropic ventures that currently prop up the Islands need for welfare. Again it needs to be explained and make sense.

    Expand homeownership opportunities for young Bermudians? How is this going to work, another Grand Atlantic scheme where the taxpayer pays away millions? Is the government going to provide mortgage assistance, with what money and guarantee? This type of PLP financial logic regarding debt is why we have $2billion of it that we are unable to pay off!

    Expand competition in the local banking and insurance industry to lower costs? SO a couple of new banks and Insurance companies are going to pop-up out of thin air in our already contracting and limited market? Seriously what are you talking about doing here? Legislating banks and insurance companies to do business to slash premium and lending rates? So vague with no real thought or explanation.

    Drive down the cost of food and electricity? 14 years to do this while prices skyrocketed. How do you expect to do this? Seriously, fund a new power plant? Embark on a large scale agricultural scheme?

    Nothing of what has been suggested above is practical or currently does not already exist. The PLP has years and years to do all of these things and they did neither, what makes you think they will do it or know how for that matter?

    • Jeremy Deacon says:

      I’m so glad you did this – it saved me a lot of time …. bearing in mind we are where we are because of the excesses of the previous Government it is a. difficult to take the PLP seriously and b. believe the PLP can actually accomplish any of this …

      • "BLOGGERS " says:

        The OBAubpers Bloggers are merely an “echo chamber” for the messages of political OBA elites as apart of the OBA political strategy. –nothing more, and nothing less…

        • JD says:

          Yeah we actually got the gist of this in the identical comment you posted above. No need to create your own “echo chamber” again today.

        • C James says:

          …and you merely keep changing your name and writing the same old drivel. Busted!!

        • BermieBorn says:

          Betty complaining of an echo chamber? Priceless.

    • Onion says:

      There was a proposal by the UBP in 2007 to eliminate Payroll tax on low-earners. But the PLP’s spending spree ruined any hope of that happening.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Well thought out and itemized, Bermyman. I only wish there was a truly viable plan of action coming from the Opposition. Lots of grandiose ideas with no underpinning. I want to see a step-by-step plan for achieving the ideas that have been floated.

  8. serengeti says:

    A “Bermuda Fund”? Using what? More borrowed money?

    But when the current govt invests in job creators such as AC, or creates jobs by attracting investment in the airport, you holler, say we don’t need it, it’s the wrong time, it’s a bad idea.

    “Expand home ownership for young Bermudians”? How? By building more Grand Atlantic – type properties that no one wants?

    More competition in local banking? For what purpose? How does that help average Bermudians?

    It’s just a whole bunch of lightweight nonsense.

    • sandgrownan says:

      “it’s just a whole bunch of lightweight nonsense”

      Exactly. No-one in the PLP possesses the wit to tackle the challenges which, ironically, the PLP played a major part in creating. They are reduced to sound bites that carry little substance.

  9. Joonya says:


  10. YoungBermy says:

    Finally a plan that isn’t from the 60s oh & another thing why are you oba people on a plp article again if you don’t like em stay away

    • Joker says:

      And there’s the problem. This isn’t, or shouldn’t, be PLP v OBA, it should be about what is best for Bermuda. These PLP proposals lack anything of substance.

      If you are indeed a youngbermy, please don’t let color blind you, use your own mind.

    • sandgrownan says:

      But it isn’t a plan is it? It’s a series of sound bites. No substance.

    • Betty Dump says:

      I am going to lose weight in 2015… that’s a vision

      I will hit the gym 5 days a week, I will reduce my caloric intake to 1500 per day, I will drink only water, and I will monitor my progress by visiting my doctor every 3 months until I reach my goal… That’s a plan

      This stuff the PLP are spewing means nothing if there aren’t concrete steps to make them happen… and they have yet to show us a PLAN!

    • serengeti says:

      It’s a bunch of vague wishes about what he thinks would be nice to have 10 years from now.

      You might as well get an 11-year-old to write an essay on things they would like to see one day, ideally, if things work out that way. This has about as much substance.

      • hmmm says:

        To be honest I’m surprised he didn’t say…
        “oh and world peace”

        Weeks…you have to understand that saying this stuff, doesn’t mean you’ve done this stuff or could achive this stuff.

        A vote for Weeks is a vote for promises in 10 years time.
        Anyone who votes for that, I have a unicorn to sell you.

  11. wow says:

    Great ideas but it’s time to show us an actual plan on how to reach certain goals. Don’t just throw out so called “ideas” with no way to reach.. Both parties are wasting the public’s time. #unistudent

  12. Cow Polly says:

    “A Bermuda Fund”????? And where is the money coming from, Bermudians?
    LOL! May be this is where the 800 Million+ will resurface with a “we had to deceive you” explanation.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Yes here is that money going to come from? It’s all well good – “a Bermuda Fund”! Nice slogans but that’s exactly what the Govt’s bank account is.

      And when you add bullet points like above and give no explanation, well, I can’t take you seriously.

  13. enough says:

    so lets look at the list

    Create a Bermuda Fund to Invest in our Domestic Economy – where’s the money coming from for this, can’t pull it out of the sky so what are you going to cut back to get it.

    Diversify our Economy to create more jobs for Bermudians – like how do we diversify, please explain

    Invest in the Training to ensure Bermudians can fill the jobs of the future – already in place aND bERMUDIANS ALREADY BEIENG TRAINED SO THAT’S NOTING NEW.

    Expand Entrepreneurship with a focus on the high-tech future – mEANING, EXAMPLE PLEASE

    Reform taxes to put more money in the pockets of our working poor -explain how this will work please.

    Expand home ownership opportunities for young Bermudians – again, how do you propose to do this

    Expand competition in the local banking and insurance industry to lower costs – there is already competition and rates etc are governed buy overseas banking not made up by our local banks

    Drive down the cost of food and electricity – this one I agree with but how can it be done.

    Lists, list and more lists, how about some solutions to the items mentioned in the list. The PLPL had list before when they were in office and those lists were not fulfilled so why should I believe that this one would be. Just asking.

  14. Tank Rain says:


  15. C James says:

    The above drivel from PLP has about as much substance as: “Print loads of money and give it away to everyone so we’re all rich”.

    God help us if these fools get back in power.

  16. SMH says:

    With all due respect Michael, the last time you had a vision it cost us $47M and all we got out of it was one tenant and a crap load more debt. If I were you, I would be hanging my head in shame and apologizing to the people of Bermuda instead of trying to bamboozle voters….a second time

  17. Truth (Original) says:

    I didn’t get past the 1st paragraph.

  18. Dude says:

    Oh Michael, man, get out in the real world and get a job! You’re a nice guy… take a look in the mirror… do you really want to be this person? Having some idiot over at Alaska Hall put your name to this BS? Get out of there while you still can my brother.

  19. Unbelievable says:

    “Bermudians have had an opportunity to see for themselves just what the OBA is about and most of us don’t like what we are seeing; skyrocketing unemployment, a slew of broken promises, a seemingly never ending series of political scandals and an agenda that seems driven to benefit everyone but the Bermudians that pay their salaries.”

    Sounds like the PLP up until December 2012. Maybe both parties aren’t really that different after all.

  20. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    PLP, this sounds all good and dandy, but what we really need is political reform. It is evident now that both parties, PLP and OBA go full fullish when they get in office with no checks and balances, and do not care about the will of the people. Power corrupts as they say, and you and your counterparts have proven that.

    What that political reform will look like, I have no clue, but it has to be better that what we have now.

  21. Guy Carri says:

    Sadly there are souls that will buy into all this.

  22. Navin Johnson says:

    Make it 2125 please it will take that long to recover from the crap you left behind

  23. single mom says:

    I just have one thing to say our Children are our FUTURE but the current goverment have slashed the education budget…. under the ubp leadership back when i was in school they changed the school system and here today this is what we have….. i believe the reason they closed down the only tech school’s is because out of those school’s you had young men and women starting their own business…. now they want to consolidate the schools….we are having children in the middle school system that can’t cope with the big classroom sizes and some that are at a low reading level in the senior school ….. Education is Key Bermuda ….Stop following everyone else and do what is best for OUR Island

    • Joker says:

      What choice do they have but to slash the budget when they were left with a huge deficit and no money to work with??

      They could keep funding education, but would have to get rid of, for example, trash collection.

      That is the reality of the situation in which the PLP left us.

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      I agree that closing down the tech school back in the day was a horrible decision, and cutting the education budget is most definitely regretable but by no means does this mean that our children have to suffer.

      Back when I was in school what made the biggest difference was two things which don’t seem to have a place in today’s world.

      One was discipline, in both school and home, and I don’t the strap or spankings, I mean being taught that you followed the rules and if you didn’t there were consequences. If I misbehaved at school and was punished there, I was certain to also receive correction at home as well. Same as if I misbehaved out in the neighbourhood, by the time I got home my parents knew and I would be dealt with accordingly.

      Two was parental involvement. Both my parents worked, but they were also involved in my schooling. No matter how tired they might have been they took the time to help with schoolwork, attend events, learn both sides of a problem, and in general helped and guided my sister and I. There was a couple of years where I struggled with math and my sister with other subjects. My mother found ways to incorporate lessons into daily life, cooking, chores, outings.

      In the end, yes.. children are our future, and we need to stop assuming that it’s only the educational system that is responsible for teaching our children all they need to learn.

  24. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    Dear MP Weeks,

    While your vision for the future is a lovely one, and I respect your desire to better Bermuda, I’m afraid that I find it particularly hard to take what you’ve said seriously.

    First, while we have to stop laying blame in the past, it really is awfully hard to forget the many years where the PLP made wonderful promises and had great visions for Bermuda, but none came to fruition and the reality was quite the opposite of the visions.

    Honestly, we all have dreams of a wonderful future, but a great many of us understand that in order to reach our dreams a whole lot of hard work has to be done and many sacrifices given and I just don’t think the leadership of the PLP appreciate’s this reality.

    What also bothers me about your words is your misrepresentation of what the OBA has been doing.

    “Skyrocketing unemployment” … depending on how you look at the figures yes there has been a bit of an increase, but it’s rather sensationalism to suggest ‘skyrocketing’.

    “A slew of broken promises” … yup, no doubt about it, there’ve been a couple, not a ‘slew’, of broken promises, but in the grand scheme of things they’ve not had much, if any, impact on Bermuda, except perhaps, in a positive way.

    “A seemingly never ending series of political scandals” … Okay, I can’t argue about the money thing which remains not entirely explained, but hardly seemed to benefit anyone. And the rest of the scandals? Uhm… I could do with a list, because I’ve been sorely distracted by the CoH situation which, frankly, little could top for political scandal.

    “And an agenda that seems driven to benefit everyone but the Bermudians that pay their salaries” … ~sighs~ … this is what makes me the most frustrated in what the PLP keeps saying. It’s what makes me question either the intent of, or the intelligence of, the PLP leaders, who are clearly failing to understand what the OBA is trying to do, or are intent upon covering it over with misrepresentation. Neither makes the PLP look particularly good.

    I don’t agree with everything that the OBA is doing, but it’s clear to me that they are doing what they believe will benefit all of Bermuda.

    Seriously? What benefit would they gain by not working their behinds off to get money back into the pockets of ALL Bermudians because, as you say, we’re the ones paying their salaries. It’s really very simple, if we don’t have money, they don’t get paid. It actually benefits them to have ALL Bermudians successful, and I’m pretty darned certain they’re well aware of this.

    “There remains in our country Two Bermudas divided by race, income, opportunity and our perceptions about the future of our country.”

    Yes, there is no doubt that there are at least two different perceptions about the future of our country. This is typical of every country.

    But the constant push to make people believe that there are Two Bermudas divided by race angers me greatly. It is a divide that only exists because some people want it to, they talk about it constantly, use their false perceptions to point out examples, all because it suits their purposes to do so. I’m certain you’re well aware of the phrase ‘Divide and conquer’.

    Two Bermuds divided by income? Yeah, there are the haves and the have nots and those who are in the middle ground, it’s reality in every single country in the world. But I find myself wondering … which group do YOU belong to? And why should any of us believe that you’re more likely to help the have nots and the middle ground than any other politician?

    Two Bermudas divided by opportunity? Really? Do you know what divides people from opportunity? The willingness to work for it. Opportunities don’t often get plunked down in front of someone, and even if they are if the someone isn’t willing to work for it, they won’t stick around. Most opportunities are made with determination and hard work. The suggestion that someone is going to hand anyone anything is deeply, and embarrasingly, misguided.

    I can’t really argue about your timeline however, so right now the way I see it, the OBA have another eight years on their ‘Vision’ to see how they do. Doesn’t that strike you as fair?

    A Bermudian

  25. Onion says:

    It’s funny how many of these themes show up in the UBP’s reply to the throne speech from 2005.

  26. Terry says:

    1937 ring a bell with any of you?

  27. mixitup says:

    What really is funny is that many of you posters here are not the ones who decide elections.. You would vote UBP/OBA and whatever other names they come up with regardless of the issues. The same ones you slander and call uneducated etc. are the ones who shift their votes on the issues. So sit back and close your traps, like I said you all vote enblock anyways. And don’t give me any crap that you voted PLP in 1998 – puhleasee..

    • inna says:

      What is even funnier is that posters like you come on here and tell everyone else how they should post! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including you. You got some crust to try and silence others because they are not of the same opinion as yourself.

      Whichever party is voted in to power has nothing to do with how many bloggers are on a particular website commenting one way or another. Elections are decided by how well the actions and policies of the governing party been carried out, and ultimately how the voters feel about those actions. Why do you think the OBA was voted into power 2.5 years ago?

      And, finally. if ‘they all’ vote en bloc for the OBA, what do you consider the other block of voters?

    • aceboy says:

      We were told very clearly that “We don’t care what you think” by the PLP when they were in power.

      Sure, I will vote OBA without hesitation after the 14 years of complete and utter mismanagement by your party we all experienced.

      Even when the PLP had a chance to get my vote they chose a path I did not agree with every single time.

      I cannot vote for a party that has made it very clear I am not welcome or needed.

  28. Redman says:

    “PLP Working To Make Vision 2025 A Reality”

    Is this like the PLP’s 100 day tourism plan?? Probably and as such destined to fall just as flat in just as short a time.

    14 years and the only plan the PLP had was getting even and personal enrichment, now all of a sudden they have ideas aplenty. Yeah right!!.

    Yawns, Tuns page.

  29. Bermale says:

    So the PLP lambast the OBA for not turning around the economy in 2 years, but say vote us in and we might fix it in 10 years or so.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up sometimes.

    • steve says:

      Did you have to sign your name to this article Mr Weeks? Was it your turn to be eaten alive by vexed bloggers that view the plp tenure as horrible,and continually reference the mind boggling itemized list of PLP failures and farce(see above)? Some of us would like to start with a simple acknowledgement of at least a few of the failures,unfortunate decisions or some other softer euphemism that a politician would prefer …? Or how about an itemized explanation for some. Nothings perfect and good men fail,but your team ignores it or raps it in a conspiracy theory and then returns to bashing this gov for every breath it takes. Is anyone in your party embarrassed for anything they or another member did during its 14 years? Please help us understand so that some can move forward. thanks

  30. Gombey Rasta says:

    Wow, I hope the PLP are not the govt in 2025.

  31. be what you desire…

  32. bluebird says:


  33. bluebird says:

    The PLP/BIU hates success,and they dont have a clue.
    Theses things are created by PRIVATE enterprize.
    these things are not created by Goverments.
    The PLP are interested in 1) the party
    2) the party
    3) the party.
    They are only interested in you the voter if you can provide money for them to spend.