Police: 31 Year Old Man Missing From MAWI

April 3, 2015

The police have asked the public to keep an eye out for 31 year old Shiloh Payne who went missing from MAWI last night [Apr 2], adding that if anyone comes across him, please contact police and “don’t engage” him.

A police spokesperson said, “Police are reporting missing vulnerable person Shiloh Payne who went missing from MAWI sometime last evening. If anyone comes across this 31 year old man simply contact police. Don’t engage.

“Take note of location of the sighting and what he is wearing and contact police. It was reported that Payne was last seen by Mawi staff at 745pm last evening wearing a black sweater, black pants and black sneakers.”

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  1. mslady says:

    WOW! FIND HIM FAST!….” the Crown alleged he had continued kicking and stabbing the victim even after the victim was lying on the ground; that he was prevented from dropping a concrete block on the victim only because bystanders had intervened; that he might interfere with the victim because he and the victim live in close proximity.”"

  2. Karma says:

    “If anyone comes across him, please contact police and “don’t engage” him.”
    This is a very concerning phrase…is he dangerous?

    • family says:

      No he isnt dangerous

      • biggadon says:

        So Family how do you explain him pushing a sharpened screwdriver into his neighbor ? Smh

    • Mmmmmmmm says:

      He is not dangerous

  3. mr speaker says:

    His gone get fishcakes his not tryna be on lock down for the holiday lol

    • biggadon says:

      That aint funny….I hope he shows up at your door for those fishcakes…SMH

      • D says:

        no, he should knock on yours…

      • foxy says:

        Well it ain’t serious if he came to ya door it would only be for some fish cakes lol. he’s no more dangerous to others then you are to yaself

    • Family says:

      Your a real ****** who ever you are

  4. Bermudian. says:

    Get That Man. Wow.

  5. Terry says:

    Apparently this person is in need of help in many areas.

    Please assist if you have seen him.

    We need no repeats of past behavior.


  6. Coffee says:

    Don’t let that man get anywhere near Dockyard !

  7. Terry says:

    Patricia does a great job with this site.
    We have spoken before about the ‘timeline’ on comments.

    Many overlap yet were the first ones.

    An opinion.

    Hope you get some time to yourself dear.

  8. D says:

    sounds scary dont engage him….

  9. Family says:

    These comments wow! If you only knew him so don’t go judging from this post. And he didn’t go missing last night if the staff at mawi was actually doing there jobs this wouldn’t have happened. And yes I wld HELP him

  10. say it aint so says:

    Shiloh, go back. You were doing so well.

    • N says:

      Agreed; stay on the positive track babe xoxo
      Don’t get caught up..

  11. Raymond Ray says:

    It’s somewhat ironic that I’d received just yesterday a survey call from M.A.W.I. seeking my opinion/s on the facility and its operations. As I’d expressed my views to this individual I now express them to the general public.
    I do believe there are far too many “people” that are medicated that only go to M.A.W.I. to receive their medication/s and are released after having taken theirs. The point I wish to make is, there are by far too many allowed to roam the streets that are schizophrenic and can be extremely dangerous to the public if they don’t receive their appropriate medication/s or overseen 24/7.
    I personally want the points I’ve made to be considered and viewed upon by them operating the facility far more seriously than what we’re seeing happening…

    • then what you saying says:

      Should we kill them? Put them in a room a trow away the key? Put them on ice until doctors understand how to fix them?

    • family says:

      They are NOT a danger to the public they are more so a danger to themselves

    • curious says:

      Mr Ray. Do ypu know of any incidents where a client of MAWI was roaming the streets and committed a dangerous offence. There are far too many people not clients of MAWI and who do not have a mental illness saying crazy things.

    • bda boy says:

      It’s obvious you don’t understand mental health issues and the treatment some of them get. Educate yourself on the diagnosis so you can better understand it.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        To anyone who can believe this individual isn’t a / or can’t become dangerous to someone then please answer this one particular question, “why was he admitted to M.A.W.I. in the beginning”? He certainly wasn’t placed there for throwing rocks at airplanes…
        Granted, he is sick, but he does not need to be mixed up with the general public…many not knowing his capabilities :(

        • family says:

          Mr ray you yourself sound sick and should be admitted to mawi! I know this man personally and if you must know he was in a serious accident that nearly cost him his life and he has NEVER been the same since so before you go assuming learn your facts you sound ignorant! Blame you hospital for not giving this man the proper treatment wen he was in his accident maybe this cld have all been avoided….. anything else you have to say??

          • N says:

            Family, I’m with you and related too ;)
            You hit it on the head, stop stressing yourself out. WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED & WE AREN’T ABLE TO DO MUCH BUT SUPPORT. Let’s stay positive and do what we can, which shouldn’t include trying to update and argue with persons who simply lack the knowledge.
            Words hurt but minds work – block out the negative; acknowledge the bad and focus on what is needed.
            Shi isn’t ever going to be the same, stop defending him and just help AS YOU HAVE BEEN, as best you can. You need your sanity first in order to do or help anyone else.
            Stay up love.

        • N Blake says:

          Mr . Ray while I can fully understand your concerns about Mr Payne. We do not know the extent of his mental illness and whether he is a danger to the public or to himself. It is therefore very discrimatory for us to start putting label on this man.
          With that being said I would like to know how many people you interact with on a daily basis that have a mental illness that you are not aware of? Were they a danger to you? Unless you are going to live the rest of your life not interacting with society, I would strongly recommend that you learn more about mental health. You will be surprise about how you view this issue from now on.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Raymond Ray, why don’t you share you comments in a letter to M.A.W.I. I really don’t think that the administrators there have the time or the will to peruse the comments on Bernews.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Thank you Ms. Furbert but, what makes you sure I haven’t over countless years? And may I say, it doesn’t always fall on deaf ears.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        April 3, 2015

        The police have asked the public to keep an eye out for 31 year old Shiloh Payne who went missing from MAWI last night [Apr 2], adding that if anyone comes across him, please contact police and “don’t engage” him.(Note what police say: “don’t engage”him

  12. Hey says:

    Catch him before he hops on a #7 or #8 bus.

  13. Trickle Down Clean Up says:

    PLPs fault

    • family says:

      How is this plp fault???

    • curious says:

      OBA is in power.

    • D says:

      im tired of ppl blaming plp ok!cause oba has this island in bad place right now they promised jobs & now they are just taking the jobs away from us we are suffering ok to be honest yea i vote plp I hope oba stays in sooo u lot wont blame plp

  14. Skink says:

    Damn MAWI…….Get your $((t together!!! This man ain’t trying out for a scene on Walking Dead…… you just let him Waltz out Da building FFS!!!……

  15. JR says:

    He is not dangerous. As like most on meds as long as they are taking them consistently you would not know they are patients at MAWI. You’ll be surprised who walks through the doors who ya’ll trust but are on meds for mental problems.
    Shiloh has been in my car in the past & had I picked up the same people who claim he’s dangerous would have never known he’s on meds. He is sweet & respectable to me and if I see him now I will take him to MAWI myself.

  16. D says:

    Gosh they haven’t got him yet…..

  17. Abby says:

    Praying that this young man is found and receives the care he needs. People need to understand that individuals who suffer from a mental illness do not choose to suffer! My heart goes out to all who experience this pain- whether a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a child or friend.

  18. Ex Mawi Nurse says:

    This individual has absconded from MAWI and it should be a concern for all who cares for him.
    On a more serious issue, the whole Mental Health Service in BDA needs to be reviewed and some bold decisions taken regarding its treatment model and the quality of its managerial staff. We qualified G.Ps acting as honorary consultant psychiatrist. We have managers that has absolutely no management skills and lacks emotional intelligence. The service is a very expensive service and does not provide value for money to the people of Bermuda.
    Bermudian deserves better mental health care than the archaic model currently in place.