Hamilton Princess Hires 200 People For Season

May 21, 2015

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, a Fairmont managed hotel, today [May 21] announced that the hotel has “hired 200 employees, including 114 Bermudians to date for the 2015 tourism season.”

“This significant number of appointments is largely due to the more than $90 million dollar renovation that is ongoing at the hotel,” the company said, adding that “the new hires will join a variety of hotel departments, mostly in the Food & Beverage department.”

Slideshow with photos from last month showing some of the renovations at Hamilton Princess


“We have greatly increased our staff in an effort to continue to provide the level of service our guests have come to expect,” said Jeanette Matthew, director of human resources at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.”

“With so much happening at the hotel, including the opening of the Beach Club and the celebrity chef restaurant Marcus’, we are excited to have so many talented new employees onboard, including many Bermudians, who are enthused and ready to contribute to the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club guest experience. There are still positions available and we encourage Bermudians to visit our website and apply.”

The company said, “Recruitment at the hotel is ongoing as there are still open positions at the hotel. The Banquets department is hiring at several levels, including service jobs as well as directorial and managerial positions, to help with special events and parties involving hotel catering.

“The Purchasing & Stores team is seeking to fill positions such as store keeper and truck driver to assist with the handling and delivery of hotel supplies. The Food & Beverage department continues to hire, including general positions at the Beach Club and at Marcus’. Accountants are also needed to assist with the increased business at the hotel.

“Other general positions throughout the hotel and beach club are also available and interested individuals are encouraged to visit fairmontcareers.com for more information about careers and to apply for a position at the hotel.”

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  1. WhistleBlower says:

    Well Done Mr Greene!!

  2. Well, there you have it, “the ship is up-righting” but slowly. Out of curiosity, what percentage are Bermudians?

    • Ty says:

      @Raymond Ray

      Good morning to you…. You are normally very astute when it comes to numbers and ‘reading’ the details of the story. You must have read this before you had your coffee this morning.. :) :) This is very uplifting to read though.

      “The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, a Fairmont managed hotel, today [May 21] announced that the hotel has “hired 200 employees, including 114 Bermudians to date for the 2015 tourism season.”

    • Mockingjay says:

      The only Island in the world where natives are a minority in the hospitality industry.
      What a F!@#ing shame.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Well the numbers are in the story. 114 out of 200 are Bermudians. 57%.

    • Hurricane says:

      What percentage of Bermudians……..did you not see the first sentence/paragraph? 114 out of 200, you do the math.

    • BERMYGUY says:


    • We see the Oppositions, “do as I say” are out in full force today…

    • Person who knows a little says:


    • Watcher says:

      114 Bermudians to date for the 2015 tourism season :)

  3. SOS Greens says:

    Fired the OBA and place Alexander and Andrew Green in place to run the Island. Good work gentlemen nice hotel.

    • Casual Observer says:

      Fire the OBA?

      They are the ones that granted the concessions for them to carry out their work.

      Without those concessions (the ones that you PLPers complained about incessantly) those construction jobs would have never happened nor will these 200 jobs.

      Fire the PLP and their supporters for arguing against the concessions that made this all happen.

  4. mixitup says:

    Interesting how they’ve tacked ‘A Fairmont Managed hotel’ to the end and removed Fairmont Hamilton Princess as their name.. A sign of things to come is my guess.. I hope I can become a Ritz or Four Seasons.

    • Bill says:

      Are you high?

      • mixitup says:

        Why would I be high? DO you know why Elbow Beach was never called The Mandarin Elbow Beach? But yet it was still managed by Mandarin, because the standards were not there.

        • Lois Frederick says:

          Elbow Beach. They too are going to be doing a nice bit of construction coming up shortly. Great news! Progress is being made. The call of the naysayers, that the America’s Cup will only benefit the few, is kicked to the curb once more. All these hotel redevelopments have been crystallised by the announcement of Bermuda getting AC35. It, along with a business friendly Government, has been the impetus to get job creation started. You are correct about Mandarin.

          Because of the high level of hotel development, Bermuda is going to see major high end hotel brands on the island and the enormous benefit that comes with the marketing and presence they bring with them.

  5. Ed Case says:

    People’s Complainers need to pipe in here.

    Come on, there must be something you can complain about. Where’s the foreign preacher?

    • swing voter says:

      how about this Ed….a 50-50 split is a good business decision, which ensures that at least 50% will cater to the guests needs without work stoppages, disputes, and holiday ‘sick-leave’ during cup match. I’m not anti local. Its just what I’ve seen first hand over the years from some of my former co-workers. We have to ensure that our people are motivated to show up and do a good job because competition is fierce…..

      • Rhonda says:

        when you are earning poverty wages to begin with… and the child care provider wants double time for the holiday…. what is the motivation again…

        • swing water says:

          Hotel salary won’t get a home built, won’t cover tuition and will hardly support a family of 4. But it can be a good starting point for a childless young adult. Choices mean everything now days Rhonda

          • Rhonda says:

            hospitality jobs once upon a time did all you speak of and more…… what happened…. which came first cheap labour pushed out the Bermudian..or Bermudian, woke up one day and decided they didn’t want to work any more……..

        • Regina says:

          So stay home and sit on your a** Rhonda? Yea, that will take you places.

  6. watching says:

    At face value this is a good thing.
    My only question is are these all full time positions, where the employees will get full medical coverage etc or are these part time jobs? I ask because medical coverage is a very important part and most part time jobs do not provide this.

    • Trulytruly says:

      200 full time positions out of a total hire of 270! In other words still in the process of hiring 70 more workers. Out of which 70 will be seasonal.

      • Taylor says:

        Wrong. I am one of the recent hires and my position is part-time along with many others that started when I did. DOnt’ believe everything you hear/read

  7. Rhonda says:

    Until we deal with the low wages in hospitality… this will end badly, reinforcing the current stereotype of Bermudian, especially Black Bermudians … I have been made to understand many of the new hires are women. The enthusiasm and hope coming from unemployment to low wage doesn’t last long, after reality sinks in, and working 40-50hrs.. means still can’t pay for housing and feed myself, let alone their children…. leads to hopelessness and eventually will effect job performance… a livable wage for all workers has to addressed…..

    • Rhonda says:

      Half a loaf is better than nothing gets stale …real fast…

      • The problem I see here is, most of my / our country men/women want to start at the top with top salaries and no experience…Sad yes, but true :-( We’ve all been told, “experience is the best teacher”.

        • Rhonda says:

          earning a livable wages, for an honest day work ..by no way means you are desirous of starting at the top….

        • Taylor says:

          Again I have to shed some light. As one of the new hires (part-time) I of course had to attend orientation and training. And along with me were both foreign nationals as well as Bermudians. But what I must also point out is that while their were Bermudians…all the positions WE were filling are..(for lack of better phrasing) the less desirable. While ALL the foreign nationals are taking managerial positions.Now while I will admit that I myself am not qualified for those types of positions I know quite a few (unemployed) Bermudians that are, and have applied, and some not even called for interviews. I’m very grateful to have the job, but fair is fair. This island is not for Bermudians (white, black, beige, red, etc) anymore. And if more people were to be honest they would agree.

  8. Oh,I see now says:

    I don’t know how low the wages are and I don’t endorse someone being taken advantage of.If you have the job try and make it work until you find something better.If you don’t want the job then leave there are always choices no matter how slim they are becoming.

    Try to remember we will never see the 70, 80 or 90′s tourist figures or wages please do not use the good ole days as a reference it is unrealistic.

  9. Rene Clarke says:

    So based on the numbers they hired maybe 43% of non Bermudians because maybe not enough Bermudians out of work. Or maybe these were senior level positions and Bermudians weren’t qualified. So then we should look forward to immigration picking up the slack reviewing who they hired and why and mandating that appropriate plans were in place to train Bermudians to replace the foreigners in three years or less. Im actually appaled by the numbers its disgusting it really shows that Bermudian employment is not a concern. Maybe some Bermudians didn’t meet the grade however what would it take to get them where you need them,but almost half 50% didnt get hired,I don’t accept that. Something is gravely wrong with hiring practices.

  10. Rene Clarke says:

    The only reason there are low wages in hospitality is because of corporate greed
    Owners want huge salaries including shareholders however we don’t have to accept low wages if government set a minimum wage.
    If investors want to set up shop elsewhere then they will have to contend with the law of supply and demand In those places.
    However if they want to operate here then they can not exploit Bermudians for profit
    or you just can’t come here and do business.

  11. somuchless says:

    My cousin applied there and her background is filled with front of the house experience and she couldn’t even get an interview. She lost her job and was willing to start at the bottom. She called Hamilton princess and was told that she is to qualified. Wow.

    She tried to talk to the hr department and he front of the house director and got no where. So why is Hamilton princess talking about they want locals. Buch of crap.

    The management at Hamilton princess is obviously scared of some peoples capabilities. Fairmont tell the truth.

    Luckily she is now working and feels very comfortable where she’s at.

    • Taylor says:

      Very sad. I know many others who have experienced the same thing.

      • I feel to myself, if there be anyone who has proof that they’ve been overlooked or do see a foreigner holding down the job that they’d applied for then now would be a good time to take their grievances to the Immigration/Government Employment Offices to be rectified A.S.A.P and stop complaining on the blogs!