Solange Knowles: “Bermuda, You Beauty You”

August 1, 2015

Singer and model Solange Knowles – the sister of superstar Beyonce — posted a photo of Bermuda on social media with the caption “Bermuda, You Beauty You.”

Ms Knowles, who has close to one million followers on both Facebook  and Instagram, attracting almost 10,000 likes on the photo on Facebook, while her Instagram post close attained close to 20,000 likes in under 12 hours.

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  1. Boom bye bye says:

    Nice slogan! Let’s use it BTA!

  2. So maybe now, we’ll see some returns Doc… :-(

  3. Eve says:

    Celebrities like Solange don’t just decide to visit Bermuda they are usually invited by a stakeholder or in partnership with BTA. Ms. Knowles crew would put out the word that she is available on certain dates for vacation and see who has an offer. To avoid problems with the IRS she posts a few nice words and photos on social media.
    Recently Ms. Ali posted more nice photos and comments about Bermuda than most celebrities and travel bloggers do when their Bermuda trip is comped.

  4. ohno says:

    To late
    this type of slogan is well used as a market slogan in Australia

  5. Bermuda Jake says:

    We love you too Solange!

  6. Somerset Girl says:

    Now she is a real celebrity ….. Unlike that wanna be Jillionaire….. Did I get his name right?

  7. Billy Boy says:

    I guess she can’t smell the dead whale.