Ministry Advise Of Ferry Service Disruptions

October 14, 2015

[Updated] The Department of Marine and Ports said they would like to advise the public that the Pink Route ferry service to Paget and Warwick will be suspended at 4.00pm today [Oct 14].

A spokesperson said, “All other services are operating to published schedule with only the Blue route 10 pm service from Hamilton to Dockyard suspended tonight.

“The Department of Marine and Ports apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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Update 4.45pm: The Department have further advised that there will be additional service disruption tomorrow morning due to a meeting.

A spokesperson said, “The Department of Marine and Ports would like to advise the public that there will be a meeting for the Marine & Ports staff on Thursday morning, October 15th 2015 at 10.00 am.

“The meeting is expected to last approximately one hour and a minimum disruption of service is anticipated. The Department of Marine and Ports apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.”

While the exact nature of the meeting is unclear, the BIU is understood to have concerns regarding the Director of Marine & Ports.

Update Oct 15, 10.49am: The Marine & Ports staff meeting has gotten underway at BIU headquarters.


Update Oct 15, 12.04pm: A BIU press conference held in relation to Marine and Ports matters has now ended, and the video coverage is available to replay for 24 hours online by clicking here.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Real BAD timing.

    • O'Brien says:

      Do you really think the timing is a coincidence? If you do, I have some fast ferries to sell you….

    • Legalgal says:

      Right on time. Just a shame our ferries, buses, aren’t. Message to the world – Bermuda the Banana Republic. Shameful.

    • bandit says:


      I say this is a planned event.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Deliberate timing. I understand there is a grievance against the director behind this, but I also understand that this is not a new issue. If I heard correct, it an issue that happened a month ago, having waited a month and knowing the importance of this weekend, the mature thing would have waited to Monday… but we have not seen maturity out of the BIU in a long time. So this timing is deliberate, it is a flex of muscle, a bullying tactic and clear statement that the BIU doesn’t give a $#!+ a the well being of Bermuda.

      • Me, Me, Me, I,I, I says:

        Such a BS move by the BIU but is ANYONE surprised. I guess it won’t make much of a difference but I will not be taking the kids to the Liberty Theatre to see Woodlawn or Hungergames Mockingjay Part Two in the next few weeks. Time to boycott the Liberty Theatre. Im gonna get me one of those GBoxes I read about on Bernews and watch the movies for free.

    • drew says:

      Or is it?

  2. Warwick Resident says:


  3. stunned... says:

    if ever there was a time to showcase Bermuda, this is it but what do my fellow Bermudians do? try to flex their muscles to bring this country down to the depths of their intellect. disgusted.

    • Izzypop says:

      Tell me this doesn’t surprise u. Figured one of the govt agencies were going to try something.

      • stunned... says:

        truthfully, i try to stay positive and hold them in a higher light. but each time the show their ASSEtS.

    • Me, Me, Me, I,I, I says:

      This is where we can shine. I will be offering a free ride to any tourists.

    • frank says:

      biu does the same thing over and over we have a dispute and instead of finding a solution when it happens they let things build up and then bam everybody out .
      workers are being uded as pawns in a chess game
      because areb union leaders are trapped in the 60′s
      stopping work is the last resort not the only resor
      if the union leaders cant’t run it in 2018 vote them out
      sick and tired of the same old style of leadership

      • Since this affect everyone, including BIU members and the other Unions then why not hold these meeting at the appropreate time of day when it’s less disrurbing, like working hours for the vast majority?

  4. hmmm says:


  5. laRoot says:

    That is not fair! Why do you wait to late in the afternoon of a work day to dump this news on us? You have people who are depending on that ferry to go home. Good looking out for the locals – NOT!!!

  6. SMH says:

    Make Public transport an essential service, get an injunction to stop wildcat actions then PRIVATIZE the lot. Any industrial action during AC would be the nail in the unions coffin as far as the public is concerned. And believe it or not, they do need public sympathy to survive

  7. kangoocar says:

    Here we go??? The union/plp nonsense is starting!!!! GEE what a shocker, NOT!!!! All I can say is every bit of fiscal pain coming your way is totally on you union fools!!!!! Let the fiscal pain begin!!!!

  8. stunned... says:

    if needed i will drive people-tourists around in my car over this AC weekend at no cost.

  9. LaVerne Furbert says:

    What does this have to do with the union or the PLP? Why don’t you all get your facts right?

    • Toleratate says:

      Thanks, mind updating us on the facts? What people are reading is that there are internal issues with management?
      But I guess they JUST started and interruption in Service today and tomorrow was unavoidable.
      Really can’t make the sheet up.

    • kangoocar says:

      Laverne, our facts are straight, did you really type that nonsense with a straight face??? If you did, you are more scary than what I gave you credit for??? Your Union has called a meeting for tomorrow concerning a situation that has been simmering since June or July, when we have loads of visitors here for the sailing events!!! Any particular reason the meeting was not called a month ago or later next week when most of the visitors have left??? I will tell you why it wasn’t, it wasn’t because right NOW will have maximum effect!!! If you losers at the BIU ever think you can fool us you are sadly mistaken!!! What makes this even more pathetic is the fact that a lot of this has to do with the Director of Marine and Ports coming down hard on those lazy and unappreciative union workers that show up LATE for work many days there for disrupting the ferry schedules!!!! And you wonder why your reputation is as bad as it is????

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Kangaroo, you seem to have information that the rest of Bermuda does not have. Would you care to share more? Maybe you should address your concerns with the Cabinet Office. Either, you work for the Cabinet Office or Marine & Ports. Why don’t you declare you interest. Everyone knows that I work for the BIU and I don’t hide behind a “pen name” as you do. Have the courage of your convictions.

        • kangoocar says:

          Actually Laverne , the real question is, do you care to share more??? You are a well known insider of that pathetic BIU and you actually know what I am saying is factual!!! Your unappreciative BIU workers are upset that they are being reprimanded for showing up to work late!!!
          FYI, I happen to have no insider information, I just happen to be a local employer that promises the first day anyone of my employees ever comes to me and states he/she or all , wants to become unionized, will be their last day of employment and equally the last day I will be open for business!!!
          Are you willing to state that I am wrong when I said what the main issue of this latest grievance of nonsense from those your union represents are having a problem with????

        • Legalgal says:

          Why? So you can target them?

      • How fitting, if they’re here for the sailing event what better opportunity for them to hitch a ride on one of the sailboats or you Privatize cheer leaders can use your personal boats to cater to them.

        • Jahmani says:

          Don’t worry , if it comes down to it we will .

        • Widget says:

          Your an idiot and not a fan, and your stupidity is not helping the situation. Participate or dig a hole and stick your head in it until the event is over.

        • Zevon says:

          That’s called privatizing it. Great idea.

        • Person who knows a little says:

          I am convinced either you like to play doubles advocate or you like to say some of the dumbest thing on this blog.

      • Widget says:

        “Kangoocar” I honestly couldn’t have said it any better. You almost think they had more respect for the wellbeing of this countries reputation. Nope they couldn’t give two sheets about Bermuda or it’s people, there only interested in attempting to make this Government look bad. Sorry boys, take a serious look in the mirror.

    • Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

      STOP trying to fool people!

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Care to enlighten us on the facts….privatize and bust the union…they do not serve good employees anyway only the dregs….

    • Runner says:

      You really need to ask this question? You can’t have it both ways. More business for the Island trades but let’s go ahead and cause disruption just because the world’s focus is on us. Unbelievable and you will continue to complain about a lack of opportunity. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Privatize now Oba or you will lose at the polls .There are lots of Bermudians who could fill all those jobs .The unions were definitely needed as history has shown but now they trick the workers so a small number of leaders and staff can get rich.

    • CCCP says:

      well lets think this one out La Verne ( read between the lines). We are not all stupid or brainwashed as you seem to think. who called for the meeting, who will be represented, what party is the plp associated with. who is doing their best to **** **** the island?

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Kangaroo, you seem to have information that the rest of Bermuda does not have. Would you care to share more? Maybe you should address your concerns with the Cabinet Office. Either, you work for the Cabinet Office or Marine & Ports. Why don’t you declare you interest. Everyone knows that I work for the BIU and I don’t hide behind a “pen name” as you do. Have the courage of your convictions.

        • Warwick Resident says:

          Same comment as before . . . . . nothing new to add?

        • Herb says:

          Actually LaVerne Furbert is correct, this meeting was called by the Permanent Secretary Mr Binns not the union from what i read this morning

    • bandit says:

      Laverne Furbert – don’t make me laugh. You know full well what this is all about.

      • Ed Case says:

        I certainly hope the union enjoys this because they are in their final days. They will not exists much longer because the people won’t stand for it. They only benefit the bottom feeders of society, those too lazy to work for themselves. Destined to failure, your heyday is over. Goodbye Laverne, your comment on election 2012 today was correct. You should leave and join burch. You are a has been admit it. Blame it on race you probably will anyway.

    • Pete says:

      Then lay out the facts lady, You are a union / plp mouth piece!
      I wonder why U all didn’t raise issues months, and months ago ? who`s watch hired the director, guess he was like you ? now a backfire.
      you`ll get the picture when the unions coffers run dry

    • Widget says:

      Seriously LaVerne

    • Widget says:

      Please explain to why the hell there are no ferries tonight then? Surely you have an answer.

    • Because the staff are asked what do what they are paid to do and they do not. They then are totally supported by the BIU. Do what you are paid to do – it’s simple.

    • aceboy says:

      While the exact nature of the meeting is unclear, the BIU is understood to have concerns regarding the Director of Marine & Ports.

      The meting is being held at the BIU HQ.

      They have now issued a Work to Rue.

      Yet here you are saying that it is nothing to do with the BIU.

      You are dishonest agitator.

  10. hmmm says:

    If you have issue with the director, then take it up with the Director …. DON’T TAKE IT OUT ON THE PEOPLE….
    Cancel your meeting and get working.

    If you still have issue , then talk with the director and the GOVT.


  11. Huh says:

    You just couldn’t make this stuff up! Reminds me of Arthur Scargill

  12. jt says:

    This is why the OBA are seeking a court injunction.


    • UBP have been wanted to get rid of the UNION when they first started, nothing new.

      • Ed Case says:

        The only thing the union does, is ripoff people too stupid to know any better, and inconvenience everyone else. Which group are you in OJ. .

      • jt says:

        It’s an injunction against unlawful actions and actions not adhering to the CBA.
        You have an issue with this and no one is surprised about that.
        If they conduct themselves lawfully and responsibly calls to privatize will tail off.

  13. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    Typical BIU/plp/over paid lazy bermudain routine…it’s always the same on this once beautiful island which has been ruined by Greed and Poor Work Ethics!

  14. LAN says:

    This is no surprise…………..Been waiting for someone to try to throw a spanner in the works …..but guess what? The Americas Cup is going to happen whether some people like it or not!!!!!!
    Bring it on!!!!!

  15. Tired of it all says:

    Hotels near full occupancy for the first time in decades.

    Cruise ships in dockyard.

    Harbour nights tonight.

    No ferry tonight to take cruise ship passengers from front street to dockyard.

    And further disruptions tomorrow now with all these mythical beings (tourists) finally back on our shores.

    Now taxis are apparently demanding double fares over the AC events for this weekend?

    Bermuda is truly another world.

    Might as well shoot ourselves in both feet and then between the eyes cause with the state of our tourism industry and our economy in general we must have a suicide wish for these actions to take place.

    Very sad, but unfortunately very predictable.

    • Tired of it all says:

      I forgot to mention this event is being aired on the major networks in over 100 territories.

      Hope we don’t give a show they would rather forget.

    • Doug says:

      oh goodness I hope cab fares are not double the usual rates this weekend!

    • Legalgal says:

      Can someone verify the cab fare situation. Is this a cab association thing or individual drivers?

    • frank says:

      Biu need to think. Before. They. Act stop acting like this is 1960 I. Use. Public. Transportation
      To get to work.
      Same old. Sh✴✴✴t let things. Build. Up then. Call. Everybody. Out
      What. The. Hell are we paying. Dues for if the union. Leaders can’t solve a dispute
      For once look at. The big picture

  16. Serious Though says:

    One word ..Dump

  17. Bird says:

    We do not need ferries or buses we are Bermudians pick some up if you see them waiting. The drivers will be out of a job are as we no longer need them

  18. kangoocar says:

    Maybe Chris furby and his unions members should read up on what happened to the Air France union workers just recently??? France is well known for supporting the unions and their airline due to lack of MONEY just laid off I think 1500 of their sorry arses!!!! When there is NO money, that can only mean NO pay!!! The day is coming real soon in good ole BDA that the same scenario is about to happen!!! Sadly I now am looking forward to that day!!!!! Air France did what had to be done to their unreasonable union members and the same needs to happen here!!! According to Larry Burchall, that day is coming in July 2017, and I do not doubt him!!!!

  19. Commandant Chris and his band of blind mice. I suggest a new union motto we shall divide and sink our fellow citizens thru incompetence and in convenience them at any cost.

  20. Y-Gurl says:

    They must have run out of beer in the wheelhouse!

  21. Terry says:

    Laverne has taken over BERNEWS.


  22. Hair says:

    These people need to understand what we got!! Grass is not greener on the other side folks…

  23. my view says:

    why is there no service to Dockyard from Hamilton after 10pm.Has the reason been given and was missed becaused I did not read all 51 comments.The meeting tomorrow will not disrupt locals getting to work however it will have a negative effect on our visitors . Not a good look at all. Be that as it may, there may be more to this than we know. Remember it takes two to tango.I dont like this us and them, its all off us.

  24. No laughing matter says:

    The 6pm Hamilton to Dockyard was a no show yesterday and no one had the decency to let us know. No signs up, nothing. Both tourists and locals standing there like idiots and no ferry. Luckily I managed to get a ride home with an acquaintance. Come on government, get it together…or privatize the whole thing if you can’t sustain it.

  25. Warwick Resident says:

    As I asked earlier – why? If all the other routes were operating, why was the Warwick/Pink route suspended?

    If there was a mechanical problem, then say so – and could one of the other ferries not have been used so that all those who regularly use that route were not left stranded?

    On a side note – the TV programme last night and last Thursday advised that there would be additional ferries operating this weekend. A call to the ferry terminal elicited the response that they didn’t know and any additional services would be advertised in the paper. The City of Hamilton website button for Americas Cup has a listing of the ferry services operating (we hope) over the weekend including the additional services on Friday and Saturday – BUT – no extras on Sunday. Do we really want to be a part of this or not …. let’s not get started on that!

  26. Anything to disrupt progress… Why are the BIU / PLP so immature ? Of course this isn’t the time to put on ears ànd behav3 like spoiled brats! Grow the hell up u’lot before it’s much too late!

  27. aceboy says:

    Have your meeting on your own damn time.

    Utterly pathetic.

    Did you know baby blue whales weigh 8,000 lbs at birth? That makes them the biggest babies on the planet, right after the BIU.

  28. Res says:

    would the last person to leave Bermuda please turn off the lights !

  29. Frustrated says:

    Every time there is a meeting, cancellation, strike etc NO-ONE is ever told the truth or reasons behind it and straight away people jump up blaming the workers as a whole.

    The disruptions are due to the workers not receiving any word or decision back from the white collars/government in regards to the Directors unprovoked, disrespectful, obnoxious mistreatment of the M&P workers infront of both the public and tourists in early September; a meeting was called then to address the issues and as per usual the deadline for the decision on how to address the issues brought to light has been missed – so the M&P staff have been advised to “work-to-rule” which means no over-time and boats can only run if they have the right amount of certified workers on each boat at time, etc, etc – so really we should be asking ourselves why so many are being cancelled due to this “work-to-rule”?? Does that mean that M&P are understaffed? Why are there workers filling positions on ferries if they are not fully cerftified/registered to do so? Why isnt the upper management of M&P doing their job and addressing these issues? Oh but wait – its the LAZY, good-for-nothing blue collar workers that ALWAYS get the blame.
    The ferries this morning WILL not be disrupted because of the meeting; the union rep at M&P has instructed everyone to man the ferries as normal and those that are scheduled off or on stand-by etc are the ones attending the meeting.

    There are always 2 sides to every story and I can assure you that I get frustrated by the schedules getting messed up etc etc as I use the ferries on a daily basis – however on this occassion the M&P guys have addressed the issue correctly and those in charge have not actioned their concerns in the manner they said they would. Everyone can speculate and say it was planned and everyone knows what they are doing ahead of the Americas Cup etc, and I am sure there are workers at M&P who dont give a damn about this weekend and just want cause issues, but I can assure you that there are workers who are frustrated by the timing and 100% dedicted to making sure that we are not shown up this weekend and who have supported the Americas Cup from the beginning.

    Please do not tar everyone with the same brush – truths never seem to be told to the general public in matters like this and I am frustrated by that and the negative bashing that everyone seems to participate in when things like this happen – some of these workers have families to support, mortgages to pay etc and DO NOT want to strike or leave people stranded etc but if your upper management isnt listening to your serious concerns and mistreatments and you are unionize – what options to some have??!!

    • serengeti says:

      All the whining in the world about someone being ‘disrespected’ in September won’t justify what’s going on.

      • Frustrated says:

        There is no whining – the M&P staff have dealt with the situation in the exact way they are supposed too, the meeting today did not disrupt anything and agreements have been reached – all this bashing and negativity for a couple of runs being cancelled to resolve important issue – the problem is more serious than simply being ‘disrespected’ and it is only fair that the Director is held responsible for his actions.

        Not all M&P employees are lazy, good for nothing idiots who should be fired or disrecpted and people need to remember that!! These people are humans with families, responsibilites and deserve to work in a safe environment just as we all do.

        You may not agree with the meeting or whatever else – but until you are personally affected by the issues that come to light on a day to day basis or in your family life – you do not have the right to sit behind a computer screen and tar everyone with the same brush and constantly bash and degrade these workers.
        We all have issues that need resolving, when you are a part of a union there are steps to follow and the M&P guys have done that with this incident. These guys cant win in the eyes of the ‘oh so perfect’ public – they strike = everyone flips out; they follow the rules and hold meetings at a time that will not reap havoc on peoples live and STILL people b**** and moan – its ridiculous!!!

      • Frustrated says:

        There was no whining involved – the workers took their concerns to management in September, todays meeting was held to ascertain what would happen going forward as no-body had heard anything up until this point.

        Everyone on here has been so quick to degrade and belittle the M&P workers, without waiting for the outcome of the meeting. I know for a fact that there were people in the meeting today that went in there to make sure that no disruptions were caused over the weekend, because they have a passion for sailing and know what the weekend means for Bermuda – thankfully the meeting was successful in getting management and the workers on the same page moving forward and no disruptions will occur.

        Its so easy to sit behind a computer and blast everyone when you don’t know the true facts. The concerns have been addressed correctly with very little disruption to the service. People should be thankful for that, instead of spitting all the this union/M&P hate.

        • Frustrated says:

          Whoops – sorry for the double post – bad internet connection, service keeps dropping out!!

        • serengeti says:

          “…as no-body had heard anything up until this point”.
          Well actually Furbert said the union got a letter from Binns on October 12. So the union did hear a response, three days ago.

          Like you say, it’s “easy to sit behind a computer and blast everyone when you don’t know the facts”.

      • stunned... says:

        ‘disrespected”? the director was probably telling the worker to get on with his damn job, get off the cell phone and stop drinking on the job…

    • Northshore says:

      Make time and do a hard days work, that’s what !!

  30. Hoolieh says:

    It’s time to start firing and privatize!

  31. Wow says:

    Really?? You have to disrupt services for a meeting? Very sad that the so called people who claim to be for the people,that want to see Bermuda progress are the same ones who are hell bent on doing whatever it takes to see it go down the drain. There’s no other way to look at it. With all these people on the island you NOW want to disrupt services…the same time we are presenting ourselves on the world stage. Not saying don’t have the meeting, but do you honestly have to disrupt services??? NO!

  32. aceboy says:

    Can the BTA/Marine & Ports department please simply request assistance from right thinking Bermudians to assist with transporting cruise ship passengers, or whoever needs it? Tell us where we are needed and we will, I am sure, respond. I know I will. Enough is enough with these idiots who want to bring this island down. Let’s ensure their little scheme fails miserably.

  33. bluebird says:

    And there is “NOT ONE” Government ferry or Government Bus service in the whole of the Caribbean.
    I wonder why??????

  34. Facts says:

    Utterly ridiculous, they have issues with the Director for doing his job! If these folks did their job, then there would be no issue! This service needs to be privatized, sooner than later.

    • Frustrated says:

      Im not quite sure you know all of the “Facts” if you feel that way.

      • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

        Facts??? Well what are these facts you speak of, because we ain`t hearing s”!^ from you,Furbert or BIU. Doing your illegal strike today is bs, stop calling this CRAP meetings, THEY ARE NOT MEETINGS!!! They are strikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Terry says:

    So glad I don’t live there anymore.

    • Our feelings are mutual Terry. We too will be relocating to our home 12000 miles away with our 2 Chocolate Labs. to enjoy the duration of our lives. Bermuda will without any doubt become another third world Island (in the not to distant future) thanks to the narrow minded people who “can’t read the writing upon the wall.”

  36. North Rock says:

    The best idea I’ve heard here….start boycotting anything related to the union. Theres a hell of a lot more of us than them.

  37. X says:

    Shame on them. This is not a ‘meeting’ … it is called a strike – call it what it is. No surprise that the AC teams are bringing in their own drivers and vehicles as we just cannot trust/rely on the buses, taxis or ferries to provide what we pay them for.

  38. Blessed2 says:

    Most of you complaining don’t even use public transportation.
    Take a seat.