Photos: Prayer Vigil Taking Place On Marriage

February 7, 2016

A prayer vigil is underway in Hamilton today [Feb 7], with people gathering in a “silent prayer vigil”, saying that “marriage is ordained by God, and that is what we are praying for.”

Alan Hunt from Heart-to-Heart Marriage Mentoring Ministry said , “As part of Preserve Marriage, we are conducting a silent prayer vigil around the perimeter of the House of Parliament.”

“We are praying for what we believe as far as the word of God is concerned, in establishing the fact that marriage is ordained by God, and this is what we are praying for. We are praying also for the legislators in this country and the entire country.”

“This is one of many we will be doing,” added Mr Hunt. “We love everybody. God commands that we not only love, but pray one for the other, so we are praying for this country.”

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-7

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-6

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-5

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-4

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-3

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-2

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-1

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-12

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-10

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-9

Parliament Prayer Bermuda, February 7 2016-8

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  1. Family Man says:

    At first I thought everybody must have very been naughty and the preacher had told them all to go and stand in the corner.

    But in the end, I think that was very successful. During the entire prayer time, there were no lightening strikes on Parliament House, and with all those hands supporting it, the wall did NOT fall down. I’d call that a resounding success. Prayer does work. It stops walls falling down.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I think they should be praying to end teenage pregnancy, to end un-wanted pregnancies, to end the gang mentality that is killing our children and seeing more born into that lifestyle that will eventually see them killed to; pray that those players knocking up girls will actually step up and take responsibility for bring up their children righ; pray that those players stop seeing girls and women as a score card and for those girls and women to stand up and respect themselves and not let some useless male chromosome treat them like a sperm bank; pray for these and more of the like mentalities to be gone… and when they are done praying they can go out and actually do something about it, because you can be assured that those out there today know these people, in fact I’m sure there is enough of them that are their children or grand children. While I respect their freedom to take demonstrations like this, it is also entirely and wholly pointless as I am also entirely certain that none these erosions too family values have been caused by same sex marriages, and that many of them probably have more to do with people praying and looking to God, when they should have been paying and looking at the children and ther behaviour.

      • Verly says:

        Well said!!

        • Onion says:

          Amen to that! Well stated.
          I think that this response should be printed daily, and published in every church order of Sabbath/ Sunday service.

      • TheOthersideofthecoin says:

        Build a better bermuda… I hear them pray for the things that you stated all the time in Church… Do you hear them too…or don’t you attend church? Are you also doing things to make a better Bermuda and making a stand like these brave souls??

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Like I said, praying to God isn’t going to stop the erosion of family values, it is stepping up and teaching them to your children, installing in them the values and importance of passing them along so they will teach them to their children. Values like discrimination is wrong in any form; that you aren’t owed anything but what you’ve earned; that the person next to, in front of you, behind you is owed that same right irregardless of their creed or colour or wealth or ethnicity; that your own happiness should never come at the cost anothers….

          Those brave souls you extol viruses on are out there to enforce their religious discrimination on other they deem unfit and below value because they have found love in opposition to their dogmatic values, enforcing them with tired and false stereotypes that have no real value in reality. The same tactics employ a half century ago by those seeking to denies legal right to others. So many decades on, and has no one learned anything. Sorry, but brave souls is not a term that comes to mind. And as far as me and God, that’s our relationship and it isn’t my right to enforce it on anybody else.

        • Make a new plan Stan says:

          You hear them pray for that IN CHURCH but this type of stand AGAINST an act of LOVE between two consenting adults and NEVER such a PUBLIC display against the issues that Build a Better Bermuda mentioned.

          Their very own Bible’s “prophecies” are being fulfilled and they rail against it…….do they believe in what the “good book” says or not? Let GO and LET GOD……isn’t that what they say?

      • wondering says:


      • lisa murray says:

        very well said!

      • 22 in a Messed Up Generation says:

        Let’s be honest and how about we be realistic for a second. Teen pregnancy is due to a lack of education (both from parents and school system) and a lack of responsibility. If a girl is having sex with a guy without a condom and she is not on birth control, she should have the common sense know the risk of being able to get pregnant. Also, if she knows she is not on birth control or using a condom, then why continue through to having sex? Some of these girls actually like being with these players! Most likely to fill a void that is missing. And I’m not just blaming it on the girls, the guys play a huge part too. But it takes two to tango right? Females are the ones who can get pregnant, so it is their duty to protect their body and know the risks of their actions. Males need to start taking responsibilities for their actions as well and stop thinking it’s okay to take advantage of women! The matter of the fact is, these actions can be to blame for their parents lack of action. And by this I mean treating their child as a friend and not acting like their parent. It all starts at home!! Girls these days are having sex as young as 14 and that is a known fact! Yet parents are so unaware of their child’s action because they simply aren’t involved. Many of the problems our youth are causing now is because they do not have a stable home to be brought up in, and aren’t being taught proper morals and values. So if a young woman is not taught how to treat her body like a temple, and having that birds and bees talk, chances are she will grow up doing what everyone else is society is doing. If a young man is not taught how to properly treat a woman, not taught how to “wrap it up” or be respectful then chances are he will grow up to do the opposite! Our education system can do more to stop this teen pregnancy epidemic as well! Not everyone comes from a loving home that is supportive and still instills proper morals in their kids. So why not have a class that can teach these things? It does take a village to raise a child doesn’t it? And side note, EVERYONE should be paying and looking at their children’s behavior; not just those praying for something they believe in. But 9 times out of 10, I too am entirely certain that these people who are praying don’t have huge problems with their children acting out because they install morals in their kids from jump. Some parents need to grow up, act their age, and start taking concern in their children’s lives, not just letting them do whatever they want! Because these children are why we are having so many problems on our island. Just some food for thought.

      • Its me again says:

        Prayer is for people who cant or wont do for themselves.

        Prayer is why bda is in this mess.

      • MPP says:

        Interestingly, praying/advocating for marriage in Bermuda and the strengthening of the marriage culture in the island is a fitting response to may of the social ills you listed.

        Strong families with active and engaged moms and dads deter teenage pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, gang behaviour and affiliation (gangs are nothing more than surrogate families with strong male figures), young men pursuing value in conquering our women, and our young women finding value and strength in deeper things than their sexual appeal.

        Prayer being pointless is your opinion, but you have no basis upon which to assume that those praying are also doing nothing about the issues in our society.

      • Maxim Alkon says:

        I feel its important to point out that prayer is something that is and can be very beneficial and there is even research to indicate that people praying together can affect and influence change and individuals who pray when they are sick heal faster. Prayer is something that had healing properties not only for the individual praying but for the one they are praying for. However, its also important to say what prayer cannot do…and that is cause substantial change in the hearts and mindsets of other people. The issues you have mentioned above are all social, psychological issues that require work to be done. Work as individuals and collectives. For example, we could pray that poverty in Bermuda just changes overnight but most of us know that it wont. That is because there are many individual parts to change. Prayer is a great first step in the change process, however its certainly not the last.

        Its important to realize that everyone has their role in changing things. Some people pray like Buddhist monks do in Tibet affecting world change in that way, while others work on the front line of social change by handing out food, delivering medical services or doing psychotherapy. These are just examples. However, real change begins with each of us working on ourselves constantly. I venture to say that the average person may or may not be engaged on rigorous self development. I think if this were the case the whole world would be markedly different. Its important for every society to realize their limitations and what needs to develop in order for positive change to manifest. I myself work in the field of human and organizational change and sadly most people in the field don’t have an adequate understanding of how to affect and influence change. Changing people is the hardest thing in the world because there are innumerable variables that are constantly changing.

        However regarding the issue of marriage…prayer seems to be only the beginning. Now its time for these same people to begin participating in work that will change their own marriages and that of others. Outside of parenting Marriage is the second most difficult relationship[ in the world. There are many aspects to it. Most people seem to take it lightly because they don’t actually invest their time, money and energy into developing a strong and intimate bond between them and their spouse. Divorce has been on the rise for years and all over thew world in different cultures…but how many people do you know that are actually happy and satisfied in their intimate partner relationship…??

        So much of our life is taken up by our work day…child responsibilities…there are many things we put first in front of our intimate partner relationship and this is one of the primary reasons why they end and fail so quickly..because the marriage is not prioritized..whatever your prioritize is what you will have in life..but its interesting to listen to people speak and say that marriage should be as it is..when marriage as we see it in our community is not a very beautiful thing at all…there is physical abuse of men and women in marriage, emotional and verbal abuse, neglect of the marital relationship, people marry for selfish reasons…there is plenty of infidelity going on which is due to people not meeting the needs of their spouse..very few people have beautiful marriages it seems..i say this also because ow tok with couples who normally show up too late to change their marriage…once again showing its not a priority…i think people need to also begin this conversation by being honest and truthful about marriage…its always the best lace to start…

    • Ride says:

      It is kind of sad, really.

      1. If marriage inequality continues then their god will have answered their prayers.

      2. If marriage equality prevails then their god will be working in mysterious ways.

      What is funny is that there are other Christian sects that are praying to the same god for the outcome of equality. I wonder, if equality prevails will those that prayed for inequality abandon their sect and convert to one of the sects that prayed for equality; and vice-versa. It could viewed as an indicator of which of the sects their god is listening to. Somehow I doubt it, though.


    • One Up One Down says:

      Matthew 6:5-15New International Version (NIV)


      5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

      After I read this and looked at the pics above I felt sort of bad but I’m SURE no one pictured above will be offended or argue against it because it’s in the Bible.

      • Say Whaat? says:

        If you read the whole bible you would understand what this is even talking about. Usually these people are not in public praying, but shockingly corporate prayer is not what Jesus is talking about here. But you will twist what you want to make it suit you.

        It’s a sad world when people hate praying people.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          You do realize what they are praying for right… they are praying to put religious supremacy over human rights

        • One Up One Down says:

          What I put above is a DIRECT quote from the BIBLE and the only person twisting what is in the scripture is you. There is nothing in that verse that says IF you pray as a GROUP “on the street corners” that’s acceptable.

          The entire text alludes to modesty in giving and in praying. There isn’t anything saying public praying is less hypocritical if you’re in a group or as you say “corporate prayer” or if you only do it once in a while. It says: “do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others; go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

          Let’s see what you can make of this one:

          Matthew 7 New International Version (NIV)

          7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

          3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

          That is also a direct Biblical quote….I’m sure you are familiar with it but it didn’t stop you from judging me by assuming things about me by saying: “If you read the whole bible you would understand what this is even talking about.”

          • Daylily says:

            Didn’t satan quote scripture to Christ. Reading a Bible isn’t the same as studying and properly applying it.

            Also, you are guilty of your own accusation. Your comment is using scripture to judge other people. Looks like you may want to check your eyes for planks too.

            • One Up One Down says:

              I’m glad you pointed that out. By referencing the Bible it shows that the more you attempt to do that, the LESS you should. By using scriptures from the book they use to condemn others they in turn will be condemned.

              I’m not a Biblical scholar I simply Googled: What does the Bible say about praying in public, then I searched to see what the Bible says about judging people. Then I copied and pasted what I found.

              Just so you know I have plenty of planks in my eyes and now back to you……see how dangerous it is? When I or anyone else use the Bible to make a point it becomes circular.

              The book says not to pray in public BUT it also implores you to pray WITHOUT ceasing. It says not to judge but to hate sin and not the sinner which is a form of judgment, which it says NOT TO DO.

              It is impossible to adhere to EVERYTHING it says in the Bible people should leave it alone and just say how THEY feel rather than try to use it to make a point.

    • Its me again says:



    • Onion Juice says:

      The lack of diversity shows what segment that endorses this NASTY unnatural act.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Which nasty unnatural act is that??? We are the only organisms on this planet that has conceptualized a god.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Here he goes again… posting hateful nonsense.

        There’s no low he won’t sink to.

      • Come Correct says:

        @Keeping pace, if you could stick to one personality per topic that would be great for the rest of us. Thanks.

  2. Cray says:

    Congrats on standing up for your beliefs, but using God to support your stance in the modern world is reserved for terrorists and politicians. Make up your own mind for a change.

  3. hmmm says:

    Cute church stunt.

    I see folks praying through checking their phone…maybe sending a text to God.

    Preacher needs to be ashamed using people, people who will gladly do the preachers bidding. God never asked people to do this, or we would all be out there today. We weren’t.

    • Lolll says:


    • allinlove says:

      God asks his people to pray. That’s what these people did, because they wanted to.

    • HW says:

      And you know this, how? how do you know they’re not reading a scripture verse on their phone? He do you know they’re not reading a prayer card in their hand, like I was?

      • hmmm says:

        Snakes in your words. Blinded by a preachers will. not God’s

        • Say Whaat? says:

          Wait, only you know what God wants us to do? How did that happen?

    • Say Whaat? says:

      Wait, only you know what God wants us to do? How did that happen?

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    Why aren’t you all organizing for and speaking vociferously against all the people who continue to have out of wedlock children ?

    No marriage in sight or even intended for them lot but the root of 95% of all our social problems while you all harp on about marriage being all about the children .

    Your antics are getting sicker and more twisted by the day .

    • allinlove says:

      Majority of our social problems come from those who do not take responsibility in raising the child(ren) they brought into this world. The solution lies in strong and healthy marriages where children can have a loving and stable home environment where they are raised by the man and woman responsible for creating them.

      • wondering says:

        Garbage. Keep discriminating against those aren’t as holy as thou.

        • MPP says:

          Garbage? I’m puzzled by your anti-religious dismissal of a religiously neutral, reasonable, balanced comment.

      • Goose says:

        So start lobbying politicians to enact legislation that forces a man to marry the mother(s) of his children, and ban divorce.

        The majority of individuals in this world are heterosexual, and that’s where the most good can be done to ensure that children are raised by those responsible for creating them.

    • HW says:

      First off, nobody is lobbying to have those issues upheld as an ideal. 2nd, people are speaking about it and tackling those issues every day. Come talk to me as a youth leader and I can tell you the countless ministries and hours that are invested in families and troubled young people. Your lack of knowledge in this area should not lead you to make such illogical and false conclusions.

  5. hmmm says:

    “Alan Hunt from Heart-to-Heart Marriage Mentoring Ministry said , “As part of Preserve Marriage, we are conducting a silent prayer vigil around the perimeter of the House of Parliament.””

    They were around the wrong block by the looks….those are the court buildings, next block down is the House…. God guided you all away from the house as he is disgusted with you.

    • hmmm says:

      Well I never, God spoke me to look it up and post that the cabinet building is the next block down…where all the decisions are made in Bermuda due to party politics.

      God said let them rant at the walls of parliament building, a fool must be made of them for them to learn, just as I made of you a fool to teach you more about your task.

  6. Hmm,, says:

    Pray for the violence in this island! Not who i choose to spend my life with!

    • HOTDOG says:

      I am on your side.

    • allinlove says:

      I assure you that violence is one of the many things that are being prayed about. And it has been prayed about publicly, outside of City Hall in fact, in the past. I do agree that it should be done again though and I will definitely put that forward into action. Thank you for pointing that out!

      • Zevon says:

        If it has been prayed about in the past, why didn’t thevprayers work? Did god disagree with you, or was he busy somewhere else in the 6,000 year old universe?

      • Hmmm says:

        God sent me another message. He told me that he wants your hate of his divine creation must stop. Equality must prevail. He sent you a warning to stop your hate by making the traffic lights red in all the photos and now sends wind to remind you it is he that judges, NOT YOU.

  7. Rita Realistic says:

    I’ve seen it all. Utterly pathetic people. All of them. Religion has nothing to do with marriage you fools.

    • allinlove says:

      There is no need to call anyone names. Please be respectful.

    • Rodericka says:

      …In the bible (Gods word) He establishes what marriage is…how can something ordained by God have nothing to do with Him?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Who wrote that book? Who edited that book? Who printed that book. Who revised that book who knows how many times? Where did all of the content of that book come from?

      • Zevon says:

        The bble is a book of myths. It should have no special place in guiding how we live our lives.

        • Brian says:

          Man law is made by corrupt politicians and businessmen lying to achieve their own personal goals and to keep people down. The Bibles 10 commandments and 7 deadly sins are well worth following, yes the bible has been torn apart, added to, mistranslated but the basics are golden, those are the things we are forgetting and moving away from. Nearly everything trending and popular right now is based on a sin, the world has gone backwards.

          • serengeti says:

            The ten commandments don’t mention anything at all to do with SSM. Nothing. They talk about adultery, theft, murder, all the important things. But no mention of anything to do with single sex marriage in the top ten.
            There is stuff though in the ten commandments about ‘keeping the sabbath’. Interesting, because it’s obvious the prayer people yesterday broke the Sabbath. They drove cars, typed on their phones, used the internet. I bet they probably cooked meals as well. Shouldn’t they be stoned to death, according to the bible?

        • Wake up says:

          I feel sorry for you, you are totally in darkness

      • SMFH says:

        Then why doesn’t God personally hand out marriage licenses but instead the government does? Lol.

      • Mike Hind says:

        No one is stopping you from making a marriage ordained by God.

        But not every marriage is.

        Mine isn’t.

        And, thus, if every marriage isn’t, if marriage isn’t NECCESARILY a religious thins (I.e. It CAN be, but doesn’t HAVE to be, what the bible says doesn’t apply, legally)

    • bigga says:

      As always ….. Marriage is a state sanctioned contract between two people. The religious ceremony people have to pledge their love to god/each other does not make you LEGALLY married in any way.

  8. IMJ says:

    If anything you should be praying for this islands gun violence, govt and economy instead of worrying about marriages. Half of them will sin by Monday.

    • allinlove says:

      I can assure you those things are being prayed about. Marriage is just one of the things on the list. It’s a good thing prayer is for anyone who chooses regardless if they sin or not.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Neat stunt. Too bad it did not rain. Then it would be really seen who stands for beliefs. My bet is all but a very few would head for their cars on the first few drops.

    • allinlove says:

      At least they would have probably prayed in their cars…wouldn’t know for sure though. I guess their prayers held off the rain!

    • HW says:


  10. Bermuda First says:

    Great job Heart to Heart ministries. Really respect those that are standing up for one of the fundamental aspects of marriage. Marriage is purposefully between a man and a woman and no amount of misinformation by SSM supporters will change that.

    • Mike Hind says:

      It’s not misinformation. That’s what you guys use.

      Like when you say “Marriage is purposefully between a man and a woman…”

      That’s misinformation.

      There is absolutely no real reason that it has to be.

    • Thank you for supporting marriages! There are a lot of couples and countless children who have avoided divorce and survived crises because your ministry. Keep up the good work.

      • hmmm says:

        SSM is a marriage, but they are discriminating against it.

        Does the heart to heart ministry welcome same sex married couples ????????

  11. Sorry Sir says:

    When’s the second flood happening so that they can pray the water away while the rest of us can get on a boat.

  12. Truth says:

    How many praying have been divorced or had a child not with a husband or wife, that’s what they should focus on, bunch of hypocrites

    • allinlove says:

      I can guarantee there were people there who have been divorced and/or had a child(ren) out of wedlock. They were there not to focus on their mistakes, but to pray that marriages are strengthened so that stuff doesn’t happen.

      • Truth says:

        If that was true, why are you so scared of same sex marriage? Instead just focus on putting your own house in order.

        • allinlove says:

          I don’t see where I said I was scared of same sex marriage… I do agree though that if everyone did their part in their own house we wouldn’t have all the issues we have now with families. But since that’s not happening, there are people groups and organizations and religions that are helping to make Bermuda better. The problem is that not everyone takes notice or takes the time to really listen.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Just a question…

            How is denying same sex couples access to the same rights the rest of us have making Bermuda better?

            I’m taking the time. I’m listening.

            I’m just not hearing an answer to this.

            And I don’t mean an answer I’ll agree with. I’m not hearing an answer at ALL.

  13. I saw faith in action today. As such I am encouraged by the faith and convictions of so many concerned Bermudians. Irregardless of the politics and the many views people may have regarding same sex marriage, it is clear that Preserve Marriage supports marriage as it is currently defined, and is serious about supporting marriages in Bermuda without engaging in hate speech. It is also clear that at its core, Preserve Marriage is working hard to ensure that marriage relationships are strong and vibrant. With adultery, divorce, and spousal abuse being so rampant, we need more people to championing the cause of marriage. Keep up the good work Preserve Marriage!

    • mj says:

      Marriage is naturally the mutual relationship of husband and wife; when institutionalized it becomes WEDLOCK, is this group defending the wedlock of marriage or the fact that the Bible states that it is an abomination (leviticus 20:13)? for MAN to lie with MANKIND? If you can clarify that these types of abominable acts have been prophesied to take place as in the days of Lot, then shouldn’t this group be explaining the signs of the time in accordance to scripture, and specifically why we are not observing ALL of The Most Highs Statutes and Commandments., including the observance of the seventh day of rest(Exodus 34:21)

      • Zevon says:

        So do you think that everything in the bible is the literal truth? Do you think all the things described in the bible are literally true?

        • mj says:

          @Zevon—do you think that everything in the dictionary is the literal truth? Do you think all things described in the dictionary are literally true?

          • Mike Hind says:

            Ok… This is crazy talk.

          • serengeti says:

            So answer the question. Is everything in the bible literally the truth, or not? It’s a very good question, and pretty simple. Why can’t you answer it?

  14. Chris Famous says:

    Interesting comments

  15. Many comments above have got it twisted to the point that the real issue is being mostly overlooked.the issue is really about the protection of the family and not a war against same sex partners.

    the first thing God instituted was the family,between a man and a woman,so when we step out of his divine order,the consequences are stop making excuses to legislate immorality, and for all who feel he church does not deal with all the other sexual immoralities,I say run from that denomination and find a church that teaches the full gospel.

    Overall let the critics say whatever they want, today was a great success, and tuesday at 12 noon at the cabinet grounds we expect it to be even greater,because it is not about us but the future generations.

    • Zevon says:

      There is no god. You’re talking about a make-believe supernatural being. You might as well believe in fairies and unicorns.

      • HW says:

        You would need all knowledge of everything, past, present, and future to make such a claim. To make that statement so definitively shows you’re either not serious about exploring the topic or just in denial.

        • Mike Hind says:

          So… You’re against people believing what they want?

          I think this is the problem with folks like you, “HW”. You’re SO sure that you’re right that you think it’s ok to demand that everyone believe what you do. You’re SO sure that you’re on the right path, you forgive yourself for being dishonest every now and again because it’s for the right reasons.

          This is what privilege is. This is why it’s wrong.

    • wondering says:

      Explain this equation:

      Adam+Eve=Cain and Abel

      Explain all other descendants for us, the theologically inept

    • Mike Hind says:

      Your religion is your personal choice. You are free to believe that all you want.

      But it is completely unfair and unjust that you insist that others believe in your God and follow His rules.

      Please keep your church to yourself.

  16. wondering says:

    To the Church going folk represented by this article:

    Go back next week and pray for gun violence and this country

    Week after that go back for troubled marriages and divorce

    Week after that go back and pray for jobs for Bermudians

    Actually don’t go back. Let then record show that the Church is subjective in what it supports publicly and also let it be recorded that by not doing any of the aforementioned that it could beassumed that the church is temperamental in its judgement of others whether it be the politicians that must decide or the people that want marriage to be removed as a discriminatory vessel in its current legal state in Bermuda.

    My pastor says if the Church wasn’t so hung up on being an instrument of polarization that it had better watch out that some of its own congregation would be excluded from that which it, the Church supports.

    • allinlove says:

      There was a huge event outside of City Hall in which the churches of Bermuda and government prayed specifically for gun violence on the island that was presented in the media. There have been countless other public events in which what you have mentioned have been prayed for that the media did not cover. It does not mean it didn’t happen nor does it mean that it will stop happening. This particular prayer event is being covered in light of what is currently the ‘hot topic’.

    • Guns in Bermuda is not being legalized and to answer your concern, if you visit most churches you will find that the churches pray for all situations, that is facing this country. so your comments are fruitless.

      • wondering says:

        You missed the point buddy. Clearly your response is an indicator of your powers of deduction amongst others.

        The church cherry picks its public battles and by that I mean those fought in a public place (and not meaning inside a publicly accessible place either)

        The point isn’t that guns are being legalised but your comment shows you lack of lateral thinking.

        The church isn’t crying down divorce which is legal and goes against traditional marriage concept and the Bible dependent on how one chooses to interpret it.

  17. Zevon says:

    They look like they’re peeing up against the wall.

  18. allinlove says:

    I’m seeing a lot of comments bringing down what a group of people did on their own terms, not shoving religion down anyone’s throats, gathering based on a shared belief – to pray. More specifically to pray that marriages are strengthened in Bermuda as well as to pray for our government leaders. If you do not believe in what this group is doing, there is no need to comment just to degrade their faith or express your opinion that they are “fools”. Please be respectful.

    • Mike Hind says:


      How about these folks be respectful and stop trying to force their religious beliefs into other people’s relationships.

      Same Sex marriage won’t weaken “traditional” marriages in any way.

      You want to talk respect? How about showing some.

      • put a sock in it mike and just know when you speak on this issue, you are not equip to handle what is really being dealt with.

        God will have the last say, this is out of your league.

        • backakillme says:

          I love to see the tolerance and love of your religion ,

          • backakillme says:

            Now I know why most wars are fought over religion.

        • Mike Hind says:

          And here we have Mr. Santucci, showing his AMAZING support for free speech by starting his bizarre rant with “Put a sock in it mike”
          Very nicely done.

          Very respectful.

          I also love the “you are not [sic] equip to handle what is really being dealt with” bit…
          Like there’s some deeper thing going on… but what? Oh, we can’t ever know, because Mr. Santucci won’t ever say. Just… thing thing that’s “really being dealt with”…

          God can have the last say. That’s fine. I support you believing that.

          What YOUR God doesn’t get a say in is ANYONE else’s life that doesn’t want Him.

          That’s not how this freedom thing works.
          It’s not “Freedom of Religion as long as it’s Duane’s.”

          People have Freedom of Religion. This means that, unless you come up with an argument to keep this Male/Female restriction on the books that DOESN’T include someone else following the rules that you’ve chosen to follow of your personal choice of religion, it is unfair, unjust discrimination.

          Do you have that, or will you disappear with your tail between your legs as always?

      • Keep Praying says:

        No one is forcing anything on anyone. What these people were doing today was taking their concerns to God (Yes, I know not everyone believes in Him – but they do). What they were NOT doing was bashing and castigating all the people who do not agree with them. That’s respect.

        • Zevon says:

          They were not “taking their concerns to god”. There is no god. God does not exist. They believe in a mythical being. Fine, that’s up to them. But don’t impose this belief in a myth on everyone else.

          • Keep Praying says:

            Well clearly there are people in this world who do not agree with you. I can guarantee you that all of those people who were praying today have experienced God in their lives. That’s why they know what to do when they have concerns – they pray – and they were probably also praying for people like you.

            But don’t worry, no one will impose anything on anyone who thinks it’s all a myth. They’ll just keep praying for them.

            • Zevon says:

              They can pray to the unicorn, the faries, or any mythical being they like. It’s a pointless exercise, but they can do that if they want.
              What they can’t do it try to impose their beliefs in myths into the private lives of other people.

              • Keep Praying says:

                Well if you tried praying to God, you might find that it’s not as pointless as you think! You might find out why people all over the world do it on a regular basis.

                Once again, no one is trying to impose anything on anyone or delve into their private lives. They are just trying to uphold a standard that was ordained by the God you don’t believe in.

                • serengeti says:

                  Why should anyone believe in your god? You’re pretty quick to ridicule anyone that believes in unicorns and fairies.
                  What good does it do to pray? Why do bad things still happen? It’s a futile exercise, isn’t it.

                  • Keep Praying says:

                    Who is ridiculing? Certainly not I.

                    There is a lot of good in prayer so it is not futile – but unless you have experienced it for yourself, it would be hard to believe. I suggest you try it.(You might even see some good things happen in your life!)

          • HW says:

            And you presumably believe in a universe that came into existence by itself and created itself from nothing. Amazing. I wish my faith was as strong as yours!

        • wondering says:

          Their presence was castigation within itself using prayer as the vessel for same

      • it says:

        Tend to agree same sex marriage won’t weaken traditional (not sure the scare quotes are necessary) marriage or marriages.

        What I’m less sanguine about is whether certain proponents of gay marriage (not you) won’t seize the opportunity to erode other people’s freedom of conscience.

        We’ve seen this in the US and the UK: unpleasant, axe-grinding, would-be “clients” trying to compel a business owner or owners to endorse political or socio-political speech contrary to those owners’ values.

        Let’s hope it does not happen here.

        • Mike Hind says:

          They aren’t scare quotes, they’re there because I’m quoting. That’s how those work.

          As for the “axe grinders”, which ones? The ones that were denied a service offered to the public, based on their sexual orientation?

          Here’s the thing. Businesses open to the public aren’t allowed to discriminate. They aren’t allowed to offer goods and services to one group and deny them to others. That’s how the law works.

          This isn’t about compelling owners to endorse socio-political speech, it’s about the denial of service for discriminatory reasons.

          What they did – I assume you’re talking about the cake store owners and the like – was illegal.
          Simple as that.

          • it says:

            “Businesses open to the public aren’t allowed to discriminate. They aren’t allowed to offer goods and services to one group and deny them to others.”

            Businesses can discriminate and do discriminate all the time. We’ve merely redefined what is and is not acceptable in terms of discrimination. For example, gay club owners in London and Australia have taken up a habit of restricting “hen” parties to particular parts of their establishment, as they are concerned the ladies are wont to misbehave and harass the performers, clientele, and employees.

            This is discriminatory. It’s also free enterprise. Presumably the ladies can go somewhere else for a hen party.

            “This isn’t about compelling owners to endorse socio-political speech, it’s about the denial of service for discriminatory reasons.”

            Not yet as regards prospective gay marriage in Bermuda, no.

            But elsewhere it is very much about forcing people to endorse things they do not support. In several of the “cake” cases, the owners of the businesses declined to bake a cake *endorsing gay marriage,* even where they offered alternative cakes for the grooms or wives-to-be.

            This is a rather different thing than outright refusing to serve a couple on the grounds of sexual orientation or discrimination on grounds of sex, or refusing someone basic services (like housing, as opposed to sassy gay baked goods) simply on the basis of skin colour.

    • Truth says:

      You were there to make a political point, by praying outside the Govt building you are hoping to ensure the Govt does not legalize same sex marriage. I guess honesty is not a part of your religion.

  19. Gom-bi says:

    I’m organising another Wailing Wall protest for next Sunday to pray for salvation from the horror of sowing of fields with mixed seeds and the wearing of outfits made from two kinds of cloth. (I see from the photos that many are guilty of mixing polyester and cotton. May Jehovah deliver us such abominations.)

  20. Keep Praying says:

    Bermudians who believe in traditional marriage, PLEASE DO NOT allow these negative comments to intimidate or deter you. These comments alone prove that it is vital to pray for the future of our country.

  21. Average Bermudian says:

    Most of these pictures show Seniors in our Bermuda.

    The election is over (for now) therefore RESPECT FOR SENIORS goes out the window.


    These comments/blogs on this story really tell a different story.

  22. Pastor Syl says:

    I believe strongly in the power of prayer. What I also know is that the answers to prayer do not always look like what was expected.

    I humbly ask that those who are praying for this island and its people, that they include those who are victims and survivors of incest and child molestation as these two scourges are wide-spread and do more damage to family life than could ever be done by having two consenting adults decide that they love each other and wish to spend the rest of their lives together.

    As the European Court of Human Rights said “same-sex couples are just as capable as different-sex couples of entering into stable committed relationships. Consequently, they are in a relevantly similar situation to a different-sex couple as regards their need for legal recognition and protection of their relationship.” (para. 99).

    • Keep Praying says:

      You can rest assured that we are praying for victims of incest and child molestation. In fact, we prayed for them in our prayer group today because we recognize the lasting damage it has done to our precious children and their families.

      We don’t always know how God will answer our prayers but we do know from His word that marriage was intended to be between a man and a woman so we are praying that our country does not change the definition of marriage as ordained by God. That will continue to be our prayer until the decision is made.

      Just because two consenting adults love each other and want to live together does not mean the marriage definition has to be changed. Doing that will open the door to all kinds of options for “marriage “. What we should consider is how the law could allow specific social benefits to be given to adults who live together in a loving relationship (whether it be elderly sisters or anyone else). That way, legal recognition and protection could still be attained without redefining marriage.

      • Zevon says:

        I hope they all realise that according to Leviticus they must be stoned to death for working on the sabbath. So if any of them did anything that can be regarded as work, they should be stoned to death. That includes driving a car, oprating a phone, looking st the internet, typing.
        Let’s get a list of their names together so we can organise the carrying out of the death sentences as prescribed in the bible. We need to get rid of these people that don’t take the bible seriously.

        • Keep Praying says:

          It is these types of comments that keep us praying. You seem to be enjoying Leviticus. Now try going to the New Testament and read the book of John.

          • serengeti says:

            What’s wrong with Leviticus? It’s all the bible. Are you saying there are parts of the bible that aren’t true, or that we should ignore?
            Why aren’t you supporting the biblical notion that we stone people to death who work on the Sabbath? It’s clear that’s what god wants, isn’t it?

            • Keep Praying says:

              There is absolutely nothing wrong with Leviticus. As you continue reading the Bible and taking all of its contents into context, you are more likely to find what God wants.

              • serengeti says:

                No, let’s discuss Leviticus. Are you, or are you not, in favour of the stoning to death of those who did not observe the Sabbath yesterday?

                • Keep Praying says:

                  1. No, I am not in favour of stoning anyone to death.
                  2. Yesterday was not the Sabbath.
                  3. I again encourage you to read more of the Bible so that you can better understand what it teaches.

      • bigga says:

        Marriage is defined by the STATE not the church.

        • Keep Praying says:

          That is true, but where do you think the STATE actually got its original definition?

          • Mike Hind says:

            Irrelevant. We’re talking about NOW.

            Right now, Marriage is defined by the state.

            Period. Therefore, religion is optional.

            Therefore, YOUR religion shouldn’t have ANY effect on ANYONE else’s marriage.

  23. blowmyfish says:

    The Walking Dead!!! (Bermuda style?)

  24. Lioness says:

    Thank God we serve a God who says to not be concerned about what man thinks of you, be concerned about what I think of you.

  25. Mike Hind says:

    For the record, to set it straight, I, personally have no problem with this.
    People are free to believe and worship however they want, whether it be at home, in church or on a public street. Go to. Pray all you want. I hope it brings you peace.

    Just… please respect that other people don’t believe the same thing you do and PLEASE let them live their lives trying to find as much happiness as possible.

    Why is that so hard?

  26. Daylilly says:

    Today’s prayer vigil was not about the opinion or appointed authority of the European Court of Human Rights, it was about humbling to the highest authority….God….So many people who don’t believe in God or prayer keep telling Christians what to pray for.

    Some of the comments show that people need a good, long Bible study so they can stop using the worn out mixed fabrics and shrimp line,

    • Zevon says:

      I know about “bible study”. It is oriented around explaining away all the ridiculous things in the bible.

  27. Ride says:

    Oh, and for the record.

    Matthew 6:5-6 NIV

    5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.
    6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

    tsk-tsk-tsk You public prayers are gonna get is sooooo much trouble. Just look at you standing on the street corners praying.

    Do you even read your own bible? Perhaps you only read the parts you like. Hypocrites: the lot of you. Not my words; your god’s words.

    You’re welcome.


    • Keep Praying says:

      Yes, we do read the Bible and it is good to see that you are also reading it. In those verses, Jesus was referring to the misuse of prayer – i.e. – praying in public just to be seen by others and giving attention to oneself rather than praying to God. People who did this were indeed called hypocrites. I hardly think that any of those people today were doing what they were doing just for show.

      But for every one of those Christians who were praying on the street today, there were probably two or three times that many praying at home, so if you want to stand by your position, some people were doing it the “right” way.

      I would, however, recommend that you continue reading the Bible. You have started with Matthew; keep going right through the entire New Testament.

    • HW says:

      Terrible biblical illiteracy on your part. You’ve completely taken this out of context and misunderstood what Jesus was saying.

      Jesus was not saying you can never pray in public or that you should be secretive about it. he was speaking about a specific group who were doing this as a show for others.

      I can’t speak for everyone but I for sure didn’t pray today to show off for others.

      • Ride says:


        The old “you’re reading it wrong” play. This reminds me of when iPhones had the antenna issue and Apple told everyone that they were holding it wrong.

        You have a scripture issue so you’re saying it is being read wrong. Interesting that other sects read it as it is written. Stranger, still that your god can’t get its story straight amongst all of its sects.

        I do find it interesting that the religious (all religions; not just yours) always “interprete” their scriptures in their favour or simply choose to ignore them.

        Anyone up for a vigil to ban clothes of mixed fabric?

        The hilarity continues.


    • SMFH says:


      • SMFH says:

        You and JC must be close buddies for you to know what he really meant. You mind asking Jesus a few questions for me?

        • Keep Praying says:

          Yes, there are actually some of us who do have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – hard as that might be for you to believe. If you have some questions for Him, it really wouldn’t be a problem to ask Him yourself.

          • SMFH says:

            Really? Sounds pretty one-sided to me. What’s the number to the main line straight to JC. What does he say to you? Does he tell you to judge others as if you were Him? I ask but he never answers must be because I don’t have a mental illness like you.

  28. Citmin says:

    A lot of you guys are such haters against church people. I think it’s degrading and pathetic. Show some class. Following this debate is so obvious that you guys are the ones full of hate. Makes me sick.

    • Anbu says:

      Very christian of u. How bout u show some class and keep the praying in church. Cant wait to see the church folks reaction when SSM is legalized here lmao

  29. Citmin says:

    Don’t you realize there are people of faith all over the world. These are the people you work with, that will keep your oxygen flowing at the hospital if you were at the hospital, drive your taxis, run your country and probably reach your children. They are your fellow man. Just chill out and stop appearing so weak.

    • Mike Hind says:

      As soon as these church people step back out of other people’s lives and relationships which are none of their business, people will leave them alone.

    • abn says:

      Separation of Church and State is only going to better Bermuda and needs to be done sooner rather than later.

  30. Citmin says:

    Actually. I really hope a lot of the haters that are blogging are overseas with nothing better to do. I can’t see the people of Bermuda behaving like that. I really hope not. My on guys don’t realize how it looks to those who are neutral. Goodness.

  31. Vanessastamaria says:

    Oh I always pray that my saving get higher and it works hehe

  32. Sage says:

    God is not mocked. What you sow, you will reap.

    • Gom-bi says:

      God is mocked, constantly, by those who pervert his teachings and pick and chose which parts of the Bible they hold precious and true. Just look around you at the horrors being committed in his name across the globe.

      If you were really concerned about same-sex marriage you would also be adhering to all of the other ridiculous, out-dated dictums in Leviticus. Or, are there plans to stone adulterers and cut off the hands of women who interfere in arguments between men. Perhaps there are plans afoot.

      Perhaps we really are going in the direction of radicalised extremism in Bermuda. The actions of these dangerous bigots suggest that possibility isn’t beyond the realms of probability. It is a sad, sad day when so-called Christians openly support the oppression of one section of society.

      Although it will be decried as an exaggeration, this demonstration is akin to the actions of the KKK burning crosses on lawns; ISIS throwing gay men off roofs; the treatment of women and critics in Saudi Arabia.; etc., etc., etc. Your god must be very proud of what you do in His name.

      • Keep Praying says:

        Well of course that is an exaggeration – your analogy is completely off the mark. There was nothing done there that would indicate that even ONE of those persons would act like the KKK, ISIS or anyone else you mentioned. I wonder about your motives when you make such insinuations.

        You are correct when you say that there have been those who have perverted His teachings and have committed horrible injustices in His name. (God will be their judge.)

        All these people were doing was peacefully praying for their country. They were praying that the definition of marriage remains as that between a man and a woman. They were not praying for ANYONE to be oppressed. Rather than making blanket assumptions about them, why don’t you talk to some of these Christians – or go to a church that supports Preserve Marriage and have a conversation with someone there. I think your fears of radicalism and extremism would be quickly allayed.

        • Gom-bi says:

          Funny, that would ‘assumption’. You of course ‘assume’ there is a god and you ‘assume’ that all of those who assembled at the wailing wall speak on his/her behalf. And you ‘assume’ that you therefore have the right to dictate the laws of the land.

          I’ll assume that the act of praying for OUR country in this matter is an act of aggression against one sector of society — however nicely it might be post-event packaged. It is a very public demonstration of ‘assumed’ moral superiority over other ways of life and belief systems.

          So spare me your ‘we are good Christian people really’ spiel. Good Christian people don’t do this sort of thing, just as they don’t don white hoods or try to block children bussed across town from entering schools. It extremism, however you try to disguise it.

          • Keep Praying says:

            Do what sort of thing? Pray peacefully?

            Clearly it’s an exercise in futility to try and convince you that what was done yesterday does not in any way equate to the actions of the KKK and the like. Unfortunately, a lot of people did horrendous things under the guise of Christianity and that is truly regrettable because it has given those who really want to live Christ-like a bad name.

            I would NEVER try to convince you that any of us are “good Christian people”. We all have our faults – just like anyone else. Neither do we consider ourselves to be superior over any one else’s belief. If you want to call our commitment to Jesus Christ and His teachings “extremism”, so be it – but I hope that most people would not see it that way.

            • Gom-bi says:

              Yes, it is futile. Been there, done that. Have seen it from the inside. Keep kidding yourself that you’re doing God’s work.

              • Keep Praying says:

                Sorry you had a bad experience “from the inside”, Gom-bi. I can certainly understand how that could turn a person off.

                I would encourage you to go back to the Bible and read it again. Try starting with the book of John in the New Testament.

        • Mike Hind says:

          What about the horrible injustice of denying people equal access to rights and privileges afforded to other people, a denial based on nothing at all… Isn’t that bad?

    • Ride says:


      Yeah. And all these people praying in public are gonna get it from their god. ( Matthew 6:5-6 ). Perhaps a double portion since they are praying on the street corners as well.

      That’s right!

      ♫♪ It’s making a list. ♫♪ It’s checking it twice. ♫♪ Its gonna find .. No; wait. That’s the wrong imaginary man. But you get the drift.


  33. Quinton Berkely Butterfield says:

    The greatest thing, you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.

  34. Keeping pace says:

    It is really disheartening to read such hateful posts. We are your sisters, brothers, mothers, school friends, employers and co-workers. Have some respect. I again challenge you to bring constructive arguments to the table and stop with all this hate speech against the body of Christ. It sincerely detracts from your cause.

    • Mike Hind says:

      It’s a little more disheartening to see our brothers and sisters denied equal access to rights and privileges for absolutely no reason.

      You want respect, show some. This is all push back against these folks’ actions.

    • Come Correct says:

      Hold on, pump ya breaks. You’re talking about hateful posts? I’m guessing you thought you could change your name and nobody would notice you have the same avatar as ONION JUICE, the most hateful, inciting and disliked poster on Bernews. What a deceitful fool.

  35. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    First of all,congratulations to all who believe in Prayer,it works.!thank you to the brave souls who for the Disbelievers.G-D bashers,or whatever you call your miserable selves.I have a question,please dont all try to answer at once.Q.”Who created this known Universe and all between the moon ,the stars ,the galaxies,and univ’erses yet to be discovered and all therin,,,,???????”oops,do’nt all answer at once.Peace.

    • Ride says:

      @Takbir Karriem Sharrieff,

      It was Vishnu; and I have an ancient holy book that says it was Vishnu so it must be true.

      You’re welcome.


      • mj says:

        @ride–Vishnu is a minor- god of the religion of India(later adopted by Hindu, forming the sacred triad), He is not the CREATOR of all things, he took part in the creation of the ordered world. Again mythology..Vishnu cannot take credit for breathing life into anyone! Another false deity that the people of THE MOST HIGH continuously fall for instead of their own CREATOR, who made us in His own image!And cursed us for worshipping idols of wood and stone !Bermuda Wake Up!Our Creator is not asleep or false, which is why we are still here!

        • Ride says:


          You blasphem apon Vishnu. It is actually the supreme god of Vaishnavism. So yeah, it is the most powerful God; if you follow that mythology.

          I take it that you follow the mythology of Abraham; one of the many Jesus sects. To that I say this: Can you prove that Vishnu didn’t do it?

          If not than Vishnu can take credit. So can Pan, Buddha, Odin, Cronus, Jesus and a host of other gods and goddess. Unless you prove they didn’t do it either.

          I’ll wait.


          • mj says:

            @ Ride –riiigghhhhttt,,….riiiiighhhhhttt, riiiiigggggghhtt..sigh… first of all I didn’t blaspheme anything.. I quoted directly from a book “The Illustrated WHO’S WHO IN MYTHOLOGY–(over 1200 figures from world cultures” as well as the dictionaary)I can’t make any of this stuff up, including the Bible that at least has my historical journey in there..Second The Most High Creator, who actually claims to be the one who created EVERYATHING is MY Creator, not some Myth! soo when it comes to Abraham, he has nothing to do with”jesus” I do not follow any myth .. The Creator takes credit and no one else can compare or usurp! He is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob as told in the KJC, of the Holy Scriptures that pertain to the Israelites..I am not Hindu..I don’t know who you are but it could very well be that you are of that persuasion, it has nothing to do with me. My Creator makes the rain fall, the grass grow, and is responsible for the Sun , Moon and the Heavens and the Earth and all within and all other demi, semi gods and Nephillum, as well as forming me in my mothers womb.. Now if Vishnu can take credit for that for you than that is your business not mine.(Isaiah 45:5-19). Now can you quote Vishnu on that scripture.(of course you would actually have to read it to believe it)

    • mike says:


    • Anbu says:

      Well why dont u tell us then takbir! Oh and dont try to answer with anything about G-O-D ( thats how its spelled by the way) as u cannot prove he exists. Just like i cant prove that he doesnt. Why dont u take your extremist views and bounce a little further east. Lmao u speak nothing but hate on a regular basis. Me thinks u may have some skeletons in that closet bie.

      • Loquat Juice says:

        STRAIGHT UP! He can take Onion Juices supremacist a** with him on that trip out east!

    • Gom-bi says:

      A. Beatrice Baternovsky — a fairly obscure god, I admit, but new evidence suggests she was far more influential that previously thought, having been governess to both Jehovah and Zeus. Earth is said to be from her Blue Period, when she was exploring the possibilities afforded by fluids.

  36. Point of clarity says:


    I wonder how many of these people have had a child out of wedlock?

    I wonder how many are adulterous?

    What happened to he who is without sin should cast the first stone?

    • Keep Praying says:

      Do you really think that any one of these people are purporting to be perfect and without sin? What would give you such an idea? No one was judging anyone. They were praying for our country because they are concerned about its future.

      Yes, there are many kinds of sin and we are all guilty of committing them. The reason this issue has come to the fore is because there is another group lobbying the government to change the definition of marriage. Our prayer is that government will uphold its present legislation.

      • Gom-bi says:

        Of course they are ‘judging’. They might ignorant of the implications, but by their actions they are advocating that the laws of the land be determined by their religious beliefs, however much those beliefs might impact negatively on the lives and rights of others. In exactly the same way as white supremacists tried to use ‘eugenics’ to prove races were superior and inferior, these Christians are using their particular brand of religion to try and dictate social policies. They place themselves high on the moral scale of ‘goodness’ as determined only by their very particular and selective belief systems. (Their sins are very helpfully forgiven, after all.) The rest of us are damned and therefore our beliefs are invalid. That is about as judgemental as it gets.

        • Keep Praying says:

          It is SO easy to go back in history and dig up all kinds of vile and oppressive occurrences and link them with a group of people who are interested in maintaining a moral standard within our community. I’m not sure if you are aware, but it is not only Christians who would like to see the definition of marriage remain as it is.

          NO ONE is trying to dictate. We are just trying to make the government aware that there is a large number of Bermudian people who feel this way.

          It appears that you are doing the judging when you say that Christians “place themselves high on the moral scale of ‘goodness’”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christians recognize that they are imperfect and need a loving Saviour. If you consider yourself “damned”, why not try talking to someone whose life has changed and sins been forgiven (no longer damned). I am sure you would find that they have no time to go around judging others. We leave that to God.

    • mj says:

      point of clarity–may I point out that having a child out of wedlock is not a sin, just the same as a child born out of wedlock is not a bastard, but people that are not of the seed of the true nation of Israel are bastards, because they were not born unto the CHOSEN SEED..(Zechariah 9:6) Wedlock is man-made ceremony.Marriage spoken of in the Bible is not wedlock as we know it today. When a man comes unto a woman and she bare a child, automatically that became a marriage of male and female.No ceremony, no politics, no ring or paper because nature is and does, without permission.

  37. seriously? says:

    These people are just using religion to justify their fear, hate, ignorance, intolerance and homophobia. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad and dangerous.

    • Pray without Ceasing says:

      No one in this group is fearful, hateful, ignorant, homophobic or intolerant. We all know people or family members who are homosexual so your statement just sounds silly. We wish to uphold the marriage between a man and woman and wish to do so peacefully by seeking prayer, not just for marriage for other issues going on in our island. Together making a stand for something we believe is right, its ok for you to disagree but your statement is completely inaccurate.

  38. SMFH says:

    I called MAWI to report a bunch of crazies making a scene. I would be embarrassed to be related to any of these people who I am sure have been divorced and have out of wedlock children but hey it’s the gays who ruin society though, right?

  39. Pray without Ceasing says:

    I just find it funny that so many of the SSM supporters try to throw the bible in our faces, but yet all statements they seem to be making are false and inaccurate. Before you try to wrongfully quote the scripture and question things you aren’t sure of take the time to actually read and understand the bible. Too many people who know nothing of the TRUTH in the Word of God, and seeking to mislead others with their statements. Anyway I am very proud of all those that turned out to pray for our island. They didn’t just pray for marriages but other things as well (for those who seek to continually bash this group). Love my island and love my God. God is love and God loves marriage the right way between a man and woman.

    • Pray without Ceasing says:

      False and inaccurate or taken out of context*

  40. Ed Case says:

    Praying is the same as doing nothing. A convenient excuse for those who don’t want to actually do anything of substance.

    • Keep Praying says:

      You know that to be a fact? – because prayer has certainly worked in my life.

      I think if you looked closely at what Preserve Marriage has already done, you would see some substantive things done as well.

  41. Torian says:

    I wonder how many people would show up if we organised a “Pray for SSM” wall prayer. Police might have to close down the roads for all the support we’d get.

  42. Sad2BBermudian says:

    This is a human rights issue. Any person willing to discriminate against minority groups should remember that blacks in this country where once robbed of their basic human rights. How quickly these religious sheep forget.

    • YouareMistaken says:

      Sexual Orientation is not the same as race. Sexual orientation you can choose. You’d have a hard time changing your race. Therefore, it is not a human rights issue, this is a rights issue for a group that choose to live another lifestyle that these brave folks disagree with. They’re not discriminating, they’re disagreeing.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Evidence of your claim, please?

        Also, it’s a moot point because things that are choices, like religion, are also human rights issues.

        Or are you saying that religion isn’t something you can choose?

        These “brave folks” are literally “a group that choose to live another lifestyle”.


        What does it matter? They can disagree with that lifestyle all they want.
        What they SHOULDN’T be allowed to do is force that disagreement onto others by pressuring the government into continuing denying them equal rights and privileges.
        See, that’s where the discrimination comes in. If they were just saying “This is wrong”, that’d be fine. Whatever. Believe what you want.
        But they’re not. They’re stepping WAY over the line and demanding that everyone believe what they believe. That everyone else’s relationship follow THEIR rules.
        That’s why it’s wrong.

      • Sad2BBermudian says:

        discrimination, noun (DIFFERENT TREATMENT):
        Treating a ​person or ​particular ​group of ​people ​differently, ​especially in a ​worse way from the way in which you ​treat other ​people, because of ​their ​skin ​colour, ​sex, ​sexuality, etc.

  43. 0ML says:

    This is literally the most dumbest thing I have ever saw. Staring at a wall praying? I’m more dumbfounded at the fact that these so called “Christians” who base their principles on Love and God, are outright denying others of the chance to marry who they love.

    Let people marry who they want to marry.

    I’m a Christian but i’m not stupid.

    • SMFH says:

      Imagine if local Muslims did this. What a mess that would be. I’m sure the police would be called. Typical Bermuda.

  44. Preview says:

    Not sure why so many people have an issue with this vigil. They should be able to express their opinion without being chastised, especially by those who profess to support the freedoms of others. To deny that is hypocrisy. So what, they don’t believe in what you do. Get over it. They did no harm and peacefully expressed their opinion.

    Looks to me like the average age of the attendees is 65+. That speaks volumes in my opinion.

  45. To the religious who are deep in prayer if you want to quote what the Bible says then be adults here and quote every aspect of what is being said. Far too often the cookie cutter approach to “how to live your live” is stated in the Bible is inaccurate.

    For the God fearing person I am I have read the Bible and it is the word of God according to the writer(s). The intolerance being demonstrated by people is a shame. If we live by the Bible then many many more rights and privileges should be reversed and the fashionable and gourmands of the Bible promoting community should be seen in sacks and sandals. To hide behind the apparent word of God is just a means of not listening to people and accepting that they are different. Just as different as you or I. Marriage will change, people will change and society will continue to change as it has from the time the Bible was written.

    If we truly believe that the bible is all knowing then we should look at how the Bible was constructed. New and/or Old Testament these writings are comprised of a collective that approved of the teaching or rejected those that are not in the Bible. There are writings that didn’t make the Bible because they go against the institution of the church (are we putting our faith in false idols too while we are at it?)

    Let us not forget that this great book was not dropped alongside the 10 commandments written, bound and finished. Look to history and where this book came from and perhaps look then to the culture, society at that time before casting the all-encompassing brush to all. Perhaps we should rid our lives of television, cell phones, and all things that we derive from a modern society? Let’s develop this thesis further and where should we stop?

    It is time for Bermuda to step into the light and accept everyone. Don’t draw the line at the Bible, the end of treating women as chattels or the end of slavery. We are all collectively better than this I hope.

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